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Hints for New Physics in Heavy Flavors / Search for CP violation in beauty baryons at LHCb

The phenomenon of CP violation has been observed in the K- and B-meson systems, but not yet in the decay of any baryonic particle. Decays of beauty baryons to final states consisting of hadrons with no charm quarks are predicted to have non-negligible CP asymmetries in the SM, as large as 20% for certain three-body decay modes. The LHCb experiment is collecting unprecedented statistics of beauty baryons allowing for the first time to study CP violation in these decays. A systematic study of CP violation in beauty baryon decays can test the validity of the CKM mechanism in the baryon sector, for example by comparing asymmetries with B meson decays with identical underlying quark transitions. An overview of recent LHCb searches for CP violation in baryon decays will be presented, and also prospects for the future.

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