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Assigned talks

Claudia PatrignaniBologna2021-08-30ECT* Theoretical and experimental challenges in flavour hadrons, heavy quarkonia and multiquark physicsTrentoItalyTBD
Xavier Vilasis-CardonaBarcelona2020-11-16CAHEPVirtualGuatemalaReal-time data classification with Machine Learning Techniques
Frédéric BlancLausanne-EPFL2020-11-10FCC Physics and ExperimentsCERNSwitzerlandThe LHCb Mighty Tracker (title TBC)
Blaise DelaneyCambridge2020-10-19IML (inter-experimental machine learning workshop)CERNSwitzerlandDeep learning solutions for 2D calorimetric cluster reconstruction at LHCb
Manuel Franco SevillaCollege Park-Maryland2020-10-05VERTEXVirtualJapan30New silicon trackers for a triggerless LHCb: the Vertex Locator and the Upstream Tracker
Martinus van BeuzekomAmsterdam-Nikhef2020-10-05VERTEXVirtualJapan30Vertex detector for LHCb Upgrade II
Alexsei ChubykinGatchina-PNPI2020-10-05ICPPAVirtualRussiaStudies of Xi_c baryons at LHCb
Manuel Franco SevillaCollege Park-Maryland2020-09-28LFV+LFU in meson and baryon decaysVirtualUS25+10LFU in charged-current decays at LHCb
Biplab DeyCentral China U.2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20-30'LHCb: status, highlights and prospects (excluding anomalies)
Adlène HicheurRio-UFRJ2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20-30'LHCb: status and prospects on the b anomalies
Laurent DufourGeneva-CERN2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20-30'LHCb: future upgrades
Stefano PerazziniBologna2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: time-dependent CPV measurements
Anton PoluektovMarseille-CPPM2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: measurement of UT angle gamma
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: measurements in hadronic b decays (excluding ‘clean’ gamma modes)
Da Yu Tou2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: b->sll
Ifan WilliamsCambridge2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: rare decays (excluding b->sll)
Svende BraunCollege Park-Maryland2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: semileptonic b decays
Alberto dos ReisRio-CBPF2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: charm CPV and mixing
Aravindhan VenkateswaranSyracuse2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: conventional spectroscopy
Lorenzo CapriottiBologna2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: exotic spectroscopy
John Matthew DurhamLos Alamos-LANL2020-09-21BeautyVirtualJapan20LHCb: heavy flavour production in pp and pPb
Martino BorsatoHeidelberg-Uni2020-09-11AnomaliesVirtualIndia25+5Review talk on the status of RK(*)
Blaise DelaneyCambridge2020-09-04ICNFPKolymbariGreece40+5Lecture on Machine learning in LHCb
Roman LitvinovCagliari2020-09-04ICNFPKolymbariGreeceLHCb: Heavy ion physics results and prospects (Abstract)
Alison Maria TullyLausanne-EPFL2020-09-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb Status Report
Lesya ShchutskaLausanne-EPFL2020-08-31FIPsCERNSwitzerlandCINCO:Search for HNLs at LHCb, ATLAS, CMS: status and prospects
Philip IltenBirmingham2020-08-31FIPsCERNSwitzerlandCINCO: Search for LDM and vector mediators at LHCb, ATLAS, CMS: status and prospects
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2020-08-31QCD@LHCBolognaItaly30CINCO:Status and perspectives in Flavour physics
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2020-08-11CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland𝐵→𝐷𝐷¯ℎ decays: A new (virtual) laboratory for exotic particle searches at LHCb
Martha HiltonManchester2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Early Career Initiatives at LHCb #823 (Abstract)
Eluned SmithAachen I2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15The Early Career, Gender & Diversity at LHCb #858 (Abstract)
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20Electroweak and Top Physics in the Forward Region #458 (Abstract)
Elena Dall'OccoDortmund-TU2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Exotic Searches at LHCb #456 (Abstract)
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20+4Searches for Dark Photons at LHCb #455 (Abstract)
Florian ReissParis-LPNHE2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Study of b-hadron properties with semileptonic b-hadron decays #476 (Abstract)
Fabio FerrariBologna2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Measurements of CKM matrix elements #475 (Abstract)
Beatriz Garcia PlanaSantiago de Compostela2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Lepton Universality tests using semileptonic b-hadron decays #472 (Abstract)
Anna LupatoManchester2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Rare decays of Lambda_b, Bc, and other b-hadrons at LHCb #470 (Abstract)
Martino BorsatoHeidelberg-Uni2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Rare Radiative decays at LHCb #468 (Abstract)
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Lepton Flavour Universality tests in electroweak penguin decays at LHCb #466 (Abstract)
David GerickHeidelberg-Uni2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Electroweak Penguin Decays at LHCb #464 (Abstract)
Lauren Emma YeomansLiverpool2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Purely Leptonic Rare decays at LHCb #463 (Abstract)
Steffen Georg WeberParis-LPNHE2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Lepton Flavour Violation at LHCb #462 (Abstract)
Yixiong ZhouUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Charmed hadron properties and spectroscopy at LHCb #398 (Abstract)
Christopher BurrGeneva-CERN2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Rare charm decays at LHCb #397 (Abstract)
Giulia TuciPisa-Pisa2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Mixing, direct and indirect CPV in charm hadrons at LHCb #396 (Abstract)
Matteo BartoliniGenova2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Searches for CP violation in charmless b-baryon decays at LHCb #361 (Abstract)
Thomas GrammaticoParis-LPNHE2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Measurements of CP violation in charmless 3-body B meson decays at LHCb #360 (Abstract)
Davide Fazzini2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Measurements of CP violation in charmless 2-body B meson decays at LHCb #359 (Abstract)
Wojciech Krupa2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Beauty to open charm final states at LHCb #357 (Abstract)
Evelina GersabeckManchester2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Time-dependent measurement from beauty to open charm at LHCb #356 (Abstract)
Sneha MaldeOxford2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Time-integrated measurements of the CKM angle gamma at LHCb #355 (Abstract)
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Isospin amplitudes in b-baryon decays at LHCb #353 (Abstract)
Peilian LiHeidelberg-Uni2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Beauty to charmonium decays at LHCb #352 (Abstract)
Viacheslav MatiuninMoscow-ITEP2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Studies of b-hadrons at LHCb #373 (Abstract)
Giulia MancaCagliari2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20+4Quarkonia photo-production and Z production in heavy ion collisions #454 (Abstract)
Andrii UsachovAmsterdam-Nikhef2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20X(3872) production in pp with particle multiplicity #453 (Abstract)
Jiayin SunCagliari2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20+4Quarkonia and open heavy flavor production in pA collisions #452 (Abstract)
Nicola SkidmoreBonn-HISKP2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20The evolution of the LHCb offline computing towards the Run3 Upgrade #522 (Abstract)
Matteo RamaPisa-Pisa2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Fast calorimeter simulation at LHCb #518 (Abstract)
Adam Benjamin Morris2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20Fast Simulations at LHCb #516 (Abstract)
Zhiyu XiangUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20Studies of quarkonia and doubly-heavy mesons at LHCb (including CEP) #370 (Abstract)
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20Studies of exotic baryonic and meson-like states at LHCb #367 (Abstract)
Raul Iraq Rabadan TrejoMarseille-CPPM2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Excited charm meson spectroscopy from B decays at LHCb #358 (Abstract)
Timothy EvansGeneva-CERN2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15The LHCb VELO Upgrade Programme for High Luminosity running at the LHC and HL-LHC #527 (Abstract)
Ulrik EgedeMelbourne-2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Flavour Physics at the High Luminosity LHC: LHCb Upgrade II #525 (Abstract)
Federico AlessioGeneva-CERN2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15The LHCb Upgrade Programme for Run 3 and Run 4 #528 (Abstract)
Peter SvihraManchester2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15The LHCb VELO Upgrade #526 (Abstract)
Ina CarliBeijing-(IHEP)2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15The silicon strip tracking detector for the LHCb Upgrade #524 (Abstract)
Luca MinzoniFerrara2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15The Upgrade of the LHCb RICH Detector #523 (Abstract)
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic25Real-time alignment, calibration, and software quality assurance for the LHCb upgrade #521 (Abstract)
Renato QuaglianiParis-LPNHE2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Physics and throughput performance of the real-time reconstruction for the LHCb upgrade #520 (Abstract)
Victor RenaudinOxford2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Flexible physics selections at 30 MHz #519 (Abstract)
Martina PiliOxford2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic15Performance of the LHCb detector in the Run 2 #513 (Abstract)
Silvia BorghiManchester2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic20LHCb highlights
Yasmine AmhisOrsay-LAL2020-07-28ICHEPPragueCzech Republic25'Rare decays of B and D mesons
Biplab DeyCentral China U.2020-06-22JLAB seminarJefferson LabUS24'Exotic hadrons from LHCb
Liupan AnFirenze2020-06-16CERN SeminarCERNSwritzerlandLatest results on exotic hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Mick MulderGeneva-CERN2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain20+5Experimental status of Lepton Flavour Universality in b2sll transitions (LHCb + any other relevant experiment)
Marcello RotondoFrascati-LNF2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain25+5Experimental status of |Vib| from semileptonic b decays (LHCb + any other relevant experiment)
Yanxi ZhangGeneva-CERN2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain25+5CINCO: Experimental status of flavor production at hadron colliders (LHCb + any other relevant experiment)
Dominik Stefan MitzelGeneva-CERN2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain25+5CINCO: Charm results from hadron machines
Eduardo RodriguesLiverpool2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain20+5b-baryon decays (LHCb + any other relevant experiment)
Matthew KenzieCoventry-Warwick2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain20+5 Experimental status of gamma (LHCb + any other relevant experiment)
Maria Vieites DiazLausanne-EPFL2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain20+5Experimental status of CPV in B--> 4h (LHCb + any other relevant experiment)
Roberta CardinaleGenova2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain20+5CINCO: Spectroscopy results from the LHC
Frederic TeubertGeneva-CERN2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain25 + 5LHCb upgrade(s)
Francesco DettoriCagliari2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain20 + 5Strange decays at LHCb
Daniele MarangottoUniversità di Milano2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain25+5Fix target and Proton-Ion results at LHCb
Dawid GerstelMarseille-CPPM2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain10+5Recent results from charged-current semileptonic B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Srishti BhasinBristol2020-06-08FPCPIlla da ToxaSpain10+5Branching Fraction measurement of B0 -> D0D0barKpi (Abstract)
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2020-06-08PBC meets theory25+5Searches for feebly-interacting long-lived particles at LHCb
Adam DavisManchester2020-06-04LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb Status Report
Martino BorsatoHeidelberg-Uni2020-06-02Dark Matter @LHCDESYGermany15 + 5LHCb Dark Sector Searches (Abstract)
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2020-06-02Dark Matter @LHCDESYGermany15 + 5Flavour anomalies (Abstract)
Oscar Boente GarciaSantiago de Compostela2020-05-31Hard ProbesAustinUS15+5Quarkonia production in pPb collisions
Cameron Thomas DeanLos Alamos-LANL2020-05-31Hard ProbesAustinUS15+5X(3872) production in pp with particle multiplicity
Jianqiao WangTsinghua2020-05-31Hard ProbesAustinUS15+5Open heavy flavor production in pA collisions
Samuel BelinCagliari2020-05-31Hard ProbesAustinUSHeavy flavor production in PbPb collisions : results and prospects
Hengne LiGuangzhou-SCNU2020-05-31Hard ProbesAustinUS15+5Z production in pPb collisions at LHCb
Samuel BelinCagliari2020-05-31Hard ProbesAustinUS15+5LHC Run 3 and Run 4 prospects for heavy-ion physics with LHCb
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2020-05-31Hard ProbesAustinUSLHCb recent results and future plans
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2020-05-29IIHE SeminarBrusselsBelgiumThe Physics of flavour
Matthew CharlesParis-LPNHE2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance20+5Highlights and perspectives from the LHCb experiment
William BarterLondon-Imperial2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance24+6CINCO:Precision QCD measurements (including DY, V+jets and spectroscopy)
Maurizio MartinelliMilano_B2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance24+6CINCO:Charm physics (including CPV and rare charm decays)
Mark WhiteheadBristol2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance24+6 CINCO:CPV in B-Hadron decays
Mark TobinBeijing-(IHEP)2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance18+4LHCb upgrades
Liupan AnFirenze2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3CINCO: Study of exotic states
Christopher BetancourtZurich-UZH2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Timing at LHCb post LS4
Nicola NeriUniversità di Milano2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Physics perspectives for LHCb beyond Run4
Menglin XuCentral China U.2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3EWK physics: Measurements and prospects from LHCb
Constantin WeisserCambridge-MIT2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Search for dark photon in LHCb
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Search for long-lived particles in LHCb
Jacco de VriesMaastricht-Universiteit Maastricht2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Electroweak penguin decays
Miriam Lucio MartinezAmsterdam-Nikhef2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Lepton flavour violation and universality tests at LHCb
Jinlin FuUniversità di Milano2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3CP violation in B decays (LHCb)
Guillaume PietrzykLausanne-EPFL2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3CP-violation in charm
Mirco DorigoPisa-Pisa2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3CKM metrology and B decays
Benjamin AudurierOrsay-LAL2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Recent results on heavy flavor in small and large systems from LHCb
Renata KopecnaHeidelberg-Uni2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Tracking and vertexing performance and developments over Run2 at LHCb
Alex SeutheDortmund-TU2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3PID performance in Run2 at LHCb
Dorothea Vom BruchParis-LPNHE2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Performance of the real-time reconstruction, alignment, and calibration in Run 3 at LHCb
Jana CrkovskáLos Alamos-LANL2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Multiplicity dependent production of X(3872) (LHCb)
Sook Hyun LeeAnn Arbor-University of Michigan2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Charged hadron production in Z-tagged jets (fragmentation of light quarks) (LHCb)
Charlotte Barbara Van HulseDublin-UCD2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3Soft QCD and Exclusive processes with LHCb
Vladimir GligorovParis-LPNHE2020-05-25LHCPParisFrance15+3CINCO:Triggering and online calibration with machine learning techniques
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2020-05-04Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUS30+5Physics Highlights from LHCb
Titus MombächerDortmund-TU2020-05-04Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSSearch for rare B decays with the LHCb experiment
Aravindhan VenkateswaranSyracuse2020-05-04Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSFirst measurements of isospin amplitudes in Lambda_b and Xi_b decays
Vitalii LisovskyiDortmund-TU2020-05-04CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland30Rare decays from strangeness to beauty
Emmy GabrielEdinburgh2020-05-04CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland30Recent results on heavy baryon spectroscopy at the LHCb detector
Louis HenryUniversità di Milano2020-04-22Connecting The DotsPrincetonUSAThe hybrid seeding at LHCb (Abstract)
Federico LazzariPisa-Pisa2020-04-22Connecting The DotsPrincetonUSAAn optical network for accelerating real-time tracking with FPGAs (Abstract)
Thomas BoettcherCambridge-MIT2020-04-22Connecting The DotsPrincetonUSAAllen: A high level trigger on GPUs for LHCb
Louis HenryUniversità di Milano2020-04-22Connecting The DotsPrincetonUSAA 30 MHz software trigger and reconstruction for the LHCb upgrade
Florian ReissParis-LPNHE2020-04-22Connecting The DotsPrincetonUSAFast parallel Primary Vertex reconstruction for the LHCb Upgrade
Daniel Charles CraikCambridge-MIT2020-04-18APS April MeetingWashingtonUS30+6CINCO:Experimental overview of exotics at hadron machines (Abstract)
Matthew Scott RudolphSyracuse2020-04-18APS April MeetingWashingtonUS30+6CINCO: Beyond the Standard Model hints & searches in b and c decays
Zishuo YangCollege Park-Maryland2020-04-18APS April MeetingWashingtonUS10Tests of Lepton Flavor Universality in Semileptonic B Decays
Eluned SmithAachen I2020-03-10CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland40Updated angular analysis of the decay 𝐵0→𝐾∗0(→𝐾+𝜋−)𝜇+𝜇−
Marco SantimariaFrascati-LNF2020-03-09Exploring the dark side of the UniverseGuadaloupe IslandsFranceB physics anomalies
Benjamin AudurierOrsay-LAL2020-03-02Heavy-flavour hadronization in pp and heavy ion collisions at the LHCCERNSwitzerlandHeavy Flavour production in pp and heavy ion collisions at LHCb
Yury GuzProtvino-IHEP2020-02-24Instrumentation for Colliding Beam PhysicsNovosibirskRussiaThe Phase 2 Upgrade of the LHCb Calorimeter system
Antonios PapanestisDidcot-RAL2020-02-24Instrumentation for Colliding Beam PhysicsNovosibirskRussiaThe LHCb RICH System Upgrade for the LHC Run 3
Dmitrii IlinGatchina-PNPI2020-02-24Instrumentation for Colliding Beam PhysicsNovosibirskRussiaStudy of application of the MWPCs of the LHCb MUON detector at very high rates
Sofia KotriakhovaGatchina-PNPI2020-02-24Instrumentation for Colliding Beam PhysicsNovosibirskRussiaA possible LHCb Luminosity Monitor based on the Muon System
Alexey BoldyrevMoscow-HSE2020-02-24Instrumentation for Colliding Beam PhysicsNovosibirskRussiaML-assisted versatile approach to Calorimeter R&D
Anton PoluektovMarseille-CPPM2020-02-24Instrumentation for Colliding Beam PhysicsNovosibirskRussiaHigh-level trigger for the upgraded LHCb detector
André MassafferriRio-CBPF2020-02-24Instrumentation for Colliding Beam PhysicsNovosibirskRussiaSciFi - the new Tracker of LHCb experiment
Daniel Joachim UnverzagtHeidelberg-Uni2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandSearching for mixing-induced CP violation in two-body charm decays
Dana BobulskaGlasgow2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandDoubly charmed baryon searches and studies at LHCb
Daniele ManuzziBologna2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of Vcb using Bs->Ds(*)munu decays
Philipp IbisDortmund-TU2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandTime-dependent CP violation in doubly charmed B meson decays
Razvan Daniel MoiseLondon-Imperial2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLepton universality tests with Rare Decays at LHCb
Quentin FuehringDortmund-TU2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandInclusive B-flavour tagging at LHCb
Saverio MarianiFirenze2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandSMOG2 reconstruction performance
Paul Andre GüntherHeidelberg-Uni2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandForward tracking
Federico LazzariPisa-Pisa2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandReal-time computing solutions based on FPGAs
Silvia GambettaEdinburgh2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb Status
Scott ElySyracuse2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandConstruction of the Upstream Tracker for the LHCb Upgrade
Floris KeizerCambridge2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandProspects for using sub-nanosecond time information to improve the LHCb RICH performance
Peter SvihraManchester2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb VELO Upgrade Module Production
Antonio Fernandez PrietoSantiago de Compostela2020-02-19LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandReadout system for the phase I of the LHCb VELO upgrade
Miguel Ramos PernasSantiago de Compostela2020-02-17STEALTH physics at LHCbSantiago de CompostelaSpainLHCb trigger in Run 3
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2020-02-17STEALTH physics at LHCbSantiago de CompostelaSpainLHCb reconstraction and PID
Philip IltenBirmingham2020-02-17STEALTH physics at LHCbSantiago de CompostelaSpainLHCb results in Stealth Physics
Federico RediLausanne-EPFL2020-02-17STEALTH physics at LHCbSantiago de CompostelaSpainThe future of LHCb
Ricardo Vazquez GomezBarcelona2020-02-11CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerlandFirst determination of |V_{cb}| and B_s->D_s^* hadronic form factors using B_s semileptonic decays
Daniele ManuzziBologna2020-02-09Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Measurement of Vcb with semileptonic Bs decays at LHCb
Carmen GiuglianoFerrara2020-02-09Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Lepton Flavour Universality in b to clnu decays at LHCb
Samuel Maddrell-ManderBristol2020-02-09Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Lepton Flavour Universality in b to sll decays at LHCb
Gediminas SarpisManchester2020-02-09Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3CP violation in beauty baryons at LHCb
Piera MuzzettoCagliari2020-02-09Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Determination of the CP-violating phase phis at LHCb
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2020-02-09Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada60CINCO:Review of flavour physics (keynote talk)
Jana CrkovskáLos Alamos-LANL2020-02-03Santa Fe Jets and Heavy Flavour WorkshopSanta FeUSRecent results from heavy ions and fixed target collisions at LHCb
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2020-02-02Excited QCDKrynica ZdrójPoland20+10LHCb results on exotic spectroscopy (Abstract)
Tadeusz LesiakCracow-HNI2020-01-23International Symposium on Clustering as a Window on the Hierarchical Structure of Quantum ParticlesBeppuJapan35+5XYZ states at LHCb (Abstract)
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2020-01-23International Symposium on Clustering as a Window on the Hierarchical Structure of Quantum ParticlesBeppuJapanPentaquarks
Vincent TisserandClermont-Ferrand2020-01-20BormioBormioItaly30Flavour results at LHCb
Paolo GandiniUniversità di Milano2020-01-20BormioBormioItaly30Hadron Spectroscopy at LHCb
Valery PugatchKyiv-KINR2020-01-20BormioBormioItaly30Heavy Ion results from LHCb
Manuel SchillerGlasgow2020-01-07Epiphany ConferenceCracowPolandOverview of heavy flavour results from LHCb experiment
Simone MeloniMilano_B2020-01-07Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland10+2Test of lepton flavour universality in b to clnu decays at the LHCb experiment
Jozef Tomasz BorsukCracow-HNI2020-01-07Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland10+2b->sll transitions at LHCb
Mateusz GoncerzCracow-HNI2020-01-07Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland10+2Exotic searches at LHCb
Milosz ZdybalCracow-HNI2020-01-07Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland10+2Particle Correlations at LHCb
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2020-01-07Epiphany ConferenceCracowPolandPhysics opportunities with a future soft particle tracker in LHCb (Abstract)
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2020-01-07Epiphany ConferenceCracowPolandTest of Lepton Universality with Lb -> pKll decays
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2020-01-07Epiphany ConferenceCracowPolandOn LHC Physics: Standard Model and Beyond
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2019-12-12MiamiFt. LauderdaleFlorida30Overview of recent results from LHCb
Daniel Campora PerezAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-12-11EP Software SeminarCERNSwitzerlandUsage of GPU for online data processing – the experience of ALICE and LHCb
Hengne LiGuangzhou-SCNU2019-12-10CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerlandStrong physics at LHCb: probing nuclear matter effects in small systems
Wojciech KrzemienWarsaw-NCBJ2019-12-01WHEPPAssamIndia45Observation of CP violation in charm: what should we study next? (Abstract)
Martino BorsatoHeidelberg-Uni2019-11-27Searches for long lived particles at the LHCGhentBelgium20Dark photons at LHCb
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-11-27Searches for long lived particles at the LHCGhentBelgium20Trigger on LLPs for LHCb
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-11-27Searches for long lived particles at the LHCGhentBelgium20CINCO: Experimental overview on LLPs
2019-11-25CHEFFukuokaJapanUsing Machine Learning to Speed Up and Improve Calorimeter R&D
Oliver LantwinZurich-UZH2019-11-20Light dark Matter Search and AcceleratorsVeniceItaly Searches at the LHC: LHC-experiments including FASER
Nicola SkidmoreHeidelberg-Uni2019-11-20LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNLHCb Status Report
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2019-11-18MPI@LHCPragueCzech Republic15+5Studies of double parton scattering at the LHCb
Philip IltenBirmingham2019-11-18MPI@LHCPragueCzech RepublicMB and MC tuning at LHCb
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2019-11-18Forward Physics and QCD at the LHC, the future Electron Ion Collider and Cosmic Ray Physics experimentsGuanajuatoMexico35Search of the gluon saturation in the deep small-x with the LHCb experiment
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2019-11-13XSCRC: Cross sections for Cosmic Rays @ CERNCERNSwitzerland30Antiproton and charm production in proton-nucleus collisions with LHCb and prospects
Federico BettiBologna2019-11-12University seminarOxfordUKLHCb result on CP violation in the charm sector
Shanzhen ChenCagliari2019-11-10HeFeHefeiChinaRecent LHCb results on heavy flavor and quarkonium
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-11-08University seminarExeterUKThe physics of flavour
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-11-06Imperial College seminarLondonUkPhysics of flavour
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaReal-time data analysis model at the LHC and connections to other experiments / fields
Placido Fernandez DeclaraGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaSPMD CompassUT, a SPMD vectorized tracking algorithm (Abstract)
Giulia TuciPisa-Pisa2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaReconstruction of track candidates at the LHC crossing rate using FPGAs (Abstract)
Luis Alberto Granado CardosoGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaIntegration of custom DAQ Electronics in a SCADA Framework (Abstract)
Fedor RatnikovYandex School of Data Analysis2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaUsing ML to Speed Up New and Upgrade Detector Studies (Abstract)
Hristo MohamedGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaLHCb Online migration to ISC Kea - the modern DHCP server. (Abstract)
Dorothea Vom BruchParis-LPNHE2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaPhysics performance and event throughput of the GPU High Level Trigger 1 of LHCb (Abstract)
Daniel Campora PerezAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaAllen: A software framework for the GPU High Level Trigger 1 of LHCb
Federico StagniGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaThe DIRAC interware: current, upcoming and planned capabilities and technologies (Abstract)
Marco ClemencicGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaModularization of the LHCb software environment and preparation for heterogeneous resources (Abstract)
Adam DavisManchester2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaFast Simulations at LHCb (Abstract)
Fedor RatnikovYandex School of Data Analysis2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaGenerative Adversarial Networks for LHCb Fast Simulation (Abstract)
Benjamin CouturierGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaA gateway between Gitlab CI and DIRAC (Abstract)
Dominik MüllerGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaGaussino - a Gaudi-based core simulation framework (Abstract)
Robert CurrieEdinburgh2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaEvolution of the LHCb Continuous Integration system (Abstract)
Niklas Stefan NolteGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaConfiguration and scheduling of the LHCb trigger application (Abstract)
Rosen MatevGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaFast distributed compilation and testing of large C++ projects (Abstract)
Federico StagniGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaIntegrating LHCb workflows on HPC resources: status and strategies (Abstract)
Stefano PetrucciEdinburgh2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaScalable monitoring data processing for the LHCb software trigger (Abstract)
Flavio PisaniGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaNetwork simulation of a 40 MHz event building system for the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Christopher BurrGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaSustainable software packaging for end users with conda (Abstract)
Rafal Dominik KrawczykGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaFeasibility tests of RoCE for the cluster-based event building in LHCb (Abstract)
Christophe HaenGeneva-CERN2019-11-04CHEPAdelaideAustraliaSolution for GRID tools
Thomas GrammaticoParis-LPNHE2019-11-04GDR Inf workshopSommieresFranceCharmless B decays
Adam Benjamin MorrisMarseille-CPPM2019-11-04GDR Inf workshopSommieresFranceLepton flavour universality in b to c transitions
Julien CoganMarseille-CPPM2019-11-04GDR Inf workshopSommieresFranceb->sll transitions at LHCb
Jacopo CerasoliMarseille-CPPM2019-11-04GDR Inf workshopSommieresFranceFlavour physics: From correlations to new probes
Jana CrkovskáLos Alamos-LANL2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChinaCharmonia production in pPb collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Jianqiao WangTsinghua2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChinaResults from open charm production at LHCb in pPb (Abstract)
Shanzhen ChenCagliari2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChinaOpen and hidden beauty production in pPb collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Felipe Andres Garcia RosalesOrsay-LAL2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChinaFixed-target collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Samuel BelinCagliari2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChinaOpen Heavy-Flavour and J/psi production in peripheral PbPb collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Hengne LiGuangzhou-SCNU2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChinaCharmonium production in Pb-Pb ultra-peripheral collisions (UPC) and Z production in pPb collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
John Matthew DurhamLos Alamos-LANL2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChinaLHCb measurements of the exotic tetraquark candidate X(3872) in high multiplicity pp and pPb collisions (Abstract)
Maitreyee MukherjeeCentral China U.2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChinaProbing small-x gluons with gamma+hadron correlations in the forward rapidity with the LHCb detector. (Abstract)
Pasquale Di NezzaFrascati-LNF2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChinaLHC Run 3 and Run 4 prospects for heavy-ion physics with LHCb (Abstract)
Benjamin Audurier2019-11-03Quark MatterWuhanChina20Highlights from the LHCb experiment
Yunlong LiManchester2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKFlavour Physics at the High Luminosity LHC: LHCb Upgrade II (Abstract)
Daniel BerninghoffHeidelberg-Uni2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKSciFi - A large Scintillating Fibre Tracker for LHCb (Abstract)
Giovanni BassiPisa-Pisa2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKA 2D FPGA-based clustering algorithm for the LHCb silicon pixel detector running at 30 MHz (Abstract)
Gianluca ZunicaManchester2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKDesign and performance of the LHCb detector and full real-time reconstruction in Run 2 of the LHC (Abstract)
Benedetto Gianluca SiddiFerrara2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKGaussino - a Gaudi-based core simulation framework (Abstract)
Biljana MitreskaManchester2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKThe Alignment of the LHCb Vertex Detector: Performance in Run 2 and studies for the Upgrade (Abstract)
Krzysztof SwientekCracow-AGH2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKA 128-channel SALT ASIC for the readout of Upstream Tracker in the LHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Donal MurrayManchester2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKThe LHCb VELO Data Aquisition System (Abstract)
Kevin HeijhoffAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKTimepix3 Telescope Temporal Resolution Studies (Abstract)
Peter SvihraManchester2019-10-26IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumManchesterUKThe Design and Construction of the LHCb VELO modules
Andrea MerliUniversità di Milano2019-10-22CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerlandSearches for CP violation in multibody baryon decays at LHCb
Nicola SerraZurich-UZH2019-10-21Physics of fundamental Symmetries and InteractionsPSISwitzerlandLHC-b recent results (Abstract)
Saverio MarianiFirenze2019-10-21Baryon and Lepton Number ViolationMadridSpainAntiproton production cross-sections measurements at LHCb
Rosa Anna FiniBari2019-10-21Baryon and Lepton Number ViolationMadridSpain20Lepton Flavor and Baryonic Flavor Violating Searches at LHCb
Zhenzi WangZurich-UZH2019-10-21Baryon and Lepton Number ViolationMadridSpainLFV, lepton universality, and rare decay searches at the LHC
Maciej Witold MajewskiCracow-AGH2019-10-20Symposium Artificial Intelligence for Science, Industry and SocietyMexico CityMexicoMachine Learning in Velo LHCb monitoring and calibration in Run I and II (Abstract)
Sneha MaldeOxford2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland25+5LHCb Introduction
Zehua XuBeijing-PKU2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland25LHCb results on exotic hadrons
Ekaterina GovorkovaAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland15+5B0s→J/ψK+K− and other time-dependent analyses at LHCb
Vitalii LisovskyiDortmund-TU2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+5Rare decays at LHCb
Julián García PardiñasZurich-UZH2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+5Semileptonic decays at LHCb
Jiayin SunTsinghua2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+5Recent LHCb results from heavy ion collisions
Luciano PappalardoFerrara2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+5Physics opportunities with SMOG2
Anton PoluektovMarseille-CPPM2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+5Conventional hadron states at LHCb
Albert BurscheCagliari2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+5Measurements of exclusive processes with LHCb
Tommaso PajeroPisa-Pisa2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland25+5Mixing and CPV in charm at LHCb
Louis HenryValencia-IFIC2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland25+5CPV in multibody final states at LHCb
Hannah Louise PullenOxford2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+5Measurements of UT angle gamma
Andrea MerliUniversità di Milano2019-10-16Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland15+5CPV in baryons at LHCb
Giovanni CavalleroGeneva-CERN2019-10-15MIAPPMunichGermanyExcited D_s and B_s spectroscopy at LHCb
Lorenzo CapriottiBologna2019-10-15MIAPPMunichGermanyConventional and exotic charmonia at LHCb
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2019-10-15MIAPPMunichGermanyBaryon spectroscopy at LHCb
Preema PaisLausanne-EPFL2019-10-13VERTEXZagrebCroatiaVELO&ST operational experience, performance and lessons learned (Abstract)
Matthew Scott RudolphSyracuse2019-10-13VERTEXZagrebCroatiaThe Upstream Tracker for the LHCb Upgrade
Kristof De BruynGeneva-CERN2019-10-13VERTEXZagrebCroatiaThe LHCb VELO upgrade (Abstract)
Giovanni PunziPisa-Pisa2019-10-13VERTEXZagrebCroatiaReal-time reconstruction of pixel vertex detectors with FPGAs (Abstract)
Claudia BertellaGeneva-CERN2019-10-13VERTEXZagrebCroatiaMicrochannel cooling for the LHCb VELO pixel upgrade
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2019-10-09University seminarWarwickUKThe discovery of CP violation in charm
Ekaterina GovorkovaAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Phi_s status and prospects
Mikkel BjørnOxford2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Measurement of CKM angle gamma
Marta CalviMilano_B2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Other physics with B->open charm (title tbd)
Daniel Patrick O'HanlonBologna2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Charmless B decays
Felix Johannes KressLondon-Imperial2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20b->sll and friends: studies with muons
Christoph LangenbruchAachen I2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20b->sll and friends: R_K, R_K* etc.
Matteo RamaPisa-Pisa2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20B_s->mumu and other very rare b decays
Matthew James TilleyLondon-Imperial2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Semileptonic B decays
Jolanta BrodzickaCracow-HNI2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Rare charm decays
Maxime SchubigerAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Charm CPV and mixing
Matthew NeedhamEdinburgh2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Spectroscopy - conventional states
Liming ZhangTsinghua2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Spectroscopy - exotic states
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Radiative decays
Marcello RotondoFrascati-LNF2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20HF production
Michel De CianLausanne-EPFL2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Lifetime measurements (and other miscellaneous b-hadron properties)
Sevda EsenAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSlovenia20Status of Upgrade I and prospects for Upgrade II
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-09-30BeautyLjubljanaSloveniaSummary talk
William BarterLondon-Imperial2019-09-30Higgs CouplingsOxfordUK30+15Higgs searches, Electroweak measurements, and B-anomalies at LHCb
Albert BurscheCagliari2019-09-30HQCAPMainzGermany30-60HF , DPS and HI production at LHCb
Loris MartinazzoliGeneva-CERN2019-09-29SCINTSendaiJapanCrystal Fibers for the LHCb Calorimeter Upgrade
Abolhassan JawaheryCollege Park-Maryland2019-09-25Brookhaven ForumBrookhavenUSRecent Highlights from flavor physics
Julian Lomba CastroSantiago de Compostela2019-09-25Brookhaven ForumBrookhavenUS20 (incl)B-flavour anomalies in b->sll and b->clnu transitions at LHCb
Angelo Di CantoGeneva-CERN2019-09-25Brookhaven ForumBrookhavenUS20 (incl)Measurements of CPV in b and c decays at LHCb
Nicola SerraZurich-UZH2019-09-23Workshop on Heavy Quark PhysicsIslamabadPakistanB-flavour anomalies at LHCb
Agnieszka DziurdaCracow-HNI2019-09-23HC2NP Puerto de la CruzTenerifeCPV measurements in B and D mesons at LHCb
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2019-09-23HC2NP Puerto de la CruzTenerife25+5Status and prospects of LFUV measurements at LHCb
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2019-09-23HC2NP Puerto de la CruzTenerife20+5Long distance charm in b→sℓℓ decays from data
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2019-09-23HC2NP Puerto de la CruzTenerife25The LHCb strangeness program
Vladimir ShevchenkoKurchatov Institute2019-09-22QFTHEPSocchiRussia40Recent results of LHCb
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2019-09-22QFTHEPSocchiRussia15Lepton Flavour Universality tests at LHCb
Evgenii KurbatovYandex School of Data Analysis2019-09-22QFTHEPSocchiRussiaLHCb results on rare leptonic decays of B-mesons
Dmitrii PereimaMoscow-ITEP2019-09-22QFTHEPSocchiRussiaSearch for new decays of the Λ_b^0-baryon at the LHCb
Viacheslav MatiuninMoscow-ITEP2019-09-22QFTHEPSocchiRussiaRecent LHCb results on charm and charmonium spectroscopy
Fedor RatnikovYandex School of Data Analysis2019-09-22QFTHEPSocchiRussiaFast Data-Driven simulation of Cherenkov Detectors Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Jike WangWuhan-2019-09-16Physics in CollisionTaipeiTaiwan CINCO: Review on hadronic B decays
Jörg MarksHeidelberg-Uni2019-09-16Physics in CollisionTaipeiTaiwanCINCO: Review on charm mixing and rare decays
Mark SmithLondon-Imperial2019-09-16Physics in CollisionTaipeiTaiwanSemileptonic and rare heavy flavour decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Jike WangWuhan-2019-09-16Physics in CollisionTaipeiTaiwanCP violation and mixing in heavy flavour at LHCb (Abstract)
Elena GraveriniLausanne-EPFL2019-09-15Rencontres du VietnamQuy NhonVietnam25+5CINCO B-physics anomalies at the LHC (incl. future prospects)
Mark TobinBeijing-(IHEP)2019-09-11LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb Status Report
Francesco DettoriCagliari2019-09-10KAONPerugiaItalyKaons @LHCb (Abstract)
Miguel Ramos PernasSantiago de Compostela2019-09-10KAONPerugiaItalyRare decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcos Romero LamasSantiago de Compostela2019-09-10KAONPerugiaItalyCP violation in beauty and charm at LHCb (Abstract)
Alexandre Brea RodriguezSantiago de Compostela2019-09-10KAONPerugiaItalySemileptonic Hyperon decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Miguel Ramos PernasSantiago de Compostela2019-09-10KAONPerugiaItalySearch for Ks->mumu at LHCb (Abstract)
Francesco DettoriCagliari2019-09-10KAONPerugiaItalyEvidence for $\Sigma^+ \to p \mu^+ \mu^-$ decays at LHCb (Abstract)
John Matthew DurhamLos Alamos-LANL2019-09-09Multiparticle Dynamics (ISMD)Santa FeUS25Heavy ion physics at LHCb
Elisabetta Spadaro NorellaUniversità di Milano2019-09-09LFC19: Strong dynamics for physics within and beyond the Standard Model at LHC and Future CollidersTrentoItalyHadron Spectroscopy and Exotic Searches at LHCb
Saverio MarianiFirenze2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyLHCb fixed target results for cosmic ray physics: results and prospects
Salvatore AiolaUniversità di Milano2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyEDM and MDM measurements in LHCb: the SELDOM project
Benjamin AudurierCagliari2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyProspects for high-luminosity fixed target physics at the LHC
Felipe Andres Garcia RosalesOrsay-LAL2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyCentrality measurement in LHCb
Jana CrkovskáLos Alamos-LANL2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyQuarkonia in LHCb - results and prospects
Shanzhen ChenCagliari2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyHeavy Flavour in LHCb - results and prospects
Hengne LiGuangzhou-SCNU2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyElectroweak probes in LHCb - results and prospects
Albert BurscheCagliari2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyUltra-peripheral physics in LHCb - results and prospects
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyThe LHC prospects
Pasquale Di NezzaFrascati-LNF2019-09-06LHCb Heavy Ion workshopChiaItalyExperimental prospects with polarised fixed targets
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2019-09-04b->sll workshopLyonFranceSearches for Lepton Flavour Violation in $B$ decays at LHCb
Justine Serrano2019-09-04b->sll workshopLyonFranceProspects with tau's at LHCb and Belle-II
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2019-09-02DarkwinNatalBrazil50LHCb results relevant for dark matter searches
Liming ZhangTsinghua2019-09-02PWA/ATHOSRio de JaneiroBrazil25Searches for exotic states at LHCb
Mikhail MikhasenkoGeneva-CERN2019-09-02PWA/ATHOSRio de JaneiroBrazil25LHCb results on hadron spectroscopy (excluding exotic states) (Abstract)
Marek IdzikCracow-AGH2019-09-02TWEPPSantiago di CompostelaSpain25SALT, a 128-channel readout ASIC for Upstream Tracker in the LHCb Upgrade
Karol HennessyLiverpool2019-09-02TWEPPSantiago di CompostelaSpain25Commissioning High-speed readout for the LHCb VELO Upgrade
Lucian CojocariuBucharest-IFIN-HH2019-09-02TWEPPSantiago di CompostelaSpain Proton-Induced Radiation Effects in MAROC3, a full readout 0.35 µm SiGe ASIC
Edgar Lemos CidSantiago de Compostela2019-09-02TWEPPSantiago di CompostelaSpainQualification of the final LHCb VELO electronics
Antonio Fernandez PrietoSantiago de Compostela2019-09-02TWEPPSantiago di CompostelaSpainBack-end firmware for the LHCb VELO upgrade phase I
Vlad-Mihai PlacintaBucharest-IFIN-HH2019-09-02TWEPPSantiago di CompostelaSpainRadiation Hardness Tests Done on KINTEX-7 FPGA for High Energy Physics Experiments
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2019-09-01Brazilian National Meeting in Particles of FieldsCampos do JordãoBrazilLHCb results (tbc)
Neville HarnewOxford2019-08-31Corfu Summer InstituteCorfuGreeceReview of CP-violation and spectroscopy measurements at LHCb
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2019-08-31Corfu Summer InstituteCorfuGreeceRare decays
Patrizia De SimoneFrascati-LNF2019-08-29FCCPCapriItalyabout 25Experimental Review on Lepton Universality and Lepton Flavour Violation tests in B decays
Nicola NeriUniversità di Milano2019-08-29FCCPCapriItaly Perspectives for electromagnetic dipole moments of unstable particles at the LHC (Abstract)
Lavinia-Helena GiubegaBucharest-IFIN-HH2019-08-26Low xNicosiaCyprusStudies of Central Exclusive Production and Soft QCD phenomena at LHCb (Abstract)
Adlène Hicheur2019-08-26NuFACTDaeguKorea25B-flavour anomalies in b->sll and b->clnu transitions at LHCb (Abstract)
Nicola SerraZurich-UZH2019-08-22Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia30Highlights from LHCb with focus on rare decays and LFU
Francesca DordeiCagliari2019-08-22Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia25CP violation results from LHCb
Stefania VecchiFerrara2019-08-21ICNFPKolymbari, CreteGreece25+5Recent results from LHCb (Abstract)
Jacopo PinzinoGeneva-CERN2019-08-21ICNFPKolymbari, CreteGreece20Flavour Anomalies in Rare Decays and prospects of flavour physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Christine Angela AidalaAnn Arbor-University of Michigan2019-08-21ICNFPKolymbari, CreteGreeceStudying Jet Fragmentation and Hadronization at LHCb (Abstract)
Adam DendekCracow-AGH2019-08-21ICNFPKolymbari, CreteGreeceML at LHCb (Abstract)
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2019-08-16HadronGuilinChina35CINCO: Production of heavy hadrons (including heavy quarkonia) at hadron colliders
Nicola SkidmoreHeidelberg-Uni2019-08-16HadronGuilinChinaLHCb results on exotic hadrons (Abstract)
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2019-08-16HadronGuilinChina20Quarkonia production in heavy ion collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Jiayin SunTsinghua2019-08-16HadronGuilinChina20Production of open heavy flavour hadrons in pPb and fixed-target collisions LHCb (Abstract)
Xuesong LiuTsinghua2019-08-16HadronGuilinChina20Measurement of the CP-violating phase phi_s at LHCb (Abstract)
Miroslav SaurUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2019-08-16HadronGuilinChina25Recent results on CP Violation in the charm sector by LHCb (Abstract)
Wenbin QianUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2019-08-16HadronGuilinChina20CP violation in charmless B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Ao XuTsinghua2019-08-16HadronGuilinChina25Baryon spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Shanzhen ChenCagliari2019-08-16HadronGuilinChinaRecent results and prospects on ultra-peripheral heavy ion collidions at LHCbl (Abstract)
Federico RediLausanne-EPFL2019-08-13Dark Matter @LHCSeattleUS20+10Dark Sector search at the LHCb
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2019-08-12SLAC Summer InstituteSLACUS35+5New results from LHCb
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2019-08-05Lepton PhotonTorontoCanadaRare B decays (incl Belle results)
Flavio ArchilliHeidelberg-Uni2019-08-05Lepton PhotonTorontoCanadaConstraints on BSM physics from B decay (incl Belle)
Serena MaccoliniBologna2019-08-05Lepton PhotonTorontoCanadaCP violation and mixing in charm with LHCb (Abstract)
Cibran Santamarina RiosSantiago de Compostela2019-08-05Lepton PhotonTorontoCanadaCP violation and mixing in beauty with LHCb (Abstract)
Nicola NeriUniversità di Milano2019-08-05Lepton PhotonTorontoCanadaProspects for electromagnetic dipole moments of short-lived particles at the LHC (Abstract)
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2019-08-05Lepton PhotonTorontoCanadaFlavour Physics at the High Luminosity LHC: LHCb Upgrade II (Abstract)
Serena MaccoliniBologna2019-08-05Lepton PhotonTorontoCanadaLatest LHCb measurements of semileptonic b-hadron decays (Abstract)
Liming ZhangTsinghua2019-07-30CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerlandtbd
Da Yu TouParis-LPNHE2019-07-29Higgs HuntingOrsay-ParisFrance9+3HF results as probes for the charged Higgs sector
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2019-07-29APS/DPFBostonUSOverview: CPV results (all relevant experiments)
Gerd Joachim KundeLos Alamos-LANL2019-07-29APS/DPFBostonUSHeavy ion quarkonia and heavy flavour results from ALICE and LHCb (Abstract)
Manuel Franco SevillaCollege Park-Maryland2019-07-29APS/DPFBostonUSLHCb upgrades I and II (Abstract)
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2019-07-29APS/DPFBostonUSResults on Lepton Flavor Universality Tests at LHCb (Abstract)
Constantin WeisserCambridge-MIT2019-07-29APS/DPFBostonUSDark Sectors at LHCb (Abstract)
Michael WilkinsonSyracuse2019-07-29APS/DPFBostonUSMeasurements of charmed baryons decays from LHCb (Abstract)
Daniel Charles CraikCambridge-MIT2019-07-29APS/DPFBostonUSObservation of Pentaquarks at LHCb (Abstract)
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2019-07-29APS/DPFBostonUSThe Early Career, Gender & Diversity Office at the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2019-07-29INPCGlasgowUKHeavy Hadron Spectroscopy
Liang SunWuhan-2019-07-24FLASYHefeiChinaRecent results from LHCb
Ignacio BediagaRio-CBPF2019-07-22PPCCartagenaColombia45Highlights from LHCb
Henry Fredrick Schreiner2019-07-22American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)UtahUSLHCb results
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2019-07-18AnomaliesHyderabadIndiaB anomalies at LHCb
Johannes AlbrechtDortmund-TU2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumRare Decays/Exotica and CPV
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumHighlights from LHCb
Veronika ChobanovaSantiago de Compostela2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumMeasurements of the CP violation phase phi_s at LHCb (Abstract)
Thomas HadavizadehOxford2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumSearches for direct CP violation in two-body and quasi-two-body B meson decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumQuarkonia production in pPb and PbPb collisions at LHCb (322) (Abstract)
Yanxi ZhangGeneva-CERN2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumProduction of open heavy flavour hadrons in pPb collisions at LHCb (324) (Abstract)
Felipe Andres Garcia RosalesOrsay-LAL2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumHeavy-Flavour production in fixed-target mode with LHCb (325+327) (Abstract)
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumLHCb inputs to astroparticle physics (326) (Abstract)
Marco SantimariaFrascati-LNF2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumOutreach activities at LHCb (328) (Abstract)
Vitalii LisovskyiOrsay-LAL2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumThe Early Career, Gender & Diversity Office at the LHCb experiment (329) (Abstract)
Frédéric BlancLausanne-EPFL2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumStudies of Jet Fragmentation and Hadronisation at LHCb (330) (Abstract)
Stephen FarryLiverpool2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumTop Physics at LHCb (331) (Abstract)
William BarterLondon-Imperial2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumPrecision electroweak physics at LHCb (332) (Abstract)
Stephen FarryLiverpool2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumStudies of Central Exclusive Production and Soft QCD phenomena at LHCb (334) (Abstract)
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumDirect searches for new low-mass particles at LHCb (335) (Abstract)
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumSearches for Exotic Higgs-like boson decays at LHCb (336) (Abstract)
Kodassery PrasanthCracow-HNI2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgium Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb(339+341) (Abstract)
Dominik Stefan MitzelGeneva-CERN2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumRare Charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Alexandra RollingsOxford2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumTime-integrated measurements of the CKM angle gamma (Abstract)
Sevda EsenAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumTime-dependent CP violation measurements from beauty to open charm decays (Abstract)
Anna LupatoPadova-Padova2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumRecent results from LHCb on charged-current decays of b-hadrons (Abstract)
Andrii UsachovOrsay-LAL2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumHeavy flavor production at LHCb (346) (Abstract)
Biplab DeyCentral China U.2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumSpectroscopy using decays of b-hadrons to charmonium at LHCb, including exotic states (347) (Abstract)
Vitalii LisovskyiOrsay-LAL2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumElectroweak Penguin Decays at LHCb (350+352) (Abstract)
Marco SantimariaFrascati-LNF2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumSearches for Lepton Flavour Violating decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Luis Miguel Garcia MartinValencia-IFIC2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumRare B decays at LHCb (353+354) (Abstract)
Louis HenryValencia-IFIC2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumTime-dependent CP violation in charmless b decays at LHCb (355+357) (Abstract)
Jeremy DalsenoSantiago de Compostela2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumObservation of several sources of CP violation in B+ -> pi+ pi+ pi- decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Adam Benjamin MorrisMarseille-CPPM2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumCP violation in multi-body charmless b-hadron decays at LHCb (358+359) (Abstract)
Mauricio FéoGeneva-CERN2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumSciFi - A large Scintillating Fibre Tracker for LHCb (360) (Abstract)
Sevda EsenAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumFlavour Physics at the High Luminosity LHC: LHCb Upgrade II (361) (Abstract)
Michel De CianLausanne-EPFL2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumDesign and performance of the LHCb trigger and full real-time reconstruction in Run 2 of the LHC (477) (Abstract)
Biljana MitreskaManchester2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumA comprehensive real-time analysis model in Run 2 at the LHCb experiment (478) (Abstract)
Michel De CianLausanne-EPFL2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumParticle identification performance of the LHCb experiment in Run 2 (479) (Abstract)
Biljana MitreskaManchester2019-07-10EPS-HEPGhentBelgiumReal-time alignment and temperature dependency of the LHCb Vertex Detector (480) (Abstract)
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2019-07-04Amplitude Analyses for Flavour AnomaliesBristolUKThe state and prospects of B->DDbarK* amplitude analyses at LHCb
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2019-07-04Amplitude Analyses for Flavour AnomaliesBristolUKExperimental approaches to analysing B->Kll data below and above the open charm threshold
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2019-07-04Amplitude Analyses for Flavour AnomaliesBristolUK The state of B-> DDbar K in LHCb
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2019-07-04Amplitude Analyses for Flavour AnomaliesBristolUK The Prospects for Lb -> DDbar L and B0 -> DDbar KS in LHCb
Srishti BhasinBristol2019-07-04Amplitude Analyses for Flavour AnomaliesBristolUKThe state of B-> DDbar K^{*} in LHCb
Renato QuaglianiParis-LPNHE2019-07-02QCDMontpellierFranceB-flavour anomalies in b->sll and b->clnu transitions at LHCb (Abstract)
Marco GersabeckManchester2019-07-01DESY seminarHamburgGermany45Ripples in Flavour Space - Unlocking Nature's Secrets with Antimatter
Leandro De PaulaRio-UFRJ2019-07-01New Physics with Exotic and Long-Lived ParticlesQuy NhonVietnam25+5Snapshot and prospects for searches of Long-Lived particles
Eduardo RodriguesCincinnati2019-07-01BELLE II Software WorkshopGarchingGermanyAnalysis software and workflows in LHCb
Marcello RotondoFrascati-LNF2019-06-30Gordon Research Conference / Gordon Research SeminarHong KongChinaProspects of flavour physics at LHCb
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2019-06-25Exotic HadronsShanghaiChinaLHCb results on exotic states and hadron spectroscopy
Pasquale Di NezzaFrascati-LNF2019-06-24Initial StagesNew YorkUSLHCb fixed target results and prospects (Abstract)
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2019-06-24Initial StagesNew YorkUS25+5LHCb overview (Abstract)
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2019-06-24PANDA workshopFAIRGermanyLHCb spectroscopy results and plans
Wojciech KrupaCracow-AGH2019-06-23Jagielloinian Symposium of Fundamental and Applied Subatomic PhysicsKrakowPolandRecent results on the CKM angle γ measurement at LHCb and prospect for Run III and Run IV
Jakub RyzkaCracow-AGH2019-06-23Jagielloinian Symposium of Fundamental and Applied Subatomic PhysicsKrakowPolandDiscovery of CP violation in charm decays at LHCb and prospects for charm physics in Run III and Run IV
Gerco OnderwaterVan Swinderen Institute2019-06-17Charged Lepton Flavor ViolationFukuokaJapan30+10Tests of lepton universality at LHCb (Abstract)
Bernardo AdevaSantiago de Compostela2019-06-17Opportunities at Future CollidersMadridSpain60 LHCb physics results and prospects
Shanzhen ChenCagliari2019-06-10SQMBariItalyRecent heavy ion results from LHCb
Hengne LiGuangzhou-SCNU2019-06-10SQMBariItalyQuarkonia production in pPb collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Di YangTsinghua2019-06-10SQMBariItalyProduction of open heavy flavour hadrons in pPb collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Luciano PappalardoFerrara2019-06-10SQMBariItalyLHCb fixed target results and prospects (Abstract)
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2019-06-10NSTARBonnGermany25+5Exotic and Excited Baryons from LHCb
Jolanta BrodzickaCracow-HNI2019-06-10FFKTihanyHungaryCP Violation and CKM Matrix Measurements (Abstract)
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2019-06-07IMFPMadridSpainB anomalies at LHCb
Blake LeveringtonHeidelberg-Uni2019-06-05LHCC Open SessionCRNSwitzerlandLHCb Status Report
Vladislav BalaguraOrsay-LAL2019-06-04LHC Lumi DaysCERNSwitzerland25Overview of LHCb luminosity-determination methodology in Run 2
Rosen MatevGeneva-CERN2019-06-04LHC Lumi DaysCERNSwitzerland15LHCb ghost-charge measurement & FBCT corrections
Vladislav BalaguraOrsay-LAL2019-06-04LHC Lumi DaysCERNSwitzerland15Non factorization in LHCb vdM scans: experience in Run-2, impact on luminosity calibration
Rosen MatevGeneva-CERN2019-06-04LHC Lumi DaysCERNSwitzerland15Long-term monitoring of delivered luminosity & calibration stability in LHCb
Jana CrkovskáLos Alamos-LANL2019-06-04AGS/RHIC users meetingNew York (BNL)US30+5Heavy Flavor and Quarkonia Measurements from LHCb
Kara Renee MattioliAnn Arbor-University of Michigan2019-06-04AGS/RHIC users meetingNew York (BNL)USJet Measurements in Forward Kinematics: From LHCb to the Electron-Ion Collider
Miriam Calvo GomezBarcelona2019-06-03PhotonFrascatiItaly Rare and radiative B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Charlotte Barbara Van HulseDublin-UCD2019-06-03PhotonFrascatiItalyCentral exclusive production at LHCb (Abstract)
Eugeni GraugésBarcelona2019-06-03PlanckGranadaSpainLHCb results on BSM
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2019-06-03Workshop on Particle Correlations and FemtoscopyDubnaRussiaParticle correlations at LHCb
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2019-06-02Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance25+5CINCO: Rare decays (overview)
Marco GersabeckManchester2019-06-02Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance25+5CINCO: CP violation (overview)
Artur UklejaWarsaw-NCBJ2019-06-02Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance20Mixing and CP violation in beauty and charm at LHCb
Eric CognerasClermont-Ferrand2019-06-02Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance20Rare, radiative, and electroweak penguin decays of heavy flavour hadrons at LHCb (excluding LFU tests)
Harry CliffCambridge2019-06-02Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance20Lepton Flavour Universality tests with heavy flavour decays at LHCb
Mikhail MikhasenkoGeneva-CERN2019-06-02Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance20Hadron spectroscopy and exotic states at LHCb
Elisabeth Maria NielOrsay-LAL2019-06-02Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance20Results from proton-lead and fixed-target collisions at LHCb
Oscar De Aguiar FranciscoGeneva-CERN2019-06-02Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance20Recent results and prospects for LHCb in SM physics involving W/Z/top
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2019-06-02MENUPittsburghUS25+5B-Physics hints of new physics
Julián García PardiñasZurich-UZH2019-06-02Weak Interactions and NeutrinosBariItaly30 (incl)B-flavour anomalies in b->sll and b->clnu transitions at LHCb (Abstract)
Maurizio MartinelliGeneva-CERN2019-06-02Weak Interactions and NeutrinosBariItaly40+5Recent results on CP Violation in charm mesons by LHCb
Cedric MeauxMarseille-CPPM2019-06-02Weak Interactions and NeutrinosBariItaly20 (incl)Searches for Lepton Flavour Violating decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Federico RediLausanne-EPFL2019-06-02Weak Interactions and NeutrinosBariItalySearches for Exotic Higgs-like boson decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2019-05-29RKFNaplesItaly25Rare and stranges decay at LHCb
Claire ProuveSantiago de Compostela2019-05-29RKFNaplesItaly25Latest results from kaon and hyperon decays at LHCb
Andrea MauriZurich-UZH2019-05-27Interpreting the LHC Run 2 data and BeyondTriesteItaly40+10New results on flavour anomalies from LHCb
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2019-05-27Interpreting the LHC Run 2 data and BeyondTriesteItaly40+10Exotic hadron states at LHCb
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2019-05-27Long Lived Particle mini-workshopCERNSwitzerlandHL-LHC panorama at LHCb
Rosen MatevGeneva-CERN2019-05-22Streaming ReadoutGenovaItalyThe real-time analysis models in the LHC experiments
Yuehong XieCentral China U.2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico20CINCO: CP violation in beauty and charm
Paula Alvarez CartelleLondon-Imperial2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico20CINCO: Lepton Universality tests
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico20CINCO: plans and prospects for flavor physics at LHC
Martino BorsatoHeidelberg-Uni2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexicoCINCO: Searches for long-lived particles and other unconventional signatures (incl heavy neutral leptons, dark photon searches, H->4 leptons via Z_dark, etc.)
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexicoCINCO: Open and hidden heavy-flavor production and flow in heavy ion collisions
Adrian Casais VidalSantiago de Compostela2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico16+6Searches for Dark Photons in LHCb
Paolo GandiniUniversità di Milano2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico15+3Recent results on heavy flavor production and spectroscopy with LHCb
Antonio Romero VidalSantiago de Compostela2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico15+3Recent results using semileptonic decays with LHCb
Violaine BelleeLausanne-EPFL2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico15+3Recent results using rare decays with LHCb
Martha HiltonManchester2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico15+3CP violation in charm with LHCb
Melissa Maria Cruz TorresRio-CBPF2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico15+3CP violation in beauty with LHCb
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico15+2Jet fragmentation studies at LHCb
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico20+4Performance of the LHCb trigger and full real-time reconstruction in Run 2 of the LHC
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico15+3Reconstruction at 30 MHz for the LHCb upgrade
Violaine BelleeLausanne-EPFL2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico13+2LHCb Upgrade I (Abstract)
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico13+2Future LHCb Upgrades (Abstract)
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2019-05-20LHCPPuebloMexico20+5Highlights and perspectives from the LHCb experiment
Mirco DorigoPisa-Pisa2019-05-20Flavor 2019: new Physics in flavor from LHC to Belle IIMunichGermanyCP violation in beauty decays with LHCb (Abstract)
Angelo Di CantoGeneva-CERN2019-05-20Flavor 2019: new Physics in flavor from LHC to Belle IIMunichGermanyCP violation and rare decays in charm decays with LHCb (Abstract)
Annarita BuonauraZurich-UZH2019-05-20Flavor 2019: new Physics in flavor from LHC to Belle IIMunichGermanyAnomalies in semileptonic B decays (LHCb) (Abstract)
Titus MombächerDortmund-TU2019-05-20Flavor 2019: new Physics in flavor from LHC to Belle IIMunichGermanyAnomalies in b->s ll transitions (Abstract)
Biplab DeyCentral China U.2019-05-20Flavor 2019: new Physics in flavor from LHC to Belle IIMunichGermanyRadiative Penguin decays
Jonas RademackerBristol2019-05-20MIAPPMunichGermany30-40CPV measurements in charm decays
Marie Helene SchuneOrsay-LAL2019-05-13European Strategy for Particle PhysicsGranadaSpain20Flavour and CP physics with B´s´ (Abstract)
Michele VeltriFirenze2019-05-13QWGTorinoItaly15+5Search for excited Bc** at LHCB
Roberta CardinaleGenova2019-05-13QWGTorinoItaly25+5Observation of a new charmonium and evidence of a new charged charmonium-like state at LHCb
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2019-05-13QWGTorinoItaly15+5 Tetra- and Pentaquark studies at LHCb
Menglin XuCentral China U.2019-05-13QWGTorinoItaly20+5Doubly heavy baryons at LHCb
Claudia PatrignaniBologna2019-05-13QWGTorinoItaly15+5Upsilon production at LHCb
Jihyun BhomCracow-HNI2019-05-13QWGTorinoItaly15+5Central Exclusive production of J/psi and psi(2S) at LHCb
Jihyun BhomCracow-HNI2019-05-13QWGTorinoItaly20+5Quarkonium and charm production in media at LHCb
Marco PappagalloEdinburgh2019-05-13QWGTorinoItaly15+5Perspectives of hadron spectroscopy at LHCb
Charlotte Barbara Van HulseDublin-UCD2019-05-12New Trends In High-Energy PhysicsOdessaUkraine20+5Central exclusive production in LHCb
Valery PugatchKyiv-KINR2019-05-12New Trends In High-Energy PhysicsOdessaUkraine20+5Heavy-ion and fixed-target physics in LHCb
Oleksander KotKyiv-KINR2019-05-12New Trends In High-Energy PhysicsOdessaUkraineNuclear Modification factors for charmonium production
Vasyl DobishukKyiv-KINR2019-05-12New Trends In High-Energy PhysicsOdessaUkraineJ/Psi production in Pb-Pb UPC
Serhii KoliievKyiv-KINR2019-05-12New Trends In High-Energy PhysicsOdessaUkraineCP violation in B-meson decays
Francesca DordeiCagliari2019-05-07CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerlandPrecision measurement of the CP-violating phase phi_s at LHCb
Fabio FerrariBologna2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada25+5CINCO: Charm mixing and CP violation (Abstract)
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada25+5Lepton Flavour Universality in Neutral-Current B Decays (R(K(*))) (Abstract)
Suzanne KlaverFrascati-LNF2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada25+5Lepton Flavour Universality in Charged-Current B Decays (R(D(*))) (Abstract)
Giovanni CavalleroGenova2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada25+5CINCO: Bottom meson and baryon spectroscopy (non-exotic) (Abstract)
Lorenzo CapriottiBologna2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada25+5CINCO: Pentaquarks (Abstract)
Alessandro BertolinPadova-Padova2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada25+5Measurements of gamma from tree-level decays (Abstract)
Silvia GambettaEdinburgh2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada25+5LHCb upgrade status and progress
Tommaso PajeroPisa-Pisa2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada15+2 Test of CP violation and measurement of mixing in charm at LHCb (Abstract)
Siim TolkGeneva-CERN2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada15+2Production of Lambda_b baryon and B0s mesons at LHCb (Abstract)
Emmy GabrielEdinburgh2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada15+2Time-dependent CPV in Bs decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Alvaro GomesRio-CBPF2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanada15+2Observation of several sources of CP violation in B+ -> pi+pi+pi- decays (Abstract)
Tommaso PajeroPisa-Pisa2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanadaTest of CP violation and measurement of mixing in charm at LHCb
Emmy GabrielEdinburgh2019-05-06FPCPVictoria BCCanadaTime-dependent CPV in Bs decays at LHCb
Nicola SerraZurich-UZH2019-05-06Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUS35 (incl)Flavour Anomalies at LHCb
Ivan PolyakovSyracuse2019-05-06Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSHeavy flavor spectroscopy and exotic states at LHCb
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2019-05-06Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUShidden sectors at LHCb
Elisabeth Maria NielOrsay-LAL2019-04-24French China Particle Physics LaboratoryShanghaiChinastudies of Bc properties in LHCb
Giampiero MancinelliMarseille-CPPM2019-04-23Standard Model @ LHCZurichSwitzerlandSearches for lepton flavour violation in rare B decays
Thibaud HumairLondon-Imperial2019-04-23Standard Model @ LHCZurichSwitzerlandTests of lepton universality at LHCb
Philip IltenBirmingham2019-04-23Standard Model @ LHCZurichSwitzerlandQCD in the forward regime and Multi-Parton Scattering (LHCb)
Paula Alvarez CartelleLondon-Imperial2019-04-22ALPSObergurglAustria30+5Recent results from LHCb (Keynote talk) (Abstract)
Franz MuheimEdinburgh2019-04-22ALPSObergurglAustriaLHCb Upgrades (Abstract)
Lesya ShchutskaLausanne-EPFL2019-04-22ALPSObergurglAustriaThe status and prospects on heavy neutral leptons and searches for displaced signatures at the LHC experiments
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2019-04-19Precision era in High Energy PhysicsPortorozSloveniaRecent experimental results in flavour physics
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2019-04-13APS April MeetingDenverUS20LNV/CLFV in the B system (overview)
Daniel Charles CraikCambridge-MIT2019-04-13APS April MeetingDenverUS20Prospects for LHCb
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2019-04-13APS April MeetingDenverUSPanofski Prizein Particle Physics: Studies of Beauty and Charm decays
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2019-04-08DISItalyTorino30+5CINCO: Heavy flavour physics and hadron spectroscopy (plenary)
Alessandra GioventùSantiago de Compostela2019-04-08DISItalyTorinoB-flavour anomalies in b->sll and b->clnu transitions at LHCb (Abstract)
Hans Peter DembinskiHeidelberg-MPI2019-04-08DISItalyTorinoHeavy-flavour hadron production on pp, pA and fixed target collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Roberta CardinaleGenova2019-04-08DISItalyTorinoCINCO: Heavy flavour spectroscopy and exotic states at LHC (Abstract)
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2019-04-08DISItalyTorinoSoft QCD and Central Exclusive Production at LHCb (Abstract)
Matteo BartoliniGenova2019-04-08DISItalyTorinoSearch for new physics in CP violation with beauty and charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Oscar Boente GarciaSantiago de Compostela2019-04-08DISItalyTorinoResults from proton-lead and fixed-target collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Roberta CardinaleGenova2019-04-08DISItalyTorinoResults from Charm baryon spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Martina PiliOxford2019-04-08DISItalyTorinoTowards a W boson mass measurement with LHCb (Abstract)
Sneha MaldeOxford2019-04-08IoP APP / HEPP ConferenceLondonUKFlavour physics at the LHC
Ricardo Vazquez GomezGeneva-CERN2019-04-03International Data Analysis OlympiadeMoscowRussiaLHCb (computing, analysis, experiment)
Luis Miguel Garcia MartinValencia-IFIC2019-04-02Connecting the dots and Workshop on Intelligent trackersValenciaSpain15+5Tracking performance for long living particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Brij Kishor JashalValencia-IFIC2019-04-02Connecting the dots and Workshop on Intelligent trackersValenciaSpainA GPU High Level Trigger 1 for the upgraded LHCb detector (Abstract)
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2019-04-02Connecting the dots and Workshop on Intelligent trackersValenciaSpainLHCb Upgrade II (Abstract)
Christoph LangenbruchAachen I2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20New observables in rare decays to be studied at LHCb Upgrade II
Vladimir GligorovParis-LPNHE2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20LHCb upgrade II plans, including data processing
Niels TuningAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Lessons learned from LHCb about making precise flavour measurements
Konstantinos PetridisBristol2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Latest results on EW penguin modes from LHCb and future prospects
Andrea ContuCagliari2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Rare charm decays and asymmetries
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Latest results on radiative penguin decays and future prospects
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Long-term prospects for strange physics at LHCb
Francesca DordeiCagliari2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Latest results on phi_s and future prospects
Mark WhiteheadAachen I2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Can penguin-free measurements of phi_{d,s} be competitive?
Jolanta BrodzickaCracow-HNI2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Tackling the golden mode D0→KSPiPi (comparison of sensitivity under different approaches)
Mika VesterinenCoventry-Warwick2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Detector asymmetries: challenges and solutions
Guido AndreassiLausanne-EPFL2019-04-02Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsGBWarwick20Latest results and prospects for LFV searches in B decays
Andrea MauriZurich-UZH2019-04-02(Re)interpreting the results of new physics searches at the LHCLondonUKNew techniques to directly extract Wilson coefficients from the data. (Abstract)
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2019-04-02(Re)interpreting the results of new physics searches at the LHCLondonUKChallenges and benefits of auxiliary material LHCb can provide (Abstract)
Dmitrii PereimaMoscow-ITEP2019-04-01Trans-Siberian school on High Energy PhysicsTomskRussiaSearch for new decays of the Lambda_b-baryon at the LHCb experiment
Igor SkibaFerrara2019-04-01Detectors and Electronics for High Energy Physics, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Medical PhysicsLegnaroItalyThe LHCb RICH Detector upgrade
Bartlomiej RachwalCracow-AGH2019-04-01Detectors and Electronics for High Energy Physics, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Medical PhysicsLegnaroItalyThe LHCb VELO upgrade
Sophie BakerLondon-Imperial2019-03-27AntideuteronLos AngelesUS20Anti-deuteron sensitivity studies at LHCb (Abstract)
Paula Alvarez CartelleLondon-Imperial2019-03-26CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland45Search for lepton flavour universality violation in $B^+ \rightarrow K^+ℓ^+ℓ^ −$ decays at LHCb
Johannes AlbrechtDortmund-TU2019-03-25DPG FruehjahrstagungAachenGermanyFlavour anomalies
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2019-03-24AspenAspen, ColoradoUS20Recent results and future prospects from LHCb (Abstract)
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2019-03-23Moriond QCDLa ThuileItalyExperimental Summary
Andrea ContuCagliari2019-03-23Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15Mixing and CP violation in beauty and charm at LHCb
Clara Remon AlepuzValencia-IFIC2019-03-23Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15Rare, radiative, and electroweak penguin decays of heavy flavour hadrons at LHCb (excluding LFU tests)
Rudolf OldemanCagliari2019-03-23Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15Lepton Flavour Universality tests with heavy flavour decays at LHCb
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2019-03-23Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15Hadron spectroscopy and exotic states at LHCb
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2019-03-23Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15Electroweak and QCD physics and searches for exotic signatures in the forward region at LHCb
Daniele MarangottoUniversità di Milano2019-03-23Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15Results from proton-lead and fixed-target collisions at LHCb
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-03-22Manchester seminarManchesterUK45CPV in charm and Editorial procedures
Angelo CarboneBologna2019-03-21CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland45Observation of CP violation in charm decays with the LHCb Experiment
Ekaterina GovorkovaAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-03-16Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Mixing and time-dependent CP violation in beauty at LHCb (Abstract)
Emilie BertholetParis-LPNHE2019-03-16Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Time-integrated CP violation in beauty at LHCb
Federico BettiBologna2019-03-16Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly20+5Mixing and CP violation in charm at LHCb
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2019-03-16Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Rare, radiative, and electroweak penguin decays of heavy flavour hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Thibaud HumairLondon-Imperial2019-03-16Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Lepton Flavour Universality tests with heavy flavour decays at LHCb
Giulia TuciPisa-Pisa2019-03-16Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5+2CP violation in charm decays
Jennifer ZonneveldEdinburgh2019-03-16Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5+2Search for CP violation in B_s mixing
Joseph Daniel OsbornAnn Arbor-University of Michigan2019-03-14Workshop on Novel Probes of the Nucleon Structure in SIDIS, e+e- and pp (FF2019)DurhamUS40QCD jet phenomena (Abstract)
Elisabetta Spadaro NorellaUniversità di Milano2019-03-13CLASHEPCórdobaArgentinaSearch for the decays $B^0,B_{s}^0 \to J/\psi p \bar{p}$
Marco CattaneoGeneva-CERN2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandThe computing model of the LHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Niklas Stefan NolteGeneva-CERN2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandThe core software framework for the LHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Daniel Campora PerezGeneva-CERN2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandCore software challenges of the GPU High Level Trigger 1 of LHCb (Abstract)
Dorothea Vom BruchParis-LPNHE2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandPhysics and computing performance of reconstruction algorithms for the GPU High Level Trigger 1 of LHCb (Abstract)
Luis Miguel Garcia MartinValencia-IFIC2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandTracking performance for long living particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Alexey BoldyrevMoscow-HSE2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandMachine Learning approach to boosting neutral particles identification in the LHCb calorimeter (Abstract)
Artem MaevskiyMoscow-HSE2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandFast Data-Driven simulation of Cherenkov Detectors Using Generative Adversarial Networks. (Abstract)
Artem RyzhikovYandex School of Data Analysis2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandVariational Dropout Sparsification for Particle Identification speed-up. (Abstract)
Nikita KazeevMoscow-HSE2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandMachine Learning for Muon Identification at LHCb (Abstract)
Michael Joseph MorelloPisa-Pisa2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandReal-time reconstruction of long-lived particles at LHCb using FPGAs. (Abstract)
Federico LazzariPisa-Pisa2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandReal-time cluster finding for LHCb silicon pixel VELO detector using FPGA (Abstract)
Conor FitzpatrickGeneva-CERN2019-03-11ACAT Saas FeeSwitzerlandA 30 MHz software trigger and reconstruction for the LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Julián García PardiñasZurich-UZH2019-03-10Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyCINCO: Searches for NP with rare, semileptonic, and radiative decays of heavy-flavour hadrons at the LHC
Nathan JurikOxford2019-03-10Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyCINCO: Mixing and CP violation in beauty and charm at the LHC
Liupan AnFirenze2019-03-10Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyCINCO: Heavy flavour spectroscopy at the LHC
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2019-03-10Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyCINCO: Heavy ion and fixed-target physics at ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb
Tommaso PajeroPisa-Pisa2019-03-10Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly12+3CP violation and mixing in charm (Abstract)
Murdo TraillGlasgow2019-03-10Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly12+3Doubly charmed baryons (Abstract)
Cayo Costa SobralCoventry-Warwick2019-03-10Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly12+3CP violation in charmless multi-body beauty decays (Abstract)
Diego TonelliPisa-Pisa2019-03-10Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyperspectives of LHCb and Belle II in flavor physics
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2019-03-01HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerlandCINCO: Experimental prospects in flavour
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2019-03-01HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerlandLong-lived particles
Philip IltenBirmingham2019-03-01HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerlandHiggs Flavor and rare decays
Martina PiliOxford2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandProspects for measurements of the W mass including LHCb data
Serena MaccoliniBologna2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandSearch for CP violation in $D_{(s)}^+ \to K_S^0 h^+$ decays
Jennifer ZonneveldEdinburgh2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of $\phi_s$ in $B_s^0 \to J/\psi h^+ h^-$ decays
Maria Vieites DiazSantiago de Compostela2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandStudy of the decay $B^0 \to \rho(770)^0 K^*(892)^0$
Gerwin MeierDortmund-TU2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandsearch for the lepton-flavour-violating decays $B^+ \to K^+ \mu^\pm e^\mp$
Elisabetta Spadaro NorellaUniversità di Milano2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandSearch for the decays $B^0,B_{s}^0 \to J/\psi p \bar{p}$
Valeriia ZhovkovskaOrsay-LAL2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandStudies of $\eta_c$ and $\eta_c(2S)$ production at 13 TeV via hadronic decays
Placido Fernandez DeclaraGeneva-CERN2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandCompassUT, a GPU track reconstruction algorithm for Run 3 at LHCb
Niklas Stefan NolteGeneva-CERN2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandRe-engineering the core software framework for the LHCb Upgrade
Vadym DenysenkoZurich-UZH2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandFuture upgrades at LHCb
Emilie MauriceOrsay-LAL2019-02-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerland25+5LHCb status report
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2019-02-25PhiPsiNovosibirskRussiaLHCb status and plans
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2019-02-25PhiPsiNovosibirskRussiaCharmonium studies at LHCb
Viacheslav MatiuninMoscow-ITEP2019-02-25PhiPsiNovosibirskRussiaXYZ at LHCb
Alexey DzyubaGatchina-PNPI2019-02-25PhiPsiNovosibirskRussiaStudies of open charm hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Hengne LiGuangzhou-SCNU2019-02-24Symposium on Twenty Years of RHIC Physics in ChinaGuangzhouChina20Heavy ion and fixed target results at LHCb
Vadym DenysenkoZurich-UZH2019-02-18Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustriaFlavour Physics at the High Luminosity LHC: LHCb Upgrade II (Abstract)
Lukas GruberGeneva-CERN2019-02-18Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustria20SciFi – Upgrading LHCb with a Scintillating Fibre Tracker (Abstract)
Sofia KotriakhovaGatchina-PNPI2019-02-18Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustriaLong-term and efficient operation of the MWPC muon detector at LHCb (Abstract)
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2019-02-18Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustriaThe Upgrade Programme (I and II) of the LHCb VELO detector (Abstract)
Pawel KopciewiczCracow-AGH2019-02-18Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustriaInvestigations on the radiation damage of the LHCb VELO: a full review (Abstract)
Patrizia De SimoneFrascati-LNF2019-02-14KEK-FFTsukubaJapan25+5Semitauonic B decays at LHCb
Alex SeutheDortmund-TU2019-02-14KEK-FFTsukubaJapan25+5Tests of lepton flavour universality in electroweak-penguin decays at LHCb
Frederic MachefertOrsay-LAL2019-02-14KEK-FFTsukubaJapan25+5CKM angle gamma/phi3 summary (including BaBar/Belle)
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2019-02-14KEK-FFTsukubaJapan25+5Measurement of exotic hadrons at LHCb
Davide LancieriniZurich-UZH2019-02-10Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Rare and very rare decays at LHCb
Hannah Louise PullenOxford2019-02-10Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3CP violation in B decays at LHCb
Vladimir MackoLausanne-EPFL2019-02-10Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3LHCb results from Heavy quark spectroscopy, exotic states and QCD
Mick MulderAmsterdam-Nikhef2019-02-10Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Lepton Flavour Universality tests at LHCb
Hengne LiGuangzhou-SCNU2019-02-10Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Heavy ion and fixed target results at LHCb
Serena MaccoliniBologna2019-02-10Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3LHCb results on Mixing and CP violation in Charm
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2019-01-30Excited QCDSchladmingAustria25+5Heavy ion and fixed target results at LHCb
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2019-01-29CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland45LHCb results on heavy flavour production
Beatriz Garcia PlanaSantiago de Compostela2019-01-28LHCb and Belle II Opportunities for Model BuildersMainzGermany30LHCb results on LFU tests in B-meson decays
Christine Angela AidalaAnn Arbor-University of Michigan2019-01-28Santa Fe Jets and Heavy Flavour WorkshopLos Angeles (UCLA)USNew heavy flavor results in heavy ion collisions from LHCb
Kara Renee MattioliAnn Arbor-University of Michigan2019-01-28Santa Fe Jets and Heavy Flavour WorkshopLos Angeles (UCLA)USLHCb studies on hadronization in heavy flavor jets
Eugeni GraugésBarcelona2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpainResults from the LHCb experiment
Olivier DeschampsClermont-Ferrand2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpainStatus of the CKM
Antonio Romero VidalSantiago de Compostela2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpainExperimental review on semileptonic decays
Carlos Sanchez MayordomoValencia-IFIC2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpainTime dependent analysis of radiative B(s) decays
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpainNew physics constraints with radiative b-baryons
Miriam Calvo GomezBarcelona2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpain Status and prospects of radiative b decays at LHCb
Paula Alvarez CartelleLondon-Imperial2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpainLepton Flavour Universality tests at LHCb
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpain Exotic Physics at LHCb
Louis HenryValencia-IFIC2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpain Charmless decays at LHCb
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpainStrange Physics
Fernando Martinez VidalValencia-IFIC2019-01-23Workshop on flavour physicsValenciaSpainDipole moments of heavy particles
Pierluigi CampanaFrascati-LNF2019-01-21BormioBormioItaly30Flavour results at LHCb
Claudia PatrignaniBologna2019-01-21BormioBormioItaly30Hadron Spectroscopy at LHCb
Giulia MancaCagliari2019-01-21BormioBormioItalyHeavy ion and fixed target results at LHCb
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2019-01-16Physics beyond CollidersCERNSwitzerland10LHCb fixed target prospect
Jussara De MirandaRio-CBPF2019-01-14Future Challenges in Non-Leptonic B Decays - Theory and Experiment MainzGermany45Three-body decays: Amplitude analysis of the decay B+→K−K+𝜋+ in the LHCb experiment
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2019-01-09JAEA/ASRC ReimeiTokaiJapanLHCb results on exotic states and hadron spectroscopy
Anna OssowskaCracow-HNI2019-01-08Epiphany ConferencePolandCracow10+2LFV decays at LHCb experiment
Jozef Tomasz BorsukCracow-HNI2019-01-08Epiphany ConferencePolandCracow10+2Multiplicity dependence of two particle correlation in pp and pPb at LHCb
Maciej Wojciech DudekCracow-HNI2019-01-08Epiphany ConferencePolandCracow10+2Lc->pmumu results from LHCb
Pawel KopciewiczCracow-AGH2019-01-08Epiphany ConferencePolandCracow12Software platform for the monitoring and calibration of the upgraded LHCb VELO
Andrea MauriZurich-UZH2019-01-06Bahamas Advanced Study Institute and Conferences Stella Maris, Long IslandBahamas30-60Flavour anomalies at LHCb
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2018-12-17UK Annual Theory meetingDurhamUKRecent results in flavour physics
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2018-12-14CERN Council JamboreeCERNSwitzerland20Performance and highlights from LHCb & Moedal
John Matthew DurhamLos Alamos-LANL2018-12-13MiamiFt. Lauderdale, FloridaUS30 (incl)Overview of recent results from LHCb
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2018-12-11CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland45LHCb results on amplitude analyses
Pasquale Di NezzaFrascati-LNF2018-12-10MPI@LHCPerugiaItalyHeavy ion and fixed target results at LHCb
Alexey DzyubaGatchina-PNPI2018-12-10MPI@LHCPerugiaItaly15Studies of the Double parton scattering through heavy flavours production (experimental review)
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2018-12-10MPI@LHCPerugiaItalyCentral Exclusive Production at LHCb
Kristof De BruynGeneva-CERN2018-12-10PIXELAcademia SinicaTaipeiVeloPix Readout and ASIC
Donal MurrayManchester2018-12-10PIXELAcademia SinicaTaipeiThe LHCb VELO Upgrade
Mark Richard James WilliamsManchester2018-12-10PIXELAcademia SinicaTaipeiThe LHCb VELO Upgrade II
Olivier Göran GirardLausanne-EPFL2018-12-10PIXELAcademia SinicaTaipeiLarge pixel SiPMs for single photon detection in the new LHCb large area scintillating fibre tracker
Valery PugatchKyiv-KINR2018-12-04Heavy Ions and hidden SectorLouvain La Neuve Belgium25Heavy ion and fixed target results at LHCb
Federico RediLausanne-EPFL2018-12-04Heavy Ions and hidden SectorLouvain La Neuve Belgium25Long lived particle searches at LHCb
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2018-12-03KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaResults on heavy ion physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Donal HillOxford2018-12-03KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaCP violation in heavy-flavour hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Siim TolkGeneva-CERN2018-12-03KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaHeavy flavour and quarkonia production (Abstract)
Nicola NeriUniversità di Milano2018-12-03KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaHeavy flavour spectroscopy at LHCb (including exotic states) (Abstract)
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2018-12-03KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaLHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2018-12-03KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaTests of Lepton Flavor Universality at LHCb (Abstract)
Francesco DettoriLiverpool2018-12-03New physics in kaon and beam-dump experimentsBirminghamUK20Kaon physics at LHCb
Bartosz MaleckiGeneva-CERN2018-12-03Zimanyi School 2018BudapestHungaryBose-Einstein correlations in pp and pPb collisions at LHCb
Mika VesterinenCoventry-Warwick2018-11-27UK HEP forumAbingdonUK35+10Flavour anomalies at LHCb
Ricardo Vazquez GomezGeneva-CERN2018-11-27LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerland25+5LHCb status report
Bernardo AdevaSantiago de Compostela2018-11-26SILAFAELimaPeru40+10LHCb: results and future perspectives (Abstract)
Annarita BuonauraZurich-UZH2018-11-26DiscreteViennaAustria20+5Tests of Lepton Flavour Universality at LHCb (Abstract)
Tara NanutLausanne-EPFL2018-11-26DiscreteViennaAustria20+5CP violation in heavy-flavour hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Stephan EscherAachen I2018-11-26Helmholtz Alliance Workshop "Physics at the Terascale"Hamburg DESYGermany15R(K*) from LHCb
Alexander BattigDortmund-TU2018-11-26Helmholtz Alliance Workshop "Physics at the Terascale"Hamburg DESYGermany15B->ee from LHCb
Marcel MaterokAachen I2018-11-26Helmholtz Alliance Workshop "Physics at the Terascale"Hamburg DESYGermany15Bs->phimumu from LHCb
Simon StemmleHeidelberg-Uni2018-11-26Helmholtz Alliance Workshop "Physics at the Terascale"Hamburg DESYGermany15Measurement of J/PsiPhi at LHCb
Jascha Peter GrabowskiHeidelberg-Uni2018-11-26Helmholtz Alliance Workshop "Physics at the Terascale"Hamburg DESYGermany15Measurement of B+ -> J/Psi rho+ at LHCb
Eugeni GraugésBarcelona2018-11-20KEK seminarKEKJapanLHCb results
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2018-11-16Workshop on QCD and Diffraction at the LHCCracowPoland25+5Central Exclusive Production at LHCb: Measurements and Opportunities
Tara ShearsLiverpool2018-11-16Workshop on QCD and Diffraction at the LHCCracowPoland15Central exclusive production of J/ψ and ψ(2S) mesons in pp collisions at s√=13 TeV
Andrea MerliUniversità di Milano2018-11-15Hints for New Physics in Heavy FlavorsNagoyaJapanSELDOM: search for electric dipole moment of heavy baryons at LHC
Andrea MerliUniversità di Milano2018-11-15Hints for New Physics in Heavy FlavorsNagoyaJapanSearch for CP violation in beauty baryons at LHCb (Abstract)
Eugeni GraugésBarcelona2018-11-15Hints for New Physics in Heavy FlavorsNagoyaJapanLHCb Upgrade II
Stephen PlayferEdinburgh2018-11-15Hints for New Physics in Heavy FlavorsNagoyaJapanTests of lepton universality at LHCb
Liming ZhangTsinghua2018-11-13QNPTsukubaJapanExperimental overview of heavy flavour spectroscopy and exotic states (incl Belle and BES) (Abstract)
Elena Dall'OccoAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-11-10IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumSydneyAustraliaLHCb upgrade
Jan BuytaertGeneva-CERN2018-11-10IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumSydneyAustraliaThe VeloPix Asic for the upgrade of the LHCb vertex locator
Dawid GerstelMarseille-CPPM2018-11-05GDR Inf workshopArlesFranceTests of Lepton Flavor Universality using semitauonic decays at LHCb
Di YangTsinghua2018-11-03ATHIC (Asian Triangle Heavy Ion conference)HefeiChina13Open charm and beauty states production in proton-lead collisions with LHCb (Abstract)
Giovanni CavalleroGenova2018-10-30CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerlandRecent results on exotic hadrons at LHCb
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2018-10-24Town meeting: Relativistic Heavy Ion CollisionsCERNSwitzerland25+5LHCb plans for future runs with pA and AA collisions at the LHC
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2018-10-23APS/DNPHawaiiUSGluon saturation search using $\gamma$+hadron correlations in LHCb (Abstract)
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2018-10-23APS/DNPHawaiiUSSpectroscopy of baryons with hidden and open flavors at LHCb
Victor CocoGeneva-CERN2018-10-23Long Lived Particle mini-workshopAmsterdamNetherlandsProspects on LHC detector upgrades
Roel AaijAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-10-23Long Lived Particle mini-workshopAmsterdamNetherlandsSoftware-based trigger Turbo framework at LHCb
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2018-10-22ICPPAMoscowRussia30+5LHCb overview
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2018-10-22ICPPAMoscowRussia15+5Lepton flavour universality (LFU) tests in B decays at LHCb
Nikita KazeevMoscow-HSE2018-10-22ICPPAMoscowRussia15+5Machine learning at LHCb (Abstract)
Konrad KlimaszewskiWarsaw-NCBJ2018-10-22ICPPAMoscowRussia15+5Measurements of CPV at LHCb
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-10-22Workshop on high-energy implications of flavor anomaliesCERNSwitzerlandExperimental review of flavour anomalies
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2018-10-22Workshop on high-energy implications of flavor anomaliesCERNSwitzerlandProspects for measurements with flavor observables
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2018-10-22Belle 2 physics WorkshopKEKJapanLFU at LHCb
David HutchcroftLiverpool2018-10-21VERTEXChennaiIndia25+10Operational Experience on Current tracker
Deepanwita DuttaManchester2018-10-21VERTEXChennaiIndia25+10LHCb vertex locator upgrade
Mauro CitterioUniversità di Milano2018-10-21VERTEXChennaiIndia25+10Design and construction of the LHCb Upstream Tracker
Renata KopecnaHeidelberg-Uni2018-10-21VERTEXChennaiIndia25+10Tracking and vertexing in LHCb
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2018-10-17Forward Physics And Instrumentation From Colliders To Cosmic RaysNew YorkUSheavy flavor physics at LHCb
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2018-10-17Forward Physics And Instrumentation From Colliders To Cosmic RaysNew YorkUSCentral exclusive production and the new Herschel Forward Shower Counters for LHCb
Simon StemmleHeidelberg-Uni2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+5Time-dependent CPV
Susan HainesCambridge2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+5Gamma: B -> D0K* (GLW/ADS) and GGSZ
Maria Vieites DiazSantiago de Compostela2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+5Time-integrated CPV
Nathan JurikOxford2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+5Mixing & time-dependent CPV in Charm
Federico BettiBologna2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+5Time-integrated CPV in Charm
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland25+5Experimental overview on measurements with rare decays
Suzanne KlaverFrascati-LNF2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland25+5Experimental overview on measurements on B -> DlX (including R(D*) and friends)
Paolo GandiniUniversità di Milano2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5Ultraperipheral collisions & Central Exclusive Production
Shanzhen ChenCagliari2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5Recent results on heavy ions
James Vincent MeadLiverpool2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5Recent results on EW and top physics
Matthieu Philippe Luther MarinangeliLausanne-EPFL2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5Recent results on exotica searches
Marian StahlHeidelberg-Uni2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5Spectroscopy highlights from LHCb's run 1+2 and outlook for the upgrade
Yanxi ZhangGeneva-CERN2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5Heavy flavour production
Biplab DeyCentral China U.2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5Exotic hadrons at LHCb and outlook for Run 3 (incl. Bd/Bs -> J/psi p pbar
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+5New inclusive approach to double b hadrons at LHCb
Biplab DeyCentral China U.2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandCODEX-b simulation updates
Christoph LangenbruchAachen I2018-10-17Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandLHCb Overview
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2018-10-08IPA (Interplay between Particle and Astrophysics))CincinnatiUSCINCO:Dark photon and other portal searches
Nis MeinertRostock2018-10-08Discrete symmetries in particle, nuclear and atomic physics and implications for our UniverseTrentoItaly CP violation at LHCb
Marie Helene SchuneOrsay-LAL2018-10-01Meeting on B physicsMarseilleFrance45LHC: interplay with SuperKEKB
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2018-10-01Meeting on B physicsMarseilleFranceLepton-Flavour (Universality) Violating B decays in loops
Julien CoganMarseille-CPPM2018-10-01Meeting on B physicsMarseilleFranceB rare decays with final states including taus
Mika VesterinenCoventry-Warwick2018-10-01Meeting on B physicsMarseilleFranceLHCb Prospects for Vub and Vcb
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-10-01Meeting on B physicsMarseilleFrance Dark sector in LHCb
Adam Benjamin MorrisMarseille-CPPM2018-10-01Meeting on B physicsMarseilleFranceLepton-Flavour (Universality) Violating B decays in trees
Anton PoluektovCoventry-Warwick2018-10-01Meeting on B physicsMarseilleFrance LHCb prospects for UT angles
Niels TuningAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-10-01FSP meetingHeidelbergGermanyCP violation
Emilie MauriceOrsay-LAL2018-09-30Hard ProbesAix les BainsFranceResults on heavy ion and fixed target collisions at LHCb
Samuel BelinCagliari2018-09-30Hard ProbesAix les BainsFranceExclusive Charmonium production in PbPb and pp collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Frederic FleuretOrsay-LAL2018-09-30Hard ProbesAix les BainsFranceCharm production in fixed-target mode at LHCb (Abstract)
Yanxi ZhangGeneva-CERN2018-09-30Hard ProbesAix les BainsFranceProduction of open charm and beauty states in pPb collisions with LHCb (Abstract)
Giulia MancaCagliari2018-09-30Hard ProbesAix les BainsFranceQuarkonia production in pPb collisions with LHCb (Abstract)
Jonas RademackerBristol2018-09-25DESY theory workshopHamburgGermany30CINCO: New results on heavy flavor physics (Abstract)
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2018-09-24New Trends In High-Energy PhysicsBudvaMontenegro30Search for New Physics with LHCb (Abstract)
Sean BensonAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-09-24TauAmsterdamNetherlands15Experimental status of LNU in B decays in LHCb (Abstract)
Maarten van VeghelAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-09-24TauAmsterdamNetherlands15Meson LFV decays (X->e+mu)
Semen EidelmanNovosibirsk-BINP2018-09-24TauAmsterdamNetherlandsSummary talk
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2018-09-24Flavour and Dark MatterHeidelbergGermany30+5Dark sector searches at LHCb
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermanyExperimental review of anomalies in the B system
Carlos Sanchez MayordomoValencia-IFIC2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5Radiative decays at LHCb
Gabriela Johanna PomeryBristol2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany15+5b -> sll results from LHCb
Giulio DujanyParis-LPNHE2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany15+5LVF and other very rare decay searches at LHCb
Christopher BurrManchester2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5D decays at LHCb
Federico BettiBologna2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany25Measurement of direct CPV in charm decays at LHCb
Tommaso PajeroPisa-Pisa2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany25Mixing and indirect CPV in two-body charm decays at LHCb
Evelina GersabeckManchester2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany25Mixing and indirect CPV in multibody charm decays at LHCb
Carla GöbelRio-PUC2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany25CP violation in charmed baryons decay at LHCb
Svende BraunHeidelberg-Uni2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5Determination of |Vub/Vcb| at LHCb
Marcello RotondoFrascati-LNF2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany15+5Semileptonic Lb->Lc(*) decays at LHCb
Adam Benjamin MorrisMarseille-CPPM2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany15+5LFU tests with semitauonic decays at LHCb
Vitalii LisovskyiOrsay-LAL2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany15LFU tests with rare decays (RK, RK*) at LHCb
Varvara BatozskayaWarsaw-NCBJ2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5Measurements of phi_s and DeltaGamma_s at LHCb
Maria Vieites DiazSantiago de Compostela2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5CPV measurements in B2VV decays at LHCb
Manuel SchillerGlasgow2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany25+5Current experimental status of DeltaM and DeltaGamma
Simon AkarCincinnati2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5Measurements of sin2beta at LHCb
Davide FazziniMilano_B2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5Time dependent CPV in B2hh decays at LHCb
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany25+5Time dependent B->Dpi and Bs->DsK at LHCb
Alberto dos ReisRio-CBPF2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5Dalitz plot analysis of B->3h from LHCb
Vincent TisserandClermont-Ferrand2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5Results from B(s) -> D0 h+h- decays
Alberto dos ReisRio-CBPF2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5Dalitz plot analyses of B+ -> h+h+h-
Eli Ben-HaimParis-LPNHE2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5Dalitz plot analyses of B -> KS h+ h- decays
Gediminas SarpisManchester2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20+5CPV in b-baryons at LHCb
Adam DavisTsinghua2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermany20experimental prospects for measurements of Vud, Vus, Vcd,Vcs and semiltponic/leptonic D decays
Matthew CharlesParis-LPNHE2018-09-17CKMHeidelbergGermanyCINCO: B physics at hadron colliders
Lorenzo CapriottiBologna2018-09-17LHC DaysSplitCroatia20+5Tests of Lepton Flavor Universality
Stefania RicciardiDidcot-RAL2018-09-17LHC DaysSplitCroatia20+5Overview of LHCb results
Antimo PalanoBari2018-09-17LHC DaysSplitCroatia15+5LHCb results on multiquarks
Vladimir GligorovParis-LPNHE2018-09-17SKA conferenceLondonUKToo much of a good thing : how to drink new physics from a 40 Tb/s firehose (Abstract)
Albert Comerma-MontellsHeidelberg-Uni2018-09-17TWEPPAntwerpenBelgiumPACIFIC: The readout ASIC for the SciFi Tracker of the LHCb detector
Paolo DuranteGeneva-CERN2018-09-17TWEPPAntwerpenBelgiumAn automated pipeline for continuous integration of FPGA firmware and software for the LHCb Run3 upgrade
Davide BrunduCagliari2018-09-17TWEPPAntwerpenBelgium Irradiation test on the nSYNC ASIC using X-Ray and protons beam
Vlad-Mihai PlacintaBucharest-IFIN-HH2018-09-17TWEPPAntwerpenBelgiumInvestigation of Proton Induced Radiation Effects in 0.15 µm CMOS Antifuse FPGA
James Vincent MeadLiverpool2018-09-16Top Quark Physics (TOP)Bad NeuenahrGermanyResults on top physics in the forward region at LHCb
Preema PaisLausanne-EPFL2018-09-12LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb Status Report
Diego TonelliPisa-Pisa2018-09-11Physics in CollisionBogotaColombia30CINCO: Charm CP Violation and rare decays (review of all relevant experiments)
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2018-09-11Physics in CollisionBogotaColombia30CINCO: Hadronic B decays (review of all relevant experiments)
Hans Peter DembinskiHeidelberg-MPI2018-09-10ROOT User WorkshopSarajevoBosnia and HerzegovinaExperience of LHCb data analysts with ROOT
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2018-09-10Higgs DaysSantanderSpainHiggs physics at LHCb (including exotic Higgs decays)
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2018-09-09LISHEPSalvadorBrazil30LHCb status and highlights
Fernando Ferreira RodriguesRio-UFRJ2018-09-09LISHEPSalvadorBrazil20Time-dependent and time-integrated CP violation in beauty at LHCb
Antonio Augusto Alves JrSantiago de Compostela2018-09-09LISHEPSalvadorBrazil20Heavy flavour spectroscopy and exotic states at LHCb
Beatriz Garcia PlanaSantiago de Compostela2018-09-09LISHEPSalvadorBrazil20Tests of Lepton-flavour universality and related anomalies at LHCb
Joao A. B. CoelhoOrsay-LAL2018-09-09LISHEPSalvadorBrazil20Searches for very rare decays at LHCb
Michael SokoloffCincinnati2018-09-09LISHEPSalvadorBrazil20Mixing and CP violation in charm at LHCb
Luciano PappalardoFerrara2018-09-02EuNPCBolognaItalyLHCb Heavy-ion results in collider and fixed-target mode (Abstract)
Roger FortyGeneva-CERN2018-08-31Corfu Summer InstituteCorfuGreece55Rare decays and searches of NP
Neville HarnewOxford2018-08-31Corfu Summer InstituteCorfuGreeceCKM Matrix and CP violation
Nicola SkidmoreHeidelberg-Uni2018-08-27QCD@LHCDresdenGermany35+10Heavy flavour production and decay with LHCb (Abstract)
Christoph LangenbruchAachen I2018-08-27QCD@LHCDresdenGermanyFlavour Anomalies in Rare Decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2018-08-27TeVPABerlinGermany12+3 Cosmic ray related measurements from LHCb (Abstract)
Albert BurscheCagliari2018-08-26Diffraction and lowxReggio CalabriaItalyExclusive J/psi production in PbPb collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2018-08-26Diffraction and lowxReggio CalabriaItalyTwo particle correlations at LHCb (Abstract)
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2018-08-26Diffraction and lowxReggio CalabriaItalyCentral exclusive production at LHCb (Abstract)
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2018-08-21CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland45Fixed-target and heavy-ion collision results from LHCb (Abstract)
Annarita BuonauraZurich-UZH2018-08-20PPCZurichSwitzerland25Tests of Lepton Flavor Universality (Abstract)
Francesca DordeiGeneva-CERN2018-08-12NuFACTBlacksburg (Virginia Tec)USreview of the status and future plans of lepton universality tests and the searches for new physics
Vitaly VorobyevNovosibirsk-BINP2018-08-06Hadron Structure and QCDGatchinaRussia25+5Latest results from LHCb
Viacheslav MatiuninMoscow-ITEP2018-08-06Hadron Structure and QCDGatchinaRussia25+5B baryon decays at LHCb
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2018-08-06Hadron Structure and QCDGatchinaRussia25+5Exotics hadron states at LHCb
Alexey DzyubaGatchina-PNPI2018-08-06Hadron Structure and QCDGatchinaRussia25+5Charm Physics at LHCb
Lars EklundGlasgow2018-08-05Rencontres du VietnamQuy NhonVietnam25+5Rare decays and tests of LFU (experimental review)
Jörg MarksHeidelberg-Uni2018-08-05Rencontres du VietnamQuy NhonVietnam25+5CP violation in heavy-flavour hadrons (experimental review)
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2018-08-05Rencontres du VietnamQuy NhonVietnamHighlights from LHCb
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2018-08-01ConfinementMaynoothIreland30QCD results at LHC
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2018-08-01ConfinementMaynoothIreland15+5Quarkonium and doubled charmed baryon production at LHCb
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2018-08-01ConfinementMaynoothIreland30 B decays anomalies at LHCb
Abolhassan JawaheryCollege Park-Maryland2018-07-30 Flavor physics at a meeting of the US ATLAS groupPittsburghUSResults from LHCb
Silvia GambettaEdinburgh2018-07-29RICHMoscowRussia20+5The LHCb RICH detectors: operations and performance
Massimiliano FioriniFerrara2018-07-29RICHMoscowRussia30+5The Upgrade of LHCb RICH Detectors
Sajan EasoDidcot-RAL2018-07-29RICHMoscowRussiaProspects for future upgrade of the LHCb RICH system
Konstantin Nikolaev GizdovEdinburgh2018-07-29RICHMoscowRussiaStrategy and Automation of the Quality Assurance Testing of MaPMTs for the LHCb RICH Upgrade
Pei-Rong LiUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-07-26Workshop on Hadron physics in China and Opportunities WorldwideWeihaiChinaLatest results from LHCb on hadron spectroscopy
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2018-07-23SUSYBarcelonaSpain25+5CINCO: Exotic searches - prompt signatures
Stefanie ReichertDortmund-TU2018-07-23SUSYBarcelonaSpain25+5CINCO: Quark flavor physics (LHC,BABAR, BELLE)
Miguel Ramos PernasSantiago de Compostela2018-07-23SUSYBarcelonaSpain20Flavour Anomalies in Rare Decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Michael AlexanderGlasgow2018-07-23SUSYBarcelonaSpain20Charm Mixing and CPV at LHCb (Abstract)
Julián García PardiñasZurich-UZH2018-07-23SUSYBarcelonaSpain20CP violation in B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Liming ZhangTsinghua2018-07-16PWA/ATHOSBeijingChina30+5Latest results from LHCb on heavy flavour hadron spectroscopy (Abstract)
Mark SmithLondon-Imperial2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia25Tree level semileptonic decays & LFU tests at LHC (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczGeneva-CERN2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia25CINCO: Rare decays in the beauty, charm and strange sector (excluding Bs,d ->mu mu) (Abstract)
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia25CINCO: Anomalies in b-> sll FCNC transitions at LHC
Louis HenryValencia-IFIC2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia25Dalitz analysis of three body charmless decays and search for CPV in b-baryon decays (Abstract)
Sean BensonAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia25Time dependent CPV in the beauty sector (incl. BABAR and BELLE) (Abstract)
Malcolm JohnOxford2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia25Measurement of gamma from tree level decays (incl. e+e- results) (Abstract)
Marco GersabeckManchester2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia25Mixing and CPV in charm with results from other experiments (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia25LHCb upgrade status and outlook
Timon SchmelzerDortmund-TU2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia12+3Measurement of CPV in Bs->phiphi decays (Abstract)
Emilie BertholetParis-LPNHE2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia12+3Measurement of CPV in charmless two-body B-hadron decays to charged hadrons (Abstract)
Konstantin Nikolaev GizdovEdinburgh2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia12+3Measurement of CPV in Bs->J/psi phi decays (Abstract)
Joan Arnau RomeuMarseille-CPPM2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndia12+3Search for lepton-flavour violating B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2018-07-14FPCPHyderabadIndiaRadiative B decays at LHCb
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2018-07-11MIAPPGermanyGarching B+ -> pi+ pi+ pi- amplitude analysis
Jonas RademackerBristol2018-07-11MIAPPGermanyGarchingLHCb overview on FSI of many-body decays
Jonas RademackerBristol2018-07-11MIAPPGermanyGarching30-40CPV in charm
Hang YinCentral China U.2018-07-10CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland45Latest results on charmed baryons from the LHCb experiment
Marco ClemencicGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaA Git-based Conditions Database backend for LHCb (Abstract)
Rosen MatevGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaA 30MHz software trigger for the LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Joel ClosierGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaSimultaneous usage of the LHCb HLT farm for Online and Offline processing workflows (Abstract)
Luis Alberto Granado CardosoGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaLHCb MiniDAQ Control System (Abstract)
Placido Fernandez DeclaraGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaFast Kalman Filtering: new approaches for the LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Joao Vitor Viana BarbosaGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaFront-End Electronics Control and Monitoring for the LHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Christopher BurrManchester2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaLHCb full-detector real-time alignment and calibration: latest developments and perspectives (Abstract)
Benjamin CouturierGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaPerspectives for the migration of the LHCb geometry to the DD4hep toolkit (Abstract)
Stefan RoiserGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaTowards a computing model for the LHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Viktoriia ChekalinaYandex School of Data Analysis2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaGenerative Models for Fast Calorimeter Simulation: LHCb Case. (Abstract)
Benedetto Gianluca SiddiFerrara2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaA fully parametric option in the LHCb simulation framework (Abstract)
Dmitry PopovBirmingham2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaTesting and verification of the LHCb Simulation (Abstract)
Dominik MüllerGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaAdopting new technologies in the LHCb Gauss simulation framework (Abstract)
Mikhail HushchynYandex School of Data Analysis2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaMachine Learning based global particle identification algorithms at the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Viktoriia ChekalinaYandex School of Data Analysis2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaBoosting Neutral Particles Identification by Boosting Trees: LHCb case (Abstract)
Robert CurrieEdinburgh2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaMonitoring LHCb Trigger developments using nightly integration tests and a new interactive web UI (Abstract)
Maciej Pawel SzymanskiUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaImprovements to the LHCb software performance testing infrastructure using message queues and big data technologies
Christoph HasseGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaNew approaches for track reconstruction in LHCb's Vertex Locator
Federico StagniGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaLHCb and DIRAC strategy towards the LHCb upgrade
Andrew McNabManchester2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaMinimising wasted CPU time with interruptible LHCb Monte Carlo
Wojciech KrzemienWarsaw-NCBJ2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaAddressing scalability with message queues: architecture and use cases for DIRAC interware
Stefan-Gabriel ChiticGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaLHCb continuous integration and deployment system: a message based approach
Bartlomiej RachwalCracow-AGH2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaA modular software framework for test-beam data analyis
Sebastien PonceGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaThe core software framework for the LHCb Upgrade
Laura PrombergerGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaPorting the LHCb Stack from x86 (Intel) to aarch64 (ARM)
Andrew McNabManchester2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaThe LHCb DIRAC containers
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaFitting fix target and ion collisions in the LHCb Gauss simulation
Matteo RamaPisa-Pisa2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaFast calorimeters options in the LHCb Gauss simulation framework
Hristo MohamedGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaPerformance tunning of Puppet Masters or how can I squeeze the last drop without causing an outage?
Hristo MohamedGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaKairosDB and Chronix as longterm storage for Prometheus - For those who don't want to deal with Hbase.
Hristo MohamedGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaDeploying a
Philippe CharpentierGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaLHC computing – present and future¶
Benjamin CouturierGeneva-CERN2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaPython distribution in HEP (PyHEP WS)
Christopher BurrManchester2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgaria Software training for the next generation of Physicists: joint experience of LHCb and ALICE
Christopher BurrManchester2018-07-09CHEPSofiaBulgariaSoftware packaging and distribution for LHCb using Nix
Yuanning GaoTsinghua2018-07-09International Conference on Few-Body problemsCaenFrancePentaquark system at LHCb
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2018-07-05ICNFPCreteGreeceHighlights from LHCb
Mark WhiteheadAachen I2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15A palette of fast simulations in LHCb (568) (Abstract)
Benjamin AudurierCagliari2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Simulating fix-target and heavy-ion collisions in LHCb (567) (Abstract)
Michele Piero BlagoGeneva-CERN2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea12The LHCb RICH Upgrade (566) (Abstract)
Stefano De CapuaManchester2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea12The LHCb Velo Upgrade (#565) (Abstract)
Anton PoluektovCoventry-Warwick2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Particle identification at LHCb: new calibration techniques and machine learning classification algorithms (564) (Abstract)
Janine MüllerDortmund-TU2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea12SciFi - A large Scintillating Fibre Tracker for LHCb (#560) (Abstract)
Marco Poli LenerFrascati-LNF2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea12The micro-Resistive-WELL detector for the phase 2 upgrade of the LHCb muon detector (#559) (Abstract)
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea12LHCb Upgrade Detector (558) (Abstract)
Alex PearceGeneva-CERN2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Turbo: the flexible reduced data format for real-time analysis at the LHCb experiment (557) (Abstract)
Mark WhiteheadAachen I2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth CoreaThe LHCb Run 2 trigger and upgrade reconstruction (556) (Abstract)
Luca PescatoreLausanne-EPFL2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Status of outreach activities at LHCb (#555) (Abstract)
Simon AkarCincinnati2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea20ECGD: Supporting early-career physicists, gender equality, and diversity at LHCb (#554) (Abstract)
Christopher ParkesManchester2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea12Flavour Physics at the High Luminosity LHC: LHCb Upgrade II (553) (Abstract)
Fedor RatnikovYandex School of Data Analysis2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Fast calorimeter simulation in LHCb (572) (Abstract)
Laurent DufourAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth CoreaposterThe LHCb tracks reconstruction in Run 2: strategy and performance (#561) (Abstract)
Benjamin AudurierCagliari2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Production of open charm and beauty states in pPb collisions with LHCb (578) (Abstract)
Shanzhen ChenCagliari2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Quarkonia production in pPb collisions with LHCb (579) (Abstract)
Jihyun BhomCracow-HNI2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15+3pA collisions in fixed-target mode at LHCb (580) (Abstract)
Jihyun BhomCracow-HNI2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Photon production and correlations in pp and pPb collisions with LHCb (581) (Abstract)
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Searches for Long Lived Particles at LHCb (582) (582) (Abstract)
Lorenzo CapriottiBologna2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Flavour Anomalies in Rare Decays at LHCb (584) (Abstract)
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Top physics at LHCb (585) (Abstract)
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15EW physics at LHCb (#586) (Abstract)
Christopher ParkesManchester2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Soft QCD at LHCb (587) (Abstract)
Paolo GandiniUniversità di Milano2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea Central Exclusive Production at LHCb (588) (Abstract)
Daniel Patrick O'HanlonBologna2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Studies of open charm production and properties at LHCb 590 (Abstract)
Andrii UsachovOrsay-LAL2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Studies of meson-like exotic states at LHCb (591) (Abstract)
Paolo GandiniUniversità di Milano2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Searches for exotic baryonic states at LHCb 592 (Abstract)
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15 Heavy quark(onia) spectroscopy at LHCb (593) (Abstract)
Jibo HeUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Studies of Bc mesons at LHCb (594) (Abstract)
Jibo HeUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Recent LHCb Results in Charm Spectroscopy (595) (Abstract)
Stefano PerazziniGeneva-CERN2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15CP violation in b-hadron decays to charmless charged two-body final states at LHCb (#597) (Abstract)
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15CP violation and polarisation amplitudes in B->VV decays at LHCb (#598) (Abstract)
Daniel Patrick O'HanlonBologna2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Dalitz plot analyses of B+ ->h+h+h- decays at LHCb (#599) (Abstract)
Jinlin FuUniversità di Milano2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15CP violation in b-baryon decays to multibody final states at LHCb (#601) (Abstract)
Francesca DordeiGeneva-CERN2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15CP violation in B decays to charmonia at LHCb (602) (Abstract)
Jascha Peter GrabowskiHeidelberg-Uni2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Direct CP violation in B decays at LHCb (603) (Abstract)
Veronika ChobanovaSantiago de Compostela2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15B meson mixing parameters and branching fractions at LHCb (605) (Abstract)
Simon AkarCincinnati2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Recent improvements and prospects with flavour tagging at LHCb (#606) (Abstract)
Mark WhiteheadAachen I2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Measurements of the CKM angle gamma at LHCb (#607) (Abstract)
Alex BirnkrautDortmund-TU2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Time-dependent CP violation measurements in B->DX decays at LHCb (#608) (Abstract)
Wenbin QianUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Time-integrated CP violation measurements in B->DD and B->DKK decays at LHCb (#609) (Abstract)
Maurizio MartinelliGeneva-CERN2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Mixing and indirect CPV in Charm decays at LHCb (610) (Abstract)
Maxime SchubigerLausanne-EPFL2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Direct CPV in charm decays at LHCb (#611) (Abstract)
Pietro MarinoLausanne-EPFL2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Rare Charm decays at LHCb (#612) (Abstract)
Ricardo Vazquez GomezGeneva-CERN2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Studies of the CKM matrix with semileptonic decays (614) (Abstract)
Olivier LeroyMarseille-CPPM2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Tests of lepton universality with semitauonic b-quark decays (#615) (Abstract)
Fedor RatnikovYandex School of Data Analysis2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Radiative B decays at LHCb (#616) (Abstract)
Biplab DeyCentral China U.2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Lepton Flavour Universality tests at LHCb (#617) (Abstract)
Luca PescatoreLausanne-EPFL2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Searches for Lepton Flavour Violating decays at LHCb (#618) (Abstract)
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15Electroweak Penguin Decays at LHCb (#619) (Abstract)
Carla Marin BenitoOrsay-LAL2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea15PID strategy and performance at LHCb in Run 2 (563)
Niels TuningAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-07-04ICHEPSeoulSouth Corea30Rare decays of B, D, and K mesons, experimental
Wojciech KrupaCracow-AGH2018-07-02QCDMontpellierFranceabout 20Measurements of CPV in b and c decays at LHC
Michele AtzeniZurich-UZH2018-07-02QCDMontpellierFranceabout 20Lepton flavour universality (LFU) tests in B decays at LHCb
Alex PearceGeneva-CERN2018-06-26workshop on singly and doubly charmed baryonsParisFrance20+10CP violation with charmed baryons at LHCb
Jibo HeUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-06-26workshop on singly and doubly charmed baryonsParisFrance15+10Prospect of LHCb for singly and doubly charmed Baryons
Murdo TraillGlasgow2018-06-26workshop on singly and doubly charmed baryonsParisFranceExperimental review of double charm baryons
Stefania VecchiFerrara2018-06-25QCD@workMateraItaly30Overview of recent LHCb results
Antimo PalanoBari2018-06-25QCD@workMateraItaly25+5Heavy flavour spectroscopy and hadron properties (Abstract)
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2018-06-25Dark MatterSantanderSpainSearches for dark-sector particles at LHCb (#22) (Abstract)
Federico BettiBologna2018-06-20ESHEPMarateaItaly R(D*) with hadronic tau decays at LHCb
Siim TolkGeneva-CERN2018-06-18PACTSTallinnEstoniaLHCb flavour anomalies (Abstract)
Andreas SchopperGeneva-CERN2018-06-18Colloquium GoettingenGoettingenGermanyLHCb results
Christoph LangenbruchAachen I2018-06-18HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland30LHCb physics : RD + LFV/LU
Francesca DordeiGeneva-CERN2018-06-18HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland30(CINCO) LHCb, ATLAS and CMS complementarity
Marianna FontanaCagliari2018-06-18HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland20LHCb physics : Charm and Kaons
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2018-06-18HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland20LHCb physics : Spectroscopy
Mark WhiteheadAachen I2018-06-18HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland20LHCb physics : CPV
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-06-18HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland20(CINCO) Long lived particle searches
William BarterManchester2018-06-18HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland20(CINCO) Weinberg angle measurements
Vladimir GligorovParis-LPNHE2018-06-18HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerlandWG4 (flavour) summary
Lavinia-Helena GiubegaBucharest-IFIN-HH2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalSoft QCD and Central Exclusive Production at LHCb (Abstract)
Jonas RademackerBristol2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalMeasurements of the CKM angle gamma at LHCb (Abstract)
Agnieszka Oblakowska-MuchaCracow-AGH2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalCP-violation measurements in B->DX decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Luciano PappalardoFerrara2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalProduction of open charm and beauty states in pPb collisions with LHCb (Abstract)
Andreas WeidenZurich-UZH2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalpA collisions in fixed-target mode at LHCb (Abstract)
Andrea MauriZurich-UZH2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalFlavour Anomalies in Rare Decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Emmy GabrielEdinburgh2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalCP violation in two- and quasi-two-body charmless B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Jinlin FuUniversità di Milano2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalMultibody charmless b-hadron decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Lorenzo CapriottiBologna2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalSpectroscopy of Heavy Hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Fabio FerrariBologna2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalHeavy Flavour Production at LHCb (Abstract)
Mark SmithLondon-Imperial2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalTests of lepton universality with semitauonic b-quark decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalProduction of b-hadrons and CKM matrix elements using semileptonic decays (Abstract)
Malgorzata PikiesCracow-HNI2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalLepton flavour violation and rare decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Jolanta BrodzickaCracow-HNI2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalRare Charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Giulia TuciPisa-Pisa2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalCharm Mixing and CPV at LHCb (Abstract)
Giovanni CavalleroGenova2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalCP violation in B decays to charmonia at LHCb (Abstract)
Elena GraveriniZurich-UZH2018-06-17BEACHPenichePortugalCINCO: Flavour anomalies (review) (Abstract)
Dorothea Vom BruchParis-LPNHE2018-06-15Real timeWilliamsburgUSA true real-time success story: the case of collecting beauty-ful data at the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Federico AlessioGeneva-CERN2018-06-15Real timeWilliamsburgUSOnline track reconstruction on GPUs for the Mu3e and LHCb experiments (Abstract)
Dorothea Vom BruchParis-LPNHE2018-06-15Real timeWilliamsburgUSLHCb full-detector real-time alignment and calibration: latest developments and perspectives (Abstract)
Matthieu KeckeHeidelberg-Uni2018-06-11Symposium on Symmetries in Subatomic PhysicsAachenGermanyCP violation at LHCb
Conor FitzpatrickLausanne-EPFL2018-06-08Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Heavy Flavour PhysicsAnacapriItalyLHCb flavour physics overview
Nicola SkidmoreHeidelberg-Uni2018-06-07MesonKrakowPoland25+5Pentaquarks+exotic baryonic states
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2018-06-07MesonKrakowPoland25+5Exclusive production at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2018-06-07MesonKrakowPoland25+5 XYZ states
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2018-06-06Machine Learning in Science and EngineeringPittsburghUS15+5Advanced machine-learning solutions in LHCb operations and data analysis. (Abstract)
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2018-06-06Workshop on charmless B-hadron decaysParisFranceAmplitude analysis of Bs -> KS K± pi∓ decays
Eduardo RodriguesCincinnati2018-06-06Workshop on charmless B-hadron decaysParisFranceCharmless baryonic weak decay processes
Daniel Patrick O'HanlonBologna2018-06-06Workshop on charmless B-hadron decaysParisFranceExtending Laura++ to decay-time dependent flavour-tagged analyses
Melissa Maria Cruz TorresRio-CBPF2018-06-06Workshop on charmless B-hadron decaysParisFranceAmplitude Analysis of the decay B+ -> pi+ K- K+
Jussara De MirandaRio-CBPF2018-06-06Workshop on charmless B-hadron decaysParisFranceB+ -> K+K-K+ Amplitude Analysis
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly20+5Highlights and perspectives from the LHCb experiment
Yanxi ZhangOrsay-LAL2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyCINCO: open and hidden HF production and fixed target physics
Laurent DufourAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyCINCO: CP violation and semileptonic decays in beauty and charm
Flavio ArchilliAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyCINCO: Very rare decays in beauty, charm and strange
Thibaud HumairLondon-Imperial2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyCINCO (mainly LHCb): Lepton Flavour universality tests and Lepton flavour violation searches
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyCINCO: searches for long-lived particles
Frederic MachefertOrsay-LAL2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2LHCb results relevant for SUSY
Susan HainesCambridge2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2CKM angle gamma measurement at LHCb
Ekaterina GovorkovaAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2LHCb measurements on CPV in B decays (B->3h, phi_s, charmless B decays)
Georgios ChatzikonstantinidisBirmingham2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Anomalies at LHCb (Abstract)
Alex PearceGeneva-CERN2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2CPV and related measurements in baryons
Marianna FontanaCagliari2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Charm @ LHCb
Roberta CardinaleGenova2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2LHCb spectroscopy results
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Substructure and tagging in LHCb
Melody Ravonel SalzgeberGeneva-CERN2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+3Forward physics at LHCb
Oscar Boente GarciaSantiago de Compostela2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly17+1New results on soft particle production in heavy-ion collisions with LHCb
Frederic FleuretOrsay-LAL2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly19+1New results on hard probes in heavy-ion collisions with LHCb
Alex PearceGeneva-CERN2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Real-time physics, alignment and reconstruction in the LHCb trigger
Davide FazziniMilano_B2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Flavour-tagging in the LHCb experiment
Donatella LucchesiPadova-Padova2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Top pair production cross sections at LHCb
Marco PetruzzoUniversità di Milano2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Fast timing detector developments for a LHCb Upgrade-II
Fernando Martinez VidalValencia-IFIC2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Fixed-target opportunities at LHCb
Andrea MoginiParis-LPNHE2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Testing lepton flavour universality with LHCb (Abstract)
Federico RediLausanne-EPFL2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Searches for Dark Photons with LHCb
Elena Dall'OccoAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Searches for long-lived particles with LHCb
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Latest results on single electroweak boson production from LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Agnieszka DziurdaCracow-HNI2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItaly15+2Physics driven hackathons
Victor CocoGeneva-CERN2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyStatus of the LHCb Upgrade-I and prospects for Upgrade II
Matthew James TilleyLondon-Imperial2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyLHCb particle identification strategy and performance in Run 2 (Abstract)
Boris QuintanaClermont-Ferrand2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyParticle identification of neutral particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Agnieszka DziurdaCracow-HNI2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyLHCb full-detector real-time alignment and calibration: latest developments and perspectives (Abstract)
Maarten van VeghelAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyMeasurement of track reconstruction efficiency at LHCb (Abstract)
Adam DendekCracow-AGH2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyA tracking algorithm for the reconstruction of the daughters of long-lived particles in LHCb (Abstract)
Davide FazziniMilano_B2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyTime-dependent CP violation in B0_(s) -> hh (Abstract)
Sophie BakerLondon-Imperial2018-06-04LHCPBolognaItalyAnti-deuteron sensitivity studies at LHCb (Abstract)
Adam DavisTsinghua2018-06-04PASCOSClevelandUSALHCb as a charm factory
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2018-06-03Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance25CINCO: Rare decays and tests of lepton flavour universality in (b-)quark flavour physics
Guy WilkinsonOxford2018-06-03Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance25CINCO: CP violation
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2018-06-03Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15Mixing and CP violation in beauty and charm at LHCb
Titus MombächerDortmund-TU2018-06-03Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15Rare decays, radiative decays and b->sll transitions at LHCb (including charm and strange)
Anna LupatoPadova-Padova2018-06-03Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15Lepton Flavour Universality tests with B decays at LHCb
Mengzhen WangTsinghua2018-06-03Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15Hadron spectroscopy, exotic states and heavy flavour production at LHCb
Benjamin AudurierCagliari2018-06-03Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15Hard probes with pPb and PbPb collisions and fixed target results at LHCb
Alex PearceGeneva-CERN2018-05-30LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb status report
Ulrik EgedeLondon-Imperial2018-05-28Origin of massOdenseDenmarkOverview over highlights in B physics and tau physics within the Standard Model and beyond at current LHCb and prospects for the future
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2018-05-28Exotic Hadrons and Flavor PhysicsStony BrookUS30LHCb results on RD(*)
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2018-05-28Exotic Hadrons and Flavor PhysicsStony BrookUSRK(*) from LHCb
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2018-05-28Exotic Hadrons and Flavor PhysicsStony BrookUSstatus and outlook for the CKM-mixing angles V_xb and their potential repercussions for new physics
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2018-05-28Exotic Hadrons and Flavor PhysicsStony BrookUSSummary talk
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2018-05-28Exotic Hadrons and Flavor PhysicsStony BrookUSExotic Hadrons at LHCb
Marco PappagalloEdinburgh2018-05-28Exotic Hadrons and Flavor PhysicsStony BrookUSHeavy baryons and multiple-flavored exotics at LHCb
Gerco OnderwaterVan Swinderen Institute2018-05-28CIPANPHyatt Regency Indian Wells, in the Palm Springs CAUSA30+5Lepton Universality Violation (Abstract)
Gerco OnderwaterVan Swinderen Institute2018-05-28CIPANPHyatt Regency Indian Wells, in the Palm Springs CAUSA30Rare Decays Probing Physics Beyond the Standard Model (Abstract)
Nikita BeliyUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-05-27QuarksValdayRussia30Recent results from LHCb
Gianfranco MorelloFrascati-LNF2018-05-27Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsLa Biodola-Isola d'ElbaItalyThe micro-resistive-WELL detector for the phase 2 upgrade of the LHCb muon detector (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2018-05-27Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsLa Biodola-Isola d'ElbaItalyReconstruction at 30 MHz for the LHCb upgrade. (Abstract)
Mikhail HushchynYandex School of Data Analysis2018-05-27Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsLa Biodola-Isola d'ElbaItalyPID techniques and performance at LHCb in Run 2 (Abstract)
Vinicius Franco LimaLiverpool2018-05-27Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsLa Biodola-Isola d'ElbaItaly15The LHCb VELO Upgrade (Abstract)
Carlos Abellán BetetaZurich-UZH2018-05-27Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsLa Biodola-Isola d'ElbaItalyRadiation Damage of LHCb's Silicon Detector Systems
Vinicius Franco LimaLiverpool2018-05-27Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsLa Biodola-Isola d'ElbaItalyR&D on CO2 cooling using a silicon Microchannel substrate for the LHCb VELO
Davide BrunduCagliari2018-05-27Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsLa Biodola-Isola d'ElbaItalyA new readout electronics for the LHCb Muon Detector Upgrade
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2018-05-27HQLYamagataJapan20Charmless b decays (Abstract)
Preema PaisLausanne-EPFL2018-05-27HQLYamagataJapan20Rare b and c decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Preema PaisLausanne-EPFL2018-05-27HQLYamagataJapan20+5LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2018-05-27HQLYamagataJapan25+5 Measurement of the CKM angle gamma, Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Veronika ChobanovaSantiago de Compostela2018-05-27HQLYamagataJapan20CP violation in beauty decays (Abstract)
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2018-05-27HQLYamagataJapan20kaons@LHCb (Abstract)
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2018-05-27HQLYamagataJapan20recent results on Lepton Flavor Violation and on Dark sector searches (Abstract)
Lucia GrilloManchester2018-05-27HQLYamagataJapan20Latest results on semileptonic B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Melody Ravonel SalzgeberGeneva-CERN2018-05-24Elba workshop on forward physics at LHCLa BiodolaItalyCentral Exclusive Production at LHCb
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2018-05-24Women in HEPBernSwitzerlandPrecision Silicon Pixel Detectors for Beauty and Beyond”
Olivier LeroyMarseille-CPPM2018-05-23FCPPLMarseilleFrance30New Physics searches using Lepton Flavour Universality tests in LHCb
Liming ZhangTsinghua2018-05-23FCPPLMarseilleFrance30 Heavy flavour spectroscopy and exotic states at LHCb
Bartosz MaleckiCracow-HNI2018-05-22Workshop on Particle Correlations and FemtoscopyKrakowPolandTwo-particle correlations at LHCb (Abstract)
Tadeusz LesiakCracow-HNI2018-05-22Workshop on Particle Correlations and FemtoscopyKrakowPolandXYZ states at LHCb (Abstract)
Dmytro MelnychukWarsaw-NCBJ2018-05-22Workshop on Particle Correlations and FemtoscopyKrakowPolandBaryonic and mesonic resonances at LHCb
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2018-05-22Workshop on Particle Correlations and FemtoscopyKrakowPolandLHCb upgrade
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2018-05-21Frontier Objects in Astrophysics and Particle PhysicsVulcano Island, SicilyItalyOverview of recent LHCb results
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2018-05-21Frontier Objects in Astrophysics and Particle PhysicsVulcano Island, SicilyItalySearch for dark matter @ LHC
Anton PoluektovCoventry-Warwick2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5Charm and exotic hadrons from LHCb
Alexey DzyubaGatchina-PNPI2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5LHCb upgrade and Prospects for Charm Physics
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia20XYZ at the upgraded LHCb (Abstract)
Angelo CarboneBologna2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5Mixing and indirect CPV charm measurements at LHCb
Maxime SchubigerLausanne-EPFL2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5Searches for direct CPV in charm at LHCb
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5Conventional charm-hadron spectroscopy and properties
Daniel VieiraUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5Measurements with doubly-charmed hadrons (Abstract)
Timothy EvansCincinnati2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5CINCO: Review of recent results on amplitude analyses
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5CINCO: Experimental review of quarkonium production in pA and dA collisions, covering all LHC and RHIC experiments
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5CINCO: Open charm production at LHC
Xiao-Rui LyuUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5CINCO: Charmonia production at LHC (prompt and from B-decays) (Abstract)
Dominik Stefan MitzelHeidelberg-Uni2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5Rare charm decays at LHCb
Alberto LusianiPisa-Pisa2018-05-21CharmNovosibirskRussia25+5Charm semileptonic decays at LHCb
Hans Peter DembinskiHeidelberg-MPI2018-05-21International Symposium on very high energy cosmic interactionsNagoyaJapanLHCb: Recent results and future prospects for studies of cosmic ray interactions (Abstract)
Elena Dall'OccoAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-05-16Long Lived Particle mini-workshopCERNSwitzerlandLLP search at LHCb
Valery PugatchKyiv-KINR2018-05-15International Conference "CERN-Ukraine co-operation: current state and prospects"KharkivUkrainePhysics and Techniques of the Fixed Metal Microstrip Target for the LHCb Experiment
Biplab DeyCentral China U.2018-05-14LHC reinterpretation workshopCERNSwitzerland20+10Search for new physics at LHCb
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2018-05-13Quark MatterVeneziaItalySearch for gluon saturation at small Bjorken-x with the LHCb detector (Abstract)
Thomas BoettcherCambridge-MIT2018-05-13Quark MatterVeneziaItaly Prompt photon production in p-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=5$TeV (Abstract)
Bartosz MaleckiCracow-HNI2018-05-13Quark MatterVeneziaItalySoft particle production and correlations in pp and pPb collisions with LHCb (Abstract)
Albert BurscheCagliari2018-05-13Quark MatterVeneziaItalyCharmonium production in ultra-peripheral heavy-ion collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Shanzhen ChenCagliari2018-05-13Quark MatterVeneziaItalyHeavy Flavour production measurements in proton-lead and fixed target collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Jiayin SunTsinghua2018-05-13Quark MatterVeneziaItalyProduction of open charm and beauty states in pPb collisions with LHCb (Abstract)
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2018-05-13Quark MatterVeneziaItaly17+3Recent results from heavy ion and fixed target collisions at LHCb
Irina NastevaRio-UFRJ2018-05-09PHENOEXPBuenos AiresArgentinaflavour physics (review)
Greig CowanEdinburgh2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Phi_s (and other CPV with charmonia)
Matthew KenzieCambridge2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)CKM gamma analyses and status
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)b -> open charm [not directly related to gamma]
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Charmless b decays: time-dependent CPV and two-body decays
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Charmless b decays : multibody, Dalitz analyses and triple products
Eluned SmithAachen I2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl) b->sll: angular analyses and studies with muons
Albert Puig NavarroZurich-UZH2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)b->sll: RK,RK* and studies with electrons
Matteo RamaPisa-Pisa2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Bs-> µµ and other rare decays
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)R(D*) and friends
Matthew Scott RudolphSyracuse2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Other studies with semileptonic decays
Angelo Di CantoGeneva-CERN2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Rare charm and strange decays
Mark Richard James WilliamsManchester2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Charm CPV and mixing
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Spectroscopy : conventional states
Giovanni CavalleroGenova2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Spectroscopy : exotic states
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl) Phase-I Upgrade
Nicola NeriUniversità di Milano2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Phase-II Upgrade
Fabio FerrariBologna2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)Heavy-flavour production
Mirco DorigoGeneva-CERN2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly20(incl)b-properties, lifetime measurements, B_c decay modes, fragmentation fractions
Giulia TuciPisa-Pisa2018-05-07BeautyLa BiodolaItaly Measurement of the time-integrated CP asymmetry in D0 -> KS0 KS0 decays with LHCb (Abstract)
Abolhassan JawaheryCollege Park-Maryland2018-05-07Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSAResults from LHCb
Fabio FerrariBologna2018-04-24CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland60Updated determination of D0−D¯¯¯¯0 mixing and CP violation parameters with D0→K+π− decays
Mika Vesterinen2018-04-24DESY seminarHamburg/BerlinGermanyLepton universality tests with tree level beauty decays at LHCb
Miriam Lucio MartinezSantiago de Compostela2018-04-18LIO international conference on flavour physicsLyonFranceRare decays at LHCb
Vinicius Franco LimaLiverpool2018-04-18LIO international conference on flavour physicsLyonFranceLepton Flavour Universality tests at LHCb
Alessandro BertolinPadova-Padova2018-04-18LIO international conference on flavour physicsLyonFranceMixing and CP violation in beauty and charm at LHCb
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2018-04-18LIO international conference on flavour physicsLyonFranceLHCb and complementarity with Belle II
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2018-04-16DISKobeJapanB-flavour anomalies in b->sll and b->clnu transitions at LHCb (Abstract)
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2018-04-16DISKobeJapanHeavy-flavour hadron production at LHCb (Abstract)
Liming ZhangTsinghua2018-04-16DISKobeJapanHeavy flavour spectroscopy and exotic states at LHCb (Abstract)
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2018-04-16DISKobeJapanParticle production at LHCb (Abstract)
Cameron Thomas DeanGlasgow2018-04-16DISKobeJapan Search for new physics in CP violation with beauty and charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2018-04-16DISKobeJapanW, Z and top production measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Christopher ParkesManchester2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUKmodel independent CPV searches in multi-body decays
Tara NanutLausanne-EPFL2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUKExperimental prospects for CP violation in radiative charm decays
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK30Experiments for ultimate precision
Angelo CarboneBologna2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20Direct CP violation in two-body decays: experimental prospects
Vladimir GligorovParis-LPNHE2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK30Data Challenges
Stefano PerazziniGeneva-CERN2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20+5Non-tree CPV in two-body or quasi-two-body modes
Anton PoluektovCoventry-Warwick2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20+5Model-dependent and -independent methods and limiting uncertainties
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20+5Experimental approaches to constrain charm loops
Maurizio MartinelliGeneva-CERN2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20Experimental prospects for CPV measurements in baryons, and T- and P-odd symmetries
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUKLimiting factors for tests of Lepton Universality in neutral-current semileptonic decays
Albert Puig NavarroZurich-UZH2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUKStandard Model tests in modes with photons
Marco GersabeckManchester2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUKMixing-driven CPV with two-body decays: experimental prospects
Lucia GrilloManchester2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20Mixing and CP violation in mixing (A_sl); experiment
Susan HainesCambridge2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20Multibody D decays and their uses for B CP violation measurements including gamma
Antonio Romero VidalSantiago de Compostela2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20Standard Model tests in charged-current semileptonic decays
Greig CowanEdinburgh2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20beta and beta_s from b->ccs and penguin-free modes; expt
Giampiero MancinelliMarseille-CPPM2018-04-16Towards the Ultimate Precision in Flavour PhysicsWarwickUK20Standard Model tests in modes with tau leptons, including Lepton-Flavour Violating decays
Regis LefèvreClermont-Ferrand2018-04-15ALPSObergurglAustria25 B-flavour anomalies in b->sll and b->clnu transitions at LHCb (Abstract)
Preema PaisLausanne-EPFL2018-04-14APS April MeetingColumbus, OHUSRare Decays (LHCb)
Nathan JurikOxford2018-04-14APS April MeetingColumbus, OHUSExotic States in B Decays (LHCb and Belle)
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2018-04-14APS April MeetingColumbus, OHUSDark Photons (Abstract)
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2018-04-10Standard Model @ LHCBerlinGermany20+10States in QCD: Pentaquarks, Tetraquarks and Exotics
Michel De CianLausanne-EPFL2018-04-10Standard Model @ LHCBerlinGermany15+3Updates on b-anomalies
Miriam Lucio MartinezSantiago de Compostela2018-04-09IML (inter-experimental machine learning workshop)CERNSwitzerland20Particle identification at LHCb: new calibration techniques and machine learning classification algorithms (Abstract)
Fedor RatnikovYandex School of Data Analysis2018-04-09IML (inter-experimental machine learning workshop)CERNSwitzerlandFast calorimeter simulation in LHCb
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2018-04-09Challenges in semileptonic B decaysMainzGermanyLambda_b semileptonic decays @ LHCb
Marta CalviMilano_B2018-04-09Challenges in semileptonic B decaysMainzGermany30LHCb studies and prospects
Abolhassan JawaheryCollege Park-Maryland2018-04-04Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCFermilabUSAChallenges and open questions for flavor at HE/HL LHC
Matthew Scott RudolphSyracuse2018-04-04Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCFermilabUSAHL/HE Detector challenges for LHCb
Daniel Charles CraikCambridge-MIT2018-04-04Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCFermilabUSAB physics measurements at HE/HL LHC"
Daniel Charles CraikCambridge-MIT2018-04-04Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCFermilabUSAExp prospects for charm tagging and the Higgs
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2018-04-04Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCFermilabUSA15Spectroscopy questions for HL/HE LHC
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2018-04-04Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCFermilabUSAFlavor observables at HE/HL LHC in view of anomalies
Miguel Ramos PernasSantiago de Compostela2018-04-04Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCFermilabUSAFuture of charm, strangeness, tau at LHCb
Elena Dall'OccoAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-04-04Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCFermilabUSALHCb LLP
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2018-04-04Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCFermilabUSALHCb DM
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2018-04-03Dark Matter @LHCHeidelbergGermany20+10Shining light on the dark sector with LHCb (Abstract)
Paula Alvarez CartelleLondon-Imperial2018-04-03Dark Matter @LHCHeidelbergGermany20+10New results on flavor anomalies at LHCb (Abstract)
Guido AndreassiLausanne-EPFL2018-04-03Dark Matter @LHCHeidelbergGermanyYSS: Search for the Lepton Flavour Violating decay B->emu (Abstract)
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-04-03Dark Matter @LHCHeidelbergGermanyYSS: Long Lived Particle and Dark photons at LHCb (Abstract)
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-03-29Cross talk workshop: flavour anomaliesBrusselsBelgiumFlavour Anomalies: Experimental status
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2018-03-26DPG FruehjahrstagungWuerzburgGermanyLHCb pPb and PbPb results
Sascha StahlGeneva-CERN2018-03-26DPG FruehjahrstagungWuerzburgGermanyReal-time Analysis with the LHCb Trigger, present and future
Concezio BozziFerrara2018-03-26joint HSF/WLCG workshopItalyNapoliChallenges for LHCb trigger
Rosen MatevGeneva-CERN2018-03-26joint HSF/WLCG workshopItalyNapoliReal-time analyses -the LHCb case
Gloria CortiGeneva-CERN2018-03-26joint HSF/WLCG workshopItalyNapoliLHCb Simulation: preparation for Run3
Fergus WilsonDidcot-RAL2018-03-25AspenAspenUSA20+5B physics anomalies at LHCb
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2018-03-25AspenAspenUSA20+5Forward EWK physics and search for long-lived particles at LHCb
Renato QuaglianiParis-LPNHE2018-03-20Connecting The DotsSeattleUSLHCB Trigger Upgrade
Renato QuaglianiParis-LPNHE2018-03-20Connecting The DotsSeattleUSA novel standalone track reconstruction algorithm for the LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Miroslav SaurUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-03-19HIEPAHuairou, BeijingChina30 Experimental progress and prospect on Charm CPV search
Wenbin QianUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2018-03-19HIEPAHuairou, BeijingChina30Synergy of BESIII/HIEPA and LHCb physics programs
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2018-03-19HIEPAHuairou, BeijingChina30Experimental overview on rare Charm decay
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2018-03-19HIEPAHuairou, BeijingChina30Charmonium production at LHCb
Giulia TellariniFerrara2018-03-17Moriond QCDLa ThuileFrance15Mixing and CP violation in beauty and charm at LHCb
Andrew CrocombeCoventry-Warwick2018-03-17Moriond QCDLa ThuileFrance15Rare decays, radiative decays and b->sll transitions at LHCb (including charm and strange)
Johannes AlbrechtDortmund-TU2018-03-17Moriond QCDLa ThuileFrance15Lepton Flavour Universality tests with B decays at LHCb
Suzanne KlaverFrascati-LNF2018-03-17Moriond QCDLa ThuileFrance15Hadron spectroscopy, exotic states and heavy flavour production at LHCb
Oliver LuptonGeneva-CERN2018-03-17Moriond QCDLa ThuileFrance15Electroweak physics & exotic searches at LHCb
Frederic FleuretOrsay-LAL2018-03-17Moriond QCDLa ThuileFrance15Hard probes with pPb and PbPb collisions and fixed target results at LHCb
Maarten van VeghelAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-03-11Moriond EWItalyLa Thuile15+5CINCO: Very rare decays at LHC
Julián García PardiñasZurich-UZH2018-03-11Moriond EWItalyLa Thuile15+5Measurements of CPV in beauty at LHC
Pietro MarinoLausanne-EPFL2018-03-11Moriond EWItalyLa Thuile15+5Measurement of CPV in charm at LHC
Christoph LangenbruchAachen I2018-03-11Moriond EWItalyLa Thuile15+5Lepton flavour universality (LFU) tests in B decays as a probe for new physics
Francesco DettoriLiverpool2018-03-11Moriond EWItalyLa Thuile15+5CINCO: Status and prospects in b to sll decays (Abstract)
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2018-03-11Moriond EWItalyLa Thuile15+5Long Lived Particle and Dark photons at LHCb
Maria Vieites DiazSantiago de Compostela2018-03-11Moriond EWItalyLa Thuile5+2ttbar production in the forward region at LHCb
Louis HenryValencia-IFIC2018-03-07IPHC Strasbourg SeminarStrasbourgFranceRecent PHCb results
Davide FazziniMilano_B2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNTime-dependent CP violation in $B \to hh$ decays
Xuesong LiuTsinghua2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNMeasurement of $\phi_s$ using $B_s \to J/\psi \pi^+ \pi^-$
Joan Arnau RomeuMarseille-CPPM2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNSearch for the Lepton Flavour Violating decay $B\to\tau\mu$
Georgios ChatzikonstantinidisBirmingham2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNAngular analysis of the rare decay $\Lambda_b\to\Lambda\mu\mu$
Margarete SchellenbergDortmund-TU2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNTime-dependent CP violation in $B\toD^{\ast}D$
Matthew James TilleyLondon-Imperial2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNLepton Universality test in $B\to p\bar{p} l \nu$ decay
Matthieu Philippe Luther MarinangeliLausanne-EPFL2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNSearches for Long-Lived Particles at LHCb
Murdo TraillGlasgow2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERN$\Xi_{cc}$ decay and properties
Andrii UsachovOrsay-LAL2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNCharmonia production using hadronic final states
Giovanni CavalleroGenova2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNThe LHCb RICH Upgrade: Development of the DAQ and control systems
Iaroslava BezshyikoZurich-UZH2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNStudies on a the SALT ASIC, a novel front end electronics for the LHCb Upgrade Silicon Tracker
Vinicius Franco LimaLiverpool2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNIV testing of highly irradiated sensors in vacuum for the LHCb VELO Upgrade
George CoombsGeneva-CERN2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERN Luminosity measurements at LHCb for Run II
Samuel Maddrell-ManderBristol2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERN LHCb full-detector real-time alignment and calibration: latest developments and perspectives
Elena GraveriniZurich-UZH2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNMonitoring radiation damage in the LHCb Silicon Tracker
Riccardo CenciPisa-Pisa2018-02-28LHCC Open SessionSwitzerlandCERNLHCb status report
Stephen FarryLiverpool2018-02-27CERN SeminarCERNSwitzerland45Forward Top Physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Valery ZhukovAachen I2018-02-25Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5CINCO: LHCb/TOTEM/LHCf inputs to astrophysics
Matthew CharlesParis-LPNHE2018-02-25Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5CINCO: Heavy flavour spectroscopy at ATLAS, CMS and LHCb
Diego TonelliPisa-Pisa2018-02-25Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5 CINCO: Measurements of CP violation at the LHC
Marta CalviMilano_B2018-02-25Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5 Lepton-flavour universality tests at LHCb
Miriam Lucio MartinezSantiago de Compostela2018-02-25Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly12+3measurement of phi_s (Abstract)
Louis HenryValencia-IFIC2018-02-25Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly12+3Mixing and CP violation in charm (Abstract)
Christos HadjivasiliouClermont-Ferrand2018-02-25Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly12+3Lepton-Flavour universality tests with semitauonic decays (Abstract)
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2018-02-25Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5CINCO: Heavy ion physics at ATLAS, CMS and LHCb
Giulio DujanyParis-LPNHE2018-02-25Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5CINCO: Study of rare heavy flavour decays at the LHC
Francesco DettoriLiverpool2018-02-21Rare kaon decaysEdinburghUKRare kaon decays at LHCb: 3/4 tracks events
Miguel Ramos PernasSantiago de Compostela2018-02-21Rare kaon decaysEdinburghUKRare and strange decays at LHCb
Sean BensonAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada60CINCO: Review talk on flavor physics
Alison Maria TullyCambridge2018-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3CP violation in beauty and charm at LHCb
Violaine BelleeLausanne-EPFL2018-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3B physics anomalies and lepton-flavour universality tests in b->sll at LHCb
Victor RenaudinOrsay-LAL2018-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Lepton-flavour universality tests with semitauonic b-hadron decays at LHCb
Pavol StefkoLausanne-EPFL2018-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Heavy flavour spectroscopy and exotic states at LHCb
Thomas HadavizadehOxford2018-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Very rare B decays at LHCb
Oscar De Aguiar FranciscoGeneva-CERN2018-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Search for long-lived particles and forward EWK physics at LHCb
Kristof De BruynGeneva-CERN2018-02-19Trento workshop on advanced silicon radiation detectorsTrentoItalyThe LHCb VELO Upgrade (Abstract)
Maciej Witold MajewskiCracow-AGH2018-02-19Trento workshop on advanced silicon radiation detectorsTrentoItalyA TCAD based model of double metal layer effects and a review of the radiation damage and monitoring of LHCb Velo. (Abstract)
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2018-02-14PKI2018Newport News, VAUSNon-leptonic charmless three body decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2018-02-08BESIII-LHCb workshopBejingChinaIntroduction to LHCb: current status, physics highlights & upgrade plans
Matthew KenzieCambridge2018-02-08BESIII-LHCb workshopBejingChinaCurrent status of gamma at LHCb
Adam DavisTsinghua2018-02-08BESIII-LHCb workshopBejingChinaCurrent status of charm mixing at LHCb (and inputs to charm-phase determination)
Guy WilkinsonOxford2018-02-08BESIII-LHCb workshopBejingChinaSurvey of future requirements for gamma measurement at LHCb
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2018-02-08BESIII-LHCb workshopBejingChinaRequirements on BR measurements from LHCb, especially for B->D*tau nu
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2018-02-08BESIII-LHCb workshopBejingChinaOther LHCb studies requiring BR input
Yuanning GaoTsinghua2018-02-08BESIII-LHCb workshopBejingChinaStatus and prospects for spectroscopy studies at LHCb
Evelina GersabeckManchester2018-02-08BESIII-LHCb workshopBejingChinaDirect CPV studies at LHCb
Andrea ContuCagliari2018-02-08BESIII-LHCb workshopBejingChinaRare charm decays at LHCb
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2018-02-08ATLAS Bc workshopCERNSwitzerland20LHCb results on Bc
Renaud Le GacMarseille-CPPM2018-02-01GDR Inf workshopCERNFranceLHCb upgrades
John Matthew DurhamLos Alamos-LANL2018-01-29Santa Fe Jets and Heavy Flavour WorkshopSanta FeUSProduction measurements in heavy ion and fixed target collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Daniel Charles CraikCambridge-MIT2018-01-29Santa Fe Jets and Heavy Flavour WorkshopSanta FeUSRecent results on heavy flavour production at LHCb (Abstract)
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2018-01-29Triggering HEP DiscoveriesPuebloMexicoPhysics Overview (Abstract)
Fedor RatnikovYandex School of Data Analysis2018-01-29Triggering HEP DiscoveriesPuebloMexico45LHCb trigger: Run II, Run III and beyond (Abstract)
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2018-01-22BormioBormioItaly30'Heavy Ion results from LHCb
Rudolf OldemanCagliari2018-01-22BormioBormioItaly30'Hadron Spectroscopy at LHCb
Patrizia De SimoneFrascati-LNF2018-01-22BormioBormioItalyFlavour results at LHCb
Niels TuningAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-01-17Seminar, FreiburgFreiburgGermanyFlavour Anomalies
Martinus van BeuzekomAmsterdam-Nikhef2018-01-16BTTB6ZurichSwitzerlandLHCb Velo upgrade telescopes (Abstract)
Blake LeveringtonHeidelberg-Uni2018-01-16BTTB6ZurichSwitzerlandTest beam results of the LHCb Scintillating Fibre Tracker (Abstract)
Konstantinos PetridisBristol2018-01-15ZPWZurichSwitzerland25+5 LHCb results on b->sll decays
Gregory CiezarekGeneva-CERN2018-01-15ZPWZurichSwitzerland25+5Experimental status of RD, RD*
Marcello RotondoFrascati-LNF2018-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPolandMini review on V_ub, V_cb @ LHCb and B-factories
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2018-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland40+5Overview of Heavy Flavor results at LHCb
Luca PescatoreLausanne-EPFL2018-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland25+5LFU and LFV results at LHCb
Wojciech KrupaCracow-AGH2018-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland10+2Analysis of multibody beauty to open-charm decays at LHCb
Mateusz GoncerzCracow-AGH2018-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland12CEP measurements at LHCb
Anna OssowskaCracow-HNI2018-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland10+2Majorana neutrino search at LHCb experiment
Malgorzata PikiesCracow-HNI2018-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland10+2cLFV searches at LHCb
Varvara BatozskayaWarsaw-NCBJ2018-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland10+2Future contributions to phi_s measurements
Liupan AnTsinghua2017-12-22Chinese LHC Physics WorkshopNanjingChinaSearch for excited Bc states at LHCb
Jiayin SunTsinghua2017-12-22Chinese LHC Physics WorkshopNanjingChinaHeavy flavor results in pPb and PbPb collisions at LHCb
Mengzhen WangTsinghua2017-12-22Chinese LHC Physics WorkshopNanjingChinaStudies of pentaquarks at LHCb
Menglin XuCentral China U.2017-12-22Chinese LHC Physics WorkshopNanjingChinaObservation of Xicc++ at LHCb
Wenhua HuCentral China U.2017-12-22Chinese LHC Physics WorkshopNanjingChinaB+ production at LHCb
Miroslav SaurUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2017-12-22Chinese LHC Physics WorkshopNanjingChinaCPV in the charm sector
Hang YinCentral China U.2017-12-22Chinese LHC Physics WorkshopNanjingChinaCP violation in B decays
Jibo HeUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2017-12-22Chinese LHC Physics WorkshopNanjingChinaResults of hadron production and spectroscopy
Yangheng ZhengUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2017-12-22Chinese LHC Physics WorkshopNanjingChinaHighlights of rare decays and lepton universality
Matteo RamaPisa-Pisa2017-12-18Impact of B -> mu mu on New Physics SearchesPSISwitzerland20-30B_{s,d}-> l l decays at LHCb
Mick MulderAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-12-18Impact of B -> mu mu on New Physics SearchesPSISwitzerland20-30Rare semileptonic b->sll decays at LHCb
Conor FitzpatrickLausanne-EPFL2017-12-15EP/IT Data Science seriesCERNSwitzerlandLHCb turbostream and the trigger-less data taking
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2017-12-1525 years of LHC experimental programmeCERNSwitzerland20LHCb Jamboree
Jonas RademackerBristol2017-12-14WHEPP XVBhopalIndia30 Flavour physics and related anomalies at LHCb
Xuhao YuanSyracuse2017-12-13MiamiLauderdale, FloridaUS30Recent results from LHCb
Oliver LuptonGeneva-CERN2017-12-13LHC Electroweak meetingCERNSwitzerlandLHCb measurements of precision electroweak observables
Philip IltenBirmingham2017-12-13LHC Electroweak meetingCERNSwitzerlandreview of LHC measurements of Vector boson production in association with Heavy Flavour jets
Andreas WeidenZurich-UZH2017-12-11MPI@LHCShimlaIndia15+5LHCb results on nuclear collisions (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2017-12-11MPI@LHCShimlaIndia15+5Exclusive production at LHCb (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2017-12-11MPI@LHCShimlaIndia15+5Double J/psi production at LHCb (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2017-12-11MPI@LHCShimlaIndia15+5DPS studies with open charm hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2017-12-11MPI@LHCShimlaIndia15+5J/Psi production in jets (Abstract)
Yanxi ZhangOrsay-LAL2017-12-11JAEA/ASRC ReimeiTokeiJapanLHCb results of exotic hadrons and hadron spectroscopy
Pasquale Di NezzaFrascati-LNF2017-12-11Transversity 2017FrascatiItalyCINCO: Transverse Momentum distribution of W and Z bosons at LHC
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2017-12-11Exotic Hadron SpectroscopyEdinburghUKLHCb exotics overview
Marco PappagalloEdinburgh2017-12-11Exotic Hadron SpectroscopyEdinburghUKBaryon physics at LHCb
Siim TolkCambridge2017-12-11SUSYMumbaiIndia20-30Rare leptonic b-decays (Abstract)
Davide LancieriniZurich-UZH2017-12-11SUSYMumbaiIndia20-30Rare semileptonic b-decays (Abstract)
Matthieu Philippe Luther MarinangeliLausanne-EPFL2017-12-11SUSYMumbaiIndia20-30Search for long-lived particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2017-12-04ZIMÁNYI SCHOOL'17 BudapestHungaryTwo-particle correlations in the LHCb experiment
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2017-12-04GDR QCDOrme des Merisiers FranceLHCb heavy-ion prospects
Jean François MarchandAnnecy-LAPP2017-11-30LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb Status Report
Matthew KenzieCambridge2017-11-21CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerland45CP-violating phase ϕdd¯s in quasi-two-body B0s→(K+π−)(K−π+) decays
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2017-11-21Physics behind Colliders WorkshopCERNSwitzerland15LHCb fixed target - SMOG
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2017-11-16ECFA PlenaryGenevaSwitzerlandBSM searches in b->sll decays
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2017-11-16ECFA PlenaryGenevaSwitzerlandLUF tests in semi-tauonic b decays
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2017-11-13Semi-tauonic workshopR(D ) and R(D*) mesurements in LHCb -muonic channels
Antonio Romero VidalSantiago de Compostela2017-11-13Semi-tauonic workshopR(D) and R(D*) measurements at LHCb- hadronic channel
Mark SmithLondon-Imperial2017-11-13Semi-tauonic workshopReview of R measurements in LHCb in the muonic channel
Victor RenaudinOrsay-LAL2017-11-13Semi-tauonic workshopReview of R measurements in LHCb in the hadronic channel
Gregory CiezarekGeneva-CERN2017-11-13Semi-tauonic workshopTools to search for new physics with LHCB data
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2017-11-13Semi-tauonic workshopSummary remarks from an experimentalist point of view
Marcello RotondoFrascati-LNF2017-11-13Semi-tauonic workshopReview on present experimental results on D(*,**) l nu
Simone BifaniBirmingham2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerland20Semileptonics, rare decays and LFU, experimental overview
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerland20Exotic hadrons at LHCb
Francesca DordeiGeneva-CERN2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerland25+5CP violation in interference: γ measurements using beauty to open charm decays; ϕs and β using beauty to J/ψX decays
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerland20+5Recent results on electroweak boson production at LHCb
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerland20Recent results on heavy flavour production at LHCb
Antonio Romero VidalSantiago de Compostela2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerlandExperimental overview on semileptonic decays
Daniel Patrick O'HanlonCoventry-Warwick2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerlandCP violation in decay: B0→K0Shh, B0s→ϕϕ, Λ0b→p3h, B→hh
Jolanta BrodzickaCracow-HNI2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerland Charm CP violation: (Δ)ACP and mixing in two-body D0 decays, mixing and CP violation in D0→K0Sππ, asymmetries in charm baryon production and decay
Matthew CharlesParis-LPNHE2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerlandHeavy flavour baryons at LHCb
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerlandbc-hadrons at LHCb
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerlandRecent results on exotica searches at LHCb
Greig CowanEdinburgh2017-11-06Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsGenevaSwitzerlandFuture LHCb upgrades and long-term physics prospects
Claudia PatrignaniBologna2017-11-06Workshop on anti-matter, hyper-matter and exotica production at the LHCTurinItaly30Overview on exotica production at LHCb
Jiesheng YuCentral China U.2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina15+5Study of Bc decays at LHCb
Mengzhen WangTsinghua2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina15+5Decays of baryons with heavy quark at LHCb
Andrii UsachovOrsay-LAL2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina15+5Decays of mesons at LHCb (Abstract)
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina20+5Measurement of Upsilon polarizations in pp collisions at √s = 7 and 8 TeV, and Upsilon production at 13 TeV
Liupan AnTsinghua2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina15+5Measurement of the J/ψ pair production cross-section in pp collisions at √s=13TeV
Jia-Jia QinUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina15+5Study of J/ψ production in jets
Liupan AnTsinghua2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina15+5Central exclusive production of J/ψ and ψ(2S) mesons in pp collisions at √s=13 TeV
Daniel VieiraUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina15+5Observation of the doubly charmed baryon
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina15+5Spectroscopy results from LHCb (Abstract)
Daniel VieiraUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina15+5Results on charmed baryons from LHCb (Abstract)
Jiayin SunTsinghua2017-11-06QWGBeijingChina20+5Quarkonium results in p-Pb and Pb-Pb
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2017-11-06LHC Chapter II: The Run for New PhysicsNatalBrazilRecent results from LHCb (likely to change)
Hang YinCentral China U.2017-10-30Workshop on Heavy Flavor Production in High Energy CollisionsBerkeleyUSA30' incl. questionsheavy flavor hadron spectroscopy
Yanxi ZhangOrsay-LAL2017-10-30Workshop on Heavy Flavor Production in High Energy CollisionsBerkeleyUSAHeavy flavor production in heavy ion collisions at LHCb
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2017-10-30Searching for Physics Beyond the Standard Model Using Charged LeptonsOld San JuanPuerto Rico60+30Summary of Anomalies in the B-sector
Oscar De Aguiar FranciscoGeneva-CERN2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland20+5CINCO: Light Yukawa Couplings
Hans Peter DembinskiHeidelberg-MPI2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland20+10Cosmic-ray physics
Chitsanu KhurewathanakulLausanne-EPFL2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland15+10EW Physics in the Forward Region
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland15+5 dark photons and other exotics
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland15+5LLP LHCb
Gregory CiezarekGeneva-CERN2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland15+5LHCb material reduction impact
Preema PaisLausanne-EPFL2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland15+5LHCb calorimetry impact
Mark Richard James WilliamsManchester2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland15+5LHCb timing tracker impact
Marco PappagalloEdinburgh2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland15+5Heavy Flavour Spectroscopy
Paula Alvarez CartelleLondon-Imperial2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland15+5Rare Decays + LFV/LU
Francesca DordeiGeneva-CERN2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland15+5CPV
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland20LHCb detector performance at high luminosity
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerland25CINCO: Flavour physics
Francesco Bossu2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerlandCINCO: Low-x nuclear PDFs
Mark Richard James WilliamsManchester2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerlandAdding timing to the LHCb VELO (Abstract)
Iwan Thomas SmithEdinburgh2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerlandPartially Reconstructed Beauty Decays at LHCb for the Phase-II Upgrade
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerlandSummary of the heavy-ion working group
Stephen FarryLiverpool2017-10-30Workshop on physics of the high luminosity LHC, and perspectives at a high energy LHCCERNSwitzerlandSummary of Electroweak Working group
Tadeusz LesiakCracow-HNI2017-10-29EINNPaphosCyprus30+5LHCb spectroscopy results and plans
Cesar Luiz Da SilvaLos Alamos-LANL2017-10-25DNPPittsburghUSA12Search for gluon saturation at Bjorken-x of 10$^{-6}$-10$^{-5}$ with the LHCb detector (Abstract)
Matteo RamaPisa-Pisa2017-10-21IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumAtlantaUSAFast simulations at LHCb
Dominik MüllerManchester2017-10-21IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumAtlantaUSAset this status for the
Alessandro CardiniCagliari2017-10-18TTULubbock, TexasUSLHCb status, prospects and recent results
Elena Dall'OccoAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-10-17Searches for long lived particles at the LHCTriesteItalyLhcb upgrade detector
Jessica PrisciandaroSantiago de Compostela2017-10-17Searches for long lived particles at the LHCTriesteItalyLHCb trigger upgrade
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-10-17Searches for long lived particles at the LHCTriesteItalyLLP searches
Eduardo RodriguesCincinnati2017-10-132017 NCTS Workshop on Dark Matter, Particles and CosmosShoufeng, HualienTaiwanLHCb results related to astrophysics and DM
Oliver LuptonGeneva-CERN2017-10-12CPAD 2017Albuquerque, New MexicoUS25+5LHCb TDAQ
Olivier LeroyMarseille-CPPM2017-10-11Brookhaven ForumBrookhavenUSABSM searches with tests of LFU and rare decays at LHCb
Angelo Di CantoGeneva-CERN2017-10-11Brookhaven ForumBrookhavenUSACP violation measurements in beauty and charm hadrons at LHCb
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2017-10-10Resonance Workshop in BergamoBergamoItaly25+5 Recent results with heavy ion and fixed target collisions at LHCb
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2017-10-10Resonance Workshop in BergamoBergamoItalyExotic Hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Donal HillOxford2017-10-10CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerland45Precision measurements of the Cabbibo-Kobayashi-Maskawa angle $\gamma$ at LHCb
Sascha StahlGeneva-CERN2017-10-05FSP meeting in SiegenSiegenGemany30Trigger and reconstruction for the LHCb upgrade
Christopher ParkesManchester2017-10-05FSP meeting in SiegenSiegenGemany30The future of LHCb: 2030+
Andrea ContuCagliari2017-10-05FSP meeting in SiegenSiegenGemany30Charm Physics
Greig CowanEdinburgh2017-10-05FSP meeting in SiegenSiegenGemany30Hadron Physics
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2017-10-02High-pT Physics for the RHIC and LHC EraBergenNorwayLHCb results relevant for gluon saturation
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2017-10-02High-pT Physics for the RHIC and LHC EraBergenNorwayJ/ψ production in jets
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2017-10-02ICPPAMoscowRussiaLHCb overview
Varvara BatozskayaWarsaw-NCBJ2017-10-02ICPPAMoscowRussiaOverview of CPV parameter phi_s determination
Denis DerkachYandex School of Data Analysis2017-10-02ICPPAMoscowRussiaMachine learning at LHCb (Abstract)
Varvara BatozskayaWarsaw-NCBJ2017-10-02The XXI International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and SpecialistsDubnaRussia15Determination of the phase φs at LHCb
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpain35' incl questionsCINCO: Heavy quark baryons and exotica
Ignacio BediagaRio-CBPF2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpain30+5CINCO: Experimental overview of spectroscopy from heavy hadron decays
Marco PappagalloEdinburgh2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpain20+5Exotic states and candidates at LHCb
Marco PappagalloEdinburgh2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpainSpectroscopy of charm hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Murdo TraillGlasgow2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpainSpectroscopy of beauty hadrons and doubly-heavy baryons at LHCb (Abstract)
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpainCPV with B baryons at LHCb (Abstract)
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpainAmplitude analyses at LHCb (Abstract)
Ignacio BediagaRio-CBPF2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpainMeasurement of suppressed charm decays and search for CP violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Mariusz WitekCracow-HNI2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpainMeasurement of inelastic cross sections at LHCb (Abstract)
Mariusz WitekCracow-HNI2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpainMeasurement of Bose-Einstein correlations at LHCb (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpainSpectroscopy of charm baryons at LHCb (Abstract)
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2017-09-25HadronSalamancaSpainCharmless B decays
Preema PaisLausanne-EPFL2017-09-25NuFACTUppsalaSweden25+5Lepton physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2017-09-25Flavour and Dark MatterHeidelbergGermanyLepton Flavour Violation, Majorana Neutrinos and the B anomalies at LHCb
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2017-09-25Flavour and Dark MatterHeidelbergGermanyIndirect dark matter searches in LHCb
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2017-09-24WE-Heraeus Physics SchoolBad HonnefGermany45'Soft and hard QCD processes in LHCb
Giulia MancaCagliari2017-09-18Initial StagesCracowPolandPhysics of Heavy ions with the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Shanzhen ChenCagliari2017-09-18Initial StagesCracowPolandNew results on heavy flavour production in proton-nucleus collisions with the LHCb experiment. (Abstract)
Marianna FontanaCagliari2017-09-13LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerland30+5LHCb Status Report
Antimo PalanoBari2017-09-11EXAViennaAustriaHadron Spectroscopy at LHCb
Alexander ArtamonovProtvino-IHEP2017-09-11DSPIN17DubnaRussia30Upsilon Polarisation
Emma BuchananBristol2017-09-10VERTEXLas CaldasSpain25+10Operation and performance of the LHCb VELO and Silicon Trackers
Edgar Lemos CidSantiago de Compostela2017-09-10VERTEXLas CaldasSpain25+10Design and construction of the LHCb VELO upgrade
Marco PetruzzoUniversità di Milano2017-09-10VERTEXLas CaldasSpain25+10Design and construction of the LHCb Upstream Tracker
Adam DavisTsinghua2017-09-10VERTEXLas CaldasSpain25+10Real-time alignment and reconstruction in Run 2 and its performance at the LHCb experiment
Paul SeyfertGeneva-CERN2017-09-10VERTEXLas CaldasSpain25+10Tracking, Vertexing and data handling strategy for the LHCb upgrade
Marta CalviMilano_B2017-09-07FCCPCapriItaly20+5B anomalies at LHCb
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2017-09-07FCCPCapriItalyLHCb and Kaon physics: present status and perspectives
Murdo TraillGlasgow2017-09-06Heavy Flavour Production at the LHCDurhamUK20Heavy Flavour Production at LHCb
Alex PearceGeneva-CERN2017-09-06PDF4LHCCERNSwitzerlandBeauty and charm production at 13 TeV
Lucia GrilloMilano_B2017-09-04Physics in CollisionPragueCzech Republic45(CINCO) B results on CPV, CKM mearsurements, rare decays (incl. LFU)
Andrea ContuGeneva-CERN2017-09-04Physics in CollisionPragueCzech Republic45Mixing, CPV and rare decays in Charm
Mark WhiteheadGeneva-CERN2017-09-04Physics in CollisionPragueCzech Republic45(CINCO) Heavy Flavor spectroscopy & exotic hadrons
Francesco DettoriLiverpool2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKRare strange decays at LHCb
Mark Richard James WilliamsManchester2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKCharm physics at LHCb
Matthew NeedhamEdinburgh2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKExperimental status of lifetimes and mixing (not including assl and adsl)
Harry CliffCambridge2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKB→μ+μ− and LUV
Konstantinos PetridisBristol2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKb→sl+l− transitions
Mika VesterinenOxford2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKSemileptonic b hadron decays (including assl and adsl)
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKRecent highlights in heavy flavour production and spectroscopy from LHCb
Greig CowanEdinburgh2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKStatus and prospects of exotic hadron searches at LHCb
Matthew KenzieCambridge2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKDetermination of the CKM angle γ
Guy WilkinsonOxford2017-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKFuture developments in flavour
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2017-09-02Corfu Summer InstituteCorfuGreece40+5Rare decays and searches of NP
Neville HarnewOxford2017-09-02Corfu Summer InstituteCorfuGreece40+5CKM Matrix - CP violation
Adlène HicheurRio-UFRJ2017-09-01PANICBeijingChina25CP violation in b hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Wojciech KrzemienWarsaw-NCBJ2017-09-01PANICBeijingChina25Mixing and CPV in charm hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Anna LupatoPadova-Padova2017-09-01PANICBeijingChina20Lepton-flavour universality tests at LHCb (Abstract)
Ao XuTsinghua2017-09-01PANICBeijingChina25Heavy flavour spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Jiayin SunTsinghua2017-09-01PANICBeijingChina25Heavy ion physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2017-09-01PANICBeijingChina20+5Heavy flavour production measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Hang YinCentral China U.2017-09-01PANICBeijingChina20+5EW production at LHCb (Abstract)
Lars EklundGlasgow2017-09-01PANICBeijingChina25+5Experimental review of rare B decays
Carla GöbelRio-PUC2017-08-28QCD@LHCDebrecenHungary35+10(CINCO) Heavy quark physics
Alexey DzyubaGatchina-PNPI2017-08-24Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussiaCharm physics at LHCb
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2017-08-21ICNFP satellite Workshop on Exotic HadronsKolymbariGreeceExotic meson candidates from amplitude analyses of B meson decays
Liming ZhangTsinghua2017-08-21ICNFP satellite Workshop on Exotic HadronsKolymbariGreecePentaquark candidates in the LHCb data
Rosen MatevGeneva-CERN2017-08-21ACATSeattleUSAThe upgrade of the LHCb trigger for Run III
Fedor RatnikovYandex School of Data Analysis2017-08-21ACATSeattleUSAMachine Learning Photons Separation in the LHCb Calorimeter
Stefan RoiserGeneva-CERN2017-08-21ACATSeattleUSAThe LHCb Software and Computing Upgrade towards LHC Run 3
Tatiana Likhomanenko2017-08-21ACATSeattleUSAML based global particle identification algorithms
Michael SokoloffCincinnati2017-08-21ACATSeattleUSAReal-time alignment and reconstruction: performance and recent developments at the LHCb experiment
Yasmine AmhisOrsay-LAL2017-08-17ICNFPKolymbariGreece30' incl. questionsLHCb overview
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2017-08-17ICNFPKolymbariGreeceSummary of the Workshop on Exotic Hadrons
Emilie MauriceOrsay-LAL2017-08-17ICNFPKolymbariGreece20' incl. questionsHeavy Ion Physics
Vladimir GligorovParis-LPNHE2017-08-17ICNFPKolymbariGreece30' incl. questionsFlavourful roads to New Physics
Varvara BatozskayaWarsaw-NCBJ2017-08-17ICNFPKolymbariGreece30' incl. questionsMeasurements of the CP violating phase phi_s at LHCb (Abstract)
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2017-08-14SLAC Summer InstitutePalo AltoUSA30' incl. questionsNew results from LHCb
Luca PescatoreLausanne-EPFL2017-08-13Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam15'+questionsNew physics searches via rare decays at LHCb
Stephen OgilvyFrascati-LNF2017-08-13Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam15'+questionsHeavy flavour production and spectroscopy at LHCb
Julián García PardiñasSantiago de Compostela2017-08-13Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam15'+questionsSearches for LFU breaking at LHCb
Gerco OnderwaterVan Swinderen Institute2017-08-13Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam15'+questionsSearches for LFV and BNV at LHCb
Giulio DujanyParis-LPNHE2017-08-13Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnamCharmless b-hadron decays at LHCb
Yuanning GaoTsinghua2017-08-07Lepton PhotonGuangzhouChina30QCD & Hadron Physics: Hadron Sepctroscopy
Greig CowanEdinburgh2017-08-07Lepton PhotonGuangzhouChina30Flavor Physics: CP violation at LHC
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2017-08-07Lepton PhotonGuangzhouChina30Flavor Physics: Rare Decays of Heavy Mesons
Matthew Scott RudolphSyracuse2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSAThe LHCb Upgrades
Benedetto Gianluca SiddiFerrara2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSALepton-flavour universality tests with semi-leptonic B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Matthew Scott RudolphSyracuse2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSASemi-leptonic B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSA20'New physics searches in b->sll decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSA15'Rare decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Ivan PolyakovSyracuse2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSAHeavy hadron spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Liming ZhangTsinghua2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSAPentaquark & tetraquark states at LHCb (Abstract)
Maria Vieites DiazSantiago de Compostela2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSACP violation measurements in b hadrons at LHCb
Riccardo CenciPisa-Pisa2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSACP violation and mixing in charm at LHCb (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSA14+2Searches for exotica at LHCb (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSAHeavy flavour production at LHCb (Abstract)
Fedor RatnikovYandex School of Data Analysis2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSAAdvanced machine-learning solutions in LHCb operations and data analysis (Abstract)
Diego TonelliPisa-Pisa2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSAA novel, precise measurement of $B^0_s$ and $D^-_s$ lifetimes at LHCb (Abstract)
Henry Fredrick SchreinerCincinnati2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSAGPUs in LHCb for Analysis (Abstract)
Steven BluskSyracuse2017-07-31DPFBataviaUSA25+5(CINCO) New experimental results and prospects on flavor physics
Emanuele MichielinPadova-Padova2017-07-24Higgs HuntingOrsayFrance12Searches for H->bb and H->cc at LHCb
Victor RenaudinOrsay-LAL2017-07-24Higgs HuntingOrsayFrance12Heavy flavour results with impact on the charged Higgs sector
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2017-07-12ICRCBusanKorea15Measurement of antiproton production in p-He collisions and prospects for other inputs to cosmic rays physics from the fixed target program of the LHCb experiment
Yanxi ZhangOrsay-LAL2017-07-11CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerland45Searches for baryons containing multiple heavy quarks at LHCb (Abstract)
Oleksandr OkhrimenkoKyiv-KINR2017-07-10SQMUtrechtThe Netherlands17+3 J/psi production in proton-lead collisions at 8 TeV with the LHCb detector (Abstract)
Albert BurscheCagliari2017-07-10SQMUtrechtThe Netherlands17+3(CINCO) Highlights on strangeness and heavy-flavour results in heavy-ion collisions
Jiayin SunTsinghua2017-07-10SQMUtrechtThe Netherlands17+3Production cross-sections and nuclear modification factor for charmed baryons and mesons in p-Pb collisions at 5 TeV with the LHCb detector (Abstract)
Ulrik EgedeLondon-Imperial2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly25+5Highlights from the LHCb Experiment
Francesco BossuOrsay-LAL2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Quarkonium measurements in pPb and PbPb collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Open heavy flavour measurements in pPb collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Physics with fixed target collisions in LHCb (Abstract)
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3EW boson production at LHCb (Abstract)
Stephen FarryLiverpool2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Top physics measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Measurement of Inelastic cross-section at LHC energies and CEP with the LHCb detector (Abstract)
Christoph LangenbruchAachen I2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Low-mass di-muon searches with the LHCb detector (Abstract)
Alberto LusianiPisa-Pisa2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Search for long-lived particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Sevda EsenHeidelberg-Uni2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Time-dependent CP violation in the B system at LHCb (Abstract)
Eduardo RodriguesCincinnati2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Charmless B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3CP violation in b baryons at LHCb (Abstract)
Dominik Stefan MitzelHeidelberg-Uni2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Searches for rare charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Carla Marin BenitoBarcelona2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3New physics searches with EW penguins and radiative B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Miguel Ramos PernasSantiago de Compostela2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Rare strange decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Albert Puig NavarroZurich-UZH2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Rare B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Marianna FontanaCagliari2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly15+5LHCb inputs to astroparticle physics (Abstract)
Donal HillOxford2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Measurements of the CKM angle gamma at LHCb (Abstract)
Concezio BozziFerrara2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Recent results from LHCb on semileptonic decays of b-hadrons (Abstract)
Andrea MauriZurich-UZH2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Search for long-lived scalar particles in B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Albert Puig NavarroZurich-UZH2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3The LHCb Starterkit initiative (Abstract)
Andrii UsachovOrsay-LAL2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Hidden and open heavy flavour production at LHCb (Abstract)
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3QCD exotic states (Abstract)
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Spectroscopy with heavy flavours at LHCb (Abstract)
Mark WhiteheadGeneva-CERN2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3The upgrade of the LHCb trigger for Run III (Abstract)
Agnieszka DziurdaGeneva-CERN2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Performance and recent developments of the real-time track reconstruction and alignment of the LHCb detector. (Abstract)
Giulio GazzoniClermont-Ferrand2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Real-time analysis from the trigger candidates and novel calibration strategy at the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly12+3Early Career, Gender & Diversity Office at the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly20+10(CINCO) LHC results on FCNC beauty decays (Abstract)
Mika VesterinenOxford2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly20+10LHC results on tree-level beauty decays (Abstract)
Angelo Di CantoGeneva-CERN2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly20+10(CINCO) Charm and CP violation measurements from the LHC (Abstract)
Justine SerranoMarseille-CPPM2017-07-05EPS-HEPVeniceItaly20+10(CINCO) Rare Decays and Exotic States in Quark Flavour Physics
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2017-07-03QCDMontpellierFrance12+3LFU tests at LHCb
Timothy WilliamsBirmingham2017-06-26QFTHEPYaroslavlRussiaCharmless hadronic b-hadron decays
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2017-06-26Elastic and Diffractive ScatteringPragueCzech Republic20Central Exclusive Production at LHCb (Abstract)
Valery ZhukovMoscow-SINP-MSU2017-06-26Elastic and Diffractive ScatteringPragueCzech Republic20Fixed target results from LHCb for cosmic rays physics (Abstract)
Matthew NeedhamEdinburgh2017-06-26PhiPsiMainzGermany25Recent results on hadron spectroscopy at LHCb
Bernardo AdevaSantiago de Compostela2017-06-19Weak Interactions and NeutrinosIrvineUSACharged Lepton Flavour Violation/Lepton Number Violation searches at LHCb
Fernando Martinez VidalValencia-IFIC2017-06-19PASCOSMadridSpainRecent LHCb results on hints for New Physics (Abstract)
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2017-06-18Lattice 2017GranadaSpain30B decay anomalies at LHCb
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2017-06-13Low x meetingBariItalyEW, jets, and heavy flavour production at LHCb (Abstract)
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2017-06-13Low x meetingBariItalyCEP physics at LHCb
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2017-06-06PANDA workshopDarmstadtGermanyHardware trigger and slow control at LHCb
Antonio Romero VidalSantiago de Compostela2017-06-06CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerland45+15Lepton Flavour Universality tests using semitauonic decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Evelina GersabeckHeidelberg-Uni2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech Republic25+5Overview of the CP violation and mixing in the charm sector
Eluned SmithAachen I2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech Republic25+5CP violation with b baryons
Jessica PrisciandaroSantiago de Compostela2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech Republic25+5Overview of rare B-decays (Bs->mumu, K*ll, etc)
Paolo GandiniOxford2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech Republic25+5Overview of hadron flavour production
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech Republic25+5Overview of UT angle gamma/phi3 measurements
Veronika ChobanovaSantiago de Compostela2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech Republic25+5Overview of CPV parameter phi_s determination
Biplab DeyCentral China U.2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech Republic25+5Overview on pentaquarks
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech Republic25+5Plans and status of the LHCb upgrade
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech Republic25+5LHCb upgrade physics prospects
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech RepublicSummary and outlook
Samuel CoquereauBarcelona2017-06-05FPCPPragueCzech RepublicLFU with b->sll transitions
Guy WilkinsonOxford2017-06-05Candles of DarknessBengaluruIndia35+5Review of Experimental Results in Flavour Physics
Francesco DettoriLiverpool2017-05-28Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance25+5CINCO: Rare decays (review)
Conor FitzpatrickLausanne-EPFL2017-05-28Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance25+5CINCO: CP violation (review)
Oliver GrünbergRostock2017-05-28Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15' + disc.New physics searches via rare decays at LHCb
Hans Peter DembinskiHeidelberg-MPI2017-05-28Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15' + disc.Recent results with heavy ion and fixed target collisions at LHCb
Alessandro BertolinPadova-Padova2017-05-28Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15' + disc.Status of mixing and CP-violation measurements at LHCb
Xuesong LiuTsinghua2017-05-28Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15' + disc.Heavy flavour production and spectroscopy at LHCb
Victor RenaudinOrsay-LAL2017-05-28Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15' + disc.Searches for LFU breaking using semileptonic B decays at LHCb
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2017-05-24LDMALa BiodolaItaly(CINCO) Search for Dark Photons at the LHC
Liupan AnTsinghua2017-05-22Hadron Physics and Non Perturbative QCDPollenzoItalyDPS measurement in double J/psi production at 13 TeV
Albert Puig NavarroZurich-UZH2017-05-22PhotonGenevaSwitzerland15+5Rare b,c radiative decays in LHCb
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2017-05-22Meeting on B physicsNaplesItalyLepton Flavour Universality: Review of experimental results and prospects
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2017-05-22Meeting on B physicsNaplesItalyProduction of multiple pairs of heavy quarks at the LHC: review of experimental measurements
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2017-05-22Meeting on B physicsNaplesItalyThe physics case for a phase-II LHCb upgrade
Marcello RotondoFrascati-LNF2017-05-22Meeting on B physicsNaplesItalyPuzzles in SL decays
Bartlomiej RachwalCracow-AGH2017-05-22PlanckWarsawPolandRecent results from the LHCb
Anton PoluektovNovosibirsk-BINP2017-05-22HEP analysis ecosystem workshopAmsterdamThe Netherlands10Experience with analysis using Tensorflow and coprocessors
Olivier DeschampsClermont-Ferrand2017-05-21Flavour physics at LHC Run IIBenasqueSpainRadiative Decays
Fernando Martinez VidalValencia-IFIC2017-05-21Flavour physics at LHC Run IIBenasqueSpainB anomalies and rare decays
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2017-05-21Flavour physics at LHC Run IIBenasqueSpainLepton flavour universality
Louis HenryValencia-IFIC2017-05-21Flavour physics at LHC Run IIBenasqueSpainThree-body charmless decays at LHCb
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2017-05-17Instant workshop on B meson anomaliesGenevaSwitzerlandRK: Quo vadis?
Marie Helene SchuneOrsay-LAL2017-05-17Instant workshop on B meson anomaliesGenevaSwitzerlandMeasurement of RK* at the LHCb and prospects
Ulrik EgedeLondon-Imperial2017-05-17Instant workshop on B meson anomaliesGenevaSwitzerlandProspects for LHCb in searches of NP
Gregory CiezarekAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-05-17Instant workshop on B meson anomaliesGenevaSwitzerland30' incl. questionsMeasurements of RD(*) and siblings
Konstantinos PetridisBristol2017-05-17Instant workshop on B meson anomaliesGenevaSwitzerland30' incl. questionsAngular analysis
Guy WilkinsonOxford2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina20+5Highlights and perspectives from the LHCb experiment
Silvia GambettaEdinburgh2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina20+4The LHCb upgrade
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+3Flavour physics reach after upgrade (Abstract)
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina20+4CINCO: Forward heavy ion and fixed target physics (Abstract)
William BarterManchester2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina20+4CINCO: Vector boson production (Abstract)
Francesca DordeiGeneva-CERN2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina20+4CINCO: CP violation in beauty and charm (Abstract)
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina20+4CINCO: Lepton flavour universality tests
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina20+4CINCO: Heavy flavour production and spectroscopy (Abstract)
Francesca DordeiGeneva-CERN2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina12+3Masterclasses in LHCb (Abstract)
Fabio FerrariBologna2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+5Novel LHCb strategy for particle identification and its performance (Abstract)
Hang YinCentral China U.2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+5Tracking and vertex reconstruction at LHCb for Run 2 (Abstract)
Roel AaijGeneva-CERN2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+5Real-time physics: performance and novel developments at the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Jia-Jia QinUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+5New results on jets, heavy flavor & quakonium with LHCb (Abstract)
Emilie MauriceOrsay-LAL2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+2Fixed-target physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Renata KopecnaHeidelberg-Uni2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina14+3New results on collectivity with LHCb (Abstract)
Hannah Mary Evans2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+3SUSY indirect searches with LHCb (Abstract)
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+2Physics with jets at LHCb (Abstract)
Liupan AnTsinghua2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+2Measurements of particle production, soft-QCD, and double parton scattering at LHCb (Abstract)
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+2Heavy Flavour production at LHCb (Abstract)
Menglin XuCentral China U.2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+3Single boson production and differential cross sections measurements in LHCb (Abstract)
Silvia BorghiManchester2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+4Mixing and CP violation results in Charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Xuesong LiuTsinghua2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+4Mixing and CP violation results in b-hadron decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Jiesheng YuCentral China U.2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina14+3LHCb results on hadron spectroscopy, including exotic states (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina14+2Rare decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Federico BettiBologna2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina14+2Tests of of Lepton Flavour Universality with semileptonic decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Guido AndreassiLausanne-EPFL2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina14+2Tests of of Lepton Flavour Universality with b->sll transitions at LHCb (Abstract)
Yanxi ZhangOrsay-LAL2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina14+3Measurements of heavy flavour production in pp collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Adam DavisTsinghua2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChinaMeasurements of charm mixing and CP violation using $D^0\to K \pm \pi\mp$ decays (Abstract)
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChina15+3Exotica searches at LHCb (Abstract)
Plamen Hristov HopchevLausanne-EPFL2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChinaThe SciFi tracker for the LHCb upgrade
Mengzhen WangTsinghua2017-05-15LHCPShanghaiChinaMeasurements of the CP violating phase phi_s at LHCb (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2017-05-09SLAC seminarPalo AltoUSAJ/psi production in jets at LHCb
Ulrich UwerHeidelberg-Uni2017-05-08Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA35' including questionsRecent results from LHCb
Michael SokoloffCincinnati2017-05-08DS@HEPBataviaUSAUse of advanced ML techniques in operations and data analysis at LHCb
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2017-05-07STARSHabanaCubaMeasurement of antiproton production in p-He collisions at LHCb to constrain the secondary cosmic antiproton flux (Abstract)
Sarah KarodiaGlasgow2017-05-02Standard Model @ LHCAmsterdamNetherlands20+5CINCO: CP violation at the LHC (Abstract)
Daniele MarangottoUniversità di Milano2017-05-02Standard Model @ LHCAmsterdamNetherlands20+5CINCO: Rare decays at the LHC (Abstract)
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-05-02Standard Model @ LHCAmsterdamNetherlands15+8CINCO: Exotic heavy-quark spectroscopy (Abstract)
Guy WilkinsonOxford2017-04-24IMFPGranadaSpainFlavor physics (Abstract)
Simone BifaniBirmingham2017-04-18CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerland60'Search for new physics with $b \to s \ell^+ \ell^-$ decays at LHCb
Marco GersabeckManchester2017-04-18PortorozPortorozSlovenia28' incl. questions(CINCO) Recent experimental highlights in flavour physics
Franz MuheimEdinburgh2017-04-17ALPSObergurglAustriaStatus of LHCb
Federico AlessioGeneva-CERN2017-04-17ALPSObergurglAustria15+5The LHCb upgrades (Abstract)
Frederic TeubertGeneva-CERN2017-04-06HEPIoanninaGreeceRecent LHCb results
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2017-04-03DISBirminghamUK15'+questionsW, Z and top production measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Bartlomiej RachwalCracow-AGH2017-04-03DISBirminghamUK20' incl questionsCentral Exclusive Production at LHCb (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2017-04-03DISBirminghamUK20' incl questionsJ/Psi production in jets in pp collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Michal KrepsCoventry-Warwick2017-04-03DISBirminghamUK18' incl questionsExotic hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Luca PescatoreLausanne-EPFL2017-04-03DISBirminghamUK30' incl questionsNeutral B to mumu decays and other rare decays (Abstract)
Francesco DettoriLiverpool2017-04-03DM@LHCIrvine, CAUSA25Searches for dark matter and/or dark sectors at LHCb
Jolanta BrodzickaManchester2017-03-29Current Trends in Flavor PhysicsParisFrance30'Status and perspectives for charm physics (LHCb and Belle2)
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2017-03-29Current Trends in Flavor PhysicsParisFrance30'Status of b-semileptonic decays at LHCb
Gregory CiezarekAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-03-27Mini-workshop on D(*)τν and related topicsNagoyaJapan25+10 TBCOverview on LHCb results on B->D(*)taunu and related topics
Mark SmithLondon-Imperial2017-03-27Mini-workshop on D(*)τν and related topicsNagoyaJapan20+5 TBCTest of lepton universality with B—>p pbar l nu decays
Benedetto Gianluca SiddiFerrara2017-03-27Mini-workshop on D(*)τν and related topicsNagoyaJapanMeasurement of R(D*) with hadronic tau decays
Jinlin FuUniversità di Milano2017-03-25Moriond QCDLa ThuileItalyMixing and CP violation in beauty and charm at LHCb
Marc-Olivier BettlerGeneva-CERN2017-03-25Moriond QCDLa ThuileItalyRare decays, radiative decays and b->sll transitions at LHCb (including charm and strange)
Marie Helene SchuneOrsay-LAL2017-03-25Moriond QCDLa ThuileItalyLepton Flavour Universality tests with B decays at LHCb
Marco PappagalloBari2017-03-25Moriond QCDLa ThuileItalyHadron spectroscopy and exotic states at LHCb
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2017-03-25Moriond QCDLa ThuileItalyPhysics with electroweak gauge boson in the forward direction at LHCb
Francesco BossuOrsay-LAL2017-03-25Moriond QCDLa ThuileItalyHard probes with pPb and PbPb collisions and fixed target results at LHCb
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2017-03-19AspenAspenUSA25+5Flavour Physics at LHCb
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2017-03-19AspenAspenUSA25+5Non-flavor aspects (exotic Higgs, DM, ...) of physics at LHCb
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItalyExperimental summary
Wouter HulsbergenAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5CINCO: Searches for long-lived particles at LHC, and interpretation in different models
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5LFU tests with semitauonic decays @ LHCb
Siim TolkCambridge2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Rare B and strange decays
Simone BifaniBirmingham2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly12+3Status of new physics searches and LFU tests with b->sll transitions @ LHCb
Michael Joseph MorelloPisa-Pisa2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Charm physics with LHCb
Laurence CarsonEdinburgh2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5CP violation with B hadrons at LHCb
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly10+5Fixed target results and inputs for cosmic ray physics at LHCb
Ulrich EitschbergerDortmund-TU2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItalyMeasurement of time dependent CP violation in Bs->DsK decays with LHCb
Federico BettiBologna2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItalyMeasurement of R(D*) with three-prong tau decays at LHCb
Mick MulderAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-03-18Moriond EWLa ThuileItalyThe branching fraction and effective lifetime of B(s)->mumu at LHCb with Run 2 data
Jonas RademackerBristol2017-03-13PWA/ATHOSBad HonnefGermanyRelation of spectroscopy/scattering to studies of CP violation in (heavy-)meson decays
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2017-03-13PWA/ATHOSBad HonnefGermany40+5Heavy-flavor hadron spectroscopy
Greig CowanEdinburgh2017-03-13PWA/ATHOSBad HonnefGermanyLHCb analysis tools for finding resonances
Anton PoluektovNovosibirsk-BINP2017-03-13PWA/ATHOSBad HonnefGermanyExotic hadrons at LHCb
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-03-09PANDA workshopDarmstadtGermanyHeavy flavour spectroscopy at LHCb
Simon StemmleHeidelberg-Uni2017-03-06Connecting The DotsParisFranceFast, Parallel and Parametrized Kalman Filters for the LHCb upgrade
Adam DendekCracow-AGH2017-03-06Connecting The DotsParisFranceDeep neural nets and Bonsai BDTs in the LHCb pattern recognition
Stefanie ReichertDortmund-TU2017-03-05Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5Lepton Flavour Universality tests at LHCb
Kristof De BruynMarseille-CPPM2017-03-05Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5New physics searches with b->sll transitions and rare decays at LHCb
Jolanta BrodzickaManchester2017-03-05Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5Heavy flavour production and spectroscopy at LHCb
Anita NandiOxford2017-03-05Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20+5Mixing and CP violation in D- and B-meson systems at LHCb
Abhijit MathadCoventry-Warwick2017-03-05Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyObservation of the decay Xib- -> pK-K- (Abstract)
Eluned SmithAachen I2017-03-05Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyObservation of the rare decay $\Lambda_b^0\to p\pi^-\mu^+\mu^-$ (Abstract)
Giulio DujanyManchester2017-03-05Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyCharmless b-hadron decays at LHCb
Sascha StahlGeneva-CERN2017-03-05Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyPhysics opportunities with an upgraded LHCb detector in the HL-LHC era
Mark Richard James WilliamsManchester2017-02-27INSTRNovosibirskRussiaThe LHCb upgrade programmes
Vladislav BalaguraOrsay-LAL2017-02-27INSTRNovosibirskRussiaLuminosity measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Yury GuzProtvino-IHEP2017-02-27INSTRNovosibirskRussia15+5The LHCb Calorimeter system: design, performance and upgrade
Dmitrii PereimaMoscow-ITEP2017-02-27INSTRNovosibirskRussia12+3Calibration of the LHCb calorimetric system
Albert BurscheCagliari2017-02-27ECT*: QCD challenges in pp, pA and AA collisions at high energiesTrentoItaly40+10Heavy Ion results at LHCb
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2017-02-27ECT*: QCD challenges in pp, pA and AA collisions at high energiesTrentoItalyCentral exclusive production in LHCb
Lucia GrilloMilano_B2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb status
Emanuele MichielinPadova-Padova2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb cross-section measurements with heavy flavour jets
Heather Mckenzie WarkLiverpool2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of the forward $Z$ boson production cross-section in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt s=13$ TeV at LHCb
Daniele MarangottoUniversità di Milano2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandSearch for CP violation in Λb→pKμμ decays at LHCb
Nicoletta BelloliMilano_B2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of CP violation in B→D(∗)D decays at LHCb
Carlos Sanchez MayordomoValencia-IFIC2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of the photon polarization in radiative B0s decays at LHCb
Morgan MartinMarseille-CPPM2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandObservation of Bs→ηch+h− decays at LHCb
Claire ProuveBristol2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandExpanding Model Independent Approaches for Measuring CKM angle gamma at LHCb
Sebastiana GianìLausanne-EPFL2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandSearch for the decay Bs→η′ϕ at LHCb
Maxime VernetClermont-Ferrand2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandSearch for Λb and Ξb decays to p3h final states at LHCb
Dominik Stefan MitzelHeidelberg-Uni2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandProspects for D0→hhμμ decays at LHCb
Kevin MaguireManchester2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of the D0 meson lifetime at LHCb
Andrea MerliUniversità di Milano2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of matter-antimatter differences in b-baryon decays at LHCb
Ekaterina GovorkovaAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandEnabling real-time analysis at LHCb
Abhijit MathadCoventry-Warwick2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandThe new strategy for particle identification samples in Run 2 at LHCb
Dominik MüllerManchester2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandFast simulation options in LHCb
Renato QuaglianiOrsay-LAL2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandA standalone track reconstruction algorithm for the scintillating fibre tracker at the LHCb upgrade
Fabio FerrariBologna2017-02-22LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of b-hadron production asymmetries in 7 and 8 TeV pp collisions at LHCb
Marco SantimariaFrascati-LNF2017-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Very rare B decays at LHCb
Vincenzo BattistaLausanne-EPFL2017-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3CP violation in B decays
Malgorzata PikiesCracow-HNI2017-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Electroweak penguin decays at LHCb
Josue Molina RodriguezRio-CBPF2017-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Exotic spectroscopy
Michael AlexanderGlasgow2017-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Heavy quark production
Brice MaurinLausanne-EPFL2017-02-19Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake LouiseCanada12+3Semileptonic B decays at LHCb
Flavio ArchilliAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-02-14CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerlandB->mumu (exact title TBC)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2017-02-13Santa Fe Jets and Heavy Flavour WorkshopSanta FeUSheavy flavor production in hadronic and nuclear collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2017-02-13Giornate sui rivelatori Scuola F. BonaudiCogneItaly90'The LHCb Upgrade
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2017-02-13Giornate sui rivelatori Scuola F. BonaudiCogneItaly60'The LHCb Upgrade
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2017-02-05Quark MatterChicagoUSAHeavy flavour production in proton-lead and lead-lead collisions with LHCb (Abstract)
Emilie MauriceOrsay-LAL2017-02-05Quark MatterChicagoUSANew high resolution measurements of open and hidden charm production in proton-nucleus collisions at sqrt(s) = 110 GeV with the LHCb detector. (Abstract)
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2017-02-05Quark MatterChicagoUSA15' no questionsExperimental Preview of LHCb results (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2017-02-01APS Topical Group in Hadron PhysicsWashington DCUSA25' including questionsIntrinsic Charm at LHCb (Abstract)
Claudia PatrignaniBologna2017-02-01APS Topical Group in Hadron PhysicsWashington DCUSA30' incl. questionsCINCO: Exotic Hadrons at LHC
Claudia PatrignaniBologna2017-01-28APS April MeetingWashington DCUSA30'+6'LHC results on Exotic Hadrons (CINCO)
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2017-01-28APS April MeetingWashington DCUSA30'+6'Exotic heavy-quark spectroscopy (Abstract)
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2017-01-28APS April MeetingWashington DCUSALattice QCD and search of physics beyond the Standard Model (CINCO)
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2017-01-28APS April MeetingWashington DCUSATest of LFU with semileptonic B decays (Abstract)
Matthew KelseySyracuse2017-01-28APS April MeetingWashington DCUSAb quark cross-section at 13 TeV
Elena Dall'OccoAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-01-24Beam Telescopes and Test Beams WorkshopBarcelonaSpainUpdate on Timepix3 Telescope & Grazing Angles Results
Stefania RicciardiDidcot-RAL2017-01-23BormioBormioItaly30' incl questionsLHCb results on Flavour Physics
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2017-01-23BormioBormioItaly40' incl questionsHadron Spectroscopy and Heavy Ion results at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcel MerkAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-01-22Bormio pre-conference schoolBormioItaly1:45hhttp://www.bormiomeeting.com/pre-conference-school-2013/
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2017-01-17Physics@VeldhovenThe NetherlandsTetra- and pentaquarks with charm and bottom quarks at LHC
Bartlomiej RachwalCracow-HNI2017-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland20'Production measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Varvara BatozskayaWarsaw-NCBJ2017-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland15-20Measurements of the phase phi_s at LHCb
Andrea MauriZurich-UZH2017-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland30'Heavy-flavour highlights from LHCb (Abstract)
Malgorzata PikiesCracow-HNI2017-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland15-20Selected measurements of rare decays at LHCb
Bartosz MaleckiCracow-HNI2017-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland15-20Two-particle correlations in p-Pb collisions at LHCb
Maciej Witold MajewskiCracow-AGH2017-01-09Epiphany ConferenceCracowPoland15-20Developement of the LHCb velo monitoring software platform
Yiming LiOrsay-LAL2016-12-16LHCC Open SessionGenevaSwitzerland25 + questionsLHCb status (TBC)
Zhirui XuAnnecy-LAPP2016-12-15Collider Cross TalkGenevaSwitzerland45+15First experimental study of photon polarization in radiative B0s decays
Ivan PolyakovSyracuse2016-12-14MiamiLauderdaleUS30' incl questionsResults from the LHCb
Elena GraveriniZurich-UZH2016-12-14MiamiLauderdaleUS30' incl. questionsSemi-tauonic physics at LHCb
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-12-14RAL PPD seminarDidcotUK45+15On pentaquark particles and their discovery at the LHCb experiment
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2016-12-05KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaHeavy Flavor spectroscopy at LHCb (including exotic states)
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2016-12-05KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaHeavy Flavor and Quarkonia production at LHCb
Siim TolkCambridge2016-12-05KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaTesting the Standard Model with rare decays at LHCb
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2016-12-05KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaCP violation in b and c-hadron decays at LHCb
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2016-12-05KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaResults and prospects on ion physics at LHCb
Alessio PiucciHeidelberg-Uni2016-12-05KrugerMpumalangaSouth AfricaLHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Anton PoluektovNovosibirsk-BINP2016-12-05HINTJPARCJapan30'Exotic Hadrons from LHCb (pentaquark etc.) (Abstract)
Nicola NeriUniversità di Milano2016-12-01Central European Seminar on Particle Physics and Quantum Field TheoryViennaAustria40+5'Overview of experimental results on Flavour Physics (Abstract)
Michael McCannLondon-Imperial2016-11-30LHCC Open SessionGenevaSwitzerland30+5LHCb Status Report
Karlis DreimanisLiverpool2016-11-293D Parton Distributions: path to the LHCFrascatiItaly20+5J/psi and EW physics at LHCb
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsB physics at hadron machines
Carla GöbelRio-PUC2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsCharm Physics
Adam DavisTsinghua2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia25+5Charm semileptonic decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+5'b->sll and radiative decays at LHCb
Paula Alvarez CartelleLondon-Imperial2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia15+5'Lepton number/flavour violation and lepton universality test in B decays at LHCb
Matteo RamaPisa-Pisa2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia15+5'Other rare decay results (Review -- Belle+BaBar+LHCb) (Abstract)
Frederic MachefertOrsay-LAL2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsMeasurement of gamma from Bu -> D(*) K(*) decays at LHCb
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsCurrent challenges and future prospects for measuring gamma from b-hadron -> D h h decays
Conor FitzpatrickLausanne-EPFL2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsFrequentist and Bayesian combinations of gamma measurements and expectation for 2021
Sebastiana GianìLausanne-EPFL2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsDirect CPV in (Q)2-body charmless B meson decays at LHCb - recent results and future prospects
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsDirect CPV in 3-body charmless B meson decays at LHCb - recent results and future prospects
Andrea MerliUniversità di Milano2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsDirect CPV in charmless b-baryon decays at LHCb - recent results and future prospects
Agnieszka DziurdaGeneva-CERN2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsMeasurement of gamma from time-dependent analysis of Bs -> Ds K
Alex BirnkrautDortmund-TU2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsMeasurement of gamma from time-dependent analysis of Bd -> D pi
Stefano PerazziniGeneva-CERN2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsCP violation results from time-dependent analysis of B(d,s) -> h+ h-
Julián García PardiñasSantiago de Compostela2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsCP violation results from time-dependent analysis of Bs -> (K+pi-) (K-pi+)
Angelo CarboneBologna2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia25'+5'Measurements of direct CPV in two-body charm decays at LHCb
Marco GersabeckManchester2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia25+5'Measurements of direct CPV in multi-body charm decays at LHCb
Kevin MaguireManchester2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia25+5'Measurements of mixing and indirect CPV in two-body charm decays at LHCb
Maurizio MartinelliLausanne-EPFL2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia25+5'Measurements of mixing and indirect CPV in multi-body charm decays at LHCb
Marcello RotondoFrascati-LNF2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia25+5'Experimental mini-review on exclusive Vub and Vcb (results+prospects with upgrade)
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia15+5'Experimental mini-review on other semileptonic B/Bs/Lambda decays (focus on b->c SL decays. review talk which should cover LHCb, Belle, BelleII prospects)
Concezio BozziFerrara2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia15+5'Experimental mini-review on R(D) and R(D*) measurements (LHCb results+Upgrade prospects)
Greig CowanEdinburgh2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsLatest LHCb results on $\phi_s$
Simon AkarCincinnati2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20' + questionsMeasurements of penguin pollution effects
Stefania VecchiFerrara2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20' + questionsMeasurements of DeltaM_d, DeltaM_s, DeltaGamma_d
Veronika ChobanovaSantiago de Compostela2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia30'+questionsMid- and long-term prospects of measurements of mixing and mixing induced CP violation at LHCb (B system)
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsBs -> phi gamma time dependent CP violation
Marta CalviMilano_B2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20'+questionsMixing induced CP violation in Bd decays
Eduardo RodriguesCincinnati2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia20+5B meson decays to charmless baryonic final states at LHCb - results and future prospects
Christopher ParkesManchester2016-11-28CKMMumbaiIndia15+5'LHCb beyond the upgrade: a future high luminosity flavour physics experiment (Abstract)
Xianglei ZhuTsinghua2016-11-28MPI@LHCChiapasMexico20+5'Long-range near-side angular correlations in the forward region
Marco AdinolfiBristol2016-11-28MPI@LHCChiapasMexicoTuning Monte Carlo generators with LHCb results -- abstract submitted (Abstract)
Liupan AnTsinghua2016-11-28MPI@LHCChiapasMexicoRecent results of DPS studies at LHCb --- submitted (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2016-11-28MPI@LHCChiapasMexicoExclusive production at LHCb (Abstract)
Konrad KlimaszewskiWarsaw-NCBJ2016-11-28DiscreteWarsawPoland30Recent discrete symmetries tests at LHCb (Abstract)
Carla GöbelRio-PUC2016-11-15Frontiers in Physical SciencesBuenos AiresArgentinaOverview of LHCb results on Flavour Physics
Adlène HicheurRio-UFRJ2016-11-14SILAFAEAntiguaGuatemala45+15'Recent findings of the LHCb experiment
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2016-11-10ALICE Junior ComitteeGenevaSwitzerland45+15Overview of the LHCb heavy-ion programme
Francesco DettoriGeneva-CERN2016-11-08LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland60' incl questionsStatus and prospects for strange physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFranceThe Timepix3 Telescope and Sensor Development for the LHCb VELO Upgrade
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFranceThe LHCb VELO Upgrade
Xavier Llopart CudieGeneva-CERN2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFranceThe VeloPix ASIC for the LHCb VELO Upgrade
Melody Ravonel SalzgeberGeneva-CERN2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFrance15' totThe Herschel Forward Shower Counters for LHCb
Sebastian BachmannHeidelberg-Uni2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFrance15' totSciFi - a Large Scintillating Fibre Tracker for LHCb
Benedetto Gianluca SiddiFerrara2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFrance15' totDevelopment and Deployment of a Fully Parameterized Fast Monte Carlo Simulation in LHCb
Jose Mazorra de CosValencia-IFIC2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFrance15' tot PACIFIC: SiPM Readout ASIC for LHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Tomasz FiutowskiCracow-AGH2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFrance15' totSALT - a Dedicated Readout ASIC for Upstream Tracker in the Upgraded LHCb Experiment
Agnieszka Oblakowska-MuchaCracow-AGH2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFrance15' totRadiation Damage Effects and Operations of the LHCb Vertex Locator
Matthias KaracsonGeneva-CERN2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFrance15Simulation Studies for the Optimization of a Neutron Shield for the SciFi Tracker in the LHCb Upgrade
David GasconBarcelona2016-10-29NSSStrasbourgFrance15ICECAL: a 4 Channel ASIC for the Upgrade of the LHCb Calorimeter
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2016-10-26HEFTCopenhagenDenmark25+5Highlights from LHCb (Abstract)
Johannes AlbrechtDortmund-TU2016-10-25DESY seminarHamburgGermany60'Challenging the Standard Model with LHCb data (Abstract)
Jolanta BrodzickaManchester2016-10-24MIAPPMunichGermanyCPV in D decays (Abstract)
Mark WhiteheadGeneva-CERN2016-10-24MIAPPMunichGermanygamma measurements (Abstract)
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2016-10-24JAEA/ASRC ReimeiInha Korea25+5'LHCb results on exotic states and hadron spectroscopy
Veronika ChobanovaSantiago de Compostela2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland30'Latest LHCb results and prospects on very rare decays in beauty, strange and charm
Gregory CiezarekAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland30'Update and prospects on R(Xc) at LHCb
Konstantinos PetridisBristol2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland30'Radiative and EW-penguin decays and LFU tests
Adam DavisTsinghua2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandCP violation in Charm: experimental results and prospects
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland25' incl questionsStatus and prospects with γ at LHCb
Nicola NeriUniversità di Milano2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20' incl questionsCP violation in baryons: experimental results and prospects
Paul SeyfertMilano_B2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20' incl questionsTime-dependent CP violation: experimental results and prospects
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20' incl questionsPhysics with electroweak bosons in the forward direction at LHCb
Oscar De Aguiar Francisco2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20' incl questionsSUSY searches at LHCb
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20' incl questionsDark Photon searches at LHCb
Marco PappagalloBari2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland25' incl questionsSpectroscopy at LHCb
Yanxi ZhangOrsay-LAL2016-10-12Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20' incl questionsProduction at LHCb
Maurizio MartinelliLausanne-EPFL2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSANovel real-time alignment and calibration of the LHCb Detector in Run2 (Abstract)
2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAThe InfiniBand based Event Builder implementation for the LHCb upgrade
Daniel Campora PerezGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA LHCb Kalman Filter cross architectures studies (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA Automatised data quality monitoring of the LHCb Vertex Locator (Abstract)
Christophe HaenGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAMonitoring performance of a highly distributed and complex computing infrastructure in LHCb (Abstract)
Alessio GianellePadova-Padova2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAFirst experiences with a parallel architecture testbed in the LHCb trigger system (Abstract)
Benjamin CouturierGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA LHCbDIRAC as Apache Mesos microservices (Abstract)
Stefan RoiserGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAThe LHCb software and computing upgrade for Run3: opportunities and challenges (Abstract)
Mikhail HushchynYandex School of Data Analysis2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAGRID Storage Optimization in Transparent and User-Friendly Way for LHCb datasets (Abstract)
Alexander BaranovYandex School of Data Analysis2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA The LHCb Grid Simulation (Abstract)
Ana TrisovicGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA LHCb data and software dependencies in the long-term future preservation (Abstract)
Christian FärberGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAAcceleration of Cherenkov angle reconstruction with the new Intel Xeon/FPGA compute platform for the particle identification in the LHCb Upgrade. (Abstract)
Srikanth SridharanGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA Evaluation of Low latency, coherent memory access technologies like CAPI
2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAMicroservices for systematic profiling and monitoring of the refactoring process at the LHCb experiment
Nikita KazeevYandex School of Data Analysis2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA LHCb data storage optimization with Event Index (Abstract)
Andrey UstyuzhaninYandex School of Data Analysis2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAAb initio automated online data quality control for the LHCb
Philippe CharpentierGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA Benchmarking worker nodes using LHCb simulation productions and comparing with HEP-Spec06 (Abstract)
2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAThe LHCb Starterkit
2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA LHCb Dockerized Build Environment
2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSALHCb migration from Subversion to Git
Alexander BaranovYandex School of Data Analysis2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAMonitoring the LHCb data quality system (Abstract)
Gerhard RavenAmsterdam-VU2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAReal-time analysis with the LHCb trigger in Run-II (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAReal time analysis with the upgraded LHCb trigger in Run-III (Abstract)
Rainer SchwemmerGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA Evolution of the LHCb Online run bookkeeping and data consistency system
Marian StahlHeidelberg-Uni2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSA Machine learning and parallelism in the reconstruction of LHCb and its upgrade (Abstract)
Antonio Augusto Alves JrCincinnati2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAMCBooster: a library for fast Monte Carlo generation of phase-space decays for massively parallel platforms. (Abstract)
Federico StagniGeneva-CERN2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSADIRAC universal pilots (Abstract)
Andrey UstyuzhaninYandex School of Data Analysis2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAParticle Physics Analysis with the CERN Open Data Portal (Abstract)
Andrey UstyuzhaninYandex School of Data Analysis2016-10-10CHEPSan FranciscoUSAEverware toolkit - supporting reproducible science and challenge driven education (Abstract)
Francesco BossuOrsay-LAL2016-10-10QGP French workshopEtretatFrance20+5LHCb PbPb results and perspectives
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2016-10-10QGP French workshopEtretatFrance20+5LHCb pPb results and perspectives
Antonio Romero VidalSantiago de Compostela2016-10-03ChargedUppsalaSweden20+10Flavour-physics and BSM Higgs bosons (Abstract)
Mark Richard James WilliamsGeneva-CERN2016-10-03Topical Seminar on Innovative Particle and Radiation DetectorsSienaItaly20' incl questionsthe LHCb VELO Upgrade
Claudio GottiMilano_B2016-10-03Topical Seminar on Innovative Particle and Radiation DetectorsSienaItaly20' An ASIC for fast single photon counting in the LHCb RICH upgrade
Roman GreimAachen I2016-10-03Topical Seminar on Innovative Particle and Radiation DetectorsSienaItaly15' incl questionsSciFi - A large Scintillating Fibre Tracker for LHCb
Simone CoelliUniversità di Milano2016-10-03Topical Seminar on Innovative Particle and Radiation DetectorsSienaItalyDevelopment and test of the CO2 evaporative cooling system for the Upgrade of the Upstream Tracker Detector for LHCb experiment at CERN
Simon NieswandAachen I2016-10-03Topical Seminar on Innovative Particle and Radiation DetectorsSienaItalyProduction and Quality Assurance of a Scintillating Fibre Detector for the LHCb Experiment
Christopher ParkesManchester2016-10-03HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)Aix les BainsFrance20+5LHCb upgrade status and outlook
Kazuyoshi Carvalho AkibaRio-UFRJ2016-10-03HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)Aix les BainsFrance25+5 VELO and UT talk
Mika VesterinenHeidelberg-Uni2016-10-03HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)Aix les BainsFrance20+5LHCb trigger design technology and performance
Eric ThomasGeneva-CERN2016-10-03HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)Aix les BainsFrance20+5LS2/LS3 activities
Niels TuningAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-10-03HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)Aix les BainsFrance20+5Heavy Flavour Physics at high luminosity
Giulia MancaOrsay-LAL2016-09-29GDR QCDLALFranceHeavy Ion Physics at LHCb
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2016-09-27Austrian Physical societyViennaAustria45' incl. questionsLHCb’s findings on multi-quark states (e.g. pentaquark) (Abstract)
Jinlin FuUniversità di Milano2016-09-27LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland60Search for CP violation in baryon decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Ulrik EgedeLondon-Imperial2016-09-26HC2NP TenerifeSpainLHCb anomalies and implications to NP at low energies
Shanzhen ChenManchester2016-09-26VERTEXLaBiodolaItaly20-25' tbcLHCb VELO operational experience (Abstract)
Cameron Thomas DeanGlasgow2016-09-26VERTEXLaBiodolaItaly20-25' tbcThe LHCb VeLo for Phase 1 upgrade (Abstract)
William ParkerCollege Park-Maryland2016-09-26VERTEXLaBiodolaItaly20-25' tbcThe LHCb UT for Phase 1 upgrade
Barbara StoraciZurich-UZH2016-09-26VERTEXLaBiodolaItaly20-25' tbcTracking, calibration&alignment, and data processing in the LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Tuomas Poikela2016-09-26TWEPPKarlsruheGermany25The VeloPix ASIC
Sandro CadedduCagliari2016-09-26TWEPPKarlsruheGermanyA New Readout Electronics for the LHCb Muon Detector Upgrade
Sneha Amogh NaikGlasgow2016-09-26TWEPPKarlsruheGermany25On-detector electronics for the LHCb VELO upgrade
Krzysztof SwientekCracow-AGH2016-09-26TWEPPKarlsruheGermany25SALT Readout ASIC for Upstream Tracker in the Upgraded LHCb Experiment
Wilco VinkAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-09-26TWEPPKarlsruheGermany25Prototypes and tests of the LHCb Scintillating Fiber detector front end electronics
Jinlin FuUniversità di Milano2016-09-26TWEPPKarlsruheGermanyA Silicon Strip Telescope for Prototype Sensor Characterisation Using Particle Beam and Cosmic Rays
Rui GaoOxford2016-09-26TWEPPKarlsruheGermanyPrecision Electronics for a System of Custom MCPs in the TORCH Time of Flight Detector
Miriam Lucio MartinezSantiago de Compostela2016-09-25Rencontres du VietnamQuy-NhonVietnam22'Precision in CP-Violation measurements and CKM fits -- PLENARY
Miriam Lucio MartinezSantiago de Compostela2016-09-25Rencontres du VietnamQuy-NhonVietnam22'Rare heavy flavour decays -- PLENARY
Yanxi ZhangOrsay-LAL2016-09-23Hard ProbesWuhanChina25+5'Overview of latest LHCb results
Xianglei ZhuTsinghua2016-09-23Hard ProbesWuhanChinaD0 meson production in proton-lead and lead-lead collisions at sqrt{sNN}=5 TeV with LHCb (Abstract)
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2016-09-23Hard ProbesWuhanChinaQuarkonium production in proton-lead and lead-lead collisions at sqrt{sNN}=5 TeV with LHCb (Abstract)
Julian WishahiDortmund-TU2016-09-21LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandStatus report of LHCb
Kristof De BruynMarseille-CPPM2016-09-19TauBeijingChina15'+10'LFV in tau decays: Results and prospects at the LHC (CINCO) (Abstract)
Kristof De BruynMarseille-CPPM2016-09-19TauBeijingChina15'+10'Tests of lepton universality at LHCb
Federico BettiBologna2016-09-19LHC DaysSplitCroatia20+5'Electroweak results in LHCb
Bernardo AdevaSantiago de Compostela2016-09-19LHC DaysSplitCroatia20+5'Overview of LHCb results
Michael McCannLondon-Imperial2016-09-19LHC DaysSplitCroatia15+5'Rare decays from LHCb and CMS
Tobias TekampeDortmund-TU2016-09-19LHC DaysSplitCroatia15+5'Search for very rare decays of beauty mesons into four muons
Oscar De Aguiar Francisco2016-09-19Workshop on Jet Vetoes and Jet Multiplicity Observables at the LHCDurhamUK20+10'Jet results in the LHCb experiment
Michael WinnOrsay-LAL2016-09-16International School on Nuclear PhysicsEriceItaly25'LHCb heavy-ion results and prospects
Francesco DettoriGeneva-CERN2016-09-14KAONBirminghamUK15+5'Search for $\Sigma^+ \to p \mu^+ \mu^-$ decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Miguel Ramos PernasSantiago de Compostela2016-09-14KAONBirminghamUK15+5'Search for $K^0_S\to \mu\mu$ at LHCb (Abstract)
Lorenzo CapriottiManchester2016-09-14KAONBirminghamUK15+5'LHCb searches for the strong CP-violating $\eta \to \pi\pi$ and $\eta^\prime \to \pi\pi$ (Abstract)
Siim TolkCambridge2016-09-14KAONBirminghamUK15+5'B rare decays and test of lepton flavour universality at LHCb (Abstract)
Carla Marin BenitoBarcelona2016-09-14KAONBirminghamUK15+5'Prospects for the search of$ K^0_S \to \pi \pi e e$ at LHCb (Abstract)
Miriam Lucio MartinezSantiago de Compostela2016-09-14KAONBirminghamUK15+5'Prospects for the searches $K^0_S \to \pi^0 \mu\mu$ at LHCb (Abstract)
Jolanta BrodzickaManchester2016-09-13Physics in CollisionQuy NhonVietnam40+5'Charm mixing, CPV and rare decays (review)
Yuehong XieCentral China U.2016-09-13Physics in CollisionQuy NhonVietnam40+5'CPV in b-hadrons
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2016-09-11INPCAdelaideAustralia25' incl questions LHCb heavy ion program (including pPb).
Marco GersabeckManchester2016-09-05CharmBolognaItalyExperimental overview of Charm physics
Angelo Di CantoGeneva-CERN2016-09-05CharmBolognaItalySummary talk (experimental)
Jonas RademackerBristol2016-09-05CharmBolognaItalyAmplitude Analyses
Pietro MarinoPisa-Pisa2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly15+5'Mixing and indirect CPV using 2-body decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Stefanie ReichertDortmund-TU2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly15+5'Mixing and indirect CPV using multi-body decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Shanzhen ChenManchester2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly15+5'Searches for CPV in D0 decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Dominik MüllerManchester2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly15+5'Charm production in pp collisions at 5 and 13 TeV (Abstract)
Paras NaikBristol2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly15+5'Charmed baryons at LHCb (Abstract)
Timothy EvansOxford2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly15+5'Recent results on Dalitz-plot analyses of D mesons decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Simone StrackaPisa-Pisa2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly15+5'Searches for CPV in D+ decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Alberto dos ReisRio-CBPF2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly25+5'Amplitude analyses with charm decays at LHCb
Marianna FontanaCagliari2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly25+5'Semi-leptonic and rare charm decays at LHCb
Antonio Augusto Alves JrCincinnati2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly25+5'Charmonium and exotics production and spectroscopy at LHC (including ATLAS&CMS results)
Mark Richard James WilliamsGeneva-CERN2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly25+5'CP Violation and mixing in charm decays at LHCb
Christopher ParkesManchester2016-09-05CharmBolognaItalyfuture plans for LHCb beyond the upgrade
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2016-09-05CharmBolognaItaly25+5'Open charm Production and Spectroscopy at LHCb
Evelina GersabeckHeidelberg-Uni2016-09-05CharmBolognaItalyMeasurement of CP asymmetries in D0->hh decays
Emma BuchananBristol2016-09-05PIXELSestri LevanteItaly20'+5The VELO Pixel detector upgrade
Lars EklundGlasgow2016-09-05PIXELSestri LevanteItaly20+5'Physics benchmarks with the VELO pixel
Martinus van BeuzekomAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-09-05PIXELSestri LevanteItalyThe VeloPix ASIC for the LHCb VELO Upgrade
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2016-09-05IPA (Interplay between Particle and Astrophysics))Orsay (LAL)France25+5'Hints for new phenomena in rare and forbidden decays (review CINCO)
Antonios PapanestisDidcot-RAL2016-09-05RICHBledSlovenia20+5Performance of the LHCb RICH detectors during the LHC Run II
Sajan EasoDidcot-RAL2016-09-05RICHBledSlovenia20+'Overview of LHCb-RICH upgrade
Thierry GysGeneva-CERN2016-09-05RICHBledSlovenia20+5The TORCH detector R&D: status and perspectives
Jibo HeUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2016-09-05RICHBledSlovenia20+5Real-time calibration and alignment of the LHCb RICH detectors
Lorenzo CassinaMilano_B2016-09-05RICHBledSlovenia20+5The new photodetectors for the LHCb RICH upgrade and their FE design
Carmelo D'AmbrosioGeneva-CERN2016-09-05RICHBledSlovenia20+5The Future of RICH Detectors through the Light of the LHCb RICHes
Michele Piero BlagoGeneva-CERN2016-09-05RICHBledSloveniaTesting RICH Upgrade MaPMTs and Readout Electronics at High Rates
Paolo CarnitiMilano_B2016-09-05RICHBledSloveniaBeam test results for the upgraded LHCb RICH opto-electronic readout system
Silvia GambettaEdinburgh2016-09-05RICHBledSloveniaFirst results from Quality Assurance Testing of MaPMTs for the LHCb RICH Upgrade
Franz MuheimEdinburgh2016-09-05RICHBledSloveniaMeasurements of Quantum Efficiency and Sensitivity to Magnetic Fields of the MaPMTs R13743 and R13742
Olivier SchneiderLausanne-EPFL2016-09-0350th anniversary of the Brazilian Physical SocietyNatalBrazilLHC flavour results
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2016-08-31Corfu 2016CorfuGreeceLHCb overviews
Neville HarnewOxford2016-08-31Corfu 2016CorfuGreeceMeasuring the Unitarity Triangle with LHCb
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2016-08-31SEARCHOxfordUK25+5'LHCb results and prospects
Marc-Olivier BettlerGeneva-CERN2016-08-31Heavy Flavour physics at HL-LHCCERNSwitzerland20'LHCb : potential for kaon physics with a full upfront reconstruction
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2016-08-31Heavy Flavour physics at HL-LHCCERNSwitzerland20'Potential for rare decay measurements in HL-LHC period
Andrea ContuGeneva-CERN2016-08-31Heavy Flavour physics at HL-LHCCERNSwitzerland20'How well can we control detector effects for precision measurements in the HL-LHC period?
Johannes AlbrechtDortmund-TU2016-08-31Heavy Flavour physics at HL-LHCCERNSwitzerland20'LHCb : overview of HF activities and upgrade plans
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2016-08-29ConfinementThessalonikiGreece15+5'Quark flavour anomalies of the SM (Abstract)
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2016-08-29ConfinementThessalonikiGreece15+5'eta_c production at LHCb (Abstract)
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2016-08-29ConfinementThessalonikiGreece25+5'Flavor anomalies from LHCb and other experiments
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2016-08-29ConfinementThessalonikiGreeceExotic Hadron spectroscopy (Abstract)
Mariusz WitekCracow-HNI2016-08-29ISMDJeju islandSouth Corea20' (tbc) + questionscorrelations and ridge in pp and pPb collisions
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland35+10Recent LHC results with impact on parton density functions (review -- CINCO)
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland40+10Recent highlights on heavy quarks (review of LHC results) (Abstract)
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland20+10'LHCb: charm, bottom and top production in the forward region (Abstract)
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland25+5'LHCb results and perspectives on heavy-ion physics (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland25+5'LHCb results on associated production of heavy hadrons (Abstract)
Matthew NeedhamEdinburgh2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland25+5'LHCb results on b-hadron production and properties (including Bc, quarkonia and baryons) (Abstract)
Christian VoßRostock2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland20+5'LHCb results on baryonic B decays
Daniel Charles CraikEdinburgh2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland20+5'LHCb results on heavy quark spectroscopy
Giovanni CavalleroGenova2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland20+5'LHCb results on exotic spectroscopy
Alexandru GrecuBucharest-IFIN-HH2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland20' (tbc) Gauge Boson physics in the forward region (includes W/Z production, differential cross-sections, ratios, Z forward-backward asymmetry)
Wouter HulsbergenAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland20' (tbc) Vector boson (plus jets) physics in pp collisions at the LHC (includes W/Z + jet, W+b,c, W+dijet, top) (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerland20' (tbc) LHCb results on central exclusive production (Abstract)
Alexandru GrecuBucharest-IFIN-HH2016-08-22QCD@LHCZurichSwitzerlandImpact of LHCb results on the tuning of Monte Carlo generators (Abstract)
Federica LionettoZurich-UZH2016-08-21NuFACTQuy NhonVietnamstatus and future prospects for charged Lepton flavor violation (cLFV) searches at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2016-08-21NuFACTQuy NhonVietnam15+5Sterile neutrino and other long lived particle searches at LHCb
Abolhassan JawaheryCollege Park-Maryland2016-08-15SLAC Summer InstituteSLACUSA45+15'Flavor Physics Experiments
Michael SokoloffCincinnati2016-08-15SLAC Summer InstituteSLACUSA30' Recent results from LHCb (Topical seminar) (Abstract)
Jacco de VriesAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-08-15SLAC Summer InstituteSLACUSAMeasurements of the semileptonic CP-asymmetry in neutral Bd,s mixing
Laurent DufourAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-08-15SLAC Summer InstituteSLACUSAMeasurement of the semileptonic CP-asymmetry in Bs-Bsbar mixing
Yuehong XieCentral China U.2016-08-15International Symposium on Higgs Boson and Beyond Standard Model PhysicsWeihaiChina45'Overview of B physics results (with implications for SM+BSM, results from LHCb and LHC)
Yuanning GaoTsinghua2016-08-15International Symposium on Higgs Boson and Beyond Standard Model PhysicsWeihaiChina30'LHCb status
Sneha MaldeOxford2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5'Measurement of the CKM angle γ at LHCb (abstract 256) (Abstract)
Lennaert BelAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSATime dependent CPV measurement in B to open charm decays at LHCb (abstract 258) (Abstract)
Louis HenryParis-LPNHE2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5'Dalitz analyses of charmless b-hadron decays at LHCb (e.g. B -> KS h h and B -> 3h) (abstract 263) (Abstract)
Pieter David2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA15+5'Electroweak scale exotica with LHCb (Abstract)
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA13+2'LHCb results on Z FB asymmetry and top cross section (EW&Top session) (Abstract)
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA15+5'Exclusive production at the LHC (ATLAS+CMS+LHCb (includes our abstract on CEP) (Abstract)
Donatella LucchesiPadova-Padova2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSALHCb Exotica and Higgs searches (Abstract)
Adam DavisCincinnati2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5'Mixing and CP violation in charm decays at LHCb (abstract 244) (Abstract)
Andrea ContuGeneva-CERN2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5'Searches for rare charm decays at LHCb (abstract 245) (Abstract)
Carlos Sanchez MayordomoValencia-IFIC2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5' Radiative b-hadron decays at LHCb (abstract 246) (Abstract)
Vanessa MüllerDortmund-TU2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSAFlavour tagging of b mesons in pp collisions at LHCb (abstract 249) (Abstract)
Antonio FalabellaBologna2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA15+5'LHCb distributed computing in Run II and its evolution towards Run III (abstract 229) (Abstract)
Roel AaijGeneva-CERN2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA15+5'Novel real-time calibration and alignment at LHCb for RunII (abstract 231) (Abstract)
Emanuele MichielinPadova-Padova2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSAThe LHCb trigger in Run II (abstract 232)
Adam DavisCincinnati2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSALHCb tracking performance for Run II and prospects for the Upgrade (abstract 234) (Abstract)
Marianna FontanaCagliari2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA12+3'Study on the performance of the Particle Identification Detectors at LHCb after the LHC First Long Shutdown (LS1) (abstract 235) (Abstract)
Lennaert BelAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA12+3'The LHCb Starterkit: HEP software training for the 21st century (Abstract)
Slavomira StefkovaLondon-Imperial2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5' Studies of the CKM matrix with semileptonic b-hadron decays at LHCb (abstract 238) (Abstract)
Suzanne KlaverManchester2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5'Search for new physics with semileptonic b-hadron decays at LHCb -- (abstract 239) (Abstract)
Francesco BossuOrsay-LAL2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA15+5'Results and plans with heavy ion collisions at LHCb experiment (abstract 917) (Abstract)
Jonas RademackerBristol2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5'The early career, gender, and diversity actions within the LHCb Collaboration (Abstract)
Alberto LusianiPisa-Pisa2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSABc meson production, decays and properties at LHCb (abstract 242) (Abstract)
Stefano De CapuaManchester2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA12+3'The LHCb VELO Upgrade (Abstract)
Renato QuaglianiOrsay-LAL2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSASciFi - A large Scintillating Fibre Tracker for LHCb (abstract 960) (Abstract)
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSAThe Silicon Micro-strip Upstream Tracker for the LHCb Upgrade (abstract 962) (Abstract)
Barbara SciasciaFrascati-LNF2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA15+5'Prompt physics analysis from the trigger candidates at LHCb: strategy and new dedicated (Abstract)
Paul SeyfertMilano_B2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5'LHCb results on CP violation in B0_{d/s} mixing and in the interference with decays (merge of abstract #237 and #262) (Abstract)
Simone BifaniBirmingham2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5' Rare leptonic and semileptonic b-hadron decays and Tests of Lepton Flavour Universality at LHCb (merge of #247+#248) (Abstract)
Maria Vieites DiazSantiago de Compostela2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA10+5'Charmless two-body b-meson decays at LHCb (merge of #268+#269) (Abstract)
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSAThe New Herschel Forward Shower Counters for LHCb
Daniel Martin SaundersBristol2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSAThe Timepix3 Telescope and LHCb Upgrade R&D measurements
Jonas RademackerBristol2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSAThe early career, gender, and diversity actions within the LHCb Collaboration (Abstract)
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSAOverview of Beauty Physics
Liming ZhangTsinghua2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA25+5'Exotic hadrons at the LHC (CMS+LHCb) (Abstract)
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA15+5'b-hadron production at LHCb (merge of 243 part and 264) (Abstract)
Donatella LucchesiPadova-Padova2016-08-03ICHEPChicagoUSA12+3'LHCb results with vector bosons (Abstract)
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2016-07-25MENUKyotoJapan40+5'LHCb results on pentaquark search
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2016-07-25MENUKyotoJapanAnomalies in electroweak penguins at LHCb (Abstract)
Jonas RademackerBristol2016-07-18Particles and StringsHavanaCuba30'+X?Heavy flavour physics at the LHC (review)
Bernardo AdevaSantiago de Compostela2016-07-18Helmholtz International Summer School "Physics of Heavy Quarks and Hadrons"Dubna -- JINRRussia 60' including questionsRecent results in B physics and on multiquark states from the LHCb. (Abstract)
Marco GersabeckManchester2016-07-11Heavy Flavours 2016 Quo Vadis?IslayUK (Scotland)30'+15' questionsProspect for charm decays in CP violation, mixing and rare decays (Abstract)
Ulrik EgedeLondon-Imperial2016-07-11Heavy Flavours 2016 Quo Vadis?IslayUK (Scotland)30'+questionsFuture of Flavour Physics - Experimental Overview
Olivier LeroyMarseille-CPPM2016-07-11Heavy Flavours 2016 Quo Vadis?IslayUK (Scotland)30'+questionsExperimental prospects on time-dependent CP violation and Mixing in B(s) meson decays
Mika VesterinenHeidelberg-Uni2016-07-11Heavy Flavours 2016 Quo Vadis?IslayUK (Scotland)30'+questionsExperimental prospects in semileptonic decays
Konstantinos PetridisBristol2016-07-11Heavy Flavours 2016 Quo Vadis?IslayUK (Scotland)30'+questionsExperimental prospects in rare decays
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2016-07-11Heavy Flavours 2016 Quo Vadis?IslayUK (Scotland)30'+questionsExperimental prospects in rare hadronic decays
Giovanni PunziPisa-Pisa2016-07-10PASCOSQuy NhonVietnam25+5'Challenging the CKM picture of CP violation in the Standard Model
Thibaud HumairLondon-Imperial2016-07-10PASCOSQuy NhonVietnam25+5'Indirect searches of New Physics with very rare decays
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2016-07-06ICNFPKolymbariGreeceOverview of LHCb results (tbc)
Francesca DordeiGeneva-CERN2016-07-06ICNFPKolymbariGreeceLHCb Detector and trigger performance in Run II (Abstract)
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2016-07-06Proton and Photon-induced nuclear collisions at the LHCCERNSwitzerland40'Proton- and photon-nucleus collisions in LHCb
Jinlin FuUniversità di Milano2016-07-04QCDMontpellierFrance20+5'LHCb results on CPV in b and c hadron decays
Maarten van VeghelAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-07-04QCDMontpellierFrance20+5'Recent results on rare heavy flavour decays
Concezio BozziFerrara2016-07-03SUSYMelbourneAustralia25+5'Quark flavour physics
Gerco OnderwaterVan Swinderen Institute2016-07-03SUSYMelbourneAustralia15+5'Exotica searches with LHCb (Abstract)
Gerco OnderwaterVan Swinderen Institute2016-07-03SUSYMelbourneAustralia15+5'Tests of Lepton Flavour Universality and searches for Lepton Flavor Violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Olivier DeschampsClermont-Ferrand2016-07-03SUSYMelbourneAustralia15+5'Radiative b-hadron decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Espen Eie BowenZurich-UZH2016-07-03SUSYMelbourneAustralia15+5'Rare leptonic and semileptonic b-hadron decays (Abstract)
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-06-28physic colloquiumInnsbruckAustriaOn pentaquark particles and their discovery at the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Laure Marie MassacrierOrsay-LAL2016-06-28LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland45'Heavy ion and fixed target physics at LHCb: results and prospects (Abstract)
Antimo PalanoBari2016-06-27QCD@workMartina FrancaItaly30'Overview of LHCb results on beauty and charm spectroscopy
Marco PappagalloBari2016-06-27QCD@workMartina FrancaItaly20'+questionsLHCb results on exotics and pentaquark states.
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2016-06-27Dark MatterSantanderSpainSearches for Exotica at LHC with the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2016-06-27SQMBerkeleyUSAHighlights from the LHCb Ion Physics Program
Wojciech KrzemienWarsaw-NCBJ2016-06-26Humboldt Kolleg KitzbühelAustria15' + questionsSearch for CPT symmetry violation in neutral flavour meson oscillations
Gerco OnderwaterVan Swinderen Institute2016-06-20Charged Lepton Flavor ViolationCharlottesville (Virginia)US30+10'LHCb results, status, and expected progress in charged lepton flavor violation
Jeroen van TilburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-06-20Meeting on CPT and Lorentz SymmetryBloomingtonUSACPT and Lorentz violation in the B systems.
Christoph LangenbruchAachen I2016-06-15(Re)interpreting the results of new physics searches at the LHCCERNSwitzerlandLHCb data and likelihood release and availability
Matthew CharlesParis-LPNHE2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+5'Status and recent highlights from LHCb (Opening Plenary Session) (Abstract)
Alessandro CardiniCagliari2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden13+7'LHCb upgrade plans and potential (Upgrade Session)
Lucia GrilloMilano_B2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden20+5'Real-time physics: novel concepts for trigger, calibration & alignment, and data processing with LHCb (Abstract)
Max NeunerHeidelberg-Uni2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden12+3'13 TeV Production results with LHCb (Abstract)
Roberta CardinaleGenova2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden12+3'New results in beauty and charm spectroscopy with LHCb (Abstract)
Jessica PrisciandaroSantiago de Compostela2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+5'New results in LU/LFV tests with LHCb (Abstract)
Frank MeierDortmund-TU2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+5'CPV in beauty decays with LHCb (Abstract)
Denis DerkachYandex School of Data Analysis2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+5'CPV in charm decays with LHCb (Abstract)
Laurent DufourAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+5'New results in semileptonic beauty decays with LHCb
Giovanni PunziPisa-Pisa2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden18+5'Flavour at the HL-LHC (Upgrade and Future Colliders Session)
Laure Marie MassacrierOrsay-LAL2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+5'First LHCb Results from pA and PbPb collisions (Abstract)
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+5' Vector Boson studies in LHCb (including AFB results from all experiments)
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+7'Impact of LHC measurements on Parton Density Functions (Abstract)
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+5'QCD results: LHCb results (Abstract)
Raja NandakumarDidcot-RAL2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden12+5'Searches for heavy neutrinos, LFV
Bartlomiej RachwalCracow-HNI2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden15+5'Searches for exotic new physics with LHCb (Exotics & Dark Matter parallel session)
Michal KrepsCoventry-Warwick2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden20+10'Heavy flavour production and spectroscopy at the LHC (review)
Matthew NeedhamEdinburgh2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden20+10'CP violation, mixing and semileptonic decays in beauty and charm at the LHC (review)
Albert Puig NavarroLausanne-EPFL2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden20+10'Rare decays of flavoured mesons at the LHC (review) (Abstract)
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden20+10'Vector boson (plus jets) physics in pp collisions at the LHC (review)
Vladimir GligorovParis-LPNHE2016-06-13LHCPLundSweden12+3'LHC Masterclasses, bringing particle physics into the classroom: present and future (CINCO)
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2016-06-13New Physics Korea Institute (NPKI) workshopSeoulSouth CoreaHighlights and prospects from LHCb
Irina NastevaRio-UFRJ2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Charmless b-meson and b-baryon decays at LHCb (Abstract)
David HutchcroftLiverpool2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Baryonic B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Biplab DeyUniversità di Milano2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA25+5'Hadron Spectroscopy (including Bc) and exotics at LHCb (Abstract)
Angelo CarboneBologna2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Charm mixing and CPV (Abstract)
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Test of LFU with B decays (Abstract)
Mark WhiteheadGeneva-CERN2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Measurement of CPV gamma angle (Abstract)
Jack WimberleyCollege Park-Maryland2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'semileptonic asymmetries in B decays
Agnieszka Oblakowska-MuchaCracow-AGH2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Beauty mixing and CPV (Abstract)
Violaine BelleeLausanne-EPFL2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Radiative decays (Bs → φγ) (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Heavy flavour production in pp and pPb collisions
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Rare decays al LHCb (including EWP) (Abstract)
Fabio FerrariBologna2016-06-12BEACHFairfaxUSA20+5'Production asymmetries of b and c-hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Franz MuheimEdinburgh2016-06-11Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Flavour PhysicsAnacapriItalyOverview of LHCb results on Heavy Flavour (Abstract)
Umberto MarconiBologna2016-06-11Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Flavour PhysicsAnacapriItaly20' (tbc)LHCb upgrade: plans and physics potential
Sneha MaldeOxford2016-06-07LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerlandPrecision measurements of the CKM angle \gamma
Liupan AnLausanne-EPFL2016-06-06QWGRichland WAUSA20' (tbc)Bc physics at LHCb
Semen EidelmanNovosibirsk-BINP2016-06-06QWGRichland WAUSA20' (tbc)Quarkonia production in pp collisions at LHCb
Claudia PatrignaniBologna2016-06-06QWGRichland WAUSA20' (tbc)Exotic hadron spectroscopy at LHCb (including Pc)
Liupan AnLausanne-EPFL2016-06-06QWGRichland WAUSA20' (tbc)Double Parton Scattering measurements and prospects at LHCb
Claudia PatrignaniBologna2016-06-06QWGRichland WAUSAround table on eta_c
Rosen MatevGeneva-CERN2016-06-06Real timePadovaItalyThe LHCb Trigger in Run II
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2016-06-06QCD Phase StructureWuhanChina30'Pentaquark at LHCb
Yasmine AmhisOrsay-LAL2016-06-05FPCPPasadenaUSA25+5'Experimental review of B_s decays
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2016-06-05FPCPPasadenaUSA25+5'Experimental review of three body hadronic B meson decays (Abstract)
Martino BorsatoSantiago de Compostela2016-06-05FPCPPasadenaUSA25+5' Experimental review of rare B decays
Steven BluskSyracuse2016-06-05FPCPPasadenaUSA25+5'Experimental review of b baryon states and lifetime measurements
Jibo HeUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences2016-06-05FPCPPasadenaUSA25+5'Experimental review of pentaquarks and tetraquarks
Laura GavardiDortmund-TU2016-06-05FPCPPasadenaUSA25+5'LHCb upgrade plans
Dominik MüllerManchester2016-06-02MesonCracowPoland25+5'Charmed meson production at LHCb (Abstract)
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2016-06-02MesonCracowPoland25+5'Results on exotic states at LHCb (pentaquarks)
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2016-05-30Origin of massOdenseDenmarkOverview of latest LHCb results (Abstract)
Ricardo Vazquez GomezFrascati-LNF2016-05-29QuarksPushkinRussia30+5'Overview of LHCb results (Abstract)
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2016-05-29Rencontres de BloisBloisFrancePentaquarks, tetraquarks and glueballs
Simon AkarMarseille-CPPM2016-05-29Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'CP violation in B and charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Eluned SmithLondon-Imperial2016-05-29Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Rare decays at LHCb
Wouter HulsbergenAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-05-29Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Electroweak physics and QCD in the forward direction at LHCb (Abstract)
Greig CowanEdinburgh2016-05-29Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Heavy flavour spectroscopy, including exotic states at LHCb
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2016-05-29Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Results on heavy ion collisions at LHCb
Ilya KomarovLausanne-EPFL2016-05-29Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'LHCb results on 13 TeV pp collisions
Tatsuya NakadaLausanne-EPFL2016-05-29Rencontres de BloisBloisFranceCP violation and rare decays
Manuel SchillerGeneva-CERN2016-05-25LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb status
Johan BlouwHeidelberg-MPI2016-05-23InitialStages2016LisbonPortugal20'+questionsSummary and news from LHCb (including First measurements of long-range near-side angular correlations in √sNN = 5TeV proton-lead collisions in the forward region with LHCb) (Abstract)
Alvaro Dosil SuárezSantiago de Compostela2016-05-23InitialStages2016LisbonPortugal15'+questionsStudy of prompt D0 meson production and cold nuclear matter effects in proton-lead collisions at √sNN = 5TeV in the forward region with LHCb (Abstract)
Julian WishahiDortmund-TU2016-05-23KITP conference: Stress-testing the Standard ModelSanta BarbaraUSALHCb results on flavour physics (Abstract)
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2016-05-23PlanckValenciaSpain30' + questions (tbc) recent results from LHCb and future prospects
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2016-05-23B2TIPPittsburgUSA20-30' (tbc)Gamma measurement at LHCb: latest results and prospects
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2016-05-23B2TIPPittsburgUSA25'LHCb results on exotic hadrons
Marie Helene SchuneOrsay-LAL2016-05-23B2TIPPittsburgUSA20+5On the photon polarization in b→s g transition and the use of converted photons
2016-05-23Forum on Tracking Detector MechanicsBonnGermany30' incl questionsControlling thermal deformations
Raymond MountainSyracuse2016-05-23Forum on Tracking Detector MechanicsBonnGermany30' including questionsMechanics and Construction of the LHCb Upstream Tracker Detector
Simone CoelliUniversità di Milano2016-05-23Forum on Tracking Detector MechanicsBonnGermany30' including questionsLHCb UT Upgrade: Studies and test for the detector cooling system design
Artur UklejaWarsaw-NCBJ2016-05-22HQLBlacksburgUSA20+5'Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Maximilian SchluppDortmund-TU2016-05-22HQLBlacksburgUSA20+5'Rare b and c decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Adam Benjamin MorrisEdinburgh2016-05-22HQLBlacksburgUSA20+5'Charmless b-meson and b-baryon decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Anna LupatoPadova-Padova2016-05-22HQLBlacksburgUSA20+5'Test of Lepton Flavour Universality with semi-tauonic decays of b-hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Matthew KelseySyracuse2016-05-22HQLBlacksburgUSA20+5'CP violation in $B^0_{(s)} - \bar B^0_{(s)}$ mixing with semileptonic B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Svende BraunHeidelberg-Uni2016-05-22HQLBlacksburgUSA20+5'Semileptonic decays of $b$-baryons at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcello RotondoPadova-Padova2016-05-22HQLBlacksburgUSA20+5'Exotic spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2016-05-22HQLBlacksburgUSA20+5'LHCb Upgrade and beyond (Abstract)
Pierluigi CampanaFrascati-LNF2016-05-22VulcanoVulcano IslandItaly20+5'Flavour physics perspectives with the LHCb upgrade
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2016-05-22VulcanoVulcano IslandItaly20+5'Recent, selected highlights from LHCb
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2016-05-18mini-workshop in CracowCracowPolandoverview of heavy-flavour production in p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions (Abstract)
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2016-05-16BaryonsTallahassee, FloridaUSBaryon Spectroscopy at LHCb
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2016-05-16BaryonsTallahassee, FloridaUSSpectroscopy of Exotic Baryons at LHCb (Abstract)
Patrick OwenZurich-UZH2016-05-15Higgs and flavor in the LHC Run 2 era BenasqueSpain30'+questionsIndications for flavor violation in B decays (experimental review)
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2016-05-13Collider Physics Symposium (DPF Polish Physics Society)KatowicePoland20+2'recent results from LHCb
Agnieszka Oblakowska-MuchaCracow-AGH2016-05-13Collider Physics Symposium (DPF Polish Physics Society)KatowicePoland20+2'LHCb perspectives on flavour physics
Wouter HulsbergenAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-05-12Long Lived Particle mini-workshopCERNSwitzerland12+3'LLP Experimental Roundtable: Status and prospects of LHCb
Yuanning GaoTsinghua2016-05-09Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburgUSA35'+questionsOverview of LHCb results
Giovanni CavalleroGenova2016-05-09Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburgUSA12' + questionsExotic spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Federico BettiBologna2016-05-09Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburgUSA12' + questionsTests of Lepton Flavour Universality with b-hadron decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2016-05-03Standard Model @ LHCPittsburgUSA45+10'Overview of recent experimental results in flavor physics (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2016-05-03Standard Model @ LHCPittsburgUSA30+20'Precision measurements of W, Z production and Drell-Yan processes at LHC (CINCO) (Abstract)
Marie Helene SchuneOrsay-LAL2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFranceExperimental summary and perspectives of Flavour Physics (review CINCO)
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)LHCb results on heavy flavour production
Daniel Charles CraikEdinburgh2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Beauty and charm spectroscopy & Pentaquarks/exotics
Michael Joseph MorelloPisa-Pisa2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Charm : CPV and rare decays
Carlos Vázquez SierraSantiago de Compostela2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Mixing-induced CPV in Bs (phi_s) & amplitude analysis, penguins with Bd->JpsiRho, Bs->JpsiK*, ...
Jacco de VriesAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)CPV in mixing asls, asld
Susan HainesCambridge2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)B decays to open charm
Lars EklundGlasgow2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Charmless B decays: 2 body and B->V V (PhiPhi, K*K*,..)
Giulio DujanyManchester2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Multibody charmless B decays
Anton PoluektovNovosibirsk-BINP2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Beauty baryon decays and Bc decays
Basem KhanjiMilano_B2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Semileptonic B decays at LHCb (V_ub)
Gregory CiezarekAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Semileptonic B decays at LHCb including D/D* tau nu
Konstantinos PetridisBristol2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Electroweak penguins with di-leptons, including K* mu mu, R_K, ..
Zhirui XuLausanne-EPFL2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Radiative electroweak penguin decays
Shu Faye CheungOxford2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Gamma measurements
Hannah Mary EvansCambridge2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Very rare B decays B->MuMu, B->emu, propects for taumu, tautau, ..
Barbara SciasciaFrascati-LNF2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)LHCb Run 2 trigger performance
Gabriele SimiPadova-Padova2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)LHCb Upgrade
Frederic TeubertGeneva-CERN2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrance20' (including questions)Beyond LHCb upgrade: long term plans
Pietro MarinoPisa-Pisa2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFrancePrecision measurement of decay-rate asymmetries in D0->hh modes using the full LHCb Run-I sample. (Abstract)
Liupan AnLausanne-EPFL2016-05-02BeautyMarseilleFranceMeasurement of the branching fraction ratio Br(Bc -> Psi(2S) pi)/Br(Bc -> Jpsi \ pi) at LHCb
Georgios ChatzikonstantinidisBirmingham2016-04-21Collider Cross TalkCERNSwitzerlandSearch for violations of Lorentz invariance and CPT symmetry in B0(s) mixing at LHCb
William BarterGeneva-CERN2016-04-20HF@LHCDurham UKLHCb perspective on heavy flavour jet production
Yuanning GaoTsinghua2016-04-16APS April MeetingSalt Lake CityUSA 30+6'Exotic hadron spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2016-04-16APS April MeetingSalt Lake CityUSA 30+6'Heavy Flavour results (complementary to production and polarization) (Abstract)
Thomas BrittonSyracuse2016-04-16APS April MeetingSalt Lake CityUSA Latest results on tetra- and penta-quark candidates from LHCb. (Abstract)
Igor Vladimirovich GorelovMoscow-SINP-MSU2016-04-12 Nuclear Physics of PSD RASDubna -- JINRRussiaRecent Results on Heavy Baryon Spectroscopy with LHCb Detector
Alexander ArtamonovProtvino-IHEP2016-04-12 Nuclear Physics of PSD RASDubna -- JINRRussia15'Updated measurement of Y(nS) production cross-section at sqrt(s) = 7 and 8 TeV
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2016-04-11DISHamburgGermany30+10'QCD at colliders (Review Talk) -- CINCO
Pietro MarinoPisa-Pisa2016-04-11DISHamburgGermany15+5'Measurements of CP violation in charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2016-04-11DISHamburgGermany15+5'13 TeV cross-section measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Hang YinCentral China U.2016-04-11DISHamburgGermany15+5'Recent results on Bc properties and decays from LHCb (Abstract)
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2016-04-11DISHamburgGermany15+5'Central Exclusive production at LHCb (Abstract)
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2016-04-11DISHamburgGermany15+5'W, Z and top production measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Yanxi ZhangOrsay-LAL2016-04-11Meeting on B physicsParisFrance30'+questionsSpectroscopy and QCD
Greig CowanEdinburgh2016-04-11Meeting on B physicsParisFrance30'+questionstetra- and penta-quark searches
Flavio ArchilliAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-04-11Meeting on B physicsParisFrance25'+questionslepton flavour violation in heavy quark decays
Marcello RotondoPadova-Padova2016-04-11Meeting on B physicsParisFrance25'+questionslepton flavour universality in heavy quark decays
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2016-04-11Meeting on B physicsParisFrance25'+questionsthe physics case of a future LHCb upgrade
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2016-04-10LHC Ski 2016: a first discussion of 13 TeV resultsObergurglAustria40' incl. questionsPrecision Measurements (CINCO) (Abstract)
Barbara StoraciZurich-UZH2016-04-10LHC Ski 2016: a first discussion of 13 TeV resultsObergurglAustria20' incl questionsLHCb measurements at 13 TeV with online data analysis exploiting new trigger and real time alignment and calibration (Abstract)
Antonio Augusto Alves JrCincinnati2016-04-10LHC Ski 2016: a first discussion of 13 TeV resultsObergurglAustria20' incl questionsStatus and perspectives with exotic states at LHCb (Abstract)
Juan Jose Saborido SilvaSantiago de Compostela2016-04-04IMFPMadridSpain40' + questionsRecent results on Flavour Physics at the LHC
Yiming LiOrsay-LAL2016-03-30FCPPLStrasbourgFranceBc physics at LHCb
Basem KhanjiMilano_B2016-03-22LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland40'+questionsPrecision measurement of the B^0-meson oscillation frequency and overview of the time-dependent physics programme at LHCb
Marco PappagalloGlasgow2016-03-22LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland20'+questionsSearch for structure in the $B_s^0 \pi^\pm$ invariant mass spectrum
Matthew KenzieGeneva-CERN2016-03-19Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15' + questionsCP violation in B and charm decays at LHCb
Christoph LangenbruchCoventry-Warwick2016-03-19Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15' + questionsRare decays at LHCb
Victor CocoCincinnati2016-03-19Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15' + questionsElectroweak physics and QCD in the forward direction at LHCb
Paolo GandiniOxford2016-03-19Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15' + questionsHeavy flavour spectroscopy, including exotic states at LHCb
Federico AlessioGeneva-CERN2016-03-19Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15' + questionsLHCb results on 13 TeV pp collisions
Yanxi ZhangOrsay-LAL2016-03-19Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15' + questionsResults on heavy ion collisions at LHCb
Johannes AlbrechtDortmund-TU2016-03-12Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly20+5'Rare decays in b hadrons (Abstract)
Sean BensonGeneva-CERN2016-03-12Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5'CPV in b hadrons (Abstract)
Malcolm JohnOxford2016-03-12Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5'The CKM angle gamma
Alex PearceManchester2016-03-12Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5'Charm mixing and CPV
Jeroen van TilburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-03-12Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5'Recent hot results (including semi leptonic b hadrons decays) (Abstract)
Andreas WeidenZurich-UZH2016-03-12Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5+2'Direct CP violation searches using prompt 2-body charm decays at LHCb
Fabio FerrariBologna2016-03-12Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5+2'b-hadron production asymmetries at LHCb (Abstract)
William BarterGeneva-CERN2016-03-12Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15'+questionsInclusive single gauge boson production at 7/8/13 TeV (CINCO)
Daniel Patrick O'HanlonCoventry-Warwick2016-03-12Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5+2'First observation of Lb -> L K+ pi- and L K+K- decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Xuhao YuanNovosibirsk-BINP2016-03-06LEAPKanazawaJapan30' incl. questionspentaquark
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2016-03-06Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20'Rare beauty and charm decays at LHCb
Stephen FarryLiverpool2016-03-06Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20'Electroweak physics in the forward direction at the LHC
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2016-03-06Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20'Heavy quark spectroscopy at LHCb
Mirco DorigoLausanne-EPFL2016-03-06Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20'Measurements of CP violation and mixing in HF sector (charm and beauty)
Vincenzo BattistaLausanne-EPFL2016-03-06Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyb-flavour tagging in pp collisions (Abstract)
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2016-03-06Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly15' incl questionsforward-backward asymmetry in Z and determination of the effective weak mixing angle (Abstract)
Dmytro MelnychukWarsaw-NCBJ2016-03-06Excited QCDCosta da CaparicaPortugal20+10'Status and perspectives with exotic states at LHCb (Abstract)
Xabier Cid VidalSantiago de Compostela2016-03-06Excited QCDCosta da CaparicaPortugal20+10'QCD results in the forward region (LHCb) (Abstract)
Karlis DreimanisLiverpool2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandSoft QCD and pA physics, with a focus on the ridge
Chitsanu KhurewathanakulLausanne-EPFL2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandJet flavor tagging and top x-section
Davide FazziniMilano_B2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandNew algorithms for Flavour Tagging at the LHCb experiment
Violetta CogoniCagliari2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandNovel Muon Identification algorithms for the LHCb Upgrade
Peter GriffithBirmingham2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandVerification of Geant4 physics models for the LHCb simulation
Oliver LuptonOxford2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandThe LHCb trigger in Run-II
Claire ProuveBristol2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandNovel real-time calibration and alignment procedure for LHCb Run II
Laurent DufourAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandBs semileptonic asymmetry
Federico BettiBologna2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandR(D*) and other tauonic decays
Andrea MauriZurich-UZH2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandSearch for hidden-sector bosons at LHCb
Scott ElySyracuse2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandFundamental physics with semileptonic b-baryon decays
Dominik MüllerManchester2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandJ/psi and open charm cross-sections at 13 TeV (Abstract)
Anita NandiOxford2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandConstraints on the CKM angle gamma and extensions with B+->DK*+ at LHCb
Nicoletta BelloliMilano_B2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandBs2Ds(*)Ds(*) and outlook of B2DD/B2D*D
Adam Benjamin MorrisEdinburgh2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of the Bs→ϕϕ branching fraction and angular analysis of Bs→ϕππ
Liupan AnLausanne-EPFL2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandMeasurement of the branching fraction ratio Br(Bc -> Psi(2S) pi)/Br(Bc -> Jpsi pi) at LHCb
Slavomira StefkovaLondon-Imperial2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandProspects with Vub measurements at LHCb
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2016-03-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb Status Report
George LaffertyManchester2016-02-29Conference on New Physics at the Large Hadron ColliderSingaporeSingapore25+5'pentaquark and the anomalies observed in the precision LHCb data.
Alvaro Dosil SuárezSantiago de Compostela2016-02-28WWND 2015GuadeloupeFranceLHCb heavy ion physics program: results and prospects
Daniel Souza2016-02-28ECT* workshop: Quarkonium productionTrentoItaly20' + questionsexclusive quarkonium production in pp collisions (single and double J/Psi by LHCb, the Tevatron results + prospects)
Yiming LiOrsay-LAL2016-02-28ECT* workshop: Quarkonium productionTrentoItalyDouble Heavy Flavour production (J/psi+charm, Upsilon+charm): exp vs theory
Agnieszka DziurdaGeneva-CERN2016-02-22Connecting The DotsViennaAustria25+5'Full offline reconstruction of a HEP detector in real-time (LHCb)
Michel De CianHeidelberg-Uni2016-02-22Connecting The DotsViennaAustria25+5'Machine learning and parallelism in the reconstruction of LHCb and its upgrade
Silvia BorghiManchester2016-02-16Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustria20+5Novel real-time alignment and calibration of the LHCb detector and its performance (Abstract)
Mariana RihlGeneva-CERN2016-02-16Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustria20+5'Imaging the LHC beams with silicon and scintillating fibre vertex detectors (Abstract)
Kazuyoshi Carvalho AkibaRio-UFRJ2016-02-16Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustria20+5'Radiation Damage Effects and Operations in LHC Run 2
Karol HennessyLiverpool2016-02-16Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustria20+5'The LHCb VELO upgrade
Thomas KirnAachen I2016-02-16Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustria20+5'SciFi - A large Scintillating Fibre Tracker for LHCb
2016-02-16Vienna Conference on InstrumentationViennaAustriaTest-beam and laboratory characterisation of the TORCH prototype detector
Marco PappagalloGlasgow2016-02-16RCNP and JPARC seminarOsakaJapan45'Recent result of observation of exotic particles at LHCb
Alessandro CardiniCagliari2016-02-16RCNP and JPARC seminarOsakaJapan45'+15'The LHCb Experiment and its upgrade
Timothy John Price2016-02-11Collider Cross TalkCERNSwitzerland60'Determining the effective weak mixing angle at the LHC
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2016-02-10WE Heraeus-Seminar Bad HonnefGermany30+10'Three-body B decays: Experiment
Veronika ChobanovaSantiago de Compostela2016-02-10WE Heraeus-Seminar Bad HonnefGermany30+10'Latest measurements and future prospects on non-leptonic B decays at Belle and LHCb (Abstract)
Wojciech WislickiWarsaw-NCBJ2016-02-09KEK Theory meetingKEKJapan45' incl questionsOverview of recent LHCb results (Abstract)
Antimo PalanoBari2016-02-08ECT* - The power of spectroscopy and QCDTrentoItaly35+10'Overview of excited D(s) states
Roberta CardinaleGenova2016-02-08ECT* - The power of spectroscopy and QCDTrentoItaly35+10'Heavy flavor spectroscopy at LHCb
Olivier LeroyMarseille-CPPM2016-02-07Lake Louise Winter InstituteAlbertaCanada60' including questionsOverview of Flavour Physics results (overview -- CINCO) (Abstract)
Guido AndreassiLausanne-EPFL2016-02-07Lake Louise Winter InstituteAlbertaCanada12+3'Rare B decays
Benedetto Gianluca SiddiFerrara2016-02-07Lake Louise Winter InstituteAlbertaCanada12+3'Semileptonic B decays at LHCb
Samuel HarnewBristol2016-02-07Lake Louise Winter InstituteAlbertaCanada12+3'CP violation and mixing in charm
Colin BarschelGeneva-CERN2016-02-07Lake Louise Winter InstituteAlbertaCanada12+3'Forward electroweak physics
Christopher BurrManchester2016-02-07Lake Louise Winter InstituteAlbertaCanada12+3'Heavy quark production (Abstract)
Colin BarschelGeneva-CERN2016-02-07Lake Louise Winter InstituteAlbertaCanadaRecent proton-proton luminosity calibration measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcel MerkAmsterdam-Nikhef2016-01-25BormioBormioItaly25+5'Flavour physics at LHCb
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2016-01-25BormioBormioItaly25+5'review on Hadron Spectroscopy
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2016-01-25BormioBormioItaly25+5'Overview of LHCb results on Heavy Ion production
Evelina GersabeckHeidelberg-Uni2016-01-19LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland60' including questions (45+15')CP violation searches in the charm sector at LHCb (Abstract)
Johannes AlbrechtDortmund-TU2016-01-18ACAT ValparaisoChile The LHCb trigger and its upgrade (Abstract)
Renato QuaglianiOrsay-LAL2016-01-18ACAT ValparaisoChileNovel real-time alignment and calibration and track reconstruction for the upgrade at the LHCb detector. (Abstract)
Johannes AlbrechtDortmund-TU2016-01-18ACAT ValparaisoChileChallenges for the LHC Run 3: Computing and Algorithms (Abstract)
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2016-01-14Los Alamos -- SeminarLos AlamosUSAto be decided
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2016-01-11Santa Fe Jets and Heavy Flavour WorkshopSanta FeUSHeavy flavor production at LHCb (Abstract)
Julien CoganMarseille-CPPM2016-01-10Aspen ("Particle Physics on the Verge of Another Discovery?”)Aspen - ColoradoUSA25+5'Flavor Physics - I [Rare Decays/Lifetime] (Abstract)
Silvia BorghiManchester2016-01-10Aspen ("Particle Physics on the Verge of Another Discovery?”)Aspen - ColoradoUSA25+5' Flavor Physics - II [CP Violation] review (Abstract)
Violetta CogoniCagliari2016-01-07Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland30' including questionsPast present and future of the LHCb detector (Abstract)
Sevda EsenHeidelberg-Uni2016-01-07Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland25' including questionsLHCb measurements at 13 TeV
Artur UklejaWarsaw-NCBJ2016-01-07Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland35' including questions Highlights of LHCb measurement in rare decays with Run1 data (Abstract)
Agnieszka Oblakowska-MuchaCracow-AGH2016-01-07Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland30' including questionsSelected CPV results from LHCb Run I and prospects for the CKM gamma measurements in Run II
Hannah Mary EvansCambridge2016-01-07Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland12'Observation of Bs->mumu at CMS and LHCb and future plans
Malgorzata PikiesCracow-HNI2016-01-07Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland12'Selected measurements of rare decays at LHCb
Varvara BatozskayaWarsaw-NCBJ2016-01-07Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland12'Determination of CP-violating phase phi_s in B0s->JpsiPhi decay
Adam DendekCracow-AGH2016-01-07Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland12'Calibration and monitoring of the SALT readout ASIC for the LHCb UT detector
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2016-01-06High Energy Physics in the LHC EraValparaisoChileOverview of the latest LHCb results (Abstract)
Conor FitzpatrickLausanne-EPFL2015-12-18CERN Council JamboreeCERNSwitzerlandRecent results from LHCb
Alex PearceManchester2015-12-17Collider Cross TalkCERNSwitzerlandmeasurements of the J/psi and open charm production cross-sections using early Run2 data at LHCb
Antonio Romero VidalSantiago de Compostela2015-12-16MiamiFt. Lauderdale (Florida)US30' including questionsOverview of LHCb results
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2015-12-16MiamiFt. Lauderdale (Florida)US30' including questionsAnomalies in Flavour physics
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2015-12-16MiamiFt. Lauderdale (Florida)US30' including questionsLHCb early measurements at 13 TeV
Timothy HeadLausanne-EPFL2015-12-11ALEPH Workshop@NIPSMontrealCanada40'Data Science at LHCb (Abstract)
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2015-12-11ALEPH Workshop@NIPSMontrealCanada30'Artificial Physicists (Abstract)
Ulrik EgedeLondon-Imperial2015-12-09IFT Xmas MadridSpainrecent results from the LHCb
Gabriele SimiPadova-Padova2015-12-04WHEPP 2015KanpurIndia35+10'Review of B-physics results (including B-factories) (Abstract)
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2015-12-03PSI seminarZurichSwitzerland60' Recent result of observation of exotic pentaquark particles at LHCb
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2015-12-02Fermilab LHC Physics CenterChicagoUSA60'overview of LHCb results and prospects
Silvia BorghiManchester2015-12-02LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerland25+5'LHCb Status Report
Vladimir GligorovGeneva-CERN2015-12-02ATLAS TDAQ weekEdingrughUK25+5'Machine learning techniques in the LHCb trigger
Sebastian NeubertHeidelberg-Uni2015-11-30Partikeldagarna - Swedish Physics SocietyUppsaalaSwedenRecent LHCb result on Pentaquarks states (Abstract)
Christoph LangenbruchCoventry-Warwick2015-11-23Workshop on new physics scenariosLyonFrance25+5'Constraints from EW penguin and Rare B decays
Francesco DettoriGeneva-CERN2015-11-23Workshop on new physics scenariosLyonFrance25+5'lepton flavour violation search and test of lepton flavour universality.
Yasmine AmhisOrsay-LAL2015-11-23Workshop on new physics scenariosLyonFrance25+5' impact on New Physics scenarios from CPViolation measurements
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2015-11-23MPI@LHCTriesteItaly20+5'Study of DPS processes at LHCb. (Abstract)
Alvaro Dosil SuárezSantiago de Compostela2015-11-23MPI@LHCTriesteItaly20+5'First measurements of long-range near-side angular correlations in √sNN = 5TeV proton-lead collisions in the forward region (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2015-11-16CP3 winter school?? Denmark90'General talk (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2015-11-16CP3 winter school?? Denmark90Hilights of LHCb experimental results (Abstract)
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2015-11-10SLAC seminarSLACUS??Recent result of observation of exotic pentaquark particles at LHCb
Timothy HeadLausanne-EPFL2015-11-09DS@LHC2015CERNSwitzerland45' including questionsUse of machine learning by LHCb
Andrey UstyuzhaninYandex School of Data Analysis2015-11-09DS@LHC2015CERNSwitzerland45' including questionsReusing ML tools and approaches for HEP data analysis
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2015-11-05Collider Cross TalkCERNSwitzerlandRecent LHCb result on Tetraquark and Pentaquarks states
Greig CowanEdinburgh2015-11-05UK HEP forumAbingdonUK30+5'Anomalies in flavour physics
Samuel Cunliffe2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+3'Overview of the LHCb results in b-> sll
Lucia GrilloHeidelberg-Uni2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+2'Experimental overview of recent mixing and CPV results in semileptonic decays
Stefanie ReichertManchester2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+3'Experimental overview of recent mixing and CPV results in charm decays
Ronan WallaceDublin-UCD2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5'Recent EW Measurements at LHCb
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5'Searches for exotica at LHCb
Patrick OwenLondon-Imperial2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland25+5'|V_ub| at LHCb: measurements and future prospects
Victor CocoGeneva-CERN2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5'Top and W+b/c jets results at LHCb
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland20+5'Search for hidden-sector bosons in B0→K∗χ(→μμ) decays
Jonathan HarrisonManchester2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland13+2'Overview of LHCb results in LUV and LFV
Basem KhanjiMilano_B2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland25+5'LHCb results on B→D*tau nu and Vcb and future prospects
Simon AkarMarseille-CPPM2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+2'Experimental overview of measurements of mixing phases and CPV results with B→J/ψX decays
Rafael Silva CoutinhoZurich-UZH2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+2'Experimental overview of recent CPV results in hadronic charmless decays
Giulia TellariniFerrara2015-11-04Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland15+2'Experimental overview of CKM angle γ measurements
Albert BurscheZurich-UZH2015-11-02XV Mexican Workshop on Particles and FieldsMazatlanMexico50+10'overview of LHCb results, including Pentaquarks
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2015-11-01EINN2015PhaposCyprus25+5Recent results on exotic states and pentaquark by LHCb
Illya ShapovalFerrara2015-10-31IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumSan DiegoUSAGraph-Based Decision Making for Task Scheduling in Concurrent Gaudi
William BarterGeneva-CERN2015-10-27LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland45+15'Latest LHCb measurements of Electroweak Boson Production in Run-1 (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2015-10-26KEK-FF2015TokyoJapan25+5'B→ K(*)mu+mu-, Φmu+mu- and R measurements.
Carlos Vázquez SierraSantiago de Compostela2015-10-26KEK-FF2015TokyoJapan25+5'$\mathcal{CP}$ violating phase $\phi_s$ and gluonic penguin $B_s^0$ decays (Abstract)
Marcello RotondoPadova-Padova2015-10-26KEK-FF2015TokyoJapan25+5'Recent results on exotic states at LHCb
Marcello RotondoPadova-Padova2015-10-26KEK-FF2015TokyoJapan25+5'Semileptonic decays: D(*) τ ν, |Vub|/|Vcb|
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2015-10-13GGI -- Gearing up for LHC 13FlorenceItaly45' inclusing questionsHighlights and prospects from LHCb
Barbara StoraciZurich-UZH2015-10-09LHC Detector SeminarCERNSwitzerland45+15'LHCb trigger and reconstruction optimization for Run II: real-time alignment and calibration, and the TURBO stream (Abstract)
Francesco DettoriGeneva-CERN2015-10-08SHiP collaboration weekCERNSwitzerland20+5'Searches for heavy neutrinos, long lived particles, etc, at LHCb
Frederic TeubertGeneva-CERN2015-10-07Brookhaven Forum 2015Brookhaven USAHilights on Flavour Physics
Fergus WilsonDidcot-RAL2015-10-07Brookhaven Forum 2015Brookhaven USA15+5'Probing the Standard Model with B->K(*)l+l- decays at LHCb
William SutcliffeLondon-Imperial2015-10-07Brookhaven Forum 2015Brookhaven USA15+5'Latest results on R_D* and Vub from semileptonic decays at LHCb
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2015-10-06LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland45'+15'Charm and J/psi production cross-section measurements at 13 TeV with real-time calibration (Abstract)
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2015-10-05Novel aspects of b to s transitionsMarseilleFranceExperimental overview of b->sll decays
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2015-10-05Novel aspects of b to s transitionsMarseilleFranceOverview of LFV decays at LHCb
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2015-10-05Novel aspects of b to s transitionsMarseilleFrancePhoton polarization measurement at LHCb
Flavio ArchilliGeneva-CERN2015-10-05Novel aspects of b to s transitionsMarseilleFranceOverview of Bs to ll decays at LHCb
2015-10-05Novel aspects of b to s transitionsMarseilleFranceReconstruction in Bs->tautau decays
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2015-10-05Novel aspects of b to s transitionsMarseilleFranceExtracting angular observables with the Method of Moments
Biplab DeyUniversità di Milano2015-10-05Novel aspects of b to s transitionsMarseilleFranceProspects for b to sll decays
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2015-10-04ISMDWildbad KreuthGermany35+5'First LHCb results from pp collisions at 13 TeV (Abstract)
Laure Marie MassacrierOrsay-LAL2015-10-04ISMDWildbad KreuthGermany15+5'LHCb results from proton ion collisions (Abstract)
Herve ChanalClermont-Ferrand2015-09-28TWEPPLisbonPortugal20+5The readout electronics of the SciFi Tracker for LHCb detector upgrade
Jose Mazorra de CosValencia-IFIC2015-09-28TWEPPLisbonPortugal20+5'PACIFIC: The readout ASIC for the SciFi Tracker planned for the upgrade of the LHCb detector
Krzysztof SwientekCracow-AGH2015-09-28TWEPPLisbonPortugalSALT, a dedicated readout chip for strip detectors in the LHCb Upgrade experiment
Lorenzo CassinaMilano_B2015-09-28TWEPPLisbonPortugalLHCb RICH Upgrade: an overview on the photon detector and the electronics system.
Frederic RethoreMarseille-CPPM2015-09-28TWEPPLisbonPortugal20+5'The PCIe-based readout system for the LHCb experiment
Giulia MancaOrsay-LAL2015-09-27Quark MatterKobeJapan15+5'Future prospects for heavy ion physics with LHCb (Abstract)
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2015-09-27Quark MatterKobeJapan15+5'LHCb results from proton ion collisions (Abstract)
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2015-09-27Quark MatterKobeJapan First measurements of long-range near-side angular correlations in √sNN = 5TeV proton-lead collisions in the forward region (Abstract)
Xabier Cid VidalGeneva-CERN2015-09-25Hiroshima symposium (detector)Xi'anChina20'Radiation Hard Pixel Development for the LHCb VELO Upgrade (Abstract)
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2015-09-25Hiroshima symposium (detector)Xi'anChina20'The LHCb Upstream Tracker Project
Mark TobinLausanne-EPFL2015-09-25Hiroshima symposium (detector)Xi'anChina20'The LHCb Silicon Tracker
Xabier Cid VidalGeneva-CERN2015-09-25Hiroshima symposium (detector)Xi'anChinaThe VeloPix ASIC for the LHCb VELO Upgrade
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2015-09-23PhiPsiHefeiChina20+5' (tbc)Flavor physics at LHCb
Liming ZhangTsinghua2015-09-23PhiPsiHefeiChina20+5' (tbc)New results on exotic baryon resonances
Sean BensonGeneva-CERN2015-09-23LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerland25'+5'LHCb presentation to LHCC open presentation
Nathan JurikSyracuse2015-09-22LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerlandObservation of J/ψp resonances consistent with pentaquark states in Λb→J/ψpK- decays (Abstract)
Ulrich UwerHeidelberg-Uni2015-09-16International School on Nuclear PhysicsEriceItalyLHCb results on Pentaquark states
Thomas NikodemHeidelberg-Uni2015-09-15Physics in CollisionWarwickUK30+5'Electroweak penguin B decays (Abstract)
Valerie GibsonCambridge2015-09-15Physics in CollisionWarwickUK30+5'Hadronic B Decays (Abstract)
Alberto dos ReisRio-CBPF2015-09-13HadronNewport NewsUSA25+5Recent results on spectroscopy from LHCb (Abstract)
Svende BraunHeidelberg-Uni2015-09-13HadronNewport NewsUSA15+5'First results from LHC 13 TeV run, and other recent production measurements (Abstract)
Thomas BrittonSyracuse2015-09-13HadronNewport NewsUSA25+5'LHCb results on Exotic meson spectroscopy (Abstract)
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2015-09-13HadronNewport NewsUSA15+5'Amplitude analyses of charmless B decays (Abstract)
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2015-09-13HadronNewport NewsUSA25+5'Observation of pentaquark resonances in Λb→J/ψKp decays
Giovanni PunziPisa-Pisa2015-09-07Linear and Future Collider 2015TrentoItaly25+5'First results from LHCb 13 TeV run, and prospects of measurements at higher luminosity
Nathan JurikSyracuse2015-09-03XHADRONS@ISTAMBULIstambulTurkey40+15'Pentaquarks and tetraquarks at LHCb (Abstract)
Marco PappagalloGlasgow2015-09-01QCD@LHCLondonUnited Kingdom15+5'Heavy quark spectroscopy (Abstract)
Ronan WallaceDublin-UCD2015-09-01QCD@LHCLondonUnited Kingdom20+10'EW and quarkonia production studies in the forward acceptance (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2015-09-01QCD@LHCLondonUnited Kingdom15+5'Jets in the forward acceptance (Abstract)
Matthew NeedhamEdinburgh2015-09-01QCD@LHCLondonUnited Kingdom30+10'Heavy Quark Production Results (review) (Abstract)
Matthew NeedhamEdinburgh2015-09-01QCD@LHCLondonUnited Kingdom15+5'LHCb early measurements focusing on B and Charm production
Lucia GrilloHeidelberg-Uni2015-09-01QCD@LHCLondonUnited Kingdom15+5'LHCb CP Violation in B decays
Harry CliffCambridge2015-09-01QCD@LHCLondonUnited Kingdom15+5'LHCb rare decays
Marco PappagalloGlasgow2015-09-01QCD@LHCLondonUnited Kingdom15+5'LHCb exotics
Albert BurscheZurich-UZH2015-09-01Low xSandomierzPoland25+5'Review of low x physics results at LHCb (Abstract)
Stephen FarryLiverpool2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia25+5Forward EW physics at the LHC (Abstract)
Richard JacobssonGeneva-CERN2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+5LHCb upgrade: plans and potential
Matthew KenzieGeneva-CERN2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia25+5B properties & CP violation (Abstract)
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia25+5Beauty and Charm spectroscopy (Abstract)
Diego Martinez SantosSantiago de Compostela2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia25+5BSM searches via rare decays in B physics (Abstract)
Varvara BatozskayaWarsaw-NCBJ2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussiaLHCb's Real-Time Alignment in Run2 (Abstract)
Alex PearceManchester2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+3'LHCb early measurements focusing on B and Charm production
Angelo Di CantoGeneva-CERN2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+3'LHCb results on charm mixing, decay and CPV
Mika VesterinenHeidelberg-Uni2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+3'LHCb CP Violation in B decays
Giovanni VenezianoLausanne-EPFL2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+3'LHCb rare decays
Mikhail ShapkinProtvino-IHEP2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+3'LHCb exotics
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+3'Single boson production measurements with LHCb including A_FB
Federico RediLondon-Imperial2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia20+5'Direct search at low mass in heavy flavour hadron decay (Abstract)
Mika VesterinenHeidelberg-Uni2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+5'LHCb PDF results
Victor CocoGeneva-CERN2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+5'LHCb results on soft QCD
Denis DerkachYandex School of Data Analysis2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+5'Prospects on Heavy Flavour Physics at the HL-LHC (Abstract)
Manuel SchillerGeneva-CERN2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+3'LHCb Prompt Calibration and Detector Performance in Run II
Roel AaijGeneva-CERN2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+3'LHCb Trigger in Run II
Vladimir ShevchenkoKurchatov Institute2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussiaSciFi production center in NRC KI for LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Alexander ArtamonovProtvino-IHEP2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussiaUpdated measurement of Y(nS) production cross-section at sqrt(s) = 7 and 8 TeV (Abstract)
Anton PoluektovNovosibirsk-BINP2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia20' including questionsFirst look at 13 TeV and highlights from the most recent analyses
Stephen FarryLiverpool2015-08-31LHCPSt PetersburgRussia15+3'Observation of top-quark production in the forward region at LHCb
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2015-08-23SUSYLake TahoeUSA25+5'status of low energy quark flavour results
Ramon NietDortmund-TU2015-08-23SUSYLake TahoeUSA15+5'CP violation measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2015-08-23SUSYLake TahoeUSA15+5'Electroweak penguin decays to leptons and Radiative decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2015-08-23SUSYLake TahoeUSA15+5'Searches for long-lived particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Bernardo AdevaSantiago de Compostela2015-08-23ICNFPKolymbariGreece25+5'Flavour Physics from LHCb (Abstract)
Bernardo AdevaSantiago de Compostela2015-08-23ICNFPKolymbariGreece10+5'Observation of pentaquark resonances in Λb→J/ψKp decays
Bernardo AdevaSantiago de Compostela2015-08-23ICNFPKolymbariGreecepentaquark status and future
Alexander MazurovBirmingham2015-08-20Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia15+5'Heavy-quark hadron spectroscopy at LHCb
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2015-08-20Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia15+5'Rare decays
Alexander ArtamonovProtvino-IHEP2015-08-20Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia15+5Production studies in the forward acceptance at the LHC
Ivan PolyakovSyracuse2015-08-20Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia20+5'LHCb overview
Gaia LanfranchiFrascati-LNF2015-08-17Lepton PhotonLjubljanaSlovenia25+5'Rare Decays of Heavy Mesons
Leandro De PaulaRio-UFRJ2015-08-17Lepton PhotonLjubljanaSloveniaExotic hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2015-08-17Lepton PhotonLjubljanaSloveniaTop production at LHCb (Abstract)
Miriam GandelmanRio-UFRJ2015-08-17Lepton PhotonLjubljanaSloveniaB → D*τν at LHCb (Abstract)
Svende BraunHeidelberg-Uni2015-08-17Lepton PhotonLjubljanaSloveniaHeavy flavour production in 13 TeV pp collisions (Abstract)
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2015-08-17Lepton PhotonLjubljanaSlovenia15+5'Observation of pentaquark resonances in Λb→J/ψKp decays
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2015-08-17WE-Heraeus Physics SchoolBad HonnefGermany40+5Review diffractive and electromagnetic processes in LHCb
Biplab DeyUniversità di Milano2015-08-10SLAC Summer InstituteSLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryUS25+5'Recent Results from LHCb (Abstract)
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2015-08-10KITP programSanta BarbaraUSA3 daysimpacto of LHCb results on Lattice-QCD computation (Abstract)
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA35+5Heavy Flavor (Abstract)
Paula Alvarez CartelleLondon-Imperial2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20+5'Amplitude analyses of charmless B decays (Abstract)
Marco FioreFerrara2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20+5'New results on semileptonic b decays from LHCb (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA30' including questionsb-tagging, W+j, and top measurements with LHCb (Abstract)
Liming ZhangTsinghua2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20+5'Control penguin effect in Bs->JpsiPhi at LHCb (Abstract)
Andrea MauriZurich-UZH2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA12+3'Search for Dark Sector particles at LHCb. (Abstract)
Zhirui XuLausanne-EPFL2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA??? 15' ???Radiative B decays as probes of physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM). (Abstract)
Espen Eie BowenZurich-UZH2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20+5'Rare electroweak B decays at LHCb. (Abstract)
Tobias TekampeDortmund-TU2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20+5'B+->pi+mu+mu- branching fraction and |Vtd/Vts| determination. (Abstract)
Michael KolpinHeidelberg-Uni2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20+5'Bs-> phi mumu at LHCb (Abstract)
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20+5'Study of Bc Mesons at LHCb (Abstract)
Nathan JurikSyracuse2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20' including questionsExotic hadron spectroscopy in LHCb (Abstract)
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA30+5'experimental overview of lepton non-universality results and prospects (Abstract)
Kevin DungsDortmund-TU2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20+5'LHCb data taking strategy for the upcoming LHC runs (Abstract)
Espen Eie BowenZurich-UZH2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA20+3'Novel real-time calibration & alignment and tracking performance for LHCb Run II
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2015-08-04DPFAnn Arbor (MI)USA25+5'Pentaquarks and tetraquarks at LHCb
Adlène HicheurRio-UFRJ2015-08-02LISHEPManaus-AmazonasBrazil40+10LHCb overview
Andreas SchopperGeneva-CERN2015-08-02LISHEPManaus-AmazonasBrazil30LHCb upgrade
Bruno Souza De PaulaRio-UFRJ2015-08-02LISHEPManaus-AmazonasBrazil20CP-Violation at LHCb
Justine SerranoMarseille-CPPM2015-08-02LISHEPManaus-AmazonasBrazil20Rare Decays and search for BSM Physics at LHCb
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2015-08-02LISHEPManaus-AmazonasBrazil20Forward Physics at LHCb
Xabier Cid VidalGeneva-CERN2015-08-02LISHEPManaus-AmazonasBrazil20Searches for Majorana neutrinos and direct searches for exotics at LHCb (Abstract)
Mark WhiteheadCoventry-Warwick2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Results on L_b->Dppi decay
Wenbin QianAnnecy-LAPP2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Results from B->Dpipi decays
Charlotte WallaceCoventry-Warwick2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Recent results on B->DKpi
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Amplitude analysis of B->J/psi hh decays
Samuel HarnewBristol2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Amplitude analysis of D decays into four hadrons
Jolanta BrodzickaManchester2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Dalitz plot analysis of self-conjugate D0 decays
Josue Molina RodriguezRio-PUC2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Dalitz plot analysis of D+ decays into three charged hadrons
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Z(4430)+ and other exotic charged meson candidates
Thomas BrittonSyracuse2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: X(3872) and other neutral exotic meson candidates
Nathan JurikSyracuse2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Prospects for exotic baryon states
Liming ZhangTsinghua2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: CVP measurements from B->Jpsihh
Marouen BaalouchClermont-Ferrand2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Dalitz plot analysis of B->KSpipi
Jussara De MirandaRio-CBPF2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Dalitz plot analysis of B+ decays into three charged mesons (I)
Adlène HicheurRio-UFRJ2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Dalitz plot analysis of B->ppbarK decay
Fernando Ferreira RodriguesRio-CBPF2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10B+ → K+ h+ h- channels amplitude analysis
Daniel Charles CraikCoventry-Warwick2015-07-27Amplitude Analysis WorkshopRioBrazil20+10LHCb: Study of the B->D_CP Kpi decay
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria25+5'CP-violation and CKM physics
Jordi Garra TicoCambridge2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Measurement of the CKM angle γ at LHCb (Abstract)
Ilya KomarovLausanne-EPFL2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'First LHCb results from the 13 TeV LHC data (Abstract)
Wenbin QianAnnecy-LAPP2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Dalitz analyses with B→Dh decays (Abstract)
Samuel CoquereauParis-LPNHE2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Electroweak penguins at LHCb (Abstract)
Andrea MauriZurich-UZH2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Searches for low mass dark bosons (Abstract)
Pablo Ruiz VallsValencia-IFIC2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Measurements of the photon polarisation in b→γs decays (Abstract)
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Measurements of Vub and Vcb at LHCb: (Abstract)
Marta CalviMilano_B2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'B→D*τν at LHCb (Abstract)
Michael AlexanderGlasgow2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Searches of CP violation in two-body charm decays (Abstract)
Maurizio MartinelliLausanne-EPFL2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Searches of CP violation in multibody charm decays (Abstract)
Brais Sanmartin SedesSantiago de Compostela2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Charmless B decays (Abstract)
Alex BirnkrautDortmund-TU2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustriab-flavour tagging in pp collisions (Abstract)
Ivan PolyakovSyracuse2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Heavy flavour production in the forward acceptance at the LHC (Abstract)
Paolo GandiniOxford2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Central exclusive meson production at LHCb (Abstract)
Marco MeissnerHeidelberg-Uni2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria20+5'LHCb results in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC (Abstract)
William BarterGeneva-CERN2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Electroweak physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Roger BarlowManchester2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Physics with jets at LHCb (Abstract)
Paul SeyfertMilano_B2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Novel real-time calibration & alignment and tracking performance for LHCb Run II (Abstract)
Basem KhanjiMilano_B2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Precision measurement of Dmd using semi-leptonic decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Sascha StahlGeneva-CERN2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'The LHCb Higher Level Trigger in Run II (Abstract)
Franz MuheimEdinburgh2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'LHCb upgrade: plans and potential (Abstract)
Mark Richard James WilliamsGeneva-CERN2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Upgrade of the LHCb VELO detector (Abstract)
Blake LeveringtonHeidelberg-Uni2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'LHCb Upgrade – The Scintillating Fibre Tracker (Abstract)
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Pentaquarks and Tetraquarks at LHCb (Abstract)
Greig CowanEdinburgh2015-07-22EPS-HEPViennaAustria15+5'Measurements of CP violation in B^0_{d/s} mixing through B→J/ψX decays (Abstract)
Liming ZhangTsinghua2015-07-22Workshop on anti-matter, hyper-matter and exotica production at the LHCCERNSwitzerland25+5'Observation of J/ψp resonances consistent with pentaquark states in Λb -> J/ψK-p decays
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2015-06-30LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland45+10'B->D*taunu
Marcello RotondoPadova-Padova2015-06-29QCDMontpellierFrance20+5'Heavy flavour spectroscopy
Jolanta BrodzickaManchester2015-06-29QCDMontpellierFrance20+5'CP violation in B and D decays
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2015-06-29QCDMontpellierFrance20+5'Rare B decays
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2015-06-29Hard ProbesMontrealCanada25+5Results from pA and Ap interactions and prospects for Heavy Ion collisions with LHCb (Abstract)
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2015-06-29Hard ProbesMontrealCanada15+5'Studies of particle production in the pp collisions in the forward region at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2015-06-29Elastic and Diffractive ScatteringBorgo (Corsica)France15+5'Review of the LHCb results on Multi Parton Interactions, soft QCD and diffraction
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2015-06-29Elastic and Diffractive ScatteringBorgo (Corsica)France15+5Central Exclusive Production at LHCb and ALICE (Abstract)
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2015-06-29Elastic and Diffractive ScatteringBorgo (Corsica)FranceQuarkonia and heavy-quark production in proton and nuclear collisions at the LHC
Alexey DzyubaGatchina-PNPI2015-06-24QFTHEPSamaraRussia45Recent results from LHCb
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2015-06-22MIAPPMunichGermanyLHCb: Run I Results and Future Prospects (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2015-06-15Radcor-LoopFest UCLALos Angeles USA40+5'QCD implications in forward Physics and in New Physics searches (Abstract)
Vitaly VorobyevNovosibirsk-BINP2015-06-15PhotonNovosibirskRussia15+5'Measurements with final-state photons in LHCb (Abstract)
Semen EidelmanNovosibirsk-BINP2015-06-15PhotonNovosibirskRussia15+5'Photon-hadron and photon-photon collisions in LHCb (Abstract)
Robbert Cornell WaletAmsterdam-Nikhef2015-06-15Forum for detector cooling and mechanicsAmsterdamNetherlandsLHCb SciFi Detector and Read-out box
Raymond MountainSyracuse2015-06-15Forum for detector cooling and mechanicsAmsterdamNetherlandsMechanics and Cooling for the LHCb Upstream Tracker
Malcolm JohnOxford2015-06-15Forum for detector cooling and mechanicsAmsterdamNetherlandsProgress on the LHCb VELO microchannel cooling
Wouter HulsbergenAmsterdam-Nikhef2015-06-15Forum for detector cooling and mechanicsAmsterdamNetherlandsThe vacuum envelope of the upgraded LHCb VELO detector
2015-06-15Forum for detector cooling and mechanicsAmsterdamNetherlands3D Monitoring of LHCb Inner Trackers: Reflective targets and intersections of BCAM lines of sight
Marco PappagalloGlasgow2015-06-10PANDA workshopUsspsalaSweden30'present status and future program of Hadron Spectroscopy
Gerco OnderwaterVan Swinderen Institute2015-06-08Symposium on Symmetries in Subatomic PhysicsVictoriaCanada(25+5)Symmetry testing at LHCb (Abstract)
Jose Angel Hernando MorataSantiago de Compostela2015-06-08Weak Interactions and NeutrinosHeidelbergGermany25+5'Constraining new physics with rare b hadron decays
Suvayu AliAmsterdam-Nikhef2015-06-08Weak Interactions and NeutrinosHeidelbergGermany25+5'Status of CP violation in the flavour sector
Xuhao YuanNovosibirsk-BINP2015-06-08QCD exotics JinanChina35+10'LHCb results on Exotic mesons
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2015-06-07Jagielloinian Symposium of Fundamental and Applied Subatomic PhysicsKrakowPolandLHCb upgrade
Agnieszka Oblakowska-MuchaCracow-AGH2015-06-07Jagielloinian Symposium of Fundamental and Applied Subatomic PhysicsKrakowPolandOverview of LHCb results
Andrea ContuCagliari2015-06-03LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerland25+5'LHCb presentation to LHCC open presentation
Giulio DujanyManchester2015-06-01VERTEXSanta Fe (New Mexico)USA20+10Novel real-time alignment and calibration of the LHCb Detector in Run2 (Abstract)
Stefano GalloriniPadova-Padova2015-06-01VERTEXSanta Fe (New Mexico)USA20+10Current and prospective performance of the LHCb tracking system (Abstract)
Kurt RinnertLiverpool2015-06-01VERTEXSanta Fe (New Mexico)USA20+10LHCb silicon detectors: the Run 1 to Run 2 transition, and first experience of Run 2 (Abstract)
Sophie RichardsBristol2015-06-01VERTEXSanta Fe (New Mexico)USA20+10Upgrades of the LHCb VeLo
Jianchun WangSyracuse2015-06-01VERTEXSanta Fe (New Mexico)USA20+10LHCb upgrade: Upstream Tracker
Kurt RinnertLiverpool2015-06-01VERTEXSanta Fe (New Mexico)USA20+10The VeloPix ASIC for the LHCb VELO Upgrade (Abstract)
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2015-05-31Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance25+5CP violation and rare decays
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2015-05-31Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Semileptonic b-hadron decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Laurence CarsonEdinburgh2015-05-31Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Measurements of CP-violating phases in B decays at LHCb
Oliver LuptonOxford2015-05-31Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Measurements of CP violation and mixing in charm decays (Abstract)
Alessandro MordàMarseille-CPPM2015-05-31Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Rare beauty and charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Yiming LiOrsay-LAL2015-05-31Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Heavy quark spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
William BarterGeneva-CERN2015-05-31Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5'Electroweak physics and QCD in the forward direction at the LHCb
Victor CocoGeneva-CERN2015-05-26LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland45+10'Observation of top-quark production in the forward region with LHCb (Abstract)
Simon AkarMarseille-CPPM2015-05-25FPCPNagoyaJapan25+5Mixing-induced CP violation in Bs decays (Abstract)
Eduardo RodriguesManchester2015-05-25FPCPNagoyaJapan25+5Hadronic B decays (Abstract)
Nicola NeriUniversità di Milano2015-05-25FPCPNagoyaJapan25+5Production and decay of HF baryons (Abstract)
Gregory CiezarekAmsterdam-Nikhef2015-05-25FPCPNagoyaJapan25+5Semileptonic b (B and L_b) decays (Vxb) (Abstract)
Christian LinnGeneva-CERN2015-05-25FPCPNagoyaJapan25+5ElectroWeak Penguin: b→sll (Abstract)
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2015-05-25FPCPNagoyaJapan25+5Exotic hadrons at hadron colliders (Abstract)
Stefano PerazziniBologna2015-05-25FPCPNagoyaJapan25+5Time-integrated (direct) CPV in charm decays (Abstract)
Umberto MarconiBologna2015-05-25FPCPNagoyaJapan25+5The LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2015-05-25PlanckIoanninaGreece30+5LHCb overview
Albert Puig NavarroLausanne-EPFL2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItaly25+5'Preparation and commissioning of LHCb for the RUN2 of LHC
Albert Puig NavarroLausanne-EPFL2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyThe LHCb Turbo stream (Abstract)
Mark TobinLausanne-EPFL2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyLHCb Upgrade: Scintillating Fibre Tracker (Abstract)
Alvaro Dosil SuárezSantiago de Compostela2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyThe LHCb VELO Upgrade (Abstract)
Mark TobinLausanne-EPFL2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyNovel real-time alignment and calibration of the LHCb Detector in Run2 (Abstract)
Mark TobinLausanne-EPFL2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyPerformance, radiation resistance, and expectations of the Outer Tracker straw tube detector for the LHCb Experiment (Abstract)
Adam DavisCincinnati2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyPerformance of the LHCb tracking system in RunI of the LHC (Abstract)
Maximilien ChefdevilleAnnecy-LAPP2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyFirst years of running for the LHCb calorimeter system and preparation for run 2 (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyTracking system of the LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Antonio FalabellaBologna2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyThe 40 MHz trigger-less DAQ system for the LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Roberta CardinaleGenova2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyThe upgraded LHCb RICH detector: status and perspectives (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyLHCb VELO: Performance and Radiation Damage in LHC Run 1 and Preparation for Run 2 (Abstract)
Silvia GambettaEdinburgh2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyBehaviour of multi-anode photomultipliers in magnetic fields for the LHCb RICH upgrade (Abstract)
Agnieszka DziurdaCracow-HNI2015-05-24Pisa Meeting on Advanced DetectorsIsola d'ElbaItalyThe LHCb trigger system and its upgrade
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2015-05-19CIPANPVail ColoradoUSA30+5Experimental Overview of Heavy Flavor Physics
Marianna FontanaHeidelberg-MPI2015-05-19CIPANPVail ColoradoUSA20+5'Charmless B decays (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2015-05-19DESY seminarHamburgGermany25+5'DPS @ LHCb
Antimo PalanoBari2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA25+5Open-charm and exotics states from LHC
Paras NaikBristol2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA25+5LHCb results/serches for CP-violation in charm
Stephen OgilvyGlasgow2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA25+5Charmed baryons from LHCb
Carla GöbelRio-PUC2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA25+5Searches for rare and radiative charm decays (review)
Christopher ParkesManchester2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA25+5Future prospects at LHCb
Mark WhiteheadCoventry-Warwick2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA15+5'Open charm spectroscopy (Abstract)
Stefanie ReichertManchester2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA15+5'Measurements of mixing and indirect CP violation (Abstract)
Marco GersabeckManchester2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA15+5'Measurements of time-integrated CP and other asymmetries (Abstract)
Maurizio MartinelliLausanne-EPFL2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA15+5'Measurements of T-odd observables (Abstract)
Claudia VaccaCagliari2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA15+5'Measurements of rare charm decays (Abstract)
Jonathan HarrisonManchester2015-05-17CharmDetroitUSA15+5'τ physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Greig CowanEdinburgh2015-05-11HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland25+15'Experimental prospects for studies of CP violation in the charm and bottom systems
Marc-Olivier BettlerGeneva-CERN2015-05-11HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland25+15'Rare decays of hadrons: experimental perspective (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2015-05-11HL-LHC (High Luminosity-LHC Physics Workshop)CERNSwitzerland25+15'Perspectives for forward electroweak measurements at LHCb
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2015-05-11b->sll workshopEdinburghUnited Kingdom20'Latest b->sll results from LHCb
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2015-05-11b->sll workshopEdinburghUnited Kingdom20'Thoughts and ideas on future measurements
Martino BorsatoOrsay-LAL2015-05-11b->sll workshopEdinburghUnited Kingdom20'Measurement of RK and thoughts of other related measurements
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2015-05-10STARSHavanaCuba40+5LHCb results in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC (Abstract)
Alessandro BertolinPadova-Padova2015-05-04Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburgUSA12+3'Measurement of the CKM angle gamma at LHCb (Abstract)
Daniel Patrick O'HanlonCoventry-Warwick2015-05-04Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburgUSA12+3'Studies of charmless B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Jack WimberleyCollege Park-Maryland2015-05-04Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburgUSA12+3'CP violation in B decays (Abstract)
Sneha MaldeOxford2015-04-27B2TIPKrakowPoland25+5'Review of LHCb gamma results
Marc Grabalosa GándaraClermont-Ferrand2015-04-27B2TIPKrakowPoland25+5'status and the prospects of the alpha/beta angles measurement at LHCb
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2015-04-27B2TIPKrakowPoland25+5'Review on gamma from charmless decays at LHCb and B factories
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2015-04-27B2TIPKrakowPoland25+5'Prospects of LHCb results at the Belle2 start
Concezio BozziFerrara2015-04-27B2TIPKrakowPoland25+5'semileptonic B decays (with emphasis in D*taunu)
Ronan WallaceDublin-UCD2015-04-27DISDallasUSA20+5'New LHCb results on Z and W production in the forward region (Abstract)
Ronan WallaceDublin-UCD2015-04-27DISDallasUSA20+5'Central exclusive production at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2015-04-27DISDallasUSA20+5'Rare b and c decays at LHCb (Abstract)
George LaffertyManchester2015-04-26BLVAmherstUSA20+3Charged lepton violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2015-04-21Standard Model @ LHCFlorenceItaly20+5Multiple parton interaction, covering ATLAS, CMS and LHCb
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2015-04-21Standard Model @ LHCFlorenceItaly20+5Heavy flavour LHC results (phi_s, N->mumu, K*mumu etc. covering ATLAS,CMS and LHCb)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2015-04-21Standard Model @ LHCFlorenceItaly20+5LHCb results on heavy flavour jets, B tagging, V+HF and top prospects
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2015-04-21Standard Model @ LHCFlorenceItaly20+5W/Z and DY differential measurements (pT, eta, y, phi*, covering ATLAS, CMS and LHCb)
Jonas RademackerBristol2015-04-13PWA/ATHOSAshburnUSA25+5Determination of strong phases and the analysis of CP violation in heavy meson decays; final-state interactions
Semen EidelmanNovosibirsk-BINP2015-04-13PWA/ATHOSAshburnUSA25+5Light mesons at LHCb
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2015-04-13PWA/ATHOSAshburnUSA25+5Blinding amplitude analysis
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2015-04-11APS April MeetingBaltimoreUSA30+6'Results in Quark Flavor Physics
Steven BluskSyracuse2015-04-11APS April MeetingBaltimoreUSA30+6'New Hadronic States at LHCb
Jason AndrewsCollege Park-Maryland2015-04-11APS April MeetingBaltimoreUSA10+2Upstream Tracker for the LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2015-04-08Workshop of the APS Topical Group on Hadronic PhysicsBaltimoreUSA20Summary of exotic meson spectroscopy
Patrick OwenLondon-Imperial2015-03-24LHC SeminarCernSwitzerland55+5' $V_{ub}$ using the exclusive decay $\Lambda_b\to p\mu\nu$ (Abstract)
Guy WormserOrsay-LAL2015-03-23Bound states in QCD and beyondSt GoarGermany40+5Exotic mesons and excited state spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2015-03-22Hadron PhysicsRodovia Mário CovasBrazil25+5Heavy Ion Physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Alberto dos ReisRio-CBPF2015-03-22Hadron PhysicsRodovia Mário CovasBrazil B->hhh
Nazim HussainOxford2015-03-21Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+5Measurements of CP-violating phases in B decays at LHCb
Angelo CarboneBologna2015-03-21Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+5Measurements of CP violation and mixing in charm decays
Francesco DettoriGeneva-CERN2015-03-21Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+5Rare beauty and charm decays at LHCb
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2015-03-21Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+5Heavy quark spectroscopy at LHCb
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2015-03-21Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+5Electroweak physics and QCD in the forward direction at the LHC
Christoph LangenbruchCoventry-Warwick2015-03-14Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly20+5Latest results on rare decays from LHCb
Julian WishahiDortmund-TU2015-03-14Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5CP violation in the B(s)0 system at LHCb
Alexis VallierOrsay-LAL2015-03-14Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Constraining the CKM angle gamma at LHCb
Evelina GersabeckHeidelberg-Uni2015-03-14Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb
William SutcliffeLondon-Imperial2015-03-14Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Vub and semileptonic results at LHCb
Jason AndrewsCollege Park-Maryland2015-03-14Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5+2B+->K+pi0
Luca PescatoreBirmingham2015-03-14Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5+2Forward Backward Asymmetry in Lambdab->LambdaMuMu
Marco GersabeckManchester2015-03-04Flavor and top physics @ 100 TeVBeijingChina25+15Charm physics at LHCb: status and prospects
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2015-03-04Flavor and top physics @ 100 TeVBeijingChina25+15CP violation and rare decays in the b-quark sector at LHCb
Xabier Cid VidalGeneva-CERN2015-03-04Flavor and top physics @ 100 TeVBeijingChina25+15Electroweak, top and exotics physics at LHCb: present and future
Ivan BelyaevMoscow-ITEP2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerland20Status of LHCb
Bastien MusterLausanne-EPFL2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandSearches for Exotics with LHCb
Marek SirendiCambridge2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandForward Electroweak Physics at LHCb
Tatiana LikhomanenkoYandex School of Data Analysis2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandTopological trigger developments
Varvara BatozskayaWarsaw-NCBJ2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandLHCb's Real-Time alignment in Run2
Alex BirnkrautDortmund-TU2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandFlavour Tagging developments
Fabio FerrariBologna2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandProduction asymmetries of beauty mesons at LHCb
Carlos Vázquez SierraSantiago de Compostela2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandϕs and penguins
Ramon NietDortmund-TU2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandsin2β with B0→J/ψK0S in LHCb
Jackson SmithCambridge2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandDK∗ GGSZ, or "gamma from LHCb"
Lorenzo SestiniPadova-Padova2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandB0s→D+∗sK/D∗+sπ branching ratio
Martino BorsatoOrsay-LAL2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandAngular analysis of B0→K∗ee at low q2
Ilya KomarovLausanne-EPFL2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandObservation of B(s,d)→ππμμ
Luca PescatoreBirmingham2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandLambda_b -> Lambda mu mu branching fraction and angular analysis
Jacco de VriesAmsterdam-Nikhef2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandAds
Shanzhen ChenManchester2015-03-04LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerlandCP violation in D0→πππ0
Mark Richard James WilliamsGeneva-CERN2015-03-02QNPValparaisoChile17+3Heavy quark spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Sevda EsenHeidelberg-Uni2015-03-01Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly15+5Measurements of CP violating phases in B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Andrea ContuCagliari2015-03-01Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly15+5Measurements of CP violation and mixing in charm decays (Abstract)
Gaia LanfranchiFrascati-LNF2015-03-01Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly15+5Rare beauty and charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Giulia MancaCagliari2015-03-01Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly15+5Heavy quark spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Pieter DavidAmsterdam-Nikhef2015-03-01Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly15+5Electroweak physics in the forward direction at the LHC (Abstract)
Rosen MatevGeneva-CERN2015-03-01Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly13+2Z production at LHCb (Abstract)
Haofei LuoEdinburgh2015-03-01Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly13+2Angular analyses of B meson decays to two vector mesons
Frank MeierDortmund-TU2015-03-01Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly13+2Measurement of CP violation in B→J/ψKS decays at LHCb
Rose KoopmanAmsterdam-VU2015-03-01Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly13+2Measurement of the CP violating phase γ at LHCb (Abstract)
Sergey PolikarpovMoscow-ITEP2015-02-17ITEP Winter SchoolMoscowRussiaStudy eta-eta_prime mixing in B mesons decays
Ekaterina GovorkovaMoscow-ITEP2015-02-17ITEP Winter SchoolMoscowRussiaStudy of pi0/gamma efficiency using B meson decays
Ivan PolyakovMoscow-ITEP2015-02-17ITEP Winter SchoolMoscowRussiaEvidence for X(3872)-> psi(2S) gamma
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2015-02-15Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Louise, AlbertaCanada50+10Flavour Physics
Kristof De BruynAmsterdam-Nikhef2015-02-15Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Louise, AlbertaCanada12+3Measurements of CP violating phases in B decays at LHCb
Mark SmithManchester2015-02-15Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Louise, AlbertaCanada12+3Measurements of CP violation and mixing in charm decays at LHCb
Martino BorsatoOrsay-LAL2015-02-15Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Louise, AlbertaCanada12+3Rare B and charm decays at LHCb
Charlotte WallaceCoventry-Warwick2015-02-15Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Louise, AlbertaCanada12+3Heavy quark spectroscopy at LHCb
Marek SirendiCambridge2015-02-15Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Louise, AlbertaCanada12+3Electroweak physics in the forward direction at LHCb
Fabio FerrariBologna2015-02-15Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Louise, AlbertaCanada3+2B production asymmetries in pp collisions
Stephen FarryLiverpool2015-02-15Parton Distributions for the LHCBenasqueSpain20+20Overview of PDF-sensitive measurements from Run I and plans for PDF measurements at Run II in LHCb
Marco PappagalloGlasgow2015-02-10LHC SeminarCernSwitzerlandb-hadron spectroscopy at LHCb
Timothy HeadLausanne-EPFL2015-02-09Connecting The DotsBerkeleyUSA25+5LHCb tracking for the Phase-1 upgrade trigger scheme (HLT)
Matthew KenzieGeneva-CERN2015-01-26International Winter Meeting on Nuclear PhysicsBormioItaly35+5Overview of LHCb
Marta CalviMilano_B2015-01-26International Winter Meeting on Nuclear PhysicsBormioItaly17+3CP violation in B and D systems at LHCb
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2015-01-13International Workshop on Physics at Future High Intensity Collider @ 2-7GeV in ChinaHefeiChina25+5Results on CPV and mixing in charm sector at LHCb
Liming ZhangTsinghua2015-01-13International Workshop on Physics at Future High Intensity Collider @ 2-7GeV in ChinaHefeiChina30 XYZ charmonium- like states from hadron colliders (LHC and Tevatron)
Victor CocoGeneva-CERN2015-01-12TOP LHC WG meetingCernSwitzerland20+10Report from LHCb: status and prospect for Run II
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2015-01-07ZPWZurichSwitzerland25+5The flavour of new physics
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2015-01-07ZPWZurichSwitzerland25+5CP Violation at LHCb
Olivier LeroyMarseille-CPPM2014-12-17MiamiMiamiUSA25+5Status and plans for the LHCb experiment
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2014-12-15Workshop on QCD and Diffraction at the LHCCracowPoland30Review of central exclusive physics (Abstract)
Vladimir GligorovGeneva-CERN2014-12-12NIPSMontrealCanada30Real time event selection at the LHC
Gaia LanfranchiFrascati-LNF2014-12-10Meeting on B physicsPisaItalyrare decays?
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2014-12-09SaporeGravisPadovaItaly30+5Overview on heavy flavour and quarkonium production in pp collisions
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2014-12-09SaporeGravisPadovaItaly25+5LHCb status and perspectives photoproduction and diffractive processes in pp, pA and AA-collisions
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2014-12-09SaporeGravisPadovaItaly15+5LHCb perspectives for fixed target physics
Christian ElsasserZurich-UZH2014-12-03Initial StagesNapaUSA20+5Proton-ion physics with LHCb – results and prospects
Bo LiuCagliari2014-12-03Initial StagesNapaUSA20+5Forward production measurements with LHCb (Abstract)
Neville HarnewOxford2014-12-02DiscreteLondonUK40+5LHCb Physics
Fatima SoomroLausanne-EPFL2014-12-02DiscreteLondonUK25+5Recent results from LHCb possibly including prospects for near future (Abstract)
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2014-12-01KrugerMpumalangaSouth Africa25+5Exclusive quarkonia production in the forward acceptance at the LHC in pA and pp collisions
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2014-12-01KrugerMpumalangaSouth Africa35+10Heavy ion physics at LHCb
Donal HillOxford2014-12-01KrugerMpumalangaSouth Africa35+10Searches for New Physics in CP violating observables and rare heavy quark decays at LHCb
Richard JacobssonGeneva-CERN2014-12-01KrugerMpumalangaSouth Africa25+5The LHCb upgrade: detector and physics programme
Maximilian SchluppDortmund-TU2014-12-01KrugerMpumalangaSouth Africa25+5Bs->mumu combination (Abstract)
Adlène HicheurRio-UFRJ2014-11-24SILAFAEMedellinColombia50+10latest LHCb results
Mirco DorigoLausanne-EPFL2014-11-19LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerland20LHCb status
Sevda EsenHeidelberg-Uni2014-11-18CERN SeminarGenevaSwiterland45+10Measurement of the Bs mixing phase at LHCb
Guy WilkinsonOxford2014-11-14NaturalnessRehovotIsrael30 Naturalness after the end of the first run of the LHC
Diego Martinez SantosAmsterdam-VU2014-11-14NaturalnessRehovotIsraelRare Decays
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2014-11-13UK HEP forumLondonUKFuture flavour physics
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2014-11-11Future Physics with HERA Data for Current and Planned ExperimentsHambourgGermany25+5Results from LHCb and their relation with HERA data
Edwige TournefierAnnecy-LAPP2014-11-10Quarkonium Working Group ConferenceGenevaSwitzerland20+5Quarkonium Production at LHCb
Yanxi ZhangTsinghua2014-11-10Quarkonium Working Group ConferenceGenevaSwitzerland17+3Quarkonium Polarisation at LHCb
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2014-11-10Quarkonium Working Group ConferenceGenevaSwitzerland13+2Quarkonium Production in media at LHCb (Abstract)
Jibo HeGeneva-CERN2014-11-10Quarkonium Working Group ConferenceGenevaSwitzerland15+3Bc Physics at LHC (includes results from LHCb, Atlas, Cms, Alice if any)
Marco PappagalloGlasgow2014-11-10Quarkonium Working Group ConferenceGenevaSwitzerland20+5Exotic spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Klaus FohlGeneva-CERN2014-11-08IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumSeattleUSATORCH - an Innovative High-Precision Time-of-Flight PID for the LHCb Upgrade
Panagiotis TsopelasAmsterdam-Nikhef2014-11-08IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumSeattleUSAThe LHCb VELO Upgrade
Albert Comerma-MontellsHeidelberg-Uni2014-11-08IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumSeattleUSAScintillating Fibre Tracker Front-End Electronics for LHCb upgrade
Stefano De CapuaManchester2014-11-08IEEE Nuclear Science SymposiumSeattleUSAPerformance of and Radiation Damage Effects in the LHCbVertex Locator
Diego TonelliGeneva-CERN2014-11-06KIT SeminarKarlsruheGermany50+10LHCb results
Nicholas BrookBristol2014-11-03Resonance Workshop at CataniaCatiniaItaly20+5Summary of resonance production with LHCb experiment, including discussion on Z(4430) (Abstract)
Albert BurscheZurich-UZH2014-11-03MPI@LHCKrakowPolandAssociated boson production in the forward acceptance (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2014-11-03MPI@LHCKrakowPolandExclusive hadron and multiple hadron production in the forward acceptance (Abstract)
Simone BifaniBirmingham2014-11-03PDF4LHCCernSwitzerland20W Results from LHCb
Marco GersabeckManchester2014-10-28Flavourful Ways to New PhysicsLauterbadGermany120Charm physics
Suzanne KlaverManchester2014-10-28Flavourful Ways to New PhysicsLauterbadGermany16+4Measurements of the semileptonic CP-violating asymmetries a_sl^s and a_sl^d in LHCb
Shanzhen ChenManchester2014-10-28Flavourful Ways to New PhysicsLauterbadGermany16+4Search for CP violation in D0->pi-pi+pi0 decays in LHCb
Anton PoluektovNovosibirsk-BINP2014-10-28KEK-FFTsukubaJapan30Rare and CPV with Bd and Bu decays at LHCb
Anton PoluektovNovosibirsk-BINP2014-10-28KEK-FFTsukubaJapan17+3Model-independent measurements of B→D(K0Shh)K at LHCb
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2014-10-27ICFA SeminarBejingChina25+5Heavy flavor, quarkonim production and decays
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2014-10-21ECFA High Luminosity LHC ExperimentsAix-les-BainsFranceWire detectors for triggering and tracking at HL-LHC experiments
Vladimir GligorovGeneva-CERN2014-10-21ECFA High Luminosity LHC ExperimentsAix-les-BainsFranceDAQ, Online and Software-based triggers
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2014-10-21ECFA High Luminosity LHC ExperimentsAix-les-BainsFranceLHCb upgrade (scope and R&D goals)
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2014-10-21ECFA High Luminosity LHC ExperimentsAix-les-BainsFranceHeavy Flavour Experiment
Christian JoramGeneva-CERN2014-10-21ECFA High Luminosity LHC ExperimentsAix-les-BainsFrance Scintillating Fibre Tracking
Jan BuytaertGeneva-CERN2014-10-21ECFA High Luminosity LHC ExperimentsAix-les-BainsFranceMicro-channel Cooling
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2014-10-21ECFA High Luminosity LHC ExperimentsAix-les-BainsFranceStrip/Pixel Hybrid Sensors
Simone BifaniBirmingham2014-10-20LHCb workshop on quantum interference effectsCernSwitzerland30Electroweak and QCD measurements at LHCb
Cédric PotteratRio-UFRJ2014-10-20LHCb workshop on quantum interference effectsCernSwitzerland30Jets and QCD measurements in LHCb
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2014-10-20LHCb workshop on quantum interference effectsCernSwitzerland20+5LHCb results in pA
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2014-10-20LHCb workshop on quantum interference effectsCernSwitzerland15+5Open charm and beauty at LHCb
Marco AdinolfiBristol2014-10-20LHCb workshop on quantum interference effectsCernSwitzerland30Quarkonia and double charm
Florin MaciucBucharest-IFIN-HH2014-10-20LHCb workshop on quantum interference effectsCernSwitzerland50Soft QCD measurements in LHCb
Siim TolkAmsterdam-VU2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandBs(d)-> mumu update on combination
Marc-Olivier BettlerCambridge2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland25+5Rare kaons decays exp
Diego Martinez SantosAmsterdam-VU2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandExperimental status of \phi_s
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandFuture opportunities for Run II
Stephen FarryLiverpool2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland10EW boson production at LHCb
Victor CocoGeneva-CERN2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland$t\bar{t}$ studies at LHCb
Daniel JohnsonGeneva-CERN2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandExclusive production at LHCb
Martino BorsatoOrsay-LAL2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandExperimental results on radiative B decays
Jolanta BrodzickaManchester2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+10Charm CPV exp
Andrea ContuCagliari2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+10Rare charm decays exp
Patrick OwenLondon-Imperial2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandResults and prospects in $b\to sll$ penguins
Christopher ThomasOxford2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandGamma measurements from tree decays
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandGamma measurements from loop decays
Alberto dos ReisRio-CBPF2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandCharmless B decays
Mika VesterinenHeidelberg-Uni2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandCPV in semileptonic decays
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandLHCb results in pA
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandLHCb ideas/plans for AA
Basem KhanjiMilano_B2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerland20+10LFV decays exp
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2014-10-15Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCernSwitzerlandImpact of LHCb measurements on MC tuning
Sebastian NeubertGeneva-CERN2014-10-13FAIR WormsGermany15+5Results and Plans of LHCb in Charm Spectroscopy
Mika VesterinenHeidelberg-Uni2014-09-30CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerland50+10Measurement of semileptonic asymmetries at LHCb
Emanuele SantovettiRoma 22014-09-29LHC DaysCroatiaSplit20+5QCD physics in LHCb
Pascal PerretClermont-Ferrand2014-09-29LHC DaysCroatiaSplit15+5Status of LHCb
Pascal PerretClermont-Ferrand2014-09-29LHC DaysCroatiaSplit15+5Upgrade and future of LHCb
Christopher ThomasOxford2014-09-29LHC DaysCroatiaSplit15+5CPV and rare decays in B (not covered in the overview)
Edwige TournefierAnnecy-LAPP2014-09-29LHC DaysCroatiaSplit20+5Overview of LHCb results
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2014-09-26topical workshop on top quark differential distributionsCannesFrance15+5Top measurement prospects with LHCb
Roberta CardinaleGenova2014-09-24DHFMessinaItaly25+5Heavy quarkonia (Abstract)
Semen EidelmanNovosibirsk-BINP2014-09-24DHFMessinaItaly25+5Light mesons studies (Abstract)
Francesco DettoriGeneva-CERN2014-09-24LHCC Open SessionCernSwitzerland30+5Status of LHCb
Marek IdzikCracow-AGH2014-09-22TWEPPAix-en-ProvenceFranceA dedicated front-end for readout of strip detectors in the LHCb Upgrade experiment
Valery PugatchKyiv-KINR2014-09-16Prospects for Charged Higgs Discovery at CollidersUppsalaSweden30+5Results from b-physics (LHCb, Belle)
Michal KrepsCoventry-Warwick2014-09-16Physics in CollisionBloomingtonUSA25+5B Decays (Abstract)
Jörg MarksHeidelberg-Uni2014-09-16Physics in CollisionBloomingtonUSA25+5Charm, CP violation, D0 mixing (Abstract)
Victor CocoGeneva-CERN2014-09-15New Physics Korea Institute (NPKI) workshopJeju IslandSouth Korea25+5 Jets and Exotica at LHCb in Run1 and prospects for run 2
Marcin ChrzaszczCracow-HNI2014-09-15TauGermanyAachen17+3Lepton flavour violation in tau decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Jonathan HarrisonManchester2014-09-15TauGermanyAachen17+3Recent results on searches for heavy Majorana neutrinos (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2014-09-15TauGermanyAachen17+3SM Physics with Taus: Z, W (Abstract)
Christian ElsasserZurich-UZH2014-09-15VERTEXDoksyCzech RepublicLHCb Silicon Detectors: Operational Experience and Run1->Run2 transition
Heinrich SchindlerGeneva-CERN2014-09-15VERTEXDoksyCzech RepublicUpgrade of the LHCb VeLo
Federica LionettoZurich-UZH2014-09-15VERTEXDoksyCzech RepublicLHCb Upgrade: Upstream Tracker
Espen Eie BowenZurich-UZH2014-09-15VERTEXDoksyCzech RepublicVertexing and tracking SW at LHCb
Frederic TeubertGeneva-CERN2014-09-14Spanish Workshop for High Energy BenasqueSpainFlavour Physics
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2014-09-10DiffractionPrimoštenCroatia20Exclusive J/Psi and Psi(2S) vector meson production (Abstract)
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2014-09-10DiffractionPrimoštenCroatia20QCD measurements in the forward acceptance at the LHC (Abstract)
Konstantinos PetridisLondon-Imperial2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria17+3Rare b --> s ll decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Jean François MarchandAnnecy-LAPP2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria17+3Radiative decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Flavio ArchilliGeneva-CERN2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria17+3B(s,d) --> mu mu at the LHC (Abstract)
Moritz KarbachGeneva-CERN2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria17+3 Review of gamma/phi3 determination in B->DK at LHCb (Abstract)
Marc Grabalosa GándaraClermont-Ferrand2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria17+3Review of direct CP violation in charmless two and three-body B-decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Jacob PanmanGeneva-CERN2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria17+3Hot topics or Outlook for direct CPV run II/upgrade (Abstract)
Walaa KansoMarseille-CPPM2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria20+5Measurement of phi_s and penguin pollution in phi_s at LHCb
Vladimir GligorovGeneva-CERN2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria15+5Measurement of CP observables in Bs-> DsK at LHCb
Conor FitzpatrickLausanne-EPFL2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria15+5Measurement of CP observables in Bs-> DsDs at LHCb
Lucia GrilloHeidelberg-Uni2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria15+5Measurement of CP observables in Semi-leptonic decays at LHCb
Francesca DordeiHeidelberg-Uni2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria15+5Lifetime measurements in B decays at LHCb
Eduardo RodriguesManchester2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria15+5Prospects of time dependent CP Violation with the LHCb Upgrade
Basem KhanjiMilano_B2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria20+5Semileptonic b-hadron decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Silvia BorghiManchester2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria20+5 D-mixing and indirect CPV measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Evelina GersabeckHeidelberg-Uni2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria20+5Direct CPV in two-body and multibody charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Maurizio MartinelliLausanne-EPFL2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria20+5Direct CPV in D decays through triple products at LHCb (Abstract)
Matthew CharlesParis-LPNHE2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria20+5CKM studies in the charm sector
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria25Present and future CKM studies from B physics at hadron machines
Marco GersabeckManchester2014-09-08CKMViennaAustria20Latest HFAG charm averages
Pierluigi CampanaFrascati-LNF2014-09-08ConfinementRussiaSt Petersburgoverview talk on LHC experimental results
Johan BlouwHeidelberg-MPI2014-09-08ISMDItalyBologna17+3Forward physics and diffraction at LHCb (Abstract)
Johan BlouwHeidelberg-MPI2014-09-08ISMDItalyBologna17+3Impact of LHCb measurements on PDFs (Abstract)
Alexander ShiresDortmund-TU2014-09-04Collider Cross TalkCernSwitzerlandTest of lepton universality using B+ -> K+ l+ l- at LHCb
Antimo PalanoBari2014-09-01Eef70CoimbraPortugal40+5Recent LHCb spectroscopy results (Abstract)
Eddy JansAmsterdam-Nikhef2014-09-01PIXELNiegra FallsCanadaPixel Detector Upgrades for LHCb
Oscar De Aguiar FranciscoRio-UFRJ2014-09-01PIXELNiegra FallsCanadaIntegrated Cooling channels for VELOPix
Tuomas PoikelaGeneva-CERN2014-09-01PIXELNiegra FallsCanadaThe VELOPix readout chip
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2014-08-25PANICHamburgGermany25+5Heavy flavor physics, B-physics results (Abstract)
Shu Faye CheungOxford2014-08-25PANICHamburgGermany20+5CP violation in B decays at LHCb
Michael AlexanderGlasgow2014-08-25PANICHamburgGermany20+5Measurements of CP violation and mixing in charm decays
Fatima SoomroLausanne-EPFL2014-08-25PANICHamburgGermany20+5Rare Decays at LHCb
Antonio Augusto Alves JrRoma 12014-08-25PANICHamburgGermany20+5Exotic charmonium resonances at LHCb merged with Light quark spectroscopy in b-hadron decays
Stefano GalloriniPadova-Padova2014-08-25PANICHamburgGermany20+5Mass and lifetime measurements of b-flavoured hadrons
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2014-08-25PANICHamburgGermany20+5LHCb results in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC (Abstract)
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2014-08-25PANICHamburgGermany20+5Electroweak physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Alexandru GrecuBucharest-IFIN-HH2014-08-25PANICHamburgGermany20+5Soft QCD measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Gerco OnderwaterVan Swinderen Institute2014-08-25NuFACTGlasgowUK20+5tau cLFV decays (Abstract)
Andrey GolutvinLondon-Imperial2014-08-25NuFACTGlasgowUKSearch for Heavy Neutrinos at accelerators (Abstract)
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2014-08-25HQLGermanyMainz20+5Dalitz plot analysis of charmless b-hadron decays (Abstract)
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2014-08-25HQLGermanyMainz20+5Measurements of CP violating phases at LHCb (Abstract)
Jörg MarksHeidelberg-Uni2014-08-25HQLGermanyMainz20+5Measurements of CP violation and mixing in charm decays (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczCracow-HNI2014-08-25HQLGermanyMainz20+5Rare B and charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Marcin ChrzaszczCracow-HNI2014-08-25HQLGermanyMainz20+5Lepton flavour and number violation measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2014-08-25HQLGermanyMainz20+5LHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Carla Marin BenitoBarcelona2014-08-25HQLGermanyMainz17+3Recent results and prospects of rare kaon decay measurements at the LHCb experiment
Malcolm JohnOxford2014-08-18IPA (Interplay between Particle and Astrophysics))LondonUK25+5Quark CP Violation at the LHC (Abstract)
Emanuele SantovettiRoma 22014-08-18IPA (Interplay between Particle and Astrophysics))LondonUK25+5Rare decay searches at LHC (Abstract)
Jibo HeGeneva-CERN2014-08-18ISVHECRICERNSwitzerland25+5Heavy quark production (Abstract)
Manuel SchillerAmsterdam-VU2014-08-12CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerland45Gamma measurements in Bs->DsK and other tree-level decays
Ulrik EgedeLondon-Imperial2014-08-10Physics at LHC and BeyondQuy NhonVietnamFuture of heavy flavour physics
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2014-08-10Physics at LHC and BeyondQuy NhonVietnam15+5B and D Spectroscopy (Abstract)
Piotr MorawskiCracow-AGH2014-08-10Physics at LHC and BeyondQuy NhonVietnam15+5Latest results on CP violation in B (gamma angle) and D decays (Abstract)
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2014-08-10Physics at LHC and BeyondQuy NhonVietnam15+5LHCb performances in Run1 (Abstract)
Karol HennessyLiverpool2014-08-10Physics at LHC and BeyondQuy NhonVietnam20+5LHCb challenges for Run2 (Abstract)
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2014-08-10Physics at LHC and BeyondQuy NhonVietnam20+5LHCb upgrades (Abstract)
Jan MaratasClermont-Ferrand2014-08-10Physics at LHC and BeyondQuy NhonVietnam15 + 5Charmless B decays (Abstract)
Clara GasparGeneva-CERN2014-08-10Physics at LHC and BeyondQuy NhonVietnam15+5Challenges of LHCb operation during Run1 (Abstract)
Matthew CharlesParis-LPNHE2014-08-04SLAC Summer InstituteSLACUSA25+5Recent Results from LHCb (Abstract)
Michal KrepsCoventry-Warwick2014-07-28ICNFPKolymbariGreece25+5Hadron Spectroscopy
Diego Martinez SantosAmsterdam-VU2014-07-28ICNFPKolymbariGreece25+5Recent LHCb results on CP violation
Sajan EasoDidcot-RAL2014-07-28ICNFPKolymbariGreece25+5Recent LHCb results on rare decays
Eric van HerwijnenGeneva-CERN2014-07-28ICNFPKolymbariGreece17+3LHCb upgrade and trigger challenges (Abstract)
Ulrich UwerHeidelberg-Uni2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnamFuture Facilities for Experimental Particle Physics
Marco TreschZurich-UZH2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam15+5Electroweak penguin decays to leptons at LHCb (Abstract)
Francesco PolciParis-LPNHE2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam15+5Radiative decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Jonas RademackerBristol2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam15+5Search for CP violation in Dalitz analyses at LHCb (Abstract)
Manuel SchillerAmsterdam-VU2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam15+5Constraining the CKM matrix at LHCb (Abstract)
Victor EgorychevMoscow-ITEP2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam20+5Heavy flavour production and spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Wander BaldiniFerrara2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnam15+5LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Anh Duc NguyenLausanne-EPFL2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnamPolarization amplitudes in B0 --> \phi K0*
Minh Tâm TranLausanne-EPFL2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnamA search for heavy long-lived stau pair production in the LHCb detector (Abstract)
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2014-07-27Flavour Physics ConferenceQuy NhonVietnamRares Decays
Philippe GhezAnnecy-LAPP2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5Quarkonia and Exotics at LHCb (Abstract)
Stephen OgilvyGlasgow2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5Charm spectroscopy (Abstract)
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5Masses and lifetimes at LHCb (Abstract)
Zhirui XuLausanne-EPFL2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5Radiative decays (Abstract)
Alexis VallierOrsay-LAL2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK20+5Measurements of CPV Gamma angle (Abstract)
Kristof De BruynAmsterdam-Nikhef2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5CPV in Bs (Abstract)
David DossettCoventry-Warwick2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5 Charmless B decays (Abstract)
Giulia TellariniFerrara2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5B and Bs mixing (Abstract)
Patrick OwenLondon-Imperial2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5Electroweak penguin decays (Abstract)
James McCarthyBirmingham2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5B-baryons (Abstract)
Xuhao YuanTsinghua2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5Bc physics (Abstract)
Artur UklejaWarsaw-NCBJ2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK15+5Charm mixing and CPV (Abstract)
Simon AkarMarseille-CPPM2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUK20+5LHCb upgrade and trigger (Abstract)
Valerie GibsonCambridge2014-07-21BEACHBirminghamUKA tribute to the Bards of BEACH : Experiment Summary
Marc-Olivier BettlerCambridge2014-07-21SUSYManchesterUK30+5``LHCb Results and their Impact on SUSY and New Physics'' (Abstract)
Christian LinnGeneva-CERN2014-07-21SUSYManchesterUK17+3Electroweak penguin decays to leptons at LHCb (Abstract)
Vicente Rives MolinaBarcelona2014-07-21SUSYManchesterUK17+3Radiative decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Stefano De CapuaManchester2014-07-21SUSYManchesterUK17+3LHCb Searches for No-SUSY Exotics
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2014-07-21SUSYManchesterUK18+2Overview of lepton flavour violation and lepton number violation measurements at LHCb
Frederic TeubertGeneva-CERN2014-07-21Higgs HuntingParisFrance30+5Indirect experimental constraints (in particular from rare and B decays)
Katharina KreplinHeidelberg-Uni2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3Semileptonic B decays at LHCb
Peter ClarkeEdinburgh2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK20+5CP asymmetries in B->J/psiX decays (phi_s)
Maria ZangoliBologna2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3LHCb results on production, polarization and production asymmetries
Daniel Charles CraikCoventry-Warwick2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3B->Open charm (not related to gamma)
Marianna FontanaHeidelberg-MPI2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3Charmless B decays : Dalitz
Cibran Santamarina RiosSantiago de Compostela2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3Charmless B decays: 2 body and B->V V
Greig CowanEdinburgh2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3Amplitude analysis in B->J/psiX decays
Sneha MaldeOxford2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK25+5Gamma measurements
Antonio Augusto Alves JrRoma 12014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK25+5Beauty and charm spectroscopy
Angelo CarboneBologna2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK20+5Searches for CP violation in two-body D decays
Jinlin FuUniversità di Milano2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK20+5Searches for CP and T violation in multibody D decays
Sebastian NeubertGeneva-CERN2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3 LHCb trigger in Run I and prospects for Run II
Steven BluskSyracuse2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3Beauty baryon decays
Matteo RamaFrascati-LNF2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3Very rare B decays
Christoph LangenbruchCoventry-Warwick2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK20+5Electroweak penguins with di‐leptons
Albert Puig NavarroLausanne-EPFL2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3Radiative electroweak penguins
Alessandro CardiniCagliari2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK20+5LHCb upgrade
Paolo GandiniSyracuse2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3Lifetimes, /\b, Bs, etc
Veerle HeijneAmsterdam-Nikhef2014-07-14BeautyEdinburghUK17+3Exotic searches such as Majorana neutrinos
Samuel CunliffeLondon-Imperial2014-07-14Frontiers of Fundamental PhysicsMarseilleFrance20+3Observables and anomalies in B->K*mumu decays
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2014-07-14Frontiers of Fundamental PhysicsMarseilleFrance20+3CP violation effects in multibody B decays (Abstract)
Benjamin CouturierGeneva-CERN2014-07-14Frontiers of Fundamental PhysicsMarseilleFrance20+5LHCb outreach activities (Abstract)
Stephen PlayferEdinburgh2014-07-1050 Years of CP ViolationLondonUK30CPV physics highlights from LHCb
Walter BoniventoCagliari2014-07-1050 Years of CP ViolationLondonUK30Experimental measurements of CP violation in charm
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2014-07-1050 Years of CP ViolationLondonUK30LHCb upgrade
Paolo GandiniSyracuse2014-07-1050 Years of CP ViolationLondonUKLHCb Upstream Tracker
Alex PearceManchester2014-07-1050 Years of CP ViolationLondonUKMeasuring CP violation with delta ACP at LHCb
Suvayu AliAmsterdam-Nikhef2014-07-1050 Years of CP ViolationLondonUKCKM angle γ measurement
Agnieszka DziurdaCracow-HNI2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Measurement of the CKM angle γ with Bs→DsK decays (Abstract)
Wenbin QianAnnecy-LAPP2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Dalitz analyses with B→Dh decays (Abstract)
Jibo HeGeneva-CERN2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Electroweak penguins at LHCb (Abstract)
Phoebe Meredith HamiltonCollege Park-Maryland2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Semileptonic decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Mark SmithManchester2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Measurements of CP violation and mixing in two body charm decays (Abstract)
Denis DerkachOxford2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Measurements of CP violation in multibody charm decays (Abstract)
Matthew NeedhamEdinburgh2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Measurement of the phase of Bs mixing with Bs→φφ (Abstract)
Stefano PerazziniBologna2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Dalitz plot analysis of charmless b-hadron decays (Abstract)
Roel Aaij2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Measurement of the phase of Bs mixing with Bs→J/ψhh decays (Abstract)
Liming ZhangSyracuse2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Study of b-hadron to J/ψhh decays (Abstract)
Mirco DorigoLausanne-EPFL2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2b-flavour tagging in pp collisions (Abstract)
Giulia MancaCagliari2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2LHCb results in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC (Abstract)
Johannes AlbrechtDortmund-TU2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain25+5Rare decays in quark flavour physics (Abstract)
Ricardo Vazquez GomezFrascati-LNF2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Searches for exotica at LHCb (Abstract)
Stephen FarryLiverpool2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Electroweak physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Dmytro VolyanskyyHeidelberg-MPI2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Soft QCD measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2Heavy flavour spectroscopy and quarkonia production at LHCb (Abstract)
Carla Marin BenitoBarcelona2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpainSearches for long-lived heavy particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Vicente Rives MolinaBarcelona2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpainSearches for lepton flavour violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Ana Trisovic2014-07-02ICHEPValenciaSpain13+2LHCb outreach activities (Abstract)
Antonio Augusto Alves JrRoma 12014-07-01TROIACanakkaleTurkey40+10Quarkonia-like exotic states in LHCb (Abstract)
Federica LionettoZurich-UZH2014-06-30Hadron Structure and QCDSt. PetersburgRussia17+3Associated vector boson production in the forward acceptance (Abstract)
Richard JacobssonGeneva-CERN2014-06-30Hadron Structure and QCDSt. PetersburgRussia17+3Heavy Ion Physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Vladimir GligorovGeneva-CERN2014-06-30QCDFranceMontpellier20+5QCD effects in searches for new physics in b and c decays (Abstract)
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2014-06-30QCDFranceMontpellier15+5Heavy Ion Physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2014-06-30QCDFranceMontpellier15+5Soft QCD measurements in the forward acceptance at the LHC (Abstract)
Jussara De MirandaRio-CBPF2014-06-30QCDFranceMontpellier15+5Experimental evidences of CP violation in charmless three body decays
Johan BlouwHeidelberg-MPI2014-06-23HEPFTProtvinoRussia25+5Heavy Ion Physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Luca PescatoreBirmingham2014-06-23HEPFTProtvinoRussia25+5Rare decays of b- and c-hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Luca PescatoreBirmingham2014-06-23HEPFTProtvinoRussia25+5CP violation measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Johan BlouwHeidelberg-MPI2014-06-23HEPFTProtvinoRussia25+5Exclusive and Inclusive quarkonia production in the forward acceptance at the LHC (Abstract)
Giampiero MancinelliMarseille-CPPM2014-06-23Astroparticle Physics AmsterdamThe Netherlands17+3LHC searches in rare heavy-flavor decays (Abstract)
Albert BurscheZurich-UZH2014-06-17Low x meetingKyotoJapan25+5QCD and forward physics at LHCb
Patrick SpradlinGlasgow2014-06-17FLASYUKBrighton30+5Latest results and prospects from LHCb
Vladimir GligorovGeneva-CERN2014-06-17CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerland60Flavour physics : status and prospects (Abstract)
Maurizio MartinelliLausanne-EPFL2014-06-16QCD@workGiovinazzoItaly30+5Latest LHCb results (Abstract)
Sevda EsenHeidelberg-Uni2014-06-16QCD@workGiovinazzoItaly20+5B(s)->J/Psihh (Abstract)
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2014-06-11 Dark Interactions: Perspectives from Theory and ExperimentNew York (BNL)USA15+5Search for exotic particles at LHCb
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2014-06-04LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerland17+3LHCb Status Report
Greig CowanEdinburgh2014-06-03CERN SeminarGenevaSwitzerland45Confirmation of the Z(4430) resonance and other exotic meson results from the LHCb experiment (Abstract)
Yasmine AmhisOrsay-LAL2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA25' including questionsCP Violation in b/c
Yiming LiTsinghua2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA25' including questionsSpectroscopy
Stephane TourneurLausanne-EPFL2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA25' including questionsSoft QCD, Diffraction and Forward physics
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA25' including questionsRare t, b, and c decays, FCNC, and NP
Andreas SchopperGeneva-CERN2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA25' including questionsLHCb upgrades
Philip IltenCambridge-MIT2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA15+3Soft QCD measurements at LHCb (Abstract)
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA15+3'Heavy flavour production and spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Mark WhiteheadCoventry-Warwick2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA15+3'New results in B decays (Abstract)
Jordi Garra TicoCambridge2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA15+3'Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Michel De CianHeidelberg-Uni2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA15+3'Electroweak penguin decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Roberta CardinaleGenova2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA15+3'Charmless B decays (Abstract)
Christian ElsasserZurich-UZH2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA15+3'Heavy Ion Physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Simone BifaniBirmingham2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA15+3'Electroweak physics at LHCb (Abstract)
Sean BensonGeneva-CERN2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSA15+3'CP violation in Bs decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Yiming LiTsinghua2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSAQuarkonia production in p-Pb collision at LHCb (Abstract)
Yasmine AmhisOrsay-LAL2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSAMeasurements of B lifetimes at LHCb (Abstract)
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSAObservation of photon polarization in B±→K±π∓π±γ decays
Thomas BlakeCoventry-Warwick2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSAFirst evidence for the decay B0s→μ+μ− (Abstract)
Mark WhiteheadCoventry-Warwick2014-06-02LHCPNew YorkUSASearches for Λ0b and Ξ0b decays to K0Spπ− and K0SpK− final states with first observation of the Λ0b→K0Spπ− decay (Abstract)
Paula CollinsGeneva-CERN2014-06-02Workshop on photon-induced collisions at the LHCGeneva, CernSwitzerland25+5Results (and future prospects) of the LHCb experiment in photon-induced collisions in p-p and p-Pb collisions
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2014-06-02JLAB seminarNewport NewsUSA40+5First unambiguous observation of a 4-quark resonant state
Francesco DettoriGeneva-CERN2014-06-02Flavor of New Physics in b->s transitionsParisFrance20+5Measurement of B(Bs → μμ)
Albert Puig NavarroLausanne-EPFL2014-06-02Flavor of New Physics in b->s transitionsParisFrance20+5B → K1 γ up/down asymmetry (theory & experiment)
Alessandro MordàMarseille-CPPM2014-06-02Flavor of New Physics in b->s transitionsParisFrance20+5On the possibility of measuring B(Bs → τ τ)
Diego Alejandro MilanesParis-LPNHE2014-05-29MesonKrakowPoland20+5LHCb physics and prospects (Abstract)
Agnieszka Oblakowska-MuchaCracow-AGH2014-05-29MesonKrakowPoland17+3Recent results on B and D decays from LHCb (Abstract)
Michal KrepsCoventry-Warwick2014-05-29MesonKrakowPoland17+3Exotic meson studies at LHCb (Abstract)
Michal KrepsCoventry-Warwick2014-05-29MesonKrakowPoland17+3Meson spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5Mixed-induced CP violation in Bs (Abstract)
Vincent TisserandAnnecy-LAPP2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5gamma from B → DK and related modes (Abstract)
Ignacio BediagaRio-CBPF2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5Charmless in modes with similar tree and penguin contributions (Abstract)
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5b-baryons and heavy hadrons decays (Abstract)
Barbara SciasciaFrascati-LNF2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5Very rare B decays (Abstract)
Patrick OwenLondon-Imperial2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5b → sll exclusive decays (Abstract)
Alberto dos ReisRio-CBPF2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5Charm mixing and CP violation (Abstract)
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5Lifetimes of b-hadrons (Abstract)
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5Bc (Abstract)
Mark TobinLausanne-EPFL2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5LHCb upgrade
Timothy GershonCoventry-Warwick2014-05-26FPCPMarseilleFrance25+5Experimental overview
Brian MeadowsCincinnati2014-05-23Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Flavour PhysicsItalyCapri25+5CPV in charm and b decays at LHCb (Abstract)
George LaffertyManchester2014-05-23Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Flavour PhysicsItalyCapri25+5Rare decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2014-05-19Quark MatterDarmstadtGermany15+5'Production of J/psi and Y-mesons in proton-lead collisions at √s NN = 5 TeV (Abstract)
Patrick KoppenburgAmsterdam-Nikhef2014-05-18Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance25+5Rare decays and search for New Physics
Michal KrepsCoventry-Warwick2014-05-18Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5Latest results in rare decays at LHCb
Matthew ReidCoventry-Warwick2014-05-18Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5CP violation in the B system
Antonio Augusto Alves JrRoma 12014-05-18Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5b and c hadron spectroscopy at LHCb
Evelina GersabeckHeidelberg-Uni2014-05-18Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2014-05-18Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5Hadronic b decays and the Unitarity triangle angle gamma at LHCb
Katharina MüllerZurich-UZH2014-05-18Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5QCD and EW measurements in the forward region at LHCb
Marcin ChrzaszczZurich-UZH2014-05-18Rencontres de BloisBloisFrance15+5Searches for New Physics with LHCb (Abstract)
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2014-05-06QUESTIONING FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICAL PRINCIPLESCERNSwitzerland25+5Fundamental Physics results at LHCb and future perspectives
Steven BluskSyracuse2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA35' including questionsRecent LHCb physics results
Maddalena FrosiniFirenze2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Quarkonia production at LHCb (Abstract)
Marco MeissnerHeidelberg-Uni2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')QCD measurements in the forward region (Abstract)
Mirco DorigoLausanne-EPFL2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Measurement of CP violation in the Bs system (Abstract)
Jessica PrisciandaroLausanne-EPFL2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Studies of charmless B decays (Abstract)
Charlotte WallaceCoventry-Warwick2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Physics with B to open charm decays (Abstract)
Adam DavisCincinnati2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Charm mixing and CP violation (Abstract)
Peter GriffithBirmingham2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Electroweak penguin decays to leptons at LHCb (Abstract)
Mostafa HoballahClermont-Ferrand2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Radiative decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Adrian PritchardLiverpool2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Mass and lifetime measurements of heavy flavour hadrons (Abstract)
Jacco de VriesAmsterdam-Nikhef2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Physics with the Bc meson (Abstract)
James McCarthyBirmingham2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2') Physics with b-baryons (Abstract)
Maddalena FrosiniFirenze2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Quarkonia and quarkonia-like spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Nicola SkidmoreBristol2014-05-05Phenomenology SymposiumPittsburghUSA15' (13'+2')Tests of lepton universality and lepton flavour violation in B decays (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Exclusive J/psi and psi(2S) vector meson production, (Abstract)
Marco AdinolfiBristol2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Quarkonia at LHCb (Abstract)
Paul SzczypkaLausanne-EPFL2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Measurement of charged particle multiplicities and densities in pp collisions at 7 TeV in the forward region (Abstract)
Marco AdinolfiBristol2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Study of Jpsi production and cold nuclear matter effects in pPb collisions (Abstract)
Marek SirendiCambridge2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Associated Z boson production in the forward region (Abstract)
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Properties and decays of the Bc meson (Abstract)
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5LHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Jaroslaw WiechczynskiCracow-HNI2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Rare Decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Liang ZhongTsinghua2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Charmed Spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Paul SailGlasgow2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Lifetime of flavoured hadrons at LHCb (Abstract)
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2014-04-28DISWarsawPoland15+5Quarkonia and quarkonia-like spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Greig CowanEdinburgh2014-04-08Standard Model @ LHCMadridSpainRecent results on B decays
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2014-04-08French China Particle Physics LaboratoryClermont-FerrandFranceSummary of the flavour session: LHCb
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2014-04-08French China Particle Physics LaboratoryClermont-FerrandFranceLHCb news
Antonio PellegrinoAmsterdam-Nikhef2014-04-05APS April MeetingSavannah, GeorgiaUSA30'+6'B -> mu mu and other rare quark decays (all experiments)
Jonathan HarrisonManchester2014-03-22Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15'+discussionLatest results in rare decays at LHCb
Juan Jose Saborido SilvaSantiago de Compostela2014-03-22Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15'+ discussionCP violation in the B(s) system
Ivan PolyakovMoscow-ITEP2014-03-22Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15'+ discussionb & c hadron spectroscopy at LHCb
Marco GersabeckManchester2014-03-22Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15'+ discussionCharm mixing and CP violation
Conor FitzpatrickGeneva-CERN2014-03-22Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15'+ discussionHadronic b decays and the Unitarity triangle angle gamma
Pierluigi CampanaFrascati-LNF2014-03-22Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly60Experimental Summary
Konstantinos PetridisLondon-Imperial2014-03-22Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly20Introduction to Heavy Flavours
Albert Puig NavarroLausanne-EPFL2014-03-18LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerlandObservation of photon polarization in b→sγ transitions at LHCb (Abstract)
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2014-03-15Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15'+5'Latest results on rare decays from LHCb
Francesca DordeiHeidelberg-Uni2014-03-15Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15'+5'CP violation in the B(s)0 system
Laurence CarsonEdinburgh2014-03-15Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15'+5'Constraining the CKM angle gamma at LHCb
Angelo Di CantoGeneva-CERN2014-03-15Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15'+5'Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb
Thomas NikodemHeidelberg-Uni2014-03-15Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5'+2'b hadrons lifetimes (YSF)
Rafael Silva CoutinhoCoventry-Warwick2014-03-15Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5'+2'Charmless B decays
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2014-03-07Lattice QCD Meets ExperimentFermilabUSAProspects for the LHCb experiments using lattice
Edwige TournefierAnnecy-LAPP2014-03-05LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb status report
Dmytro VolyanskyyHeidelberg-MPI2014-02-23Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly18'+questionsProduction and spectroscopy of heavy flavours at LHCb
Marta CalviMilano_B2014-02-23Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly18'+questionsCP violation in the B and D systems
Christopher JonesCambridge2014-02-23Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly18'+questionsStudies of hadronic B decays at LHCb
Justine SerranoMarseille-CPPM2014-02-23Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly18'+questionsLatest results on rare decays from LHCb
Alessandro MordàMarseille-CPPM2014-02-23Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly15' (including discussion)Rare dileptonic B(s) decays at LHCb
Carla Marin BenitoBarcelona2014-02-23Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly15' (including discussion)Ks decays at LHCb
Raja NandakumarDidcot-RAL2014-02-20Indian Istitiute Conference on higgs physics and flavour physicsGuwahatiIndia50'Status of LHCb measurements and future expectations
Franz MuheimEdinburgh2014-02-16Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Luise, AlbertaCanada60'Advances in flavor physics covering both LHCb and B-factories
Maksym TeklishynOrsay-LAL2014-02-16Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Luise, AlbertaCanada12'+3'Production and spectroscopy of heavy flavours at LHCb
Daniel VieiraRio-UFRJ2014-02-16Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Luise, AlbertaCanada12'+3'Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb
Giovanni VenezianoLausanne-EPFL2014-02-16Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Luise, AlbertaCanada12'+3'Testing the SM with rare decays at LHCb
Dean LambertEdinburgh2014-02-16Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Luise, AlbertaCanada12'+3'Charmless B decays at LHCb
Christos HadjivasiliouSyracuse2014-02-16Lake Louise Winter InstituteLake Luise, AlbertaCanada12'+3'Semileptonic B decays at LHCb
Anton PoluektovNovosibirsk-BINP2014-02-13Flavor Factory WorkshopKEKJapan35'+10'rare B(s) and CPV in B(s) physics
Diego TonelliGeneva-CERN2014-02-13Flavor Factory WorkshopKEKJapan25'+5'Charm results at LHCb
Stephane T'JampensAnnecy-LAPP2014-02-13Flavor Factory WorkshopKEKJapan25' +5'LHCb upgrade
Sergey PolikarpovMoscow-ITEP2014-02-11ITEP Winter SchoolMoscowRussia15'B decays into psi(') eta(') final states
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2014-02-10IAS - Flavor Physics and Mass GenerationSingaporeSingaporeHighlights from LHCb
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2014-02-04LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland45'Central exclusive quarkonium production at LHCb (Abstract)
Julian WishahiDortmund-TU2014-02-03Advanced Workshop on LHC Physics and CosmologyCairoEgypt60'The LHCb upgrade
Julian WishahiDortmund-TU2014-02-03Advanced Workshop on LHC Physics and CosmologyCairoEgypt60'CP violation in the B(s) sector
Ulrich UwerHeidelberg-Uni2014-01-27BormioBormioItaly40'Charming and beautiful: Search for New Phenomena with Heavy Mesons at LHCb
Siim TolkAmsterdam-VU2014-01-27BormioBormioItaly20'Rare decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Antonio Romero VidalSantiago de Compostela2014-01-27BormioBormioItaly20'CP violation in B and D systems at LHCb (Abstract)
Alexander ShiresDortmund-TU2014-01-18AspenAspen, ColoradoUSA25' incl discussion Rare heavy flavour decays at the LHC (Abstract)
Daniel JohnsonOxford2014-01-18AspenAspen, ColoradoUSA25' incl discussionCP violation in B and D mesons (Abstract)
Walter BoniventoCagliari2014-01-14The top-charm frontier at the LHCCERNSwitzerland20'Mixing-related charm CPV at LHCb
Evelina GersabeckHeidelberg-Uni2014-01-14The top-charm frontier at the LHCCERNSwitzerland20'Direct charm CPV at LHCb
Albert BurscheZurich-UZH2014-01-14The top-charm frontier at the LHCCERNSwitzerland20'New LHCb measurement: Z+D-meson cross section
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2014-01-12HirscheggKleinwalsertalAustria30-40'Hadron spectroscopy results from LHCb (Abstract)
Greig CowanEdinburgh2014-01-08Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland40'LHCb overview
Maria Aranzazu OyangurenValencia-IFIC2014-01-08Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland30'Rare decays
Tadeusz LesiakCracow-HNI2014-01-08Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland30'Charm production, mixing and CP violation
Rose KoopmanAmsterdam-VU2014-01-08Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland30'CP violation in B mesons
Bartlomiej RachwalCracow-HNI2014-01-08Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland15'Search for Lepton Number Violation at LHCb
Liang SunCincinnati2014-01-08Epiphany ConferenceKrakowPoland15'CP violation measurement in wrong-sign D0 -> K+ pi- decays
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2013-12-16High Energy Physics in the LHC EraValparaísoChileLHCb overview (Abstract)
Wouter HulsbergenAmsterdam-Nikhef2013-12-12WHEPPPuriIndia45'Flavour in the era of LHC (plenary)
Marco AdinolfiBristol2013-12-04LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb status report
Albert BurscheZurich-UZH2013-12-02MPI@LHCAntwerpBelgiumMeasurements with electroweak gauge bosons at LHCb (Abstract)
Johan BlouwHeidelberg-MPI2013-12-02MPI@LHCAntwerpBelgium25'Studies of soft QCD in the forward region at LHCb (Abstract)
Burkhard SchmidtGeneva-CERN2013-12-02MPI@LHCAntwerpBelgium25'Onia production in pA and Ap collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Victor CocoGeneva-CERN2013-12-02MPI@LHCAntwerpBelgium25'Exclusive dimuon production with LHCb (Abstract)
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2013-12-02SaporeGravisNantesFrance 20+5'Quarkonium results in pp collisions.
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2013-12-02SaporeGravisNantesFrance25+5 minStatus and perspectives in pp and pA-collisions in LHCb for photoproduction and diffractive processes (Abstract)
Nicholas BrookBristol2013-12-02SaporeGravisNantesFrance25'Open heavy flavour and quarkonium hadroproduction in p-Pb and Pb-p collisions in LHCb (Abstract)
Jibo HeGeneva-CERN2013-12-02SaporeGravisNantesFrance30'+5'LHCb and ATLAS upgrade relevant for heavy-quark/quarkonium production
Eduardo RodriguesManchester2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan45'Summary of Flavor Physics Results
Diego TonelliGeneva-CERN2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'Studies of charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Ricardo Vazquez GomezFrascati-LNF2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'Searches for very rare B, D and τ decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Simon WrightCambridge2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'Studies of b→(s,d)(mumu,gamma) transitions at LHCb (Abstract)
Angelo CarboneBologna2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'Measurements of B lifetimes, mixing and CP violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Matthew Williams2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'Measurements of B → DK decays to constrain the CKM unitarity triangle angle γ at LHCb (Abstract)
Jessica PrisciandaroLausanne-EPFL2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'Studies of charmless B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Xabier Cid VidalGeneva-CERN2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'Measurements with electroweak gauge bosons and searches for Higgs-like particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Stefano De CapuaManchester2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'Onia production and spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Yiming LiTsinghua2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'b and c hadron production and spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Mika VesterinenHeidelberg-Uni2013-11-20PASCOSTaipeiTaiwan17'+3'Studies of asymmetries in semileptonic B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Stefano PerazziniBologna2013-11-05LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerlandCP violation in charmless two-body B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Marco PappagalloGlasgow2013-11-04Hadron NaraJapan30' including discussionProduction and spectroscopy of open-flavoured hadrons at hadron colliders (all experiments)
Heinrich SchindlerGeneva-CERN2013-11-04Hadron NaraJapan20' +5'The LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Sebastian NeubertGeneva-CERN2013-11-04Hadron NaraJapan20' (including questions)Studies of b hadron decays to final states containing open charm at LHCb (Abstract)
Lucio AnderliniFirenze2013-11-04Hadron NaraJapan20' (including questions)Studies of b hadron decays to final states containing charmonia at LHCb (Abstract)
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2013-11-04Hadron NaraJapan20' (including questions)Studies of b hadron decays to charmless final states at LHCb (Abstract)
Xuhao YuanTsinghua2013-11-04Hadron NaraJapan20' (including questions)Quarkonia production at LHCb (Abstract)
Liang ZhongTsinghua2013-11-04Hadron NaraJapan20' (including questions)b and c hadron production and spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Richard JacobssonGeneva-CERN2013-11-04Hard ProbesCape TownSouth Africa25'+5'Onia production in pA and Ap collisions at LHCb (Abstract)
Mikhail ZavertyaevHeidelberg-MPI2013-11-04Hard ProbesCape TownSouth Africa15'+5'Studies of production in the forward region (Abstract)
Jeroen van LeerdamAmsterdam-Nikhef2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandB_s->J/psi phi, phi s, B ->phi phi
Ricardo Vazquez GomezFrascati-LNF2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland30'Rare Decays at LHCb
Christopher ThomasOxford2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandCharm mixing and indirect CPV
Rhorry GauldOxford2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandttbar measurements with LCHb
William BarterCambridge2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandCurrent and future jet measurements with LHCb
Paolo GandiniSyracuse2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandGamma measurements
Gregory CiezarekLondon-Imperial2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandB -> D* tau nu
Christoph LangenbruchGeneva-CERN2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandB->(K,K*,phi) l+l- from LHCb: Angular analyses and isospin asymmetries
Matthew CoombesBristol2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandSearches for CPV in charm decays
Irina NastevaRio-CBPF2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandCharmless three-body B decays
Denis DerkachOxford2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerland B -> h h
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2013-10-14Implications of LHCb Measurements and Future ProspectsCERNSwitzerlandSummary & outlook
Jonathan AndersonZurich-UZH2013-10-08LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland45'Latest results on Z boson production from LHCb (Abstract)
Alexey DzyubaGatchina-PNPI2013-10-07FFK Pulkovo (St. Petersburg)Russia~40'LHCb precise measurements ("Overview of LHCb results")
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2013-10-02Heavy Flavour Correlations in Nuclear CollisionBergenNorway30'Results on pA collisions at LHCb
Marie Helene SchuneOrsay-LAL2013-10-01ECFA High Luminosity LHC ExperimentsAix-les-BainsFrance25'Heavy flavour physics in the HL-LHC era
Andreas SchopperGeneva-CERN2013-10-01ECFA High Luminosity LHC ExperimentsAix-les-BainsFrance25'LHCb Upgrade Program
Barinjaka RakotomiaramananaLausanne-EPFL2013-09-30MENURomeItaly20-30?The LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Simone BifaniBirmingham2013-09-30MENURomeItaly20-30?PDF studies at LHCb (Abstract)
Patrizia De SimoneFrascati-LNF2013-09-30MENURomeItaly20-30?c and b hadron spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2013-09-30MENURomeItaly20-30?onia and onia-like states at LHCb (Abstract)
Konstantinos PetridisLondon-Imperial2013-09-30MENURomeItaly25'+5'LHCb: recent achievements and perspectives
Sebastian BachmannHeidelberg-Uni2013-09-30KEK-PH workshopKEKJapan40'Recent results and future perspective of LHCb
Angelo Di CantoHeidelberg-Uni2013-09-25LHCC Open SessionCERNSwitzerlandLHCb status report
Valery PugatchKyiv-KINR2013-09-23Crimean High-Energy Physics ConferenceAlushtaCrimea25'LHCb overview
Bogdan PopoviciBucharest-IFIN-HH2013-09-23Crimean High-Energy Physics ConferenceAlushtaCrimea20'QCD and EW measurements in the forward region
Eric van HerwijnenGeneva-CERN2013-09-23ICATPPComoItaly25'+5' LHCb Upgrade (Abstract)
Roberta CardinaleGenova2013-09-23PWACamogliItaly30'Spectroscopy results at LHCb
Maddalena FrosiniFirenze2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil20'Quarkonia and quarkonia-like spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Mark SmithManchester2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil20'Charm mixing and CP violation (Abstract)
Jose Angel Hernando MorataSantiago de Compostela2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil20'Rare decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Francesca DordeiHeidelberg-Uni2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil20'Measurement of φs at LHCb (Abstract)
Stefania RicciardiDidcot-RAL2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil20'Measurement of γ from B→DK decays (Abstract)
Adlène HicheurRio-CBPF2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil20'Studies of charmless B decays (Abstract)
Thomas BirdManchester2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil20'Measurement of semileptonic asymmetries in the B system at LHCb (Abstract)
Valdir Salustino GuimaraesRio-UFRJ2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil30'Searches for Higgs and Higgs-like particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Frederic TeubertGeneva-CERN2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil40+5'Status report on weak decays, CP violation and CKM (Abstract)
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2013-09-16Weak Interactions and NeutrinosNatal Brazil20'Measurements with electroweak gauge bosons at LHCb (Abstract)
Christoph LangenbruchGeneva-CERN2013-09-16LC13TrentoItaly30'LHCb results on flavour physics and implications to BSM
Scott StevensonOxford2013-09-09Elastic and Diffractive ScatteringSaariselka, LaplandFinlandExclusive particle production in photon-photon and photon-proton collisions at LHCb
Marco MeissnerHeidelberg-Uni2013-09-09Elastic and Diffractive ScatteringSaariselka, LaplandFinland20' LHCb results on soft diffraction
Michael AlexanderGlasgow2013-09-09PhiPsiRomeItaly20'+5'Charm: mixing, CPV and rare decays at LHCb
Semen EidelmanNovosibirsk-BINP2013-09-09PhiPsiRomeItaly20'+5'Heavy quarks spectroscopy at LHCb
Cristina LazzeroniBirmingham2013-09-09Triggering Discoveries in HEPJammuIndiaTrigger at LHCb and upgrade
Cristina LazzeroniBirmingham2013-09-09Triggering Discoveries in HEPJammuIndiaLHCb physics overview
Johan BlouwHeidelberg-MPI2013-09-08Initial StagesIlla da Toxa (Galicia)SpainQuarkonia and HF in pPb at LHCb
Marco PappagalloGlasgow2013-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKExotic heavy hadrons -- experimental results
Greig CowanEdinburgh2013-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKb hadron lifetimes & mixing
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2013-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKExperimental results on b->sll decays
Marc-Olivier BettlerCambridge2013-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKBs->mumu and other rare decay results
Denis DerkachOxford2013-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKInputs to CKM fits
Jeremy DalsenoBristol2013-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKCP violation in hadronic decay modes
Matthew CharlesParis-LPNHE2013-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKStatus of charm mixing and CP violation observables
Christopher ParkesManchester2013-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKLHCb upgrade
Konstantinos PetridisLondon-Imperial2013-09-04UK flavour workshopDurhamUKObservables and phenomenology in b -> s ll decays
Jonas RademackerBristol2013-09-04HEP-MADAntananarivoMadagascarLHCb latest results, an overview
Stephane MonteilClermont-Ferrand2013-09-03Physics in CollisionBeijingCina25'+5'CPV and CKM angles in B+, B0, B_s
Jibo HeGeneva-CERN2013-09-03Physics in CollisionBeijingCina25'+5'Bottom production, spectroscopy, lifetime
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2013-09-03Physics in CollisionBeijingCina25'+5'D0 mixing, CPV, D decays
Patrick RobbeOrsay-LAL2013-09-02QCD@LHCDesyGermanyExotic in hadronic and e+e- colliders (ATLAS, CMS, LHCb, [BaBar, Belle]) (Abstract)
Stephen FarryLiverpool2013-09-02QCD@LHCDesyGermanyPDF studies at LHC (LHCb, ATAS and CMS review) (Abstract)
Michael SchmellingHeidelberg-MPI2013-09-02QCD@LHCDesyGermany20'+5'Studies of production in the forward region with LHCb (Abstract)
Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2013-09-02Summer School HeidelbergHeidelbergGermany~60'Diffractive and Forward Physics in LHCb
Jonas RademackerBristol2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK30' including questionsMeasuring CP violation in 3- and 4-body decays.
Sebastian NeubertGeneva-CERN2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK25'+5'New results on X,Y,Z states from hadron collider experiments (summary of relevant expts),
Antimo PalanoBari2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK25'+5'Open charm spectroscopy and mass measurements at LHCb
Liang SunCincinnati2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK25'+5'Two-body WS mixing and CPV (summary of results from all experiments)
Silvia BorghiManchester2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK25'+5'Indirect CPV results & HFAG averages (summary of results from all experiments)
Hamish GordonGeneva-CERN2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK25'+5'Measurement of production asymmetries (in principle summary of all experiments)
Matthew Charles2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK25'+5'Two body cp violation measurements (to include time integrated measurements, summary from all experiments) (Abstract)
Andrea ContuCagliari2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK25'+5'Status and prospects for the LHCb upgrade (including potential for charm physics)
Sam GregsonCambridge2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK15'+5' Search for Direct CP violation in D(s)->Ksh+ at LHCb (Abstract)
Samuel HarnewBristol2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK15'+5'Charm mixing in multibody charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Edward GreeningOxford2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK15'+5'Rare Charm Decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Stephen OgilvyGlasgow2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK15'+5' Studies of charmed baryons at LHCb (Abstract)
Paras NaikBristol2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK15'+5'Studies of charmed states in amplitude analyses at LHCb (Abstract)
Denis DerkachOxford2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK15'+5'Charm and Charmonia Production (including exclusive production) at LHCb (Abstract)
Guy WilkinsonOxford2013-08-31CharmManchesterUKOverview of charm Physics
Benoit ViaudOrsay-LAL2013-08-31CharmManchesterUK25'+5'Experimental overview of rare charm decays
Stefanie ReichertManchester2013-08-31CharmManchesterUKTime-dependent amplitude analysis of semileptonically-tagged D->KSpipi decays at LHCb
Alex PearceManchester2013-08-31CharmManchesterUKMeasuring CP Violation in Lambda_c Decays at LHCb
Mark SmithManchester2013-08-31CharmManchesterUKMeasurement of A_Gamma
Thomas BirdManchester2013-08-31CharmManchesterUKThe search for D -> e mu
Samuel HallLondon-Imperial2013-08-28ICNFPKolymbari, CreteGreece25'Overview of LHCb results on rare decays
Markward BritschHeidelberg-MPI2013-08-28ICNFPKolymbari, CreteGreece25'Overview of LHCb results on CP violation (Abstract)
Donatella LucchesiPadova-Padova2013-08-28ICNFPKolymbari, CreteGreece25'The LHCb upgrade
Monica Pepe AltarelliGeneva-CERN2013-08-28ICNFPKolymbari, CreteGreeceQuarkonium production at LHCb
Mitesh PatelLondon-Imperial2013-08-26SUSYTriesteItaly35'LHCb results relevant to SUSY and BSM physics
Darya SavrinaMoscow-ITEP2013-08-26SUSYTriesteItaly18'Study of B0(s)->J/psi eta and B0(s)->J/psi eta'
Kristof De BruynAmsterdam-Nikhef2013-08-26SUSYTriesteItaly18'Studies of CPV violation in B hadron decays
Samuel CoquereauParis-LPNHE2013-08-26SUSYTriesteItaly20'Rare decays of beauty and charmed hadrons
Stephane TourneurLausanne-EPFL2013-08-26SUSYTriesteItaly15'Searches for Higgs and Higgs-like particles at LHCb
Walter BoniventoCagliari2013-08-26Brazilian National Meeting in Particles of FieldsPassa QuatroBrazilFlavour Physics and CP Violation
Olaf SteinkampZurich-UZH2013-08-22Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia25'LHCb overview talk
Alexander PopovProtvino-IHEP2013-08-22Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia20'Rare decays
Ivan PolyakovMoscow-ITEP2013-08-22Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia20'B decays to charmonia
Alexander ArtamonovProtvino-IHEP2013-08-22Lomonosov ConferenceMoscowRussia20'Quarkonia production
Federico AlessioGeneva-CERN2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSALHCb Upgrade
Daniel Charles CraikCoventry-Warwick2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAMeasurements of B → DK decays to constrain the CKM unitarity triangle angle γ at LHCb
Mathieu Perrin-TerrinMarseille-CPPM2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSASearches for rare decays at LHCb
Emanuele SantovettiRoma 22013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAOnia production and polarisation at LHCb
Adam DavisCincinnati2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAStudies of charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb
Espen Eie BowenZurich-UZH2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAStudies of the electroweak penguin transitions and radiative B decays at LHCb
Olivier LeroyMarseille-CPPM2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAMeasurement of phi_s at LHCb (Abstract)
Steven BluskSyracuse2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAStudies of hadronic B decays to open charm mesons at LHCb
Thomas LathamCoventry-Warwick2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAMeasurements of CP violation in charmless two-body and multibody B decays at LHCb
Michael SokoloffCincinnati2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAStudies of asymmetries in semileptonic B decays at LHCb
Mike WilliamsCambridge-MIT2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAMini-review on Charming hadronic decays of b hadrons (Abstract)
Bilas Kanti PalSyracuse2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAMeasurements of b hadron lifetimes and effective lifetimes at LHCb (Abstract)
Marina ArtusoSyracuse2013-08-13DPFSanta Cruz, CaliforniaUSAPhysics Using the 5 lighter Quarks and Charged Leptons
Tatsuya NakadaLausanne-EPFL2013-08-11Windows on the Universe (Inaugural Conf. of ICISE)Qui NhonVietnamCP violation and rare decays in the b and c-quark sector
Raphael MärkiLausanne-EPFL2013-08-11Windows on the Universe (Inaugural Conf. of ICISE)Qui NhonVietnam15'+disc.B hadron production and spectroscopy at LHCb
Florian KruseDortmund-TU2013-08-11Windows on the Universe (Inaugural Conf. of ICISE)Qui NhonVietnam15'+disc.Studies of CP violation in B decays at LHCb
Justine SerranoMarseille-CPPM2013-08-11Windows on the Universe (Inaugural Conf. of ICISE)Qui NhonVietnam15'+disc.Rare decays of beauty and charm hadrons at LHCb
Justine SerranoMarseille-CPPM2013-08-06LHC SeminarCERNSwitzerland35'Observation of the Bs->mu+mu- Rare Decay at the LHC, LHCb results
Ulrik EgedeLondon-Imperial2013-08-05Origin of massUniversity of Southern DenmarkDenmark45'Highlights from flavour physics, including Bs->mumu, CP violation etc (LHC)
Michal KrepsCoventry-Warwick2013-07-22IWHSS ErlangenGermanyMeson spectroscopy at LHCb
Liang ZhongTsinghua2013-07-22SQMBirminghamUK25'+5'Latest results from LHCb on the pA/Ap data (Abstract)
Nicholas BrookBristol2013-07-22SQMBirminghamUK15'+5'Studies of strangeness and onia production in pp collisions at 2.76, 7 & 8 TeV (Abstract)
Stephanie Hansmann-MenzemerHeidelberg-Uni2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenFlavour Physics
Marcin KucharczykMilano_B2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSweden15' including questionsSearches for Higgs and Higgs-like particles at LHCb (Abstract)
Marco MeissnerHeidelberg-Uni2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSweden15' including questionsStudies of soft QCD at LHCb (Abstract)
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSweden20' including questionsReview of LHCb Heavy-Quark and Quarkonia results (Abstract)
Fanfan JingTsinghua2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSweden20' including questions (17+3)Particle production in pA and Ap collision at LHCb (Abstract)
Julien CoganMarseille-CPPM2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSweden15' including questionsThe LHCb upgrade (Abstract)
Giovanni CarboniRoma 22013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenHeavy flavour spectroscopy at LHCb (Abstract)
Niels TuningAmsterdam-Nikhef2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenStudies of the properties and decays of the Bc meson at LHCb (Abstract)
Olga KochebinaOrsay-LAL2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenRare charm decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Carla GöbelRio-PUC2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenStudies of charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb (Abstract)
Flavio ArchilliFrascati-LNF2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenSearches for very rare decays to purely leptonic final states at LHCb (Abstract)
Nicola SerraZurich-UZH2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenStudies of the electroweak penguin transitions b→smumu and b→dmumu at LHCb (Abstract)
Albert Puig NavarroLausanne-EPFL2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenRadiative B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
Sebastian WandernothHeidelberg-Uni2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenMeasurement of phi_s at LHCb (Abstract)
Lars EklundGlasgow2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenMeasurements of b hadron lifetimes and effective lifetimes at LHCb (Abstract)
Victor EgorychevMoscow-ITEP2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenStudies of b hadron decays into final states containing charmonia (Abstract)
Paolo GandiniSyracuse2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenMeasurements of B → DK decays to constrain the CKM unitarity triangle angle γ at LHCb (Abstract)
Mark WhiteheadCoventry-Warwick2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenStudies of hadronic B decays to final states containing open charm mesons at LHCb (Abstract)
Stefano PerazziniBologna2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenMeasurements of CP violation in charmless two-body B decays at LHCb (Abstract)
James McCarthyBirmingham2013-07-18EPS-HEPStockholmSwedenStudies of multibody charmless B decays at LHCb