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Ronan McNultyDublin-UCD2020-09-14Low xElba IslandItalyTBC
Giacomo GrazianiFirenze2020-09-07IPA (Interplay between Particle and Astrophysics))ViennaAustria25+5Results of the LHCb experiment and plans for the future
Alberto dos ReisRio-CBPF2020-09-07IPA (Interplay between Particle and Astrophysics))ViennaAustria15+5Status and plans for CP violation measurements in the charm sector
Davide ZulianiPadova-Padova2020-09-07Higgs HuntingParisFrance9+3Searches for SM and exotic Higgs decays at LHCb
Martino BorsatoHeidelberg-Uni2020-08-23NuFACTCagliariItaly25+5Tests of neutrino mass models at LHCb
Zhenwei YangTsinghua2020-08-19APFBKanazawaJapan25+5Pentaquarks and other new states from LHCb
Alison Maria TullyLausanne-EPFL2020-07-26ConfinementStavangerNorwayB anomalies
Marco GersabeckManchester2020-07-20African Conference on Fundamental Physics and ApplicationsMarrakechMorocco25+5TBA
Antimo PalanoBari2020-06-22QCD@workLecceItaly30Overview of recent LHCb results
Hans Peter DembinskiDortmund-TU2020-06-04ISVHECRIOotyIndia30+5QCD measurements in proton-proton and proton-lead collisions with LHCb
Tadeusz LesiakCracow-HNI2020-06-04MesonCracowPolandOverview on exotic states
Hengne LiGuangzhou-SCNU2020-06-04MesonCracowPolandMeson properties and production in nuclear medium
Agnieszka Oblakowska-MuchaCracow-AGH2020-05-31BEACHPittsburghUS25+5CP Violation Studies in B(s) Decays
Vincenzo VagnoniBologna2020-05-24Rencontres de BloisBloisFranceCINCO: Rare decays
Sheldon StoneSyracuse2020-05-18PPCOklahomaUSPhysics at LHCb
Angelo CarboneBologna2020-05-18CharmMexico CityMexicoCPV in the charm sector at LHCb
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2020-05-18CharmMexico CityMexicoExotics
Melissa Maria Cruz TorresRio-CBPF2020-05-18CharmMexico CityMexicoCharm spectroscopy from amplitude analyses in B(s) decays @ LHCb
Raul Iraq Rabadan TrejoMarseille-CPPM2020-05-18CharmMexico CityMexicoCharm hadron spectroscopy @ LHCb
Marianna FontanaGeneva-CERN2020-05-18CharmMexico CityMexicoOverview and prospects for charm rare decays at LHCb
Laurent DufourGeneva-CERN2020-05-17VulcanoVulcano IslandItalyCINCO:Search for new physics in b decay
Kara Renee MattioliAnn Arbor-University of Michigan2020-04-27Standard Model @ LHCRomeItaly20Jet fragmentation and central exclusive production
John Matthew DurhamLos Alamos-LANL2020-04-18APS April MeetingWashingtonUSModification of X(3872) production in high-multiplicity collisions at LHCb
Tomasz SkwarnickiSyracuse2020-04-14Vistas in Hadron SpectroscopyBad HonnefGermanyHadron spectroscopy at hadronic colliders
Stephane T'JampensAnnecy-LAPP2020-04-13ALPSObergurglAustria30Overview on flavour and hadron physics at LHCb (keynote talk)
William ParkerCollege Park-Maryland2020-04-13ALPSObergurglAustria20The LHCb upgrades
Laurent DufourGeneva-CERN2020-03-28Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+Mixing and CPV in beauty and charm at LHCb
Giampiero MancinelliMarseille-CPPM2020-03-28Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+Rare and semileptonic decays of heavy and strange hadrons at LHCb (excluding LFU tests)
Christoph LangenbruchAachen I2020-03-28Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+Lepton flavour universality tests and related measurements at LHCb
Liupan AnFirenze2020-03-28Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+Heavy flavour spectroscopy at LHCb
Menglin XuCentral China U.2020-03-28Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+QCD, electroweak physics, and searches for exotic signatures in the forward region at LHCb
Carlos Vázquez SierraAmsterdam-Nikhef2020-03-28Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+QCD, electroweak physics, and searches for exotic signatures in the forward region at LHCb
Jiayin SunCagliari2020-03-28Moriond QCDLa ThuileItaly15+Heavy-ion and fixed-target physics at LHCb
Charlotte Barbara Van HulseDublin-UCD2020-03-23DISNew YorkUSCINCO: QCD and hadronic final states (heavy quarks and flavors) from LHC and RHIC
Jordan Daniel RothAnn Arbor-University of Michigan2020-03-23DISNew YorkUSTowards a study of the effects of dynamical factorization breaking at LHCb
Sook Hyun LeeAnn Arbor-University of Michigan2020-03-23DISNew YorkUSStudying hadronization at LHCb
Eliane EppleLos Alamos-LANL2020-03-23DISNew YorkUSLatest results probing nuclear matter at LHCb
Sergey BarsukOrsay-LAL2020-03-23DISNew YorkUSStudies of b-hadrons and quarkonia at LHCb
Lorenzo CapriottiBologna2020-03-23DISNew YorkUSSpectroscopy of exotic states at LHCb
Tomasz SzumlakCracow-AGH2020-03-23DISNew YorkUS20Future developments of the LHCb experiment
Manuel Franco SevillaCollege Park-Maryland2020-03-22AspenAspen, ColoradoUS20+5Heavy Flavour physics results from LHCb
Marcin KucharczykCracow-HNI2020-03-22AspenAspen, ColoradoUS20+5Searches for long-lived particles and other exotica at LHCb
Jussara De MirandaRio-CBPF2020-03-22Hadron PhysicsSao Jose dos CamposBrasil30CP violation in B->h+h'+h- (h,h'=k,pi) decays in the LHCb experiment
Ignacio BediagaRio-CBPF2020-03-22Hadron PhysicsSao Jose dos CamposBrasil20LHCb highlights
Saverio MarianiFirenze2020-03-21Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5+2Antiproton production measurement in pHe collisions with the LHCb experiment: results and prospects
Davide FazziniOrsay-LAL2020-03-21Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5CPV and mixing in beauty at LHCb
Wouter HulsbergenAmsterdam-Nikhef2020-03-21Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Lepton flavour universality tests and related measurements at LHCb
Felix Johannes KressLondon-Imperial2020-03-21Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Rare decays (excluding LFU) at LHCb
Mark Richard James WilliamsManchester2020-03-21Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Charm physics at LHCb
Mirco DorigoPisa-Pisa2020-03-21Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly15+5Semileptonic decays of heavy-flavour hadrons (excluding LFU), electroweak physics, and searches for exotica at LHCb
Aravindhan VenkateswaranSyracuse2020-03-21Moriond EWLa ThuileItaly5+2First measurements of isospin amplitudes in Lambda_b and Xi_b decays
Murilo RangelRio-UFRJ2020-03-18Hadron PhysicsFlorianopolisBrazilHeavy ion and fixed target physics at the LHCb experiment
Giovanni PassalevaFirenze2020-03-08Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly20Future prospects in Flavour Physics with LHCb
Dawid GerstelMarseille-CPPM2020-03-08Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly12+ Recent results from charged-current semileptonic B decays at LHCb
Vitalii LisovskyiDortmund-TU2020-03-08Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyCINCO: Searches for NP with rare, semileptonic, and radiative decays of heavy-flavour and strange hadrons at the LHC
Pavel KrokovnyNovosibirsk-BINP2020-03-08Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyCINCO: Mixing and CP violation in beauty and charm at the LHC
Nicola NeriUniversità di Milano2020-03-08Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyCINCO:Heavy-flavour spectroscopy and decays at the LHC
Titus MombächerDortmund-TU2020-03-08Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly12Search for rare B decays with the LHCb experiment
Dmitrii PereimaMoscow-ITEP2020-03-08Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItaly12Study of charmonia and charmonia-like hadrons in the decays of beauty hadrons
Eluned SmithAachen I2020-03-08Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'AosteLa ThuileItalyTBD

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