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ACHEP / A new Vertex Locator for the next generation LHCb experiment

The LHCb experiment is the dedicated flavour physics experiment at the LHC and is planning its second major upgrade during Long Shutdown 4 in the early 2030s to increase its instantaneous luminosity by about one order of magnitude. At the heart of this will be a new Vertex Locator, which will continue to provide precise position resolution for particles produced in the proton-proton collision region or as products of flavoured particle that fly a measurable distance before decaying. In addition, the sensors will have to provide precise time information to help disentangle the many collisions happening in one proton-proton bunch crossing, while minimising detector material and being able to operate in the LHC vacuum and radiation environment. The talk will give an overview of the design requirements and the current state of developments to meet these.

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