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SPIN2023 / TransverseΛand ̄ΛHyperon Polarization Measurements at LHCb

Transverse Λ (uds) polarization observed over four decades ago contradictedexpectations from early leading-order perturbative QCD calculations. Measure-ments of Λ polarization from unpolarized pp and pA collisions have been previ-ously observed to increase as a function ofxFandpTup to a few GeV range andapproximately independent of beam energy. Recent studies have linked polar-ization to the process of hadronization, which describes how particular hadronsare formed from scattered quarks and gluons. The high energy of the LHCand the coverage and precision measurement possibilities from LHCb’s forwardgeometry are ideal for studying hyperon polarization as a function of bothpTandxF. The status and prospects of Λ and ̄Λ polarization measurements in pp,pPb, Pbp, and fixed-target pNe collisions at LHCb will be presente

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