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Exotic Hadron Spectroscopy / New results and methods in heavy-baryon spectroscopy

In this talk, I will discuss new results in the charm/bottom baryon sectors, including discoveries of new excited open-flavor baryons with the LHCb experiment, analyses of their properties, and development of the analysis techniques. It is natural to classify baryonic excitation multiplets by quantum numbers of the light diquark in the ground configuration, which is $0^+$, referred to the good diquark, or $1^+$, referred to the good diquark. The new results for the bad-diquark multiplets come from studies of the $\Omega_c^{**0}$, and $\Xi_c^{**+}$ states in exclusive and prompt reactions. I will show new resonances in the "good"-diquark multiplets from the studied with the $\Xi_b^{**}$ excitations. Furthermore, I will introduce a new polarimeter vector field for multibody decays of a spin-half baryon. Using $\Lambda_c^+ \to p K^- \pi^+$ decays, I will demonstrate how it can facilitate polarization measurements of charm baryons and hadronic amplitude analyses.

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