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Hard Probes / Quarkonia and exotic hadron production in $p$Pb collisions at LHCb

Quarkonia production in hadronic collisions is an important experimental observable that sheds light on the heavy quark interaction with the nuclear medium. While the bound quarkonium states undergo dissociation and recombination in PbPb collisions, in $p$Pb collisions they can suffer from a combination of initial and final state effects such as shadowing and comover breakup. The exotic hadron X(3872), which likely contains a $c\bar{c}$ pair plus two light quarks, may be affected by similar phenomena plus modifications of the hadronization process that emerge in dense systems. This talk will discuss recent results on conventional charmonia from LHCb, and the first measurement of X(3872) production in $p$Pb collisions.

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