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Hard Probes / Open heavy flavor production in pPb and PbPb collisions at LHCb

Heavy quarks are produced in the early stage of heavy ion collisions due to their large mass, and experience the entire evolution of the QCD medium. The baryon-to-meson ratio, in particular, the $\Lambda_c^+$/$D^0$ ratio, provides valuable information on charm hadronization mechanisms, testing the role of coalescence in the Quark-Gluon Plasma created in PbPb collisions. In $p$Pb collisions, heavy quarks are essential to study cold nuclear matter effects, which include the modification of nuclear parton distribution functions, energy loss in the nucleus, and other effects, providing a crucial baseline for interpreting PbPb measurements. In this talk, the first LHCb open charm measurement in PbPb collisions, the $\Lambda_c^+$/$D^0$ ratio, will be presented. Moreover, this presentation will show precision measurements of open charm production from a rich set of charmed hadrons in $p$Pb collisions at 5.02 and 8.16 TeV, including the first measurement of $\Xi_c^+$ baryons in heavy ion collisions. The nuclear modification factor $R_{p\mathrm{Pb}}$, forward-backward ratio $R_{\mathrm{FB}}$ and particle production ratios of charm baryons and mesons will be discussed and compared to models.

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