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Hard Probes / Modification of heavy quark hadronization in high-multiplicity collisions

The total rate of heavy quark production can be calculated with perturbative QCD techniques. However, the fraction of heavy quarks that pair with a light quark (forming mesons) versus the fractions combine with two other quarks (baryons) baryons or 3 or more other quarks (exotic states) is sensitive to the nonperturbative hadronization process. LHCb is uniquely well suited to study such effects in the heavy quark sector, down to very low transverse momentum. Here we will present LHCb results on the production rates of $\Lambda_b^{0}$ baryons and $B_{s}^{0}$ mesons relative to $B^{0}$ mesons, and $D_{s}^{+}$ relative to $D^{+}$ mesons versus multiplicity in $pp$ and $p$Pb collisions. Potential implications for the hadronization mechanism of heavy quarks and our understanding of the factorization of fragmentation functions will be discussed.

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