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DIS / Modified hadronization in small systems at LHCb

Investigating particle production in various collision systems has become in- strumental in probing non-perturbative contributions to hadron structure and hadronization. The LHCb spectrometer’s unique geometry among the LHC de- tectors along with its particle identification and tracking capabilities allow for new studies in hadron production to identify how said contributions manifest in hadronic collisions. In this talk, we will discuss recent and upcoming measure- ments from the LHCb collaboration regarding charged particle production and hadronization as well as how they are modified based on collision system, loca- tion in phase space, and event activity. We will also briefly describe the current landscape of models which account for non-perturbative modifications in struc- ture or hadronization and how these results help to identify which mechanisms are contributing in hadron collisions; particularly small systems.

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