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DIS / Studying the Lund Jet Plane at LHCb

The substructure of QCD jets has been the subject of intense investigation following the development of infrared and collinear safe clustering algorithms and observables. A particularly illuminating observable to study the radiation patterns of light and heavy partons is the Lund jet plane (LJP), where various types of emissions such as soft-collinear, hard-collinear, and non-perturbative emissions as well as initial-state radiation and underlying event can be separately identified. By reclustering jets using the Cambridge/Aachen algorithm, then declustering them following the hardest/heavy-flavor branch, we can construct a representation of the LJP. This poster presents a status update on the LJP for light-, charm-, and beauty-initiated jets at the LHCb experiment, a well-optimized forward detector for studying heavy flavor physics. We expect mass effects to be revealed in various regions of the LJP such as the leading particle effect and the dead-cone effect.

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