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NePsi23 / Lepton flavor violation at LHCb

Several results in high energy physics experiments highlighted hints of new physics in semileptonic decays of B particles. Among the existing experiments, the LHCb detector plays a very important role in this sector. In fact, it is specifically designed for the study of particles containing b or c quarks. Some LHCb results suggested the violation of the lepton flavour universality stated in the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics. The confirmation of these results would lead to the discovery of new physics, such as heavy mediators. A very good laboratory where to probe this SM concept are the rare b→ sll decays. Indeed, they are sensitive to possible contributions from heavy mediators, inaccessible to direct searches. LHCb already performed several kinds of analysis on b → sll decays. Among them, the branching ratio measurements and the angular analyses. The comparison between the decays to electrons and to muons might reveal differences between leptons families. The most recent results of the b → sll analyses will be presented in this talk. Furthermore, future outlooks that could help to tackle the puzzle of the flavour anomalies will be discussed.

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