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TWEPP / Overview of the LHCb Mighty Tracker with focus on the newly developed MightyPix based on HV-CMOS technology

Beyond Run3 of the LHC the instantaneous luminosity at the LHCb detector is going to be raised to 1.5 × 1034 cm−2s−1. To achieve stable operations and precise tracking, it is planned to upgrade the complete LHCb tracking system during LS4 of the LHC. The downstream trackers have to be upgraded to withstand the increased radiation and occupancy at a similar or lower material budget than the current detector. A hybrid solution consisting of scintillating fibers in the outer and HV-CMOS MAPS in the innermost region is under development. The detector with an overall silicon area of 18 m2 will be one of the largest devices built in this technology.

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