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ICHEP / Lepton Universality tests using semileptonic b-hadron decays

Semileptonic b-hadron decays to a final state with a heavy lepton are sensitive to new couplings, such as those generated by charged Higgses or Leptoquarks. The B-Factories and LHCb have performed measurements of these decays, using different approaches and techniques. A global average of measurements of ratios of branching fractions to final states with taus or light leptons shows a discrepancy with the Standard Model expectations above 3 standard deviations. A measurement of the combined ratios BF(B->D0 tau nu)/BF(B->D0 mu nu) and BF(B->D* tau nu)/BF(B->D*mu nu) using 3/fb collected by LHCb in Run1, is presented, as well as a first measurement of the ratio R(Lc) = BF(Lb -> Lc tau nu) / BF(Lc -> Lc mu nu) using the same dataset.

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