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ICHEP / Studies of low-$x$ phenomena and collectivity with the LHCb detector

With a unique geometry covering the forward rapidity region, the LHCb detector provides unprecedented kinematic coverage at low Bjorken-$x$ down to $x \sim 10^{-5}$ or lower. The excellent momentum resolution, vertex reconstruction and particle identification allow precision measurements down to very low hadron transverse momentum. In this contribution we present the latest studies of the relatively unknown low-$x$ region using the LHCb detector, including recent measurements of charged and neutral hadron production. Furthermore, LHCb has studied charged hadron correlations in the forward pseudorapidity coverage. This talk will also include details of correlation analyses of flow harmonics in $p$Pb and PbPb collisions, and Bose-Einstein Correlations in $pp$ and $p$Pb collisions.

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