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Moriond EW / Search for CP violation in the charmless B0 → ppK ̄ +π − decay using triple product asymmetries at LHCb

CP violation has been established in K, B and D meson decays. However, it is yet to be confirmed in heavy baryon decays and also in B decays with half-spin particles in the final state, where sizable asymmetries are predicted as well. In particular, baryonic B-meson decays mediated dominantly through internal W emission are believed to be promising processes. A search for CP violation in the baryonic meson decay B0 → ppK ̄ +π − using triple product correlations is presented. The analysis uses the data collected by the LHCb experiment corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 8.4 f b−1 collected during Run 1 and Run 2. The P- and CP-asymmetries in the integrated charmless region and in bins of phase-space are reported.

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