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Quark Matter / Fragmentation functions of identified charmed mesons}

We present the progress of reconstructing the fragmentation functions of the charmed mesons, X(3872), $\psi(2S)$ and $\Upsilon$ within reconstructed jets. The charmed mesons were measured within reconstructed anti-k$_{T}$ jets with R=0.5 in the $p_{T}$ range of 5 to 40GeV. The data stem from pp collisions at 13 TeV measured by the LHCb detector. The z$_{T}$ distributions of the mesons are reconstructed and compared to each other and to simulations. Since these mesons have very different quark contents, differences between their fragmentation might give insight into the underlying mechanisms of hadronization as well as the production mechanisms in the hard process in which they could be created.

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