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Higgs / Charm-jet tagging at the LHCb experiment

LHCb is a spectrometer that covers the forward region of proton-proton collisions. Thanks to its excellent vertex reconstruction system, it has already demonstrated its capability to identify heavy flavour jets. Moreover, the c-jet identification (c-tagging) is a crucial ingredient for the search of H->cc at LHCb. In this talk, the c-tagging algorithm used at LHCb will be illustrated, as well as recent applications and measurements that employ it. The methods used to calibrate the c-tagging algorithm and the determination of its performance will be discussed. Finally, prospects on the search for H->cc in future upgrades will be given. The speakers of the parallel sessions will be asked to upload their slides (pdf) and a video recording of the presentation three days in advance to their respective live session. The live parallel sessions during the conference will consist of short summaries of the talks followed by questions and discussion. This format allows all speakers of the parallel sessions to attend the conference in person (if possible), or join remotely. In case the conference can be done in the hoped-for hybrid format, the best parallel presentations will be selected to present their talk again live in the closeout plenary session on the last day of the conference.

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