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Higgs / Higgs searches at LHCb

LHCb is a spectrometer that covers the forward region of proton-proton collisions, in the pseudo rapidity range from 2 to 5. Thanks to the relatively background-free events in the high mass region, the precise reconstruction, and the trigger system with low energy thresholds, LHCb is the ideal place to search for (exotic) Higgs decays in a complementary space with respect to ATLAS and CMS. In this talk, the latest searches on BSM Higgs decays performed at LHCb will be presented, and the prospects for future LHC data-taking periods will be given. Moreover the possibility of observing the Standard Model H->bb and H->cc decays at LHCb in the future LHCb upgrades will be discussed. The speakers of the parallel sessions will be asked to upload their slides (pdf) and a video recording of the presentation three days in advance to their respective live session. The live parallel sessions during the conference will consist of short summaries of the talks followed by questions and discussion. This format allows all speakers of the parallel sessions to attend the conference in person (if possible), or join remotely. In case the conference can be done in the hoped-for hybrid format, the best parallel presentations will be selected to present their talk again live in the closeout plenary session on the last day of the conference.

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