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QCD-N / LHCb fixed-target program results and prospects

Originally conceived for precise luminosity measurements, the gas injection system SMOG currently allows the unique LHCb detector capabilities to be exploited for fixed-target studies in proton-gas collisions at sqrt{s} ∼ 100 GeV. The first results obtained with SMOG data are reported: antiproton production with a He target and Jpsi, D0 productions in p-He and p-Ar collisions. The upgraded system SMOG2, which will be used during Run 3 of LHC, will extend the target species available and increase the areal gas density, offering a unique opportunity for measurements related to hadron production, cosmic rays physic and nucleon structure at the LHC. An overview of the SMOG2 system and its prospects is reported along with a selection of interesting physical measurements.

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