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Physical Society of Japan / Recent results on exotic hadrons from LHCb

The past two decades have seen a resurgence of interest in hadron spectroscopy: a very large number of new states containing heavy quarks has been observed, and most of them do not fit into the predicted spectra for “standard” excited mesons or baryons. More than a few exhibit a manifestly exotic minimal constituent quark content, i.e., tetraquark mesons or pentaquark baryons. The interpretation of these states, in terms of resonances or threshold effects, is still not clear but their study offers an opportunity to better understand the QCD in the momentum-transfer window between the non-relativistic and perturbative regime, which is the least known sector of the Standard Model and constitutes a limiting factor for some of its precision tests, such as the g-2 measurement. LHCb has been designed to reconstruct at best hadrons containing b and c quarks, with excellent tracking and secondary vertex reconstruction and particle identification capabilities coupled to the ability to trigger on displaced secondary vertexes. I will present a selection of new and recent results on exotic candidate states inclusively produced in pp collisions or in the decays of b-hadrons, by amplitude analysis.

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