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TIPP / ub-nanosecond Cherenkov photon detection for the LHCb RICH system in high-occupancy conditions

The LHCb upgrade programme, with increased luminosity, will cause a rise in particle multiplicity and hit occupancy in the LHCb detectors. To mitigate this effect for the Ring-Imaging Cherenkov (RICH) detectors, it is proposed to use photon detector hit time information. The new front-end readout includes a programmable time gate in the FPGA and the expected background reduction using a 6.25 ns gate and improvement in particle ID are demonstrated. The R&D proposal to consolidate the readout electronics with sub-ns timing around 2026 is presented. This is an important step in preparation for an order-of-magnitude rise in luminosity in 2031, where the opto-electronic chain will be upgraded to achieve fast single-photon timing. The intrinsic resolution of the RICH detectors of less than 10 ps and the potential to reconstruct primary vertex times are studied in simulation. Considering only improvements in timing, a 50 ps single hit resolution can achieve today’s performance in the HL-LHC.

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