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TIPP / The upgrade of the LHCb RICH detector

The two LHCb RICH detectors have provided excellent particle ID until the end of Run2 in 2018 operating at the luminosity of ∼4×1032 cm−2s−1. From the beginning of Run3 in 2022, the Level 0 hardware trigger of the experiment will be removed to allow data readout at the full LHC collision rate of 40 MHz and the luminosity will be increased to ∼2×1033 cm−2s−1. In order to adapt the RICH system to the new rate, the current HPD detectors with embedded electronics limited to readout event rate of 1 MHz have been replaced by MaPMTs with external readout electronics. Moreover, in order to reduce the occupancy of the photon detectors due to the higher luminosity, a reoptimization of the optics is required. In this talk the upgraded opto-electronics chain and the performance expected for Run3 will be presented together with the automated quality control procedures to qualify the RICH photon detectors and support electronics.

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