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EPS-HEP / Outreach at LHCb: Through the online boom and beyond #1049

Over the past 16 months, the landscape of science communication has radically changed to adapt to a situation of limited mobility and exploding internet usage. Following this trend, the LHCb collaboration has increased its online presence through a wide communication around its latest results, and has built experience in organising virtual visits of the experiment, while pursuing its efforts to strengthen its previous outreach activities. This talk will give an overview of the coverage of recent LHCb results in social and internet-based media through the examples of hadron spectroscopy and the cautious excitement around lepton-flavour universality tests. Different setups for virtual tours of the detector will also be discussed, and updates of the LHCb Masterclass aimed at improving the students experience will be shown. In parallel with this, the collaboration is preparing for the future, and the design of the new LHCb exhibition to be installed on the detector site will be presented.

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