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EPS-HEP / The Early Career, Gender & Diversity at LHCb #1045

LHCb is a collaboration of over 1300 members from 83 institutions based in 19 countries, and representing many more nationalities. We aim to work together on experimental high energy physics, and to do so in the best and most collaborative conditions. The Early Career, Gender & Diversity (ECGD) office exists to support this goal, and in particular has a mandate to support early-career (EC) physicists, thanks also to the recent addition of two EC representatives, to work towards gender equality, and support diversity in the collaboration. The ECGD officers advise the LHCb management and act as LHCb contacts for all matters related to ECGD. They are available for listening to and advising - in a confidential manner - colleagues who have witnessed or have been subject to harassment, discrimination or other inappropriate behaviour. They help raise awareness in the collaboration for topics related to ECGD. In this talk we briefly introduce the ECGD office, discuss what we have learnt from analysis of the collaboration's demographics and responses from a survey that we conducted recently on the impact of covid-19 on our community. Finally, we will share our experience gained over the last years, and we present our vision for the future evolution of the ECGD.

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