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EPS-HEP / Real-time alignment procedure at the LHCb experiment #1043

The LHCb detector at the LHC is a general purpose detector in the forward region with a focus on studying decays of c- and b-hadrons. For Run 3 of the LHC (data taking foreseen from 2022), LHCb will take data at an instantaneous luminosity of 2 × 10^{33} cm−2 s−1, five times higher than in Run 2 (2015-2018). To cope with the harsher data taking conditions, LHCb will deploy a purely software based trigger with a 30 MHz input rate. The software trigger at LHCb is composed of two stages: in the first stage the selection is based on a fast and simplified event reconstruction, while in the second stage a full event reconstruction is used. This gives room to perform a real-time alignment and calibration after the first trigger stage, allowing to have an offline-quality detector alignment in the second stage of the trigger. The detector alignment is an essential ingredient to have the best detector performance in the full event reconstruction. The alignment of the whole tracking system of LHCb is evaluated in real-time by an automatic iterative procedure. The data collected at the start of the fill are processed in a few minutes to update the alignment before running the second stage of the trigger. This in turn allows the trigger output data to be used for physics analysis without a further offline event reconstruction. The motivation for a real-time alignment of the LHCb detector in Run 3 is discussed from both the technical and operational point of view. Specific challenges of this strategy are presented, as well as the working procedures of the framework.

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