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EPS-HEP / Very rare decays at LHCb #973

Decays of b-hadrons that are very suppressed in the Standard Model, such as fully leptonic flavour-changing neutral-current transitions or lepton flavour violating decays, are particularly clean probes for New Physics. The LHCb experiment is designed for the study of b-hadron decays and ideally suited for the analysis of very rare decays due to its high trigger efficiency, as well as excellent tracking and particle identification performance. Recent results from the LHCb experiment on very rare decays are presented. MERGED with The LHCb experiment is playing a crucial role in the study of rare and forbidden decays of charm hadrons, which are sensitive to effects beyond the Standard Model. New searches for FCNC-mediated processes and asymmetry measurements in final states with two leptons are presented.

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