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EPS-HEP / Recent results in production of open-charm and charmonium states at LHCb #967

The latest spectroscopy measurements of open charm hadrons produced in beauty decays at LHCb are reported. These include the observation of new "exotic" hadron candidates that don't fit into the conventional picture of three-quark baryons and quark-antiquark mesons. Also observed are new excited charm states. These results provide tests of the predictions from lattice QCD and HQET. Additionally, measurements of the excited charm branching fractions are invaluable to understanding backgrounds in numerous lepton-flavour nonuniversality measurements. MERGED with The heavy quarkonium production, involving both perturbative and non-perturbative QCD energy regions, provides important information to probe the theory of strong interaction. The LHCb experiment has a unique kinematic coverage to study such production mechanisms. In addition, thanks to the large dataset collected in Run 1 and 2, the production of charmonium-like mesons can be precisely studied by LHCb. This talk reports new LHCb results on the production of mesons containing a charm-anticharm pair. MERGED with

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