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EPS-HEP / Measurements of the CKM angle gamma at LHCb #963

The tree-level determination of the CKM angle gamma is a standard candle measurement of CP violation in the Standard Model. The latest LHCb results from time-integrated measurements of CP violation using beauty to open charm decays are presented. A new combination of all LHCb measurements is also performed. A precision of four degrees is obtained, which dominates the world average. MERGED with The latest time-dependent measurements using beauty to open charm decays from LHCb are presented. These provide sensitivity to important CKM parameters. In particular the parameter Delta ms which governs Bs oscillations was measured with high precision. In addition to the tight constraints this provides on the CKM matrix elements, this will be used for future CP violation measurements, and also can provide constraints on new physics models in the b->s transition. Finally, a measurement of the angle gamma from the unitarity triangle was performed.

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