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EPS-HEP / CP violation in multi-body charmless b-hadron decays at LHCb (358+359)

Long-distance resonant dynamics along with a sizeable weak phase present in 3-body charmless B decays leads to a rich structure of CP violation as a function of the phase space. An amplitude analysis provides a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that generate strong phase variations, which are responsible for this effect. We present the amplitude analyses of B+ -> pi+ K+ K- and Bs -> Ks K± pi∓. For the former, CP asymmetries of the contributing quasi-two-body resonances are measured. merged with CP violation searches in charmless b-baryon decays at LHCb The violation of CP symmetry is now very well established in the meson sector. However, CP violation has yet to be observed in the baryonic sector. Charmless b-baryon decays represent a promising opportunity in this respect since their amplitudes receive contributions from a b -> u tree diagram carrying the sizeable phase gamma. These decays also receive contributions from interfering penguin topologies, whose amplitudes could be affected by possible physics beyond the Standard Model. We present the most recent measurements of charmless b-baryon decays performed by LHCb.

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