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EPS-HEP / Precision electroweak physics at LHCb (332)

The LHCb detector at the LHC offers unique coverage of forward rapidities, allowing the experiment to play an important role in precision measurements of electroweak physics at the LHC. Precision cross-section measurements (from LHC Runs 1 and 2) will be presented. Prospective studies will also be presented, including the potential of a measurement of the W boson mass using the LHCb Run 2 data, where the anti-correlation of theoretical uncertainties with measurements at ATLAS and CMS means that a future measurement offers unique complementarity to the measurements at the other LHC detectors. Also discussed will be prospects for a future measurement of the weak mixing angle at LHCb, building on the existing measurement using Run 1 data. Following major upgrades of the LHCb detector that will enable the collection of integrated luminosities of at least 300/fb, the expected precision in such a measurement is expected to surpass the world average from the LEP and SLD measurements.

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