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Hadron / Quarkonia production in heavy ion collisions at LHCb

LHCb results on quarkonia production in proton-lead collisions, using the data collected in 2016 at 8.16 TeV nucleon-nucleon centre-of-mass energy, in the forward region (pseudorapidity between 2 and 5) are presented, covering forward (pPb configuration) and backward (Pbp configuration) rapidities. Measurements include charmonia, where the prompt and from-b-decay components are disentangled, and bottomonia states. The large increase in size of the heavy flavour sample, compared to the 5 TeV sample collected in 2013, allows a remarkable improvement in the accuracy of the studies of nuclear matter effects. Coherent production of Jpsi in PbPb collisions are also presented. ups@8TeV PAPER-2018-035 psi(1S)@8TeV PAPER-2017-014 psi(2S)@5TeV PAPER-2015-058 ups@5TeV PAPER-2014-015 psi(1S)@5TeV PAPER-2013-052 UPC Jpsi @ 5 TeV. CONF-2018-003

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