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Initial Stages / LHCb overview

In the last years the LHCb experiment established itself as an important contributor to heavy ion physics by exploiting some of its specific features. Production of particles, notably heavy flavour states, can be studied in p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions at LHC energies in the forward rapidity region, providing measurements which are highly complementary to the other LHC experiments. An overview of the recent measurements obtained so far by the LHCb heavy-ion program will be given. They include charmonia, where the prompt component is disentangled from the b-decay component, bottomonia states, as well as open charm and open beauty states. The large increase in size of the heavy flavour sample collected at 8.2 TeV, compared to the 5 TeV sample, allows a remarkable improvement in the accuracy of the studies of nuclear matter effects. Prospects on Drell-Yan production down to 5 GeV/c², DDbar correlation and fully reconstructed b-hadrons. J/psi production in Ultra-peripheral PbPb collisions at 5 TeV will also be presented.

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