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Antideuteron / Anti-deuteron sensitivity studies at LHCb

In this talk, work towards a measurement of the (anti)deuteron cross-section in high energy proton-proton collisions using the LHCb detector will be presented. This measurement will help to constrain (anti)deuteron production models, and will pave the way for measurements of (anti)deuterons in b-hadron decays and pHe collisions. LHCb is a single-arm forward spectrometer at the LHC, optimised to precisely measure decays of heavy-flavour hadrons. Ring imaging Cherenkov detectors are used to distinguish between charged particle species, such as pions, kaons, protons, and most recently, deuterons. Predictions of the (anti)deuteron yield, using an afterburner on top of standard LHCb Monte Carlo, will be shown, as well as neural net variables used to maximise separation between (anti)deuterons and other particles.

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