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FPCP / Search for lepton-flavour violating B decays at LHCb

The two up to date published results of the LHCb collaboration on B lepton-flavor violating searches are reported. The first search is on the nature of neutrinos, are they Dirac or Majorana particles? Lepton-flavor violating processes like B∓→X±hadμ∓μ∓, being X±had one or more hadrons, are completely forbidden for Dirac neutrinos but expected to appear for models involving Majorana neutrinos. LHCb has published the branching fraction limit on these processes constraining the masses of possible majorana neutrinos. The remaining search concerns charged lepton-flavor violation on b→ql±l∓ transitions. In the Standard Model of particle physics, introducing neutrino masses, charged lepton-flavor violation is extremely suppressed by a factor O(10^−48), standing beyond the current experimental sensitivities. However, frameworks describing physics beyond the Standard Model predict dramatically large branching fractions for such processes. LHCb has published the branching fraction limits for B0s→μ∓e± and B0→μ∓e± decays.

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