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FPCP / Tree level semileptonic decays & LFU tests at LHC

Semi-leptonic decays of b-hadrons are of considerable experimental interest due to a number of persistent anomalies. comparisons of decay rates of B mesons to final states with a tau or muon are in tension with lepton-universality as expected in the SM; such measurements are excellent test of new physics that would couple predominantly to the third generation leptons. Furthermore inclusive and exclusive determinations of the CKM parameters V_ub and V_cb have consistently shown a discrepancy. Here the latest results from analyses of semi-leptonic b-decays at the LHC experiments are presented with particular emphasis on their contribution to understanding the above anomalies. The challenges faced by semileptonic analyses in a hadron collider environment will be outlined and an overview of potential future measurements at the LHC will also be given.

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