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BEACH / Production of b-hadrons and CKM matrix elements using semileptonic decays

Exclusive semileptonic b-hadron decays with large branching fractions and controllable theoretical uncertainties, allow precise determinations of the CKM matrix elements, |Vub| and |Vcb|, and the study of the perturbative QCD effects, which is important for the whole LHCb physics programme. Measurements of the CKM element |Vub| at LHCb take advantage of the large production of Lambda_b baryons and Bs mesons, as well as form complementary approaches, like searches for leptonic decays as B+->3munu. Studies of perturbative QCD effects include the determination of the asymmetry between particles and antiparticles in the heavy flavour production rates and fragmentation functions for the various hadron species, which are essential inputs to CP violation and branching ratio measurements. At the same time, novel experimental techniques are used to measure the fraction of semileptonic B+ to charm meson decays, in order to improve the understanding of the inclusive charm semileptonic rate and the background description for analyses exploiting exclusive b -> c and b->u transitions. The latest LHCb results on CKM matrix element determination and perturbative QCD effects are presented.

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