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BEACH / Multibody charmless b-hadron decays at LHCb

The contributions of tree-level and penguin topologies have similar magnitudes in the decays of b-hadrons to charmless final states, making these decays an excellent laboratory to search for new particles not present in the Standard Model. However the interpretation of the CP asymmetries of these decays in terms of CKM quantities is not trivial, due to the additional hadronic parameters in the amplitudes due to the penguin contributions. The measurements of CP violation quantities across the phase space of multi-body decays allow to disentangle these various contributions, allowing for a full exploitation of their discovery potential. We present the most recent analyses of multi-body charmless decays of b mesons and b baryon at LHCb. Particular emphasis will be put on amplitude analysis of the Dalitz plane of b-meson decays.

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