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CHEP / Monitoring LHCb Trigger developments using nightly integration tests and a new interactive web UI

The LHCb Performance Regression (LHCbPR) framework allows for periodic software testing to be performed in a reproducible manner. LHCbPR provides a JavaScript based web front-end service, built atop industry standard tools such as AngularJS, Bootstrap and Django (https://lblhcbpr.cern.ch). This framework records the evolution of tests over time allowing for this data to be extracted for end-user analysis. The LHCbPR framework has been expanded to integrate the nightly testing and profiling. These developments allow for key performance metrics within the Trigger software to be monitored over time. Additionally, tests of the full physics reconstruction have been integrated into LHCbPR. These allow for tracking the effect that optimization work has on physics reconstruction performance. This presentation will describe the integration of these tests into LHCbPR as well as describing the structure and new features developed for the frontend web service.

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