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CHEP / A fully parametric option in the LHCb simulation framework

Faster alternatives to a full, GEANT4-based simulation are being pursued within the LHCb experiment. In this context the integration of the Delphes toolkit in the LHCb simulation framework is intended to provide a fully parameterized option. Delphes is a modular software designed for general-purpose experiments such as ATLAS and CMS to quickly propagate stable particles using a parametric approach and to provide reconstructed physical objects as output. It includes propagation inside a magnetic field and parameterized response for tracking and muon systems as well as calorimeters. Particle energies are computed by smearing the initial visible particles momenta according to detector resolution. The present contribution illustrates the current status of the Delphes toolkit in Gauss, the LHCb simulation framework. In this integration the particle transport performed by GEANT4 and subsequent mimicking of detector response and reconstruction has been replaced with a parametric response of the various detector elements. The implementation required significant changes to Delphes itself to constrain the particle transport inside the detector acceptance and to match the LHCb dipole magnetic field. The configuration of various parameterizations of resolution and efficiency is also a major aspect of the work to provide a fully functional simulation. The output of the resulting fast simulation is formatted in such a way that can be used in the LHCb physics analysis framework. An outline of the use of Delphes to evaluate future detector upgrade options is also given.

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