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Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors / PID techniques and performance at LHCb in Run 2

Particle identification (PID) plays a crucial role in LHCb analyses. The LHCb PID system is composed of two ring-imaging Cherenkov detectors, a series of muon chambers and a calorimeter system. Combining information from these subdetectors allows one to distinguish between various species of long-lived charged and neutral particles. Advanced multivariate techniques are employed to obtain the best PID performance and control systematic uncertainties in a data-driven way. A novel strategy has been introduced in Run 2, where the selection of PID calibration data is implemented in the LHCb software trigger, with further processing achieved through a centralised production that makes highly efficient use of computing resources. This talk covers the major steps of the implementation, and highlights the PID performance achieved in Run 2.

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