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Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors / Reconstruction at 30 MHz for the LHCb upgrade.

The upgrade of the LHCb detector will operate with no hardware trigger and with a readout at 30 MHz, requiring the full 5 Tb/second data rate to be processed in real-time by the software reconstruction: over 100 times the rate processed by the current LHCb. Furthermore, in order to maintain the full LHCb physics programme, the upgrade reconstruction should be able to operate without tightening the current track transverse momentum thresholds. As a consequence, a time improvement of the reconstruction of two orders of magnitude, without degrading the physics performance, is required. In addition, this must be achieved within the same cost envelope as that of the current LHCb data processing, making it one of the most challenging reconstruction redesign in HEP today. We will present the LHCb upgrade data taking strategy for the 30 MHz reconstruction. We will describe the progress of the re-optimization of the tracking algorithms and the design of the reconstruction event model in order to make best use of modern parallel processing architectures. We will also illustrate an overview of the main challenges and the path left to achieve the 30 MHz reconstruction in the coming years.

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