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ICHEP / Turbo: the flexible reduced data format for real-time analysis at the LHCb experiment (557)

In 2015, the LHCb experiment implemented a unique data processing model that allows for reconstructed objects created in the trigger to be persisted and analysed offline, without a loss in physics performance. This model has recently evolved such that arbitrary additional objects, in addition to those used in the trigger decision, can also be persisted. This allows for a more inclusive approach, where persisted objects may or may not be required for present analyses but are available for future study, whilst still reducing the average event size with respect to saving the raw detector data. This talk motivates and describes the updated data model, and presents a study on the performance of this triggering technique in the context of the LHCb upgrade detector, running from 2021, where it is expected to be the de facto trigger strategy. submitted to Detector R&D, Computing and Data Handling

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