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Beauty / Measurement of the time-integrated CP asymmetry in D0 -> KS0 KS0 decays with LHCb

CP violation in charm has not yet been observed, although measurements of time-integrated CP asymmetries in D0->K+K- and D0->pi+pi- decays have reached a remarkable precision, O(0.1%). The D0->KS0 KS0 decay is a promising discovery channel for CP violation in charm. A prediction based on Standard Model gives an upper limit for the CP asymmetry of 1.1% (C.L. 95%) . Further enhancements could result from contributions from physics beyond the Standard Model. We present a measurement of the time-integrated CP asymmetry in prompt D0->K0S K0S decays, performed using data collected with LHCb experiment in 2015 and 2016 at a 13 TeV pp center-of-mass energy (Run-2). This result improves the sensitivity obtained by LHCb in Run-1. Teaser: A new measurement of the CP asymmetry in D0->KS0 KS0, a promising channel for first detection of CPV in the charm sector, is presented.

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