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HQL / Measurement of the CKM angle gamma, Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb

Session CP Violation LHCb has collected the world's largest sample of charmed hadrons. This sample is used to measure D0-D0bar mixing and to search for indirect CP violation. New updated measurements from several decay modes are presented. gamma measurement: The latest measurements of the CKM angle \gamma from LHCb are presented, including an update of the model-independent GGSZ analysis of B+->DK+ decays with D->Kspipi and KsKK using Run-II data and the latest results using time dependent analysis of neutral B meson decays. The most precise determination of A_CP in the B+->D+D0 decay channel to date is also shown. Additionally, the most recent results from the LHCb \gamma combination and the prospects for the full Run-II data sample, and beyond, are discussed.

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