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Quark Matter / Heavy Flavour production measurements in proton-lead and fixed target collisions at LHCb

ID33: New results on quarkonia production in proton-lead collisions at LHCb at 8.16 TeV nucleon-nucleon center-of-mass energy will be presented. Measurements include J/psi and psi', where the prompt and from-b-decay components can be disentangled, and the 1-- bottomonia states. The large data sample allows the determination of nuclear modification factors with high accuracy. LHCb has the unique capability to study collisions of the LHC beams on fixed targets. Internal gas targets of helium, neon and argon have been used so far. Updated results and prospects on open and hidden charm productions will be presented, which can provide crucial constraints on cold nuclear matter effects and nPDF at large x. These measurements, together with production of antiprotons and other light hadrons, are of great interest to cosmic ray physics.

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