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EPS-HEP / Early Career, Gender & Diversity Office at the LHCb experiment

Outr/Edu/Div: The LHCb Collaboration created an office with a mandate to advise and assist on issues related to Early Career, Gender & Diversity (ECGD) in September 2014. This includes several activities within the Collaboration: - Helping early-career physicists succeed, both in Academia and outside HEP; e.g. setting up a mentoring programme within the collaboration, and organizing meetings with external speakers both within the collaboration and in conjunction with other experiments. - Collating annual statistics on the gender balance in the collaboration as a whole and in management roles, and presenting them to the collaboration. - Helping inform the collaboration about topics related to ECGD, including organising meetings within the collaboration and advertising related activities that are ongoing outside the collaboration. - Listening to and advising colleagues who feel that they are the victims of harassment, discrimination, or other inappropriate behaviour. This talk will present the activities and the experience of this office during the last few years.

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