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EPS-HEP / Performance and recent developments of the real-time track reconstruction and alignment of the LHCb detector.

Detector: The LHCb detector is a single-arm forward spectrometer, which has been designed for the efficient reconstruction decays of c- and b-hadrons. During the 2013-2015 long shut-down LHCb has introduced a novel real-time detector alignment and calibration strategy for LHC Run II. Data collected at the start of the fill are processed in a few minutes and used to update the alignment, while the calibration constants are evaluated for each run. This procedure permits to obtain the same quality of the processed events in the trigger system as in the offline reconstruction. In addition, the larger timing budget available allows to process the events using the best performing reconstruction in the trigger, which fully includes the particle identification selection criteria. This approach greatly increases the efficiency, in particular for the selection of charm and strange hadron decays. In this talk the basics of the approach are discussed, followed by presentation of the recent developments implemented for the 2017 run of data taking. The topic is discussed in terms of operational performance and reconstruction quality.

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