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ICNFP / Measurements of the CP violating phase phi_s at LHCb

The measurement of the mixing-induced CP-violating phase phi_s in the Bs-Bsbar system is one of the key goals of the LHCb experiment. It has been measured at LHCb exploiting the Run I data set and using several decay channels. In particular, the most recent Run I results have been obtained analyzing Bs0->J/psi(->mu+mu-) K+K- candidates in the mass region above the phi(1020) resonance and Bs0 -> Jpsi(->e+e-) phi candidates. However, the precision of phi_s is still limited by the statistics. In this conference, we will present recent results obtained analyzing the Run-II data collected during 2015-2016. Namely, we will present measurements obtained analyzing the golden channel, Bs0->J/psi K+K- in phi(1020) region, and Bs0->J/psi pi+pi-, both with J/psi->mu+mu-.

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