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Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'Aoste / Observation of the rare decay $\Lambda_b^0\to p\pi^-\mu^+\mu^-$

Rare flavour changing neutral currents are powerful probes for physics beyond the standard model (BSM). Of particular interest are $b \to d$ quark flavour transitions since their standard model CKM suppression can be lifted in BSM models. The LHCb experiment is ideally suited for the study of these rare processes due to its high trigger and reconstruction efficiencies as well as excellent particle identification capabilities and precise tracking. Furthermore, the large $b\bar{b}$ production cross section at the LHC allows to study highly suppressed decays of all $b$-hadron species. This talk presents the first observation of a rare baryonic $b\to d$ decay, the decay $\lambda_b0\to p\pi-\mu+\mu-$ with the LHCb Run 1 data sample.

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